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Jyoti Gupta
The motivation driving Project SYM is to confine the missteps in human existence. An extraordinary attestation is "gain from your missteps'. Notwithstanding, this verbalization is restricted to messes up that we make. All things considered, on the off chance that we are advancing just from our staggers, we are committing another screw up. Why commit slip-ups and gain from them, when we can procure relative portrayal from others' goods additionally? So gain from your staggers as well as gain from others' missteps. In any case, the solicitation emerges where we can track down others' missteps? Considering everything, Project SYM is keeping close by for you. On Project SYM we urge clients to share their slip-ups and the portrayals they obtained from it in an all-around facilitated plan. We moreover reward clients who accomplish more likes on their MisCards. Project SYM is made dealing with all of the best in class highlights of any electronic redirection application. It solidifies posting MisCards, similar to, disdain, remark, recommendation and safe choice. Clients can turn on or off remarks on their MisCards. Follow button is moreover accessible.It moreover solidifies two or three progressed highlights like modified subject age from the MisCards text utilizing LDA (Latent Dirichlet Allocation) AI model. With the assistance of the LDA model the subject age is automated, without this the client should pick the point really.
Thamanna Fathima, Shameema Ek, Sujisha Kv, Shibitha Kp
Biometric authentication is a security procedure used to verify a person's identity, based on his or her unique physical characteristics. It is used to control access to both physical and digital resources, such as organizations, rooms, and different gadgets. Multiple biometric authentication systems use more than one physiological feature of an individual for the purpose of identification and verification and they are a superior solution for every industry that demands higher accuracy as well as security. This method proposes a contact less multiple biometric authentication system which uses palm print and hand geometry features. A temperature sensor is integrated in this system for detecting elevated body temperatures. A high body temperature or fever is related to many diseases and can be a first indicator whether a person is healthy or not. Using the SIFT (Scale Invariant Feature Transform) algorithm, this design achieves robust local feature detection and extraction in an image.
Akshay Poojari, Sarla Mary Mary
The evolution of E-Learning is taking place in this new period of technological growth thanks to Web3.0. Web technology has experienced major changes with both positive and negative aspects. Web 2.0 is about communication and commerce between creator and stoner. Web3.0 is called a smart web or semantic web with technologies similar to big data, connected data, pall computing, 3D visualization, the unpopular reality of taxpayers we see, and much further to making inactive albums active scholars in the knowledge process. This paper examines the features of different generations of the web and their impact on different generations of E-learning and colourful web-related problems. Eventually, a survey was conducted and published in this paper. 
Aniket Prakash Raut, Sarala Marry S
These days decision within the world's voting system is based mostly on physical attractiveness. Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) are becoming increasingly popular in India. are utilized, but there are so numerous discussions being seen as of now in India. So, having just voted in these judgments, we offer new framework called the Framework for VIIS. We provide the finest option for people to modify in order to vote anonymously within the system. booth by addressing all worries about differentiating evidence of citizenship. The proposed work might be a mash-up of retina distinguishing evidence, the skull, and everything else conceivable biometrics parameters to form the signature code that supplies subordinate distinguishing evidence of Aadhar ID number or other distinguishing proof records The Voter Recognizable Proof Insights Framework (VIIS) employing (AI and Blockchain Innovation) will ensure that the present voting process is carried out in a proper, exact, and extremely safe manner.
Asad Nedaria, Abhijit Banubakode
Technological development plays a vital role in the advancement of modern banking. The fintech sector has been impacted by cloud computing due to its strong influence in meeting many of the needs of the financial sector. In terms of security, service, innovation, and scalability, the cloud has provided numerous advantages to the banking zone. Cloud computing is in full swing in the 21st century. 55% of organizations use multiple public clouds to move their infrastructure to the cloud. The bank of 2030 will be significantly distinct from the one we have now.In the face of converting customers’ necessities and developing tech and opportunity enterprise strategies, banks must start making plans now to ensure they are prepared.
