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Abdul Baqi Omid
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 41-46; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i09.55

The Moguls conquered Khorasan and ruled there for many years. In this situation, enlightened people (Olama), spirituals, mystics, and Sufis recognized that war causes destruction and damage. Therefore, they turned to seclusion. This event increased the aspect of mystical and theosophical literature and created more and more mystical and theosophical phenomena. With respect to the Pashtu language, Theosophy and mysticism were added to its literature in the 7th century and remained till the 12th century. The Indian king, Babur, was well represented in Pashto theosophy and mysticism during the Mogul period. At the time, theosophy and mysticism had social, even religious, aspects that any ordinary person looking for a better sheikh or guru could easily identify. At this time, mysticism found its way and acceptability among Pashtuns, which caused them to create more mystic poems. Among the Cheshtia, Qadiria, Naqshbandia, Kebroia, and Roshania sects, there were considerable gurus (sheikhs) of Pashtuns who rewarded the valuable pieces of mysticism that contained distinct introspection and special attention to the inside of discipleship. Having a sheikh (guru) and using poetic language for declaring sensations and telling stories, standing against cruelty, humanitarianism, and pure and real love, mystics are very popular in Pashtu literature.
Mirwise Khaleqyar, Mohammad Qaseem Kashaf
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 31-40; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i09.54

Suprasegmental phonemes are the linguistic phenomenon which has phonemic value in a language. These features do not have a specific form as segments but have semantic relativity. As the numbers of suprasegmental features are not specified in Pashto Linguistics, but in most of the sources, stress, accent, intonation, syllable, pitch, and juncture are known as suprasegmental features. Rhythm is a type of intonation which has a specific value in the language. While changing intonation causes semantic changes. The accent is a phenomenon that takes place upon the segments, syllables and words and changes its meanings. In Pashto prose and verse, stress has its exact importance, which causes changes in the meaning of the sentence. Juncture is another suprasegmental phenomenon that causes changes in the context while reading it continuously or breaking it up into parts. The syllable is another suprasegmental feature which may be consisted of a single vowel or a vowel and consonant or consonants.
Zekrullah Faiq, Mohammad Taher Taher, Khwaja Zabihullah Sediqi
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 24-30; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i09.53

Job satisfaction and productivity are the main focus of most organizations. Therefore, the present research was conducted to investigate the relationship between job satisfaction and productivity of lecturers in “Seyed Jamaluddin Afghan teacher training institute. It was a cross-sectional study. Descriptive and correlational methods were used to analyze the data. The population of the study was 200 lecturers of Seyed Jamaluddin Afghan teacher training institute out of which 131 were selected as a sample by a simple random method. To collect the data two standardized questionnaires, Smith, Kendall & Hulin’s (1969) job satisfaction questionnaire and the AGIO model 1980 manpower productivity questionnaire were used. The findings show that there was a meaningful relationship between the components of productivity and job satisfaction. There was no significant difference between male and female lecturers’ perceptions in terms of productivity. Furthermore, findings showed that lecturers with bachelor's degrees were more satisfied than lecturers with doctorate degrees.
Mohammad Rafee Banayee, Zekrullah Faiq, Eid Mohammad Mohammadi, Faizulhaq Faizi
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 457-467; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i09.43

The main objective of performance assessment is to manage to provide the necessary information about the personnel employed in the organization to be available to managers in order to make appropriate decisions to promote the quality and quantity of employee work. The main objective of this article is to evaluate the effectiveness of the staff performance management system in the Ministry of Higher Education. This is descriptive research in terms of data collection method and in terms of purpose tactical research and in terms of qualitative and quantitative analysis. The statistical population of this study is all employees of the Ministry (720) the indicated assembly (72) was determined with a confidence level of 90 percent and a sampling error of 10 percent using Crecy and Morgan formulas. The most important findings of the research showed that Performance management in the Ministry of Higher Education has created a conducive environment for better performance among employees up to a limit, but this system has not produced the effective results that it was supposed to produce in improving employee performance, but there has been a series of problems and inadequacies, and evaluation performance management does not form the basis of the reward system in this organization, and the performance management of the work in this ministry is not so tangible that all employees have same the reception and have a theme opinion about it.
Vasileios Liondos
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 445-456; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i09.49

The present work–research uses the method of content analysis and bibliographic research. The subject of the research is Sustainable Education and the subject of Education in English Language Textbooks. The English Language Textbooks taught in the Greek Primary School in C, D, E and F Classes are examined. The topics related to the environment and sustainability issues are presented. Main activities are presented. Teaching scenarios, which further enhance the cultivation of students' sensitivity in relation to the environment, are proposed.
H.A.S.U. Geethanjalee
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 436-444; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i08.46

