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Junita Wulandari Dalimunthe, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 77-85;

One of the roles of the Rantau Prapat City Cooperatives and SMEs Service is to empower MSMEs in Rantau Prapat City, which has been stated in the Rantau Prapat City Cooperatives and SMEs Service. the realization of SMEs as an economic force that can improve the welfare of the community. Micro-enterprises in practice can help many people, considering that most Indonesian citizens belong to the lower-middle class category. From economic practice, they are classified as business actors in micro-economics. If the government's policies are in favor of groups of micro- economic actors, then it is possible that the policy will help many members of the community. That is, some Indonesian people will be lifted from poverty as a disease that afflicts the wider community. The purpose of this study is to identify and describe the implementation of SME empowerment as well as the supporting and inhibiting factors. This study uses descriptive research with a qualitative approach. The focus of this research problem is (1) the implementation of SME empowerment (2) supporting factors and inhibiting factors. and inhibitors. The advice given is that the Department of Cooperatives and SMEs in Labuhan Batu City collects data on all SMEs.Keywords ; Role, UMKM, Labuhan Batu, Rantau Prapat, Indonesia
Novita Tanjung, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 53-59;

The development of technology and information is currently accelerating, this development has made many conveniences ranging from the use of computer technology to automated management handling. In this study, we will try to create a Web-Based Information System for Personnel Administration at the Office of the Manpower Office in Mandailing Natal Regency which currently uses computers for operation, but the data processing process is still manual. So we need a system that can accelerate performance and be developed more modern in order to operate using a computerized system. The method used in designing and making this web application is the Native Web Method, the programming language used is PHP, and MySQL as data storage. For display design using the Bootstrap AdminLTE Framework which provides basic HTML and CSS templates for the application of typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and many other interface components. This research will produce a Web-Based Personnel Administration Information System at the Office in Mandailing Natal.Keywords: sysstem,administration,web
Sheila Putri Mandasari, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 46-52;

Cooperatives are a necessary and important economic institution. Cooperatives are a form of joint effort based on the principle of family to improve welfare. And cooperatives have a goal to increase economic activity. Cooperatives and MSMEs have contributed significantly to regional and national income, especially in the North Sumatra Province. MSMEs play a role in absorbing labor in the distribution of development results. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of the economic sector, especially MSMEs, could not develop and many ended up in bankruptcy and a slowdown in the economic sector in Indonesia with its various derivatives. The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector which is the most important part of the economic sector that is feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. During the Covid-19 period, MSMEs experienced various problems such as decreased sales, capital, distribution was hampered, raw material difficulties, decreased production and the occurrence of many layoffs for workers and hunting which later became a threat to the national economy. With the purpose of this research, the analysis is to increase Savings and Loans for Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (UKM) during the Covid-19 period in North Sumatra Province, this research method is by taking secondary data and interviews, solving problems using qualitative methods from existing descriptions. in the mass media and then concluded by researchers.Keywords : Savings and Loans, UKM, Covid 19
Andri Yusuf Siregar, Sri Sudiartri
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 60-68;

Several elements influence the quality of public or public services, one of which is the employee's performance in carrying out public services. The ability of employees has a significant impact on the quality of government services. Village apparatus are public service officials who have the authority and responsibility for providing services to the community or the general public, and who assist the village head in carrying out his duties in order to be able to provide services in accordance with the community's wishes and needs. As a result, village officials are required and mandated to have commitment, as well as abilities and skills, feelings of sincere concern, and a high sense of empathy in carrying out their duties. The goal of this research is to examine village office personnel' performance in providing administrative services to the community in Laut Dendang Village, as well as to determine what variables impede and support their success. Survey research with qualitative descriptive methodologies is the research method. Purposive sampling yielded 5 informants. Interview guidelines, literature review, and documentation were used as data collection strategies. Data reduction, data display, and data verification procedures are all used in data analysis. According to the findings of the interviews, all of the informants provided information or comments indicating that the village office employees' performance met the standardization and was appropriate in providing public services based on the areas of the research emphasis, namely 1) Achievement. 2) Abilities 3) The ability to lead. The behavior (attitude) does not fulfill the public service criteria. This study demonstrates that enhancing employee performance yields positive results in terms of community service.Keywords: Performance, Village Office Employees, Administrative Services, Community
Maysaroh Hasibuan, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 69-76;

This research is expected to find out the role of Mandailing Natal Manpower Office in Improving Entrepreneurship Productive Economic Stimulation During the COVID-19 Period. The benefits of this exploration can expand information and familiarity with the region and the government in providing employment, especially during the COVID-19 period, meeting needs and expanding beneficial business ventures and financial feelings in Mandailing Natal. A subjective examination strategy which means to get the peculiarities of what the exploration subject is capable of, for example behavior, wisdom, inspiration, activity, and so on, comprehensively and expressively such as words and language, in extraordinary settings usually by using language. different. The results of the study show that the role of the Mandailing Natal Manpower Office in Increasing Economic Stimulation Productive Entrepreneurship during the COVID-19 period, really involves or fosters business visionaries who are under it with various projects that are used as a way to reduce quantity. unemployment and make serious and prevalent business people. It's just that during this COVID-19 period, the Mandailing Natal Manpower Office experienced problems, namely in persuading business people because they could not hold meetings to understand their misunderstandings with the business they were in. The progress expected by the Mandailing Natal Manpower Office or everyone else could not be felt directly or thus the Manpower Office could not immediately work on broad government assistance.Keywords: Department of Manpower, Entrepreneurship, COVID-19
Lismaini Agustin, Azhari Akmal Tarigan
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 1-18;

