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Sujithra L R, Priya V
Automatic prediction of diseases in plants is a challenging task with technology intervention. In addition, proper maintenance of plant growth requires several steps, including research on environmental factors and management of water supply for proper plant growth. Traditional irrigation procedures stay inefficient additionally unpredictable. Every year, about 18% of the yield is lost to pests around the world. Identifying plant viruses remain the key to avoiding yield losses on agricultural products that are difficult to do manually. This paper presents an architecture that allows users to perform prediction of plant diseases using machine learning and climatology based data in real time, allowing farmers to view farm details automatically without manual intervention. Disease detection of visually visible symptoms of plants using image processing is proposed and treatment to reduce the level of damage is proposed to farmers. Therefore, the proposed system will increase productivity and benefit the irrigation sector. The main problem facing farmers in agriculture is the lack of water due to the effective irrigation separators on small farms. However, this technique consumes several weaknesses that can be improved, a method called the Automatic Irrigation System with weather forecasts for the efficient use of water resources. This overcomes the shortcomings of the AISPF process. The method uses available aquatic assets extra capacity by measuring atmospheric pressure, or barometric pressure (in inches), apart from measuring the water present-day in the topsoil and actually predicting the weather. This system uses a soil moisture sensor and a pneumatic sensor for performing measurements to be processed by the algorithm and water is discharged accordingly. This enables efficient use of water automatically. The system provides better accuracy than state of the art techniques for plant disease prediction and water flow control, which could be useful for irrigation.
Aarvesh Umakant Gaonkar, Harshali Patil
Throughout the past 10 years, quick advancement of innovation has yielded new manners by which to foster applications for learning. AR which is known as Augmented Reality is as a scholarly medium is transforming into increasingly more open to young understudies in elementary school as well as gifted kids. It's a substitute medium that brings together perspectives from unavoidable registering, significant processing, and social figuring.. This medium offers particular affordances, joining physical and virtual universes, with nonstop and implied client the executives of the motivation behind read and intuitiveness. This document provides a brief overview of the extended Reality and E-Learning innovations. Model applications, significant AR innovations as referenced inside the instructional context. This study presents a logical overview of writing on augmented reality in education, with the most important discovery being the order of current investigation in augmented reality in education and, as a result, the recognizable proof of benefits and limitations of augmented reality for E-Learning. Likewise, latest things, a dream for the long run and open doors for more examination in expanded Reality for educational settings are referenced.
Deepak Bhusari, Abhijit Banubakode
Development is a gift of God. After the progress of life, it is maybe perfect of God's gifts. It is the mother of updates, of explanations and of sciences. Development has unequivocally changed how we live. It has impacted various pieces of life and rethought living. Indication of this present reality, improvement anticipates a central part in each circle of life. A couple of manual undertakings can be robotized, by honorability of progress. Also, exceptional wavering and principal cycles ought to be conceivable really and more obvious capacity with the assistance of current new turn of events. By commendable nature of the utilization of progress life has evolved, and it has evolved for the better. Development has changed the field of getting ready.It is impossible to overestimate the importance of development in schools.. Really, with the beginning of PCs in planning, it is now clearer for educators to acquaint themselves with information and for understudies to acquire it. The use of technology has made the most all-encompassing saw method for overseeing schooling and seeing comprehensively truly remarkable.
Vaishnavi Chaturvedi, Abhijit Banubakode
Today’s Business activities , there is a lot of data in a company so risk factor is high so we have to manage the risk with the help Information Security in Big Data. It used to protect information and survey processes. One of the most critical functions of big data security is to secure data against attacks, theft, and other malicious activities that can cause harm. our important  data. In this paper we focus that how we can secure of data or information by data mining in Big Data.
