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TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 710-720; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i12.1582

PT. Mahkota Group, Tbk and its subsidiaries own a number of palm oil processing mills located in North Sumatra and Riau. Mahkota Group companies need an Internal Audit Officer (AUDIT). Internal Audit is a job position whose function is to audit all balance sheet transactions in the company. An effective recruitment process is expected to be able to attract AUDIT candidates who truly meet the needs. In this era of technological advances, the process of recruiting employees can use the help of computer applications such as decision support systems. Leaders often face difficulties in recruiting because they are still using the manual system. One of the appropriate solutions to these problems is to use a Decision Support System (DSS). The Decision Support System (SPK) can assist the company in recruiting the right members of PT. MAHKOTA GROUP, Tbk and increase the efficiency of the decision. The AHP method is used to calculate the weighting of the criteria, and produces a reject rate as the main criterion, the MABAC method investigates the compatibility in discrimination between a set of alternative value data on certain criteria described in the Decision Matrix (DM), using the AHP method the criteria with the highest value variation will get the highest weight , While the MABAC method is used for ranking, the effect of maximizing and minimizing criteria on the evaluation results is considered separately. The selection of the best alternative is based on considering the ideal and anti-ideal solutions
, Sanjai Dekariski Saragih, Agus Perdana Windarto
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 684-689; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i12.1577

Camping or what is commonly called camping is an activity that is carried out outside the room. This activity usually requires some equipment such as a carriel, tent, gas cylinder, stove, mattress, salamon jacket, and several other equipment. AM Camping is a shop that sells equipment camping. AM Camping has quite a lot of sales transaction activities. Sales transaction data can be used and processed into useful information to increase sales of equipment at AM Camping stores. The problem that often occurs in AM Camping stores is that the camping equipment needed by consumers does not exist or is out of stock because the owner does not pay attention to the camping equipment stock. To solve this problem, the authors use association datamining with a priori algorithm. Based on these results, it can be obtained that there are 8 rules that meet a minimum confidence of 50%, but because of the same itemset, only one rule is chosen so that the results of the itemset rules are 5 final rules, namely if you buy a 60 L Carrier, then 94% most likely buy a Gas Cylinder, if you buy a flat stove, you are 89% most likely to buy a gas cylinder, if you buy a frem rope, then you have an 84% chance of buying a gas cylinder, if you buy a cuff, you are 73% most likely to buy a gas cylinder and if you buy a gas cylinder you are 67% likely to buy a rope frem. With this research, it is hoped that it can provide information to AM Camping shop owners in providing stock of camping equipment needed by consumers and to find out the combination of itemset from consumer purchases
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 678-683; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i12.1564

Online learning is a system that is applied to the world of education with a distance learning process with teaching methods applied through the internet network. However, in the practice of implementing online learning, there are many obstacles, including there are still many students and also teaching staff who still do not understand or master the use of the learning media used. Learning outcomes are a benchmark for achievement in the learning process carried out by teaching staff and students. The benchmark for learning outcomes is student scores. Good learning outcomes are obtained when students are able to fully understand learning well. Motivation is an impulse that must be possessed by humans to get something. The purpose of the study was to see whether online learning and the use of learning media had an influence on students' learning motivation. Where in this study using quantitative research methods by testing using SPSS. The results showed that H1 was accepted, which means that online learning has an influence on student learning outcomes. While H1 is accepted, which means that the motivation possessed by students has an impact on student learning outcomes. Overall, the variables have a stimulant effect on student learning outcomes, which can be seen from the H3 received
, Lince Tomoria Sianturi, Chandra Frenki Sianturi
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 705-709; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i12.1502

One of the courses in higher education, especially in the field of computers, is cryptography. The rapid development of technology today proves that it is easy to commit crimes using computer science in the video field. In addition, from time to time more and more free video editing software and easier to use. However, the development of this technology is often misused by cases of scattered videos that cannot be trusted by the public. Video file forgery is an act of modifying documents, products, images or videos among other media. This video, which is very easy to edit and fake, has made many irresponsible people destroy the authenticity of the video and spread the video to social media so that the information or message in the video can change its authenticity. Computer-based learning is one way to improve the quality of learning. Various methods that can be applied in computer-based learning, one of which is CRC32 (Cyclic Redundancy Check) can be used to ensure the integrity of the data to be transmitted or stored. CRC works in a simple way, namely by using a mathematical calculation of a number called a checksum, which is made based on the total bits to be transmitted or to be stored. CRC is designed in such a way as to ensure data integrity against random degradation due to noise or other sources (media corruption etc.). So that later the learning application that will be made can help students in the process of answering about material concerning the authenticity of a video file more easily and can be understood using the CRC32 method. In addition, it is hoped that the learning application which will be made more interactive is able to attract students' interest to be more curious
, Oktavianus Oktavianus, Lidya Lestari, Sarwandi Sarwandi
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 663-666; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i11.1539

