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Abdulsattar Kanchikere, H Eramma
Journal of Ceramics and Concrete Sciences, Volume 7, pp 32-40;

As a result of the increasing usage of concrete, globalization has increased the demand for cement and sand. The cement industry is the second greatest CO2 emitter after the petroleum and oil sectors, and the civil industry is responsible for global warming due to misuse of river sand, depletion of river sand courses, and lower water levels at the surface. In this project, 0%, 25%, and 50% river sand is replaced by an M-sand, which minimizes the consumption of river sand and assists in the recovery of water levels from the surface. In this project M50, M55, and M60 grade concrete was used and compared the outcomes to normal concrete by running an experimental program for Seven and Twenty-eight days of curing period. When 50% of the manufacturing sand is replaced with natural sand, excellent strength parameters are achieved after 28 days. And it is more economical than River sand.
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