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Budi Triandi, Iwan Fitrianto Rahmad, Ratih Puspasari, , Bob Subahan Riza, M Rizky
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 104-110;

The practice of Mandiri Midwife Supiani is a maternity clinic where service and marketing operations still use conventional methods, the founder of the Mandiri Midwife Supiani practice took the initiative to establish services for public health, especially for services for pregnant women and childbirth based on health services which is the most important thing for the community, where the community will consult and brobat for the complaints suffered against him. But if it is not supported by information technology, this noble idea will sink and become obsolete by the trend of the development of people's habits in obtaining information, where currently social media plays an important role in the marketing field, excellent service will be realized by the application of information technology, based on this the team provide solutions and assist the founder and owner of the Mandiri Midwife Supiani practice to be able to realize the application of Information technology as an excellent service supporter, with the stages of conducting training on how to use computers and helping to install computer networks so that the system can synergize in providing excellent service to the community, with the aim of improve the quality of health services in an excellent manner with the application of information technology. This paper reports on the activities during which the team carried out PKM at the Supiani Midwife's Independent Practice. After the training for partners, namely independent midwives, supine experienced an increase of 97.78% in terms of skills and understanding of the use of information technology in supporting service performance for patients
Muhammad Syahrizal, Soeb Aripin, Khairunnisa Khairunnisa, Dwina Pri Indini
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 111-115;

The use of learning media is needed by teachers in the teaching process, one of which is easy to use, namely Microsoft Power Point. Power Point software can be used to present learning materials to students to assist teachers in delivering material that is more interesting and easy to understand. Currently, most of Al-Hidayah's MIS teachers do not understand Power Point, so they only use conventional learning media. With the service activities at MIS Al-Hidayah with the theme of using interactive learning media with power points in the new normal era, it is hoped that it can become useful knowledge for teachers to be more creative and innovative in making learning media facilities for the teaching process
, Lahmudin Sipahutar, Lili Tanti, Safrizal Safrizal
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 116-120;

At this time, along with the development of the times, technology has also developed very rapidly, especially in the field of computers. Where can we know that the development of this technology can help human work. In the world of education, computer science is very necessary so that teachers or students do not lag behind in the development of today's times. For this reason, training in computer science is needed. Many of us know computers only limited to Ms. Office alone because it is often used in everyday life, but actually in computer science there are many applications/programs that can help human work to be easier. For this reason, this training was made to introduce one of the application programs in computer science, namely the application of visual studio 2010 and SQL server 2008. Where this application can create programs according to our wishes to help make our work easier. The object that will be used as the location of service is the teachers at the Al JABAR Middle School. In this service, the team wants to do it in the form of training and talk shows about Simple Design Training Using Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 Applications at IT AL JABAR Junior High School. The results obtained at the IT Al-Jabar Junior High School from this activity are that teachers can increase their knowledge in computer science, especially in making simple designs using Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 applications which are useful for teaching materials to their students
Tirsa Ninia Lina, , Charliany Hetharia, Frenny Silvia Pormes, Joseph Eliza Lopulalan
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 121-126;

PT. Cendrawasih Wiputra Mandiri (CWM) having its address at Danau Maninjau Street, Rufei No. 19 Sorong City, is a cable TV and Channel company that has a lot of demand for coverage both in the Sorong City area and outside Sorong City. However, information about the process of requesting coverage is still not optimal, this causes many customers who often cancel the process of requesting coverage due to lack of information about the process of coverage. Therefore, PT. CWM needs to take advantage of the website for business development, especially in terms of information related to coverage request services. The use of the website must be maximized by PT. CWM, many employees of PT. CWM which has not been able to operate the website for coverage requests properly. For this reason, the Community Service (PkM) team needs to educate about the use of the website. Education is an important thing and really needs to be done because with education PT. CWM employees can work more optimally, especially in terms of operating a website for coverage requests. The education carried out by the PkM team had a huge impact, because apart from teaching how to operate a website, the PkM team also shared knowledge about how to solve problems related to using the website. The main purpose of this PkM activity is to share knowledge and care for others, especially to help PT. CWM to continue to innovate and survive during the pandemic
Rahayu Mardikaningsih, , Didit Darmawan, Samsul Arifin, Arif Rachman Putra
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 127-130;

Community service activities during the COVID-19 pandemic were aimed at underprivileged communities in areas affected by this event. This service activity was carried out to help the community in the Sidotopo Wetan Village, Surabaya City in terms of basic needs in order to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. Social service activities are a form of embodiment of caring attitudes, helping each other. Social service activities are a form of nabusia nature that has sympathy and empathy. Social service is an activity that reflects a sense of caring for people in need and a desire to help alleviate their needs. One of them is by sharing basic needs which is a branch of social service as a community service activity. With this activity, we can forge a relationship between each other so that it will build intimacy between the community and the entire academic community of Sunan Giri University. The target of this basic food distribution activity is considered to have been achieved to relieve the people affected by the Covid-19 and those who cannot afford it in the hope of alleviating the community's needs
Khairul Muzaka, Ninik Sri Rahayu, Abdul Rohman
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 73-76;

