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Feky Manuputty, Simona Christina Henderika Litaay, Prapti Murwani, Rizki Muhammad Ramdhan
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 855-862;

The nuclear family has an important meaning in modern society. In Hukurila, South Leitimur District, Ambon City, generally families live a modern lifestyle, in which the relationships between parents and children are no longer carried out properly. This can be seen from the reduced parental supervision of their children at home. Parents are busy with various activities and conversely the children are also busy with their own activities. The aim of this research is to find out and explain the forms of changes in the relationship between parents and children in modern families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The method used is a qualitative research method by means of in-depth interviews and observations and uses secondary and primary data sources. This study found changes in the relationship between parents and children, namely the reduced parental supervision of children, the more distant the relationship between parents and children due to the social environment and millennial subculture and parents are seen as passing on only a few values ??of life to their children.
Dede Rianatullah
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 787-795;

The research aims to determine the appropriate marketing strategy for companies to increase market share and to continue to exist amid ever-increasing business competition. This research deals with marketing strategies, which include strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats and market share owned and marketing strategies developed using SWOT analysis tools (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats).Business development is now increasing from year to year, will automatically be coupled with increasing competition from business people, such as PT. Indomina Langgeng Sejahtera which was established in 2015 with a marketing strategy offering a variety of processed shrimp products. Based on the research conducted, it turns out that PT. Indomina Langgeng Sejahtera has advantages, based on IFAS and EFAS analysis, the results of the analysis show that the strength and weakness factor (IFAS) shows 2.65, and the opportunity and threat factor (EFAS) is 2.80. Strength and opportunity factor (SO) of 3.80, strength and threat (ST) of 2.70, weakness and opportunity factor (WO) of 2.75, and for weakness and threat factor (WT) of 1.65. From the results of this analysis, it can be seen that PT. Indomina Langgeng Sejahtera has a great power to take advantage of opportunities and minimize threats. PT. Indomina Langgeng Sejahtera can also minimize weaknesses to take advantage of opportunities, moreover in minimizing weaknesses to avoid threats. Therefore PT. Indomina Langgeng Sejahtera can utilize its strengths and opportunities optimally.
Sisca Debyola Widuhung, Aris Machmud
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 770-779;

The Position of Sharia banking in Indonesia legal system is important. The study aims to find out how is the position of sharia banking in the national legal system. The method used in this research is normative juridical with qualitative analysis approach. Moreover, the result is the position of Islamic banks in the economic system is as a bank institution that helps the Indonesian economy in increasing financial inclusion and becomes an institution that carries out an intermediary function. In relation to the national legal system, Islamic banking has a strong position, because it is an inseparable part of the legal system in force in Indonesia.
Lilik Herawati
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 801-815;

Community service innovations that have been stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of PANRB No. 30/2014, is a breakthrough in the type of public service, starting from creative, original, and modified ideas which are principally implemented in the form of services that benefit the community, either directly or indirectly. The current innovation is carried out as a development of public service patterns which are not only measured from the assessment of the central government to the regions, but also from the community satisfaction index as regulated in Permenpan No. 16 of 2014 concerning the survey of community satisfaction with services and No. 14 of 2017 concerning the preparation of the community satisfaction index. The purpose of this study was to measure community service innovation by reviewing the community satisfaction index at the sub-district office service in Banyuwangi Regency. Research using this survey method uses research instruments using questionnaires distributed to 724 people taken from service recipient communities between 2019 and 2021 who are in 15 sub-districts (total 25 sub-districts) in Banyuwangi Regency. The survey results show that there is an intercorrelation between the innovation process of community services and the level of community satisfaction. Every aspect of service innovation undergoes development and its implementation is always followed by the level of community satisfaction.
Listyowati Sumanto, Irene Eka Sihombing, Endang Pandamdari
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 816-822;

State land assets owned by PT. KAI (Persero) which is controlled by another party without the permission of PT. KAI (Persero) needs attention, because most of its ownership is marked with Grondkaart, which is a map of land during the Dutch colonial era. This paper aims to analyze the issue of how the position of Grondkaart in the legislation, how the legal protection of land assets of the Indonesian railways based Grondkaart in Semarang City. Based on the decisions of the judiciary, it was found that the court's decision gave rights to PT KAI (Persero) with the consideration that Grondkaart was recognized as proof of land ownership of PT KAI (Persero), although according to the National Land Law the certificate was strong evidence. PT KAI (Persero) obtains legal protection for the land it owns, because the land has been registered as a State asset, and Grondkaart is recognized as the basis for land ownership rights. However, by pointing out Grondkaart, PT. KAI (Persero) does not necessarily obtain legal certainty of land ownership, so that in practice PT. KAI (Persero) must go to court to fight for the ownership of the land. Recommendations for PT KAI (Persero) (1) To strengthen the position of PT KAI (Persero) on unregistered land, it is necessary to build a network system between PT KAI (Persero), the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, and the Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency. Thus, it can be seen that the lands of PT KAI (Persero) as state assets are based on Grondkaart. (2) As a form of effort to save state-owned assets controlled by unauthorized parties and to create legal certainty, PT KAI (Persero) must be certified with Grondkaart ground.
Frisca Putri Dorkas Wardani Sitompul
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 780-786;

