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Bakunova O. M., Abraztsova V. M.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30112020/7224

The article discusses the problems of organizing remote learning that have arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic, provides the advantages and disadvantages of using various software tools and Learning Management Systems.
Andrii Shuliak
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30112020/7223

The article provides a comparative analysis of traditional and innovative organizational forms of education in the higher education institutions. New forms of educational activity with the use of ICT tools (network interaction, multimedia lecture, online lecture, slide lecture, distance learning, electronic seminars, webinars, case technology, forum, e-mail consultation, computer testing, telecommunication project, group projects on wiki technology, joint blogging, etc.). In the article we opened didactic possibilities of application of innovative organizational forms in educational process. The peculiarity of the application of electronic lecture and its types (online-lecture, slide-lecture, video-lecture, combined lecture; laboratory works with the use of computer and appropriate software; independent work on informatics; network interaction and its resources (teleconference, chat, WWW) (World Wide Web), e-mail, FTP, blog), online communities and forms of educational activities (educational teleconference, off-line conference or virtual conference, chat, training workshop, virtual learning with the help of the pedagogical community, educational competition, joint creation of web pages, virtual survey of students, educational virtual project, virtual party, master class on a specific topic, design seminar, project festival, etc.), distance, blended learning and their software.
Frolova Yu. S., Ignatova T. V., Kaplaushenko A. H.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30092020/7185

An important step in the development of a new drug is the prediction of its toxicity by computer screening using the program GUSAR-online. The purpose of this work is an online prediction of acute toxicity among new derivatives of 5-phenethyl-4-R-3-thio(amino) 1,2,4-triazoles. Computer prediction of acute toxicity of 5-phenethyl-4-R-3-thio(amino)- 1,2,4-triazole derivatives was performed according to the structural formulas of the compounds in the online version of the GUSAR-online program.GUSAR-online prediction for 5-phenethyl-4-R-3-thio(amino)-1,2,4- triazole derivatives was performed during the research. It was found that the average lethal dose of LD50 is from 56.1 to 2396.0 mg / kg. Based on this, all compounds are low-toxic and virtually non-toxic substances.
Sultanova A. B., Abdullayeva M. Y.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30092020/7184

In this paper, we propose a new method for planning and optimizing the trajectory of warehouse robots using an improved algorithm. The paper reflects algorithms for planning the trajectory of collisionless movement of a warehouse mobile robot and describing the functioning of the system.
Бакунов А. М., Александрович А. Ф., Владысик М. С., Мелешкевич Д. В., Ситник М. Ю.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30092020/7183

The study and analysis of data processing methods in psychological research is the main goal of the work. Big data methods are a collection of statistical methods that can find complex signals in large amounts of data.
Oleg Panchenko
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30092020/7147

The transition to an informational lifestyle significantly increases the creative potential of society as a whole, and the individual in particular. Along with this, there is a significant increase of the load on the human’s mind under conditions of increasing flows of information and its turbulence. The information environment essentially becomes the main source of information for a person, has a direct impact on his mental activity, on the formation of his social behavior. A person is forced to live in this environment, to perceive its realities adequately, to adapt to information threats from this environment. The awareness of these threats has led to careful attention to information security. A child, being a specific member of a society, nevertheless acts as a full-fledged participant in information relations, and must be in such a state of protection, in which there is no risk associated with information causing harm to his health, physical, mental, spiritual and moral development.A child in his development, processing information, actively assimilates social experience, as well as a system of social connections and relationships, and subsequently reproduces all this in his life. In the course of this process, he acquires the qualities, values, beliefs and forms of behavior that he needs for normal life.Ensuring the information security of a child implies protection because of the destabilizing effect of information on health and mental, spiritual and moral development; creation of conditions for the information environment for positive socialization and individualization of the personality, optimal social, personal, cognitive and physical development, preservation of somatic, mental and psychological health and well-being, the formation of a positive worldview. The latter is possible when determining the main directions of state policy in the interests of children and the key mechanisms for its implementation, based on the generally recognized principles and norms of the international law.
Salimov Vagif Hasan Oglu
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30092020/7182

