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Trisno Muldani
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 148-163;

The Electronic Information and Transaction Law (UU ITE) and the latest revisions that have been carried out by the government together with the DPR continue to present polemics in the community. In anticipation of the polemics that continue to occur, on June 23, 2021 the government issued a Joint Decree on the Guidelines for the Implementation Criteria for the Electronic Information and Transaction Law (SKB uu ITE). This SKB was signed by the Minister of Communication and Informatics, the Attorney General and the Head of the Police of the Republic of Indonesia, which is expected to be a law enforcement guideline so that there is no multi-interpretation of the implementation of the ITE Law which previously became a rubber article. This article aims to analyze the initial implications of the Issuance of SKB UU ITE article 27 paragraph (3) on defamation. This study uses a qualitative approach with discourse studies. From the study, three conclusions were found: 1) The Existence of Pros and Cons of Issuing Guidelines for the Implementation of Article 27 paragraph (3) Points (L), 2) The Existence of Pros and Cons Related to the Inclusion of Journalist Profession 3) The Government and DPR still need to immediately revise the ITE Law.
Haikal Ibnu Hakim, Noviawan Ohorella, Edy Prihantoro
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 111-122;

This study aims to determine the marketing communication strategy of Angkringan Khulo through Instagram social media. With Instagram angkringan, Khulo can do marketing and promotions including posting photos of food and beverage products through Instagram social media. The research method used is descriptive qualitative. The data used in this study consisted of primary data and secondary data. The theory used is Integrated Marketing Communication Theory. Data collection techniques used are observation, interviews, and documentation. Based on the results of the research that the marketing communication strategy carried out by Angkringan Khulo is considered appropriate. The marketing communication strategy carried out by Angkringan Khulo is through Instagram social media by posting photos of food and beverage products with an interesting and funny caption, by marketing through Instagram social media, everyone can access and find out the location of Khulo Angkringan quickly, therefore Angkringan Khulo uses social media Instagram as a promotional tool in order to create the desired target and the occurrence of high buying interest. The suggestion that researchers can give is that there should be more posts on the Angkringan Khulo Instagram account and the @angkringankhulo Instagram account, and they must maintain good relations with each of their consumers.
Novita Maulidya Jalal, Nadia Islami Nur Fadilla, Ismalandari Ismail, Rahmawati Syam, Wilda Ansar
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 173-183;

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused various impacts, one of which is the transformation of the learning system in Indonesia that applies online learning. The online learning method causes communication that occurs between educators and students not face-to-face, but through online applications. The purpose of this study was to determine the description of effective communication during the online learning period during the covid 19 pandemic. The research method used was a library research method or literature review. The subjects in this study were 10 articles related to effective communication during online learning during the covid 19 pandemic. The instrument used was a secondary data source in the form of scientific journal articles. The data analysis used is descriptive qualitative by drawing conclusions from the data obtained from previous studies. The results of this study indicate that communication will run effectively if there are the following efforts: (1) providing task assistance through the whatsapp application, (2) using problem solving methods in carrying out tasks so that two-way communication is established, (3) holding meetings through the application Zoom, Google Meetings, WhatsApp for a more detailed explanation of the material, (4) delivering complete, concrete, and simple messages or information, using language and ethics in communicating, and considering time in communicating to be effective and efficient, (5) using models synchronous and asynchronous communication, (6) conducive internet network conditions, (7) learning media and delivery of interesting material.
Dian Novi Eriska M.Misri, Anhar Fazri
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 138-147;

Study this background by enhancement total number vaccine to population districts LabuhanHaji west, hal this is feedback after existence socialization applied vaccines by subdistrict head LabuhanHaji west. Before existence activity socialization by party office subdistrict head many once pro and counter to vaccine. Study this aim for explain method what is applied office subdistrict head so that public interested for do vaccination. Method research used is method descriptive qualitative for explain research, get in- depth data from results interview with a number of informant. Study this use theory communication persuasive that is Theory Change attitude. Results study pointing that , the socialization carried out to public LabuhanHaji West get positive feedback , method applied persuasion   by office subdistrict head on socialization vaccine succeed give understanding about importance vaccination for society and follow rule which set government center , use for eradicate the Covid-19 virus exist in Indonesia.
Mardian Herri Pratama, Desy Misnawati, Isna Wijayani
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 100-110;

With the Republic of Indonesia Law no. 6 of 2014 concerning Villages creates a hope for village sustainability regarding the distribution of Village Funds, revitalization of village development, implementation of village government, to the utilization of the potential and local wisdom of the village itself. However, in Indonesia, the implementation of BUMDes has not been fully implemented. Moreover, in its implementation in some areas, the existence of BUMDes is still unable to run efficiently and is able to contribute to the development and empowerment of residents in the village. This research intends to find out the potential and make Video Profiling BUMDes as a promotional media for East Surabaya Village, Banding Agung District, Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan Regency, South Sumatra Province, which is a village whose BUMDes has a geographical location right above Lake Ranau. Other objectives of this research are: first, to find out the form of participation of the village government and residents in managing and utilizing BUMDes. Second, to find out the contribution of BUMDes in helping the economy and the welfare of the community. Third, to assist in promoting BUMDes and the potentials around them in the form of BUMDes Profiling Videos.
Intan Anggraeny, Monika Pretty Aprilia
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 123-137;