This study aims to see the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) in reducing binge eating disorder (BED) in adolescents. The research method used is an experimental study, namely a single experimental design in a home setting, where the subject is treated with CBT (Cognitive Behavior Therapy) techniques to overcome Binge Eating Disorder (BED). Data collection in this study used the methods of observation, interviews and psychological tests (DAP, BAUM, HTP, and SSCT). Data analysis in this study used an evaluation which was also continuously monitored using a monitoring table during the implementation of the intervention. Thus, the success of the CBT intervention was seen based on the achievement of the targets previously agreed upon by the subjects, especially in the Binge Eating Disorder (BED) eating disorder. The results showed that the intervention process in the form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) which was carried out for 10 days got satisfactory results. This is also consistent with the good prognosis of the subjects. Subjects were able to control their excessive appetite, and even changed their snacks to healthier foods, so as not to interfere with their health.
Dian Adriawan Daeng Tawang, Rini Purwaningsih
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 832-840;

The assumption that corruption is seen as an extraordinary crime (extraordinaru crime) and transnational and cross-border crimes causes that in terms of eradicating it needs to be carried out in an extraordinary manner (extra ordinary counter measure). There is a stereotype in the community regarding gratification and bribery, it is difficult to prove it, so it is necessary to apply an exception (enforcement exceptionality) through the application of reversing the burden of proof which will make it difficult for the public prosecutor to escape from the snares of the law. The research’s purpose of implementing the method of reversing the burden of proof in addition to making it easier for public prosecutors to ensnare perpetrators of gratification and bribery is to minimize the occurrence of criminal acts of corruption. It is hoped that the results of this research will be able to contribute ideas and suggestions for the development of legal science, especially those related to criminal procedural law. It is also hoped that this research will become part of the library information media that provides benefits to sharpen the quality in making further research on formal criminal law. This normative research is supported by primary data, in addition to using secondary data which is a literature study in the form of laws and regulations. There is a stipulation of the method of reversing the burden of proof, shifting the burden of proof from the public prosecutor to the defendant.
Lailatul Fitroh, Susi Andrini
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 758-769;

The scope of the research looks at the use of media relations at the Guns N Roses music concert with public relations media users in terms of event promotion implemented by Third Eye Management (TEM) as the event promoter. The success of the music concert event led to a search that was studied in terms of the use of media relations and media innovations applied by stakeholders as a media for event promotion. The purpose of this study was to identify and understand the role of media and media innovation at the Guns N Roses music concert event. The literature review used includes public relations, media relations, and media innovation. The research approach used in this research is descriptive-qualitative. Techniques in collecting data in this study used interviews and observation. The analysis technique applied through the Miles and Huberman interactive model, namely: (a) Data reduction level (b) Data presentation stage (c) Closing or reviewing phase. The results of the study indicate that there is a role for media innovation and media relations in the management of the Guns N Roses music concert event which is applied by TEM as the promoter of the event, which has a significant effect on the management of the event. This can be seen from the use of Instagram's new media as a new idea to provide services to the media and the community based on innovation and technology that can benefit various parties, both the media and the general public.
Suprayitno Suprayitno
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 796-800;

This extension activity was conducted for Karang Taruna Kel. Tawangmangu, Kec. Tawangmangu, Kab. Karanganyar. The outcomes of this activity are: cheap participants' knowledge of the concept of entrepreneurship so that they have the right knowledge; benefit participants' insights on how to start a business and choose the right type of business; benefit participants' insights about possible business failures and ways to enter and resolve business failures. This activity is carried out with the following stages: Selection of participants to the community service, namely the board and members of Karang Taruna; Submission of lecture materials, with a view to fostering an entrepreneurial spirit; Implementation of evaluation Evaluation is done by: before counseling conducted a question-answer to know each participant's initial knowledge about entrepreneurship special techniques or how to start a business. After the counseling finished the question and answer again about the same material. By comparing the results of answers that have been done, it will be known whether there is an increase in knowledge about the entrepreneurship and scope.
Kristianto Kristianto, Cyntya Sri Zuwanita
International Journal of Social Service and Research, Volume 2, pp 823-831;

Aquatic resources and marine products are the most significant economic potential in Kalanganyar Village. Therefore, development in this sector, such as local economic development with MSMEs, must be a severe concern for the government and related parties. This paper aims to discusses the empowerment program carried out by Pertamina DPPU Juanda in developing MSMEs in Kalanganyar Village which is carried out using the participatory rural appraisal (PRA) method based on the Village-Driven Development approach. As a result, the community empowerment program created two innovative products and active involvement of each interest group. In addition, community empowerment, which is carried out with a village-driven development approach, can strengthen the position of the village government as a more democratic actor in development and essential services for the community.
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