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is a disease that can be transmitted by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this virus has attacked various countries including Indonesia. To minimize the spread of the virus, various online or virtual activities are carried out. In the field of education, which is the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, is the creation of virtual learning programs (Online). Teachers as educators are very important as a determining factor for the smooth running of the learning process even though they are online and not face-to-face, as usual, one of which is by choosing a learning model. As educators, teachers are required to sort out suitable and appropriate learning models to deliver a concept to their students. One of the learning models that focuses on students and can be tried by teachers to improve student's critical thinking skills is the problem-based learning model or Problem-Based Learning (PBL) where this learning model can support students to relate directly to the surrounding environment. The method in this study uses a literature study by collecting references related to the research. Learning with a problem-based learning model can be supported by using media to maximize competition or learning outcomes that are expected, especially during Virtual (Online) learning. One of the suitable media to be applied in the problem-based learning model is to use PowerPoint media and this media can be displayed (share screen) while carrying out online classes such as virtual Zoom, Google Meet, and so on
, Harly Okprana, Bahrudi Efendi Damanik
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 667-672; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i11.1516

Bidikmisi scholarship is a program that facilitates prospective students who have good academic achievements but lack in economics to be able to receive quality education by receiving various facilities. The distribution of Bidik Misi scholarships to students who come from underprivileged families must go through a selection involving certain criteria. The criteria are: parents' income, parent's occupation, number of dependents, and home ownership. To make it easier to determine prospective students who receive Bidikmisi, the K-Medoids algorithm is used. The K-Medoids algorithm is one of the algorithms in data mining to group data based on the closest criteria values.
, Mesran Mesran, Juanda Hakim Lubis
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 657-662; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i11.1501

Decision support system (DSS) is a part of a computer-based information system that is used to support decision making in determining the best alternative in a particular company or organization and can also be used to rank in determining the championship when carrying out various competitions. In this study, the authors used the SAW (Simple Addtive Weighting) method to determine the championship in vocal group activities held by the Nias Police Station. The SAW method is one of the best methods for ranking based on the different attributes and weights of each participant so that the results are more effective. By using the SAW method to carry out rankings in these activities, the results obtained are more effective
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 673-677; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i11.1503

DBD is a disease that spread rapidly. Usually if there is an area affected by dengue fever, it is likely to spread to other people in the area. Due to the large number of DBD sufferers, so much data is collected and processing needs to be done on these data, such as the grouping of DBD sufferers data with the aim of focusing vector control in areas that are vulnerable to DBD. The area will be the main priority to carry out socialization related to the handling of DBD. Data mining is a series of processes to get useful information from large database warehouses. One function of the data mining process for finding groups or group identification is Clustering. There are two types of clustering methods, namely hierarchical clustering and non-hierarchical clustering, commonly called Kmeans. K-Means Clustering begins by determining the number of clusters first. The results obtained from grouping the data are in the form of areas that have the highest DBD potential in Deli Serdang. By using clustering method to do calculations, it can help solve problems in Deli Serdang Regency in classifying the data of DBD sufferers which is still done manually
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 652-656; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i11.1030

Motor nerve diseases are a group of neurological disorders that cause gradual loss of muscle strength. Motor nerves are divided into two types, namely upper motor neurons and lower motor neurons. The UMN originates in the brain and is responsible for sending signals from the brain to the brainstem or to the spinal cord. While the LMN originates from the brain stem and spinal cord, and functions to transmit signals to all muscles. The signals sent are used to regulate body muscle movements, such as walking, gripping, breathing, speaking, or swallowing. When motor nerve function is disturbed, the sufferer will find it difficult to carry out these movements. Problems that occur in the RSU. Mitra Medika Medan in the process of consulting patients who experience motor nerve disease problems, namely the process of diagnosing motor nerve diseases using the services of an expert doctor in the field of motor nerve disease diagnosis by consulting conventional methods, the time needed to serve many patients is less efficient, so long queues can be avoided. so that not a few patients feel disappointed. Overcome problems that occur in RSU. Mitra Medika Medan, it is necessary to have a tool in the form of an expert system that provides diagnostic results in accordance with expert knowledge. Therefore, in this study, the authors built an expert system for diagnosing motor neuron disease using visual-based visual basic net 2008 by applying the Mamdani method as a method of solving diagnostic problems in the expert system that was built
Reynaldi Melano, Eka Prasetyaningrum
TIN: Terapan Informatika Nusantara, Volume 2, pp 629-633; https://doi.org/10.47065/tin.v2i10.1377

Guest data processing at Wedy Jaya Inn is not in accordance with today's technological developments. In processing guest data, the receptionist still uses a notebook to record guest reservation data and to perform check-in and check-out transactions for inn guests. This research was conducted using the RUP (Rational Unified Process) model research method. Data collection techniques were carried out by means of observation and literature study. The problem is that the guest administration process and data processing are still manual, starting from guest data to storing other data related to transactions to making reports. So because it is possible during the process there is an error in recording, less accurate reports are made and delays in the required search. Then there is no online room availability checking system which makes guests have to come directly to the Wedy Jaya inn to check if there are still rooms available and this can take a lot of time. The solution is to create a website-based system for inn guest data processing that will make it easier for receptionists to collect reservation data, input check-in and check-out of inn guests. Designing a database that will accommodate all data related to reservations, check-in and check-out of inn guests. A website-based system for inn guest data processing can simplify and speed up the tasks of the receptionist in data collection of reservations, check-in and check-out of inn guests as well as in making reports needed by inn owners and employees as well as providing a system that can be used to check room availability using the RUP method. Rational Unified Process)
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