This study aims to determine the frequency of authoritarian parenting in family drama films and to find out how the film frames the parenting style, especially authoritarian parenting in each scene so that the messages contained can be easily understood by the audience. This research was researched with descriptive quantitative content analysis method. This study also uses four indicators of authoritarian parenting from Robinson, Roper, Mandleco, & Hart, 1995, which include indicators of punishment, release, direction and discipline. The samples in this study are scenes taken from films that aired in 2019 – 2021, namely, NKCTHI, Imperfect, Geez & Ann, Dignitate and Maripossa, with a total of 36 scenes. Calculation of the reliability test on the measuring instrument using two coders, with a sample of 23 scenes. The coding results show that the coding sheet is reliable with the results, in Maripossa film of 0.75 (75%), Imperfect film of 1.0 (100%) and NKCTHI film of 0.8 (80%). The results of the study stated that the indicator that has the highest calculation is the direction indicator with 50%, then 30.4% discipline, 17% vent, and 2.6% punishment. This research can represent social problems related to the harmonious relationship between parents and children, with appropriate framing and emotional play in each scene that makes the message conveyed well through film media.
Okta Riadi, Desy Misnawati, Fathur Rahman
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 76-84;

Lahat Regency is dubbed as the land of 1000 megaliths, because there are more than 1000 megalith findings registered in the Indonesian muri record. This study aims to determine the meaning of the Simpur Village community on the philosophical value of human statues, namely the results of historical relics in the megalithic era in Lahat Regency. This statue depicts the figure of a leader, who is presented with a strong figure having a head that is slightly protruding forward. This study uses a qualitative descriptive research approach. And this research uses phenomenological studies with data collection techniques in the form of literature studies, interviews, and documentation techniques. This study aims to determine the meaning of the Simpur Village community on the philosophical value of human statues in Simpur Village, Lahat Regency.
Heri Isnaini
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 164-172;

The representation of female characters in the novel “Hujan Bulan Juni” by Sapardi Djoko Damono is based on the concept of "modern meisje" initiated by Kartini. This concept is an implication of the presentation of independent women who are in various ways able to become influential figures in society. The concept of "modern meisje" is represented through the character of Pingkan, the female character in the novel “Hujan Bulan Juni”. Pingkan is described as a mixed Manado-Javanese woman who has character as a "modern meisje" representation. This character can be seen in various signs seen in the portrayal of the character, both from physical depictions, characters, attitudes, and dialogue. This article aims to show the representation of Pingkan figures as "modern meisje" in accordance with Kartini's feminist concept. The method used in this study is a quantitataif descriptive method by placing the novel as research data. In addition, feminist studies become a theory that is used as a basis and reference in discussion. The results of the discussion showed that the figure of Pingkan is a figure who represents the concept of "modern meisje" in Kartini's view. This representation can be referenced in the concept of free women, independent, visionary, enthusiastic, and personal. This representation is conveyed by Kartini as part of the idealism of modern female figures in the view of feminism.
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 184-195;

The purpose of writing this article is to present an overview of intercultural communication in the implementation of the tumpe ceremony through the process of sending maleo eggs to the Banggai Kingdom in Banggai Laut Regency through the momboa tumpe traditional ceremony. The method used is descriptive qualitative which includes observations, interviews and documentation. The implementation of the momboa tumpe ceremony in the process of sending maleo bird eggs in the Banggai kingdom, Banggai Laut Regency has meaningful requirements which include the delivery process, the value of indigenous peoples' responsibility, gratitude, togetherness and a culture of deliberation and Cultural Heritage through the Gathering between the Banggai Laut Community and the Batui District Community through the process of negotiating or exchanging symbolic systems in delivering maleo eggs to the king of Banggai through the momboa tumpe ritual.
Muhammad Renaldi, Desy Misnawati, Bastian Jabir
Mukasi: Jurnal Ilmu Komunikasi, Volume 1, pp 85-91;

This research aims to build tourism motivation through tourism conscious groups. The theories used by researchers are Neo-Frued Personal theory and Mc Clelland's Theory of Motivation. The method of research is a qualitatively declutive approach. Then the object of the study was in Bidadari Beach, Sane Sugih Village, Banding Agung, south Sumatra. For the study subjects, namely, camat, vice chairman of UPTD, a tourist conscious group and people who are considered elders in Sugih Waras Village The results of this study show that tourism motivation through tourism conscious groups is very important for the community. The motivation can create a charm sapta so that it invites tourists to visit and can open jobs such as restaurants on the beach, homestays to water game rides.
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