Multi criteria decision making problem was considered. Review of existing multi criteria decision making methods was presented. Methods of solving this problem can be divided into two large groups: methods using the aggregation of all alternatives according to all criteria and the solution of the obtained one-criterion problem, the second group is associated with the procedure of pairwise comparisons. Promethee method have been considered with details. This method is based on the pairwise comparison of alternatives and specific aggregation procedures. The preference function are considered for minimization and maximization cases. As practice problem the job selection is considered. Three important criteria are used: salary, time, risk. The results of all computations are presented.
Ulyana Abrahamovych, Orest Abrahamovych, Roman Dutka, Marta Farmaha, Solomiia Guta
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar pp 17-24; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30062020/7127

Вступ. Системний червоний вовчак супроводжується ураженням життєво важливих органів та систем і суттєво знижує тривалість життя хворих. Були спроби виокремити основні чинники, які погіршують прогноз хворих та збільшують ризик смерті, однак отримана інформація часто була фрагментарною, результатом аналізу лише поодиноких чинників, а деколи суперечливою.Мета дослідження. Виявити чинники, які впливають на смертність хворих на системний червоний вовчак.Матеріали й методи дослідження. У рандомізований спосіб із попередньою стратифікацією за наявністю системного червоного вовчака у проспективне дослідження залучено 294 хворих. Дослідження проводили у два етапи: перший етап, який складався з трьох послідовних кроків, де на першому кроці ми аналізували інформацію з паспорта хворих, на другому – наявність критеріїв ACR, а на третьому – наявність патогенетично асоційованих із СЧВ уражень органів, присвячений аналізу тих виокремлених на кожному кроці чинників, які впливають на виживання хворих на СЧВ; другий етап присвячений виявленню констеляцій ознак, які найбільш вагомо впливають на ризик смерті.Результати дослідження. Чинниками, що збільшують смертність хворих на СЧВ, є чоловіча стать, вік (молодші за 42,5 років), протеїн- та циліндрурія, судоми, лімфопенія, вовчаковий антикоагулянт, також наявність міокардиту, пневмоніту, автоімунного гепатиту, асептичного некрозу кісток та хронічного карієсу, проте найбільш вагомим є поєднання чоловічої статі, збільшеної маси тіла понад 92,5 кг та автоімунного гепатиту.
Пальтов Е. В., Fik V. B., Подолюк М. В., Криницький Р. П., Согуйко Ю. Р., Кривко Ю. Я.
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar pp 25-30; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30062020/7128

In originally issued as document our work, the goal was to study the pathological manifestations of angio and neuromyopathy as a result of chronic exposure to therapeutic doses of opioid analgesic and the possibility of simultaneous correction of these changes with the drug pentoxifylline in the early stages restrukturizatsii changes in the retinal layers. The goal was achieved through the use of histological techniques retinal. Histological preparations were made by the conventional method with the use of dyes, hematoxylin, eosin, and (adhan) by the method Heidenhaina.The results of the study in the future will form a pathological base, with clinical guidelines that to unwanted simultaneous use of pentoxifylline and opob. These data can be used for the comparative performance, relative to the processes of the dynamics of increase of pathological changes in the layers of the retina during short and long term exposure of low doses of opioids and correction of these changes with the drug pentoxifylline on early and psdn terms of opioid effect. The above will further provide the opportunity to establish the most optimal timeframe for which a characteristic set of pathological manifestations elementary phenomena ungeneralised in the layers of the retina that can best be coregular influence.
Tetiana Harapko, Lesia Mateshuk-Vatseba
International Academy Journal Web of Scholar pp 10-16; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_wos/30062020/7126

The results of an experimental study conducted on white male rats and females of reproductive age were analyzed in order to detect submicroscopic changes in the structural components of the spleen under the action of monosodium glutamate in the dynamics. For two, four, six and eight weeks, the animals received monosodium glutamate at a dose of 0.07 g / kg body weight daily with food. Sections of the spleen were made on a UMTP-6M ultramicrotome with a diamond knife (DIATOM) and double contrast was performed according to Reynolds and uranyl acetate. Submicroscopic examinations of the organ were performed using an electron transmission microscope TEM-100. The investigated material was photodocuted using a SONY – H9 digital camera. The first violations of the structural components of the spleen are observed after two weeks, namely the expansion of intercellular spaces in both white and red pulp of the spleen, which contain vacuole-like structures, an increase in plasma cells, the cytoplasm of which is filled with dilated tubules. In dynamics with increase in duration of reception changes deepen, reaching a maximum in 8 weeks of experiment. Electron microscopy revealed that the signs of adaptive-compensatory processes by the end of the experiment lead to a loss of regenerative function.
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