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Alina Mikhnova, Dmutro Mikhnov, Kateryna Chyrkova
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30012021/7394

The technology of reengineering of specialized information systems is offered, which allows determining the option of reengineering of automated working places, which will maximize the effect of specialized information system, namely, completeness and reliability of information support of business processes, in a limited budget.The article analyzes the existing approaches to reengineering of information systems, methods and models used to form a rational version of design solutions, identifies the features of reengineering of specialized information systems, formed the technology of reengineering of specialized information systems. The proposed technology of reengineering of specialized information systems can be used to improve the performance of the organization, which depends on the completeness and reliability of information support of business processes.
Мухтарова Хураман Зиядхан Гызы, Насибова Гюльтар Джумшуд Гызы, Микаилова Гюляр Фамиль Гызы
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30012021/7398

The Lower Kura depression is a recognized oil and gas generating basin, characterized by positive stratigraphic, lithological-facies and structural-tectonic criteria for oil and gas content. However, it is necessary to additionally assess the prospects for oil and gas content of the southwestern side of the basin, guided by the criteria for the presence of reservoirs, seals and traps, paleotectonic criteria and seismic geological indicators.According to the results obtained from a detailed study by geophysical methods of the Kyurovdag-Neftchala belt and the territories framed to it, it was found that developed lithologically limited and stratigraphic traps in the Sarkhanbeyli, Orta Mugan, Shargi Shorsulu and Babazanan areas have all the signs of oil and gas prospects. These traps are located at a depth of no more than 4.5 km between the Mesozoic paleorelief protrusions and the Pleocene sediments covering them. It was the disagreement between these rocks that played an important role in the migration and accumulation of hydrocarbons. It should be noted that the traps formed in the process of sedimentation by primary reservoirs above the unconformity surfaces are sedimentation-stratigraphic and adjacent to the unconformity surface. Studies have revealed similar traps in deeper pinching horizons, which can be considered promising in terms of the development of reservoirs, cap rocks and oil-damaging reservoirs.
Salimov Vagif Hasan Oglu, Damirova Javida Rizvan Qizi
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30012021/7395

The article is devoted to the problem of multi-criteria decision making. As application problem is used the software selection problem. The analysis of existing methods for solving this problem is given. As a method for solving this problem, the most popular fuzzy AHP method (Analytic Hierarchy Process) is proposed. This method use original algorithm for pairwise comparison of criteria and alternatives. The issues of practical implementation of this method are discussed in details. The results of the solution test problem at all stages are presented.
Gulnara Abitova
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30012021/7397

In this work is consider study and analysis of dynamic system for simulation of the technological process under uncertainty and complexity. To study and simulate a complicated technology process we carry out for consideration the technology of the process of roasting in fluidized bed furnaces of polymetallic sulphide ores. The choice is justified by the fact that, operation line producing of polymetallic sulphide ores represents a complex process, is characterized by a big number of transient processes, presence of process variables and deviations from technical regimes. To study process characteristics of any system functioning by means of mathematical methods the process should be formalized. This means, that adequate mathematical model needs to be developed. The choice of mathematical model depends a lot upon the features of the object and its controllability as well as of technological scheme and complexity of processes. Chemical engineering processes are complicated physical and chemical systems. Substance flows, which are part of these systems, are, as a rule, multicomponent. Therefore, for the purpose of study and qualitative control over chemical-engineering processes it is essential to apply the method of mathematic simulation, based on system analysis strategy, analysis of its structure, mathematical formulation development and evaluation of unknown parameters. Controllability means that such system attribute as having control actions, which make it possible to transfer the system from a pre-set initial state to the required condition during finite quantum of time. Therefore, the developed mathematical model of the process or control object should be controllable and stability.
Мухтарова Хураман Зиядхан Гызы, Насибова Гюльтар Джумшуд Гызы, Рустам Джафарзаде Фазиль Оглы
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30012021/7396

To assess the prospects for prospecting for regional oil and gas accumulations, it is importance to study the main factors that control the development of the processes of oil and gas formation and accumulation in the earth's crust and the criteria for predicting the oil and gas content of the subsoil arising from this study. A comprehensive study of geophysical, geological, tectonic, lithofacies, petrophysical and a number of other factors of oil and gas content and their changes in space over time make it possible to develop the foundations of the main criteria for predicting the distribution of oil and gas territories and the development of hydrocarbon deposits. In order to assess the prospects for prospecting for oil and gas accumulations in the lower section of the PT of the western side of the South Caspian Basin (SCV), based on the available material and taking into account a large number of published works, we considered tectonic criteria and preservation conditions for the formed hydrocarbon accumulations in the South Absheron archipelago., in the example of the Gum-Deniz and Bahar deposits.
Leonid Oliinyk, Stanislav Bazhan
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30122020/7324