The constitution is meant to protect that self in its dignity and worth. The prime function of constitutional political order has been and is being accomplished by means of the system of regularized imposed upon those who wield political power (Friedrich,1946). A constitution can be interpreted as a document including deep concepts, theories, value systems & identities that give a country authority and legitimacy, framed by consensus in a way that reflects the aspirations of the people in every country. A constitution is a guide and advisor in the governing process of a government. Solebury’s constitution was introduced in 1947 in the study of Sri Lanka’s constitution-making history. But it is a constitution given to Sri Lanka by the British, not a constitution created in Sri Lanka. In 1972, Sri Lanka’s first national constitution was drafted. The constitution was drafted with the participation of a constitution-making body led by Colvin R.de Silva. After that, in 1978, the second republic government constitution was introduced and since then, twenty amendments have been implemented for the constitution. Therefore, this article can try to understand mainly past, present and future norms and changes in constitutionalism in Sri Lanka with the concept of constitutionalism.
Alaa Abd Ulrazzaq
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 428-435; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i08.48

The topics of this paper deal with problems of political consensus in Iraq as one of the most controversial dilemmas of the Pluralist system in Iraq. Most societies that have lived for long periods under totalitarian and tyrannical regimes witness a number of obstacles and problems associated with democratic transformation or any transformation that leads to changing the character of the previous totalitarian regime. Any peaceful change or development can affect its political structures and institutions. Consequently, the obstacles to a real democratic transformation were more complex as a result of the presence of a set of political, social and economic structures that were not the product of the previous totalitarian regime but were the result of long periods of intellectual decadence and political tyranny and what was entrenched in society The Iraqi people have traditional values ​​and institutions that are no longer compatible in their existence with the contemporary paths of democratic systems.
Shekeb Shamal, Zahid Najibi, Hafizullah Rasouli, Mohammad Fawad Basharpal
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 411-427; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i08.47

Distinguishing of the geologic age from sedimentary rock layers has been one of the important and basic tasks for geological sciences. The objective is to determine the geological age of the sedimentary layers within the Qala e Jafar of Yekawlang district of Bamiyan province by using fossils. In this study, more than 8 fossil specimens were collected and identified over the sedimentary layers of the study area. Different genus and species of Bivalves, Brachiopods, Echinodermata, Corals, and Gastropods were recorded and presented from Qala e Jafar sedimentary layers. Among them, three index fossils determined the relative age of strata, namely: Pholadomya and Carneithyris Subcardinalis. According to the guide fossils and using the assembly fossils aging method, the second sedimentary layer is aged Maastrichtian, and the third layer is aged Campanian. The specifications and living features of the recorded fossils derive a warm oceanic environment in the Late Cretaceous.
Rheychold J. Daymiel, Jovelyn Cantina, Van Ryan I. Alipoyo, Meynard O. Comecilla, April S. Patay, Joji T. Recamara
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 396-410; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i08.41

Language anxiety is thought to hinder language learning, and if the learners are truly anxious in class, they are probably not fully engaged, if at all. With the help of the Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety Scale (FLSAS) and a free-speaking exercise, this study intends to ascertain the association between language anxiety and speaking performance among undergraduate and graduate students. Frequency count, percent, mean, and Kruskal Wallis were used as statistical techniques to total, tabulate, and further analyze and interpret scores. An extensive, unstructured phenomenological interview with the students was undertaken to ascertain the causes of their language anxiety, and the thematic analysis was carried out using Giorgi's phenomenological method. Students did less satisfactorily in speaking performances and were found to be moderately worried. Language anxiety and speaking abilities, particularly in vocabulary and comprehension, are significantly correlated. This is ascribed to error-causing factors such as the impact of the native language on the second language, lack of confidence, anxiety about communicating, and fear of being evaluated. This study concluded that speaking performance could be predicted using linguistic anxiety. Particularly in understanding and vocabulary, the worried learner frequently performed worse than the native speaker when speaking in English. According to this study, students who are really worried about language should receive training. Teachers can provide straightforward, captivating, varied, and entertaining oral tasks that will give pupils the chance to speak English freely.
Samuel Zubairu Josiah
Sprin Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences pp 385-395; https://doi.org/10.55559/sjahss.v1i08.42

The concept of women's subordination is one of the greatest and leading debates in the Christian circle in the last two centuries on gender issues, particularly among evangelical believers. To add to the heat of the debate is the emergence of the egalitarian evangelicals since the 1970s, who surprisingly take a departure from the traditional complementarian position of the pre-1970s. Both complementarians and egalitarians anchor their views on the nature of the relationship which exists in the Trinity. This has opened the door to a new interpretation of the Holy Scriptures as humanity witnesses changes in the cultures of the world as globalization brings its reality to be bare on the human race. This work has relevance in that much of what earlier writers have contributed on this subject has been in the area of Christian Service and leadership without a critical examination of its workability in a Christian home. Hence, the paper considers the two popular existing views of the complementarians and egalitarians and examines the idea of subordination from the two creation accounts in Genesis and Jesus' and Paul's views on this matter. The author responded to this subject by studying the perspective of one of the major evangelical denominations in Nigeria and beyond, Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA). The historical and phenomenological methods were used in this research. The historical method was necessary to collect historical data, which formed the basis for the research, while the phenomenological method was used to interpret the historical realities of the time. The exegetical method was also used to determine the correct interpretation of the passage containing the relevant texts. The paper concluded with the view that the Egalitarian Perspective on women's subordination cannot strengthen Christian marriage since there is bound to be a struggle for leadership in a Christian home.
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