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Ella Anastasya Sinambela, Rahayu Mardikaningsih
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 125-128;

Community service activities are carried out as a form of concern for others. Community service is carried out as a forum to provide assistance in the form of knowledge to the community. This activity indicates that the implementers of community service activities contribute to the progress of the nation. This community service activity was carried out by a lecturer at Sunan Giri University, Surabaya. This training was attended by 20 vegetable traders in Sidoarjo's Wadnung Asri Market. This activity is carried out to help traditional traders at the Wadung Asri Market, Sidoarjo. The implementation of community service activities is carried out for approximately 2 hours. The presentation and training was carried out so that traditional traders at the Wadung Asri market in Sidoarjo could provide delivery services to customers and shop online with the Whatsaap application. This is done so that traditional traders can keep up with technological developments that have been applied to the modern market. In this activity, materials such as plastic and rope are also provided to make safe packaging when providing direct delivery services to customers. In addition, this activity is also carried out to build good relations between the community and the community of Sunan Giri University Surabaya
Rina Oktaviana, Leni Widiyanti, Itryah
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 103-107;

Education is a process of learning the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people passed down from one generation to the next through a system of training, guidance and research to create a superior generation in the future. Meanwhile, early marriage is a great institution to bind two people of the opposite sex who are still underage teenagers in one family bond (Lutfiati, 2008: ). Economic factors are often accompanied by the level of education. The lower the level of education and knowledge of a teenager, especially those who drop out of school, the higher the probability that these teenagers will be married prematurely. Therefore, there is a need for socialization to increase knowledge and knowledge and remind the importance of education for the younger generation in the future with the aim of this socialization being able to reduce the number of early marriage rates in Banding Agung Village
Edi Susanto, Agus Susanta, Rusdi
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 114-120;

One of the reference standards in measuring the understanding of secondary school students at the international level is the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey. This is also supported by the implementation of a minimum competency assessment (AKM) in 2021 with a focus on numeracy and literacy skills. However, the results of the PISA survey in 2018 Indonesia only ranked 72 out of 78 participating countries. One of the contributing factors is that students are not accustomed to solving PISA-based questions. So that training on the preparation of PISA-based online mathematics test instruments was carried out. This training activity aims to design a PISA-based online mathematics test instrument. The activity was held at the Bengkulu City Mathematics MGMP which was attended by 45 SMP/MTs mathematics teachers. The implementation of the preparation consists of four stages, namely: (1) module design, (2) question preparation training, (3) structured assignments, (4) online test design. The results of the activity were composed of 25 online PISA test instruments that met the valid criteria. The results of the teacher's response to the training activities on the criteria are good
Rachmawati Rusydi, Mainisa, Salamah, Riani
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 108-113;

The high price of commercial feed causes higher production costs. The problem was experienced by fish farmers, including the groups of pond farmers in East Releut Village, North Aceh. The purpose of this activity is to improve the pond farmer's skills by developing artificial fish feed made from local raw materials using Moringa leaf flour. This service activity uses an educative, participatory, and persuasive method approach. Also, the procedures consist of several stages, that are socialization about artificial fish feed made from local raw materials, socialization about the introduction of various local raw materials that have the potential to be used as feed ingredients, socialization about manufacturing technology fish feed, training in the stages of making fish feed, and marketing training for artificial fish feed made from local raw materials. The socialization and training on the process of artificial feed also motivate pond farmers to produce fish feed made from local raw materials. The participants were very satisfied on the knowledge/information (64,58%), the explanation of knowledge (72,22%), and the whole activity (63,89%), and satisfied on discussion process (58,33%). Participants hoped that developing artificial feed products, could reduce the cost of production
Lutfi Alhazami
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 121-124;

Passion fruit is a fruit that can grow in tropical climates like Brazil. Indonesia also has the same climate so that passion fruit in Indonesia can also grow. Passion fruit does not have a long storage time because of its high water content. Therefore, passion fruit juice is an alternative that can be consumed longer. With a fairly high water content, there is a need for special handling that needs to be taught to the public to increase the durability of passion fruit syrup products. Various methods such as adding additives have also been carried out, but the results can affect fruit juice. Therefore, in this community service, the passion fruit drink was preserved by heat treatment using a heater and a cooker. This activity was carried out with the Bantar Gebang community at the Tunas Mulya Natural School. The result of this activity was that previously the production and preservation process for passion fruit drinks could only last up to 3 days, but with a different process and cooking utensils, the drinks can last up to 7 days outside the refrigerator
Nurbuana, Sri Safrina, Fitriana, Zaimuddin
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 82-86;