S. Karunakaran, N. Arun, M. Arun Kumar, S. S. Aswiin
The progression in the innovation has prompted presentation of numerous famous Internet applications. Portable Banking additionally called as e-banking is one such imperative application which significantly affects our advanced life. Despite the fact that banks firmly urge their clients to do online exchanges and promote it as an extremely free from even a hint of harm method of executing, truly there is a tremendous gamble related. The consistent development of versatile financial application carries with it a few security issues and inflated cost of carrying out higher security frameworks for clients and banks.Versatile financial framework might be compromised in a wide assortment of ways like utilizing Trojan pony, botnets, Phishing and so forth. In spite of the fact that multifaceted confirmation plans exist to check the realness of the client, the disadvantages with these plans is that they work at exchange level as opposed to at the validation level. This clears way for alleged for man in the center assault between the client and security instruments of programs, cell phones and so on. With versatile financial security turning into a basic necessity one requirements to see as better usable and useful arrangement in light of exchange cum verification level. An endeavor has been made in this work to propose a confirmation that improves the security of the internet banking frameworks .We propose the Hybrid one time secret phrase utilizing arbitrary OTP SHA 256 bit.
Priti Jawarkar, Rachana Mahajan, Vaibhavi Patil, Ayushi Malvi
An ONLIINE FOOD ORDERING SYSTEM is mainly designed primarily function for use in the food delivery industry. This system will allow hotels and restaurants to increase online food ordering such type of business. The customers can be selected food menu items just in few minutes. In the modern food industries allow to quickly and easily delivery on customer place .Restaurant employees then use these orders through an easy to delivery on customer place easy find out  The order confirmation is sent to the customer. The order is placed in the queue and updated in the database and returned in real time. This system assists the staff to go through the orders in real time and process it efficiently with minimal errors.
Sanjana Shah, Tejas Pitale, Varun Kushwah, Prbodhini Padme
The Lisnbook (or speaking book) is a book that is read aloud. This audiobook needs to be available verbally, in schools, in public libraries, and gradually in music stores. It is often more useful in poetry and theater than in books. It was not until the 1980's that the center began to attract booksellers, and booksellers began displaying audio books on bookshelves instead of keeping them  .
Riva Khan, Anas Khan, Iram Murshad, Affan Shaikh, Nayna Dahatonde
Agriculture has long played a key role in countries like India, and agricultural challenges are becoming increasingly widespread these days Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are self-configured. Intelligent Smart Farming IoT-based gadgets are slowly but steadily creating enhancement in agro production, and improving it but also by lowering costs and reducing waste. Real-time Monitoring based Smart farming has the potential to be a pillar in the country's development. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionized every aspect of the Common man's life by making everything intelligent, fast and smart. By doing everything smarter and smarter, Internet of Things (IoT) transformed everything for common man's existence. The objective of our project is to demonstrate IoT-based Smart Farming System to assist farmers in obtaining real-time moisture and temperature data, as well as soil moisture (Sparkfun soil moisture sensors) efficiency ecological surveillance, allowing them to improve overall yield and harvest quality. The Internet of Things-based Realtime Monitoring Based Smart Farming System combines Arduino Technology (Node MCU) with a wifi Microcontroller unit to generate a Real time data feed that can be viewed via
Vedika Patil, Sakshi Jain, Yogita Shah
This project is basically design for ensuring security to all kinds of data format file such as pdf, text, images, audio, videos etc. This is carried out using various keys and hashing algorithm. This project basically helps the end user to protect his/her personal files from the unauthorized user and can also restrict its access to the limited people. This complete process is carried out in two methods that are encryption and decryption. Encryption process required varchar key while encryption the data file which convert the original file in to incomprehensible format. Further in decryption process, again by providing the same key file can be converted in to its original format. This helps the user to protect personal file on a public systems like schools, colleges, cyber cafes, hospitals, banks etc. The cryptography is acquired through various algorithms and keys.We are using a XOR key function and Hash function for encrypting and decrypting the data. In this certain key given by user will be XOR with the actual byte code of file for encryption and vice versa for decryption. This ensures to restrict the personal files on a public system.
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