Genetic algorithm is a method of optimization based on the concepts of natural selection and genetics. Genetic algorithms are used in software development, in artificial intelligence systems, a wide range of optimization problems and in other fields of knowledge.One of the important issues in the theory of genetic algorithms and their modified versions is the search for the best balance between performance and accuracy. The most difficult in this sense are problems where the fitness function in the search field has many local extremes and one global or several global extremes that coincide.The effectiveness of the genetic algorithm depends on various factors, such as the successful creation of the primary population. Also in the theory of genetic algorithms, recombination methods play an important role to obtain a better population of offspring. The aim of this work is to study some types of mutations using a modified genetic algorithm to find the minimum function of one variable.The article presents the results of research and analysis of the impact of some mutation procedures. Namely, the effect of mutation on the speed of achieving the solution of the problem of finding the global extremum of a function of one variable. For which a modified genetic algorithm is used, where the operators of the "generalized crossover" are stochastic matrices
Старовойтенко Олексій Володимирович
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30122020/7323

Due to the growth of data and the number of computational tasks, it is necessary to ensure the required level of system performance. Performance can be achieved by scaling the system horizontally / vertically, but even increasing the amount of computing resources does not solve all the problems. For example, a complex computational problem should be decomposed into smaller subtasks, the computation time of which is much shorter. However, the number of such tasks may be constantly increasing, due to which the processing on the services is delayed or even certain messages will not be processed. In many cases, message processing should be coordinated, for example, message A should be processed only after messages B and C. Given the problems of processing a large number of subtasks, we aim in this work - to design a mechanism for effective distributed scheduling through message queues. As services we will choose cloud services Amazon Webservices such as Amazon EC2, SQS and DynamoDB. Our FlexQueue solution can compete with state-of-the-art systems such as Sparrow and MATRIX. Distributed systems are quite complex and require complex algorithms and control units, so the solution of this problem requires detailed research.
Hussain Abdulalee Falh Al Mnshdawy Ma
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30122020/7322

The article examines an electronic journal as a modern type of a periodical from the standpoint of the distinguishing features of the color palette (color system). The topic of the color influence on the user in the electronic journals’ design has not been substantially studied to date. With the aim of attracting the target audience not only the content is important, but also the design.The emphasis is laid on identifying the relationship between the color system applied for the journal’s design and its content (functional focus). The author sampled and analyzed a considerable amount of factual material, representing the examples of the electronic pages’ design of the journals and magazines of various types. In accordance with the division into thematic groups, characteristic color combinations and the patterns of their use on the page were identified. The thematic component is far from being crucial in choosing the electronic journal’s color scheme. The reason for this is the presence of a large number of additional factors affecting its formation. Moreover, there are general trends in graphic design that set conventional limitations for the color palette, especially the trend towards minimalism.
Giorgi Doborjginidze, Lily Petriashvili, Mariam Inaishvili
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar pp 1-6; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30122020/7261

Digital transformation of the world economy and the rapid growth of information flows have led to the implementation of innovative technologies in the processes of business management. Data analysis, risk assessment technologies and decision support systems enable companies to adapt to modern challenges. In the process of globalization, a consumer has the priority due to which quality of service and timely delivery of the required products determine the competition among the companies. All participants of the supply process, including logistics service providers, have traditionally focused on optimizing process management and minimizing supply chain costs [1]. The determining factor of supply efficiency from the perspective of procurement and logistics is the uninterrupted supply of raw materials and semi-finished goods that depends on the selection of a reliable supplier, as well as the continuous improvement of the quality of materials and the reliability of the customer-supplier relationship. The purpose of this article is to analyze use of blockchain technology to improve reliability of supply chains, whereas the rationale behind the management of business processes and the contractual obligation between the parties are verified cryptographically, using a smart contract.
Bakunova O. M., Abraztsova V. M.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30112020/7224

The article discusses the problems of organizing remote learning that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, provides the advantages and disadvantages of using various software tools and Learning Management Systems.
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