Currently, there is a lot of garbage scattered around in the environment, such as the garbage found in small rivers due to the lack of awareness of people who throw garbage in rivers. In fact, throwing garbage in the river causes the overflow of river water so that there is a flood. To overcome these environmental problems, a tool was created, namely the household organic waste chopper, this machine is one solution to reduce waste disposal in the river, which then the results of the enumeration are used for organic fertilizers for plants. Planning for household organic waste choppers as a solution for the environment for the manufacture of organic fertilizer materials as well as to reduce waste that is thrown away, and also the results of the enumeration are used for organic fertilizer on plants. This community service program involves partners and students of the Mechanical Engineering Study Program. The initial stage of this service activity is to conduct a survey to identify the problems faced by partners and conduct a literature study to obtain solutions to partner problems. After the solution to the partner's problem is obtained, the next step is to design and manufacture the machine needed, namely a household organic waste chopper. The household organic waste shredder which is transferred to partners is made as simple as possible, easy to operate and easy to maintain. With the existence of this organic waste shredder, it is hoped that it can help the Pesucen Village community in minimizing piles of organic waste that have a negative impact on the environment
, Ulfatul Latifah, Mutiarawati Mutiarawati, Nora Rahmanindar
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 91-93;

Breastfeeding is a natural process that is not easy to do. Exclusive breastfeeding coverage can not be separated from the problems that occur in the breastfeeding process including the false belief that breast milk comes out a little or breast milk is insufficient for the baby. This condition is caused by several factors including food and drinks consumed by the mother, the psychological or emotional condition of the mother, abnormal breast shape. New methods introduced to prevent and overcome this problem include endorphin massage and Lactation massage massage massage technique performed on the head or neck, back, spine, and breast areas that aim to stimulate the hormone prolactin and oxytocin. The purpose of this devotion is to increase the knowledge and skills of nursing mothers in doing endorphin massage and lactation massage. The method is to provide training starting with the material of the correct way of breastfeeding. The results of training that has been given to breastfeeding mothers who follow posyandu already know and skill in practicing endorphine massage and lactation massage
, Faudunasokhi Telaumbanua, Siti Aisyah
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 62-67;

Pandemic covid-19 impact not only the industrial sector but also the education sector .Partner devotion to the competitive it is a primary school teacher s najwa .Located at the primary school s najwa rengas marelan island in medan .This school has 60 10 teachers and students .For pandemics , policy learning in schools run face to face and turns , it was because the teachers do not have the capacity to media in designing creative learning for learning online .However , the quality of students continue to decline because of the short duration of study .Sehinggapermasalahan faced partner is human resources teachers who do not have the ability in terms of the use of technology and information especially design learning media , make the decreasing quality of student learning and interest The solution offered is giving training, teaching materials and design provide training to make video, ajar and provide training to make the evaluation of the learning process.A method to be implemented with the way of making speeches and practice of, with every 1 kind of training conducted 4x 2 hours meeting for 1 months. Through devotion for the public was teachers knowledge, the skill and partner and improve learning from these students discerned from learning outcomes.
, Surya Darma Nasution, Suginam Suginam, Joli Afriany, William Ramdhan
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 94-97;

Online learning or online learning can be done with the help and support of an application as a liaison between educators and students. Many educators who are still unfamiliar with the use of technology and applications, it is considered a technological gap, so it has become the duty and responsibility of computer science lecturers to provide teaching and knowledge transfer to knowledge in the use of technology and applications in assisting online learning. The transfer of knowledge was carried out by lecturers to other educators in the form of workshops, in this learning using Zoom and Google Meet software in increasing the effectiveness of online learning. Zoom and Google Meet software are the most widely used software and have advantages in their use. Learning that is taught in the form of workshops to students is expected to increase the effectiveness of learning
, Yusmar Ali, Komda Saharja, Faudunasokhi Telaumbanua, Suhendra Suhendra, Siti Aisyah
Journal of Social Responsibility Projects by Higher Education Forum, Volume 2, pp 77-82;

Partners for this Community Service program are the Pematang Johar souvenir SME Group/Community, which has 20 members. From the results of discussions with SME partners, it was agreed to solve problems: knowledge related to entrepreneurship, printing/screen printing skills, creativity in screen printing processing that has sales power, building various designs, engineering digital devices, how to do services and trading online systems. Based on the explanation above, in dealing with the difficulties faced by the Pematang Johar souvenir SME Group, it was mutually agreed on the need to provide knowledge and motivation to the SME Group about the importance of entrepreneurship for the future. printing/screen printing skills training. Provide training on t-shirt screen printing production techniques in a comprehensive manner. Facilitate the tools needed for training. screen printing processing creativity that has selling power. create various types of designs using computer applications. use of digital tools. and seeking services and commerce online and using social media. Service results show improvement in terms of: Entrepreneurial understanding, knowledge of production techniques, knowledge of production tools, production quality, design skills, Life Welfare, online marketing techniques, digital printing knowledge, digital printing skills
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