Assets are all assets/wealth owned by a person or business, both tangible and intangible, whose value or value will provide future benefits for every person or business. The management of regional assets must be managed properly so that these assets can become a source of funds for local governments to develop their capacity. This study aims to determine the description of Asset Management of the Regional Property Financing Agency (BPKAD) of North Sumatra Province. As a regional finance officer (treasury), BPKAD is a technical service that carries out its mission to obtain regional revenues and direct funds for regional needs through regional finance. This research is a qualitative descriptive research. Gain an in-depth understanding of various aspects related to the object of research. The method used for data collection is through observation, interviews, literature studies, documents, and internet searches. Finally, this research can be concluded that the management of fixed/regional goods carried out by the real estate sector in the North Sumatra Province BPKAD has been carried out properly and has been in accordance with Permendagri No.19 of 2016 concerning guidelines for managing regional property, but all have not been realized.Keywords: management analysis, regional assets, North Sumatra
Novita Tanjung, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 25-33;

Perkembangan teknologi dan informasi saat ini semakin pesat, perkembangan ini telah memberikan banyak kemudahan mulai dari penggunaan teknologi komputer hingga penanganan manajemen secara otomatis. Pada penelitian ini akan mencoba membuat Sistem Informasi Administrasi Kepegawaian Berbasis Web pada Kantor Disnaker Kabupaten Mandailing Natal yang saat ini menggunakan komputer untuk pengoperasiannya, namun proses pengolahan datanya masih manual. Sehingga diperlukan suatu sistem yang dapat mempercepat kinerja dan dikembangkan lebih modern agar dapat beroperasi dengan menggunakan sistem yang terkomputerisasi. Metode yang digunakan dalam perancangan dan pembuatan aplikasi web ini adalah Native Web Method, bahasa pemrograman yang digunakan adalah PHP, dan MySQL sebagai penyimpanan datanya. Untuk desain tampilan menggunakan Bootstrap AdminLTE Framework yang menyediakan template HTML dan CSS dasar untuk aplikasi tipografi, form, tombol, navigasi, dan banyak komponen antarmuka lainnya. Penelitian ini akan menghasilkan Sistem Informasi Administrasi Kepegawaian Berbasis Web pada Kantor Sekretariat Daerah Kabupaten Wonosobo yang memiliki interface yang sesuai sehingga dapat memberikan informasi dan mempermudah proses pengelolaan administrasi kepegawaian. Kata kunci: Administrasi Kepegawaian, AdminLTE, MySQL, PHP, Sistem InformasiKata kunci:administari, kepegawaian,web.
Aldi Fernando Lubis, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 19-24;

Mandailing Natal Panyabungan Manpower Office. The main task of the Manpower Service is as a government agency in the field of manpower in its working area. The functions of the Manpower Office include formulating manpower policies, implementing manpower policies, labor administration, labor supervision, reporting and evaluating the workforce. Related to its duties and functions, the local Manpower Office has several licensing powers such as Permits to Employ Foreign Workers (IMTA), Operational Permits for Employment Service Providers/Labourers, Employment Cards and Permits, Work Permits, to Work Center Institution Permits (BLK). . For information on requirements for obtaining a permit from the Manpower Office, costs (if any) and others, you can ask directly at the office. The public can also contact the telephone contact of the Manpower Office for a quick response, or access the website of the Manpower Office for general information and news related to employment. This research technique involves using a qualitative approach.Keywords: Department of Manpower, Job Training Center (BLK), Human Resources
Melisa Syafitri Amalia, Muhammad Arif
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 3, pp 34-45;

The purpose of this research is to develop cooperation strategies for Labuhanato Regency and the Small and Medium Enterprises Office in small business development efforts in Labuhanbato Regency during the Covid-19 pandemic. This search uses quantitaif with a descriptive approach. This type of research is field research. The results of this study in the analysis use inference methods that start with general data and end with conclusions. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the strategy of small business development in Labuhanbato Regency during the Covid-19 outbreak is through a program for Micro business problem services from commercial production processes, development of promoting small business products, network improvement between institutions, micro strandarization commercial product production services.Keywords: strategy, MSME Development, Covid-19 Pandemic
Aydiny Ummy Nurhali Harahap, Ariesti Sopia, Hadi Mubarak, Suhairi Suhairi
VISA: Journal of Vision and Ideas, Volume 2, pp 231-240;

The financial aspect of the feasibility study is crucial because it covers all company profits. Understanding the financial aspect itself means the aspect that is functioned in the overall financial evaluation of the company. Therefore, this aspect is very crucial and requires accuracy in testing its feasibility in business. There are 7 aspects that need to be known, namely: the need for investment costs, sources of funds obtained, project balances and profit and loss statements, financial ratios to assess the company's ability, estimated investment costs. The purpose of the financial aspect analysis is to determine the investment plan through calculating the expected costs and benefits by comparing expenses and income, such as the availability of funds, the initial capital portfolio, the ability to repay these funds at a predetermined time and assess whether the company will be able to grow. Keep going.Kata kunci : Studi Kelayakan Bisnis,Aspek Keuangan.
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