Divyanshu Saxena, Akriti Singh, Aakash Vishwakarma, Devanshi Srivastava, Shilpa Singhal
Customer Segmentation analyzes customers interacting with the company and its product. Here, behavior depends on the money they spend and the frequency of buying. To grow a business efficiently, it is essential to analyze the market’s competition and identify customer patterns timely. To do so, customers are divided into groups with different characteristics, like customers who spend more money and are more frequent those who spend less money and are less frequent than others. Using the above data, companies can then outperform the competition in the market by developing products and services according to customer needs. The above analysis is done using the “k-means” clustering, an unsupervised machine learning algorithm. K-means divides customer data into different clusters based on their spending habits.
Mayank Kumar, Shivam Tiwari, Sansar Singh Chauhan
In the last few years, a lot of data has been generated in the medical department. And because of that data being structured, unstructured and semi-structured, he does not even know how to use it properly. A large variety of tools and techniques were used to manage that huge amount of data. Some of these techniques became very famous and some did average work. In this paper, we will go into detail about the equipment and techniques, how the huge amount of data generated in the medical department was organized . And to manage this big amount of data, the facts available in the Hadoop ecosystem was organized by various devices. Mainly related to the management of all aspects in the healthcare sector; Gets more data from a patient's care to a list of his medicines. In future, this data will be very useful to our health sector because it will keep giving positive news in the healthcare sector.
Chirag Bambhania, Abhijit Banubakode
To study to usage of online meeting platforms using google forms for survey. During the lockdown, video conferencing/meeting apps were quite useful. They have not only changed the world interface, but they have also changed the job and education sectors all over the world. Web and Video conferencing/meeting software is a computer application that helps to connect online one or more person at same time from different locations. With this conferencing system allow enabling video and audio chat for the better communication and this is done by the good internet connection.
Bhavana Mahale, Hrishikesh Mahajan, Ayushi Malvi
Our project provides electronic items to the customer.  It only shows the list of available items in the website. User can Search and select items from the website.  Users  can view and  buy  items  from  the  website . User  can update his/her  profile  in  the  website.  The admin can add   items  and   update/delete items.The main aim of this project is to capitalize on the premium cosmetics products, quality brands to specify customer need and offer high standard services to them. The online shopping website gives the benefit to the customer of comparing the product on the various attribute like price, quality, substitution of product etc. This product is an attempt to provide the advantages of online shopping to customer. Here customer can get gull information about the electronic product
Vardan Gupta, Siddhesh Sethi, Shubham Tayde, Akshay Dalal
Services’ is an online website to help the Consumer to choose the peoples professionalized in various fields& services that one needs on daily basis. The platform provides a path of communication between the peoples like house help, taylor, plumbers, educational counselors or painters, etc. and its users. This website is designed for simplicity & ease for non-technical person to operate it.The primary purpose of this web- application is to connect Service Provider (The Person Providing Desired Service) to the Consumer (The Person Willing to Purchase the Service). Basically, it is an Employment website for a Small Self- Employed Person (like-Plumbers & Electricians) or Small Sellers. The ‘Services’ is a web-application connecting community of professionals providing their services to whomever it may concern i.e., Consumer. It also fixes the deal between the Consumer and Provider agreeing at the same price so unnecessary clashes is being avoided. So, a better relation between the Consumer and Provider is ensured. This Application is easy to understand and at a same time safe and secure to use. Also focuses on the features like- User Friendliness, Accountability, Security, Easy Search, Simple Login & Registration, etc.
Nirali Bhangale, Khushbu Patil, Vishakha Sawdekar, Ayushi Malvi
Converting files formats is become very important in today’s technical world, to use that file on particular platforms. Although, there exist a large number of software available today however most of them are failing to achieve accuracy and consistency while the platform which have the accuracy but they charge their users to use their platform. Researches, those involved heavily in format converter, needed a accurate, consistent and efficient software for these conversions. Therefore, here we propose a File ConvertEEO system, which contain a lot of formats in a single platform in which you want to convert your file. It also contains a feature of applying filters on doc file and then it can be converted into pdf format.
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