Prayer is one of the obligatory acts of worship for Muslims. In carrying out prayers, of course, one must know about the conditions, pillars and correct prayer procedures so that prayers do not become in vain. Based on the observations made, there are still children who pray without knowing about the conditions, pillars and correct procedures due to the lack of motivation and knowledge about prayer that they get. Hi, this is the background for carrying out community service regarding prayer procedures for children. The service activities were attended by 30 children consisting of boys and girls. The purpose of this activity is for children to gain knowledge about good and correct prayer procedures, so that later they can practice it in everyday life. The form of this activity is in the form of training that provides added value for the community, especially children, which is delivered through the lecture method, question and answer and demonstration (practice). The results of this community service went well, were successful and received good support in the Jami' Tunggal Bakti Mosque community
Nursobah, Ita Arfyanti
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 59-62;

Every service activity carried out by lecturers is expected to help the community in facilitating the community in helping to increase economic income during this pandemic, this service aims to provide insight to Muslim women at the Darul Hannan Mosque where participants are teenagers to mothers who participate in the organization regarding the use of internet networks and social media, as for ways that can be done to improve the economy, namely by taking advantage of the availability of e-commerce in marketing various types of products and services, the stages carried out in a service are creating training forums such as workshops where the activity will explain the benefits of e-commerce. -commerce, scope and achievements of e-commerce, goals of e-commerce and participants are taught directly from account creation to transaction processing. This activity can be said to introduce communication media, technology and the ease of starting a business in the era of digital technology. The results obtained are the audience's knowledge of the type of e-commerce and the ease of use of e-commerce
Dwi Sari Usop, Rospala Hanisah Yukti Sari, Isnaeni Marhani, Istiqamah Hafid
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 96-98;

The 2019 coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic in Indonesia has decreased. Some schools have started holding face-to-face meetings with students. Some schools are still doing distance learning (online). Many problems are found in online learning, such as the lack of attention of students and lack of understanding of students understanding the material presented by the teacher. Therefore, it is necessary to use learning methods that can attract the interest and attention of students in distance learning (online). One of the learning methods is the Montessori method. The use of the Montessori method is considered to be able to provide a different atmosphere for students in the learning process. In fact, there are still teachers in schools who are not familiar with the Montessori method The use of the Montessori method is considered to be able to provide a different atmosphere for students in the learning process. In fact, there are still teachers in schools who are not familiar with the Montessori method so that they need to be introduced and given special training so that knowledge insights are developed and can be practiced during daily learning
Oktariani, Arbana Syamantha, Evri Ekadiansyah
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 93-95;

Drug abuse among the community is an act that is not in accordance with social norms and values that apply in society. For victims of drug abuse, serious and thorough treatment is needed. It means that the victim can be aware and not relapse into the problem of drug abuse. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide social support in the form of providing motivation to Drug Rehabilitation Patients. This community service activity is in the form of psychoeducation, which is a form of providing social support with this activity, it is hoped that drug rehabilitation patients can motivate themselves to look to a better future after they leave or finish undergoing a program at a drug rehabilitation center. This activity is in the form of a seminar on providing Social Support in the form of providing motivation to Drug Rehabilitation Patients, which is attended by Drug Rehabilitation Patients at Al Kamal Sibolangit Center. Providing social support in the form of motivation for drug rehabilitation patients is expected to reduce anxiety levels. Individuals who lack or even do not have social support have high levels of anxiety. For this reason, support is needed so that individuals can share their problems with people around whom they trust, are able to change their views or perceptions regarding the events experienced, with social support, individuals who have problems can exchange ideas with other people who can change their views on the problem. experienced and can also affect responses related to the events experienced
Agus Perdana Windarto, Anjar Wanto, Mesran Mesran
JPM: Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat, Volume 2, pp 68-72;

According to the title of the program, the method of ipteks maintenance that is used is learning and exploring the Linux Operating System. Pelatihan keterampilan ditunjang dengan ceramah, tanya jawab, dan juga langsung praktek di laboratorium komputer. Modul pelatihan diberikan kepada peserta sebagai alat kegiatan praktek di laboratorium. The goal of this program's implementation is to improve the performance of SMK UISU students through the use of word processing applications, as well as to teach SMK UISU students about the Linux Operating System, in order to reduce the gap between SMK UISU student performance and the national average. Based on the results of the evaluation and the lessons learned during the implementation of the P2M program, we can conclude that the program is capable of providing significant and timely benefits to khalayak anak-anak panti asuhan, which has become a khalayak sasaran in the process. Pelatihan like this is a very effective way of providing new knowledge and understanding in the field of information technology in the context of the various learning processes that take place in schools across the country
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