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Mazur D. V.
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 12-18; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7132

This article examines the state and criteria of development of professional self- reflection of future leaders of an instrumental bands. The qualitative characteristic of levels of development of professional self-reflection is defined and four levels of development of this skill are outlined. The value and role of professional self-reflection of the leader of an instrumental band in the context of collective performance management is disclosed. It is noted that the reflexive method makes it possible to comprehend one’s own and team members’ activities, to predict one’s own actions, to form a new thinking style, to detect and anticipate problems in one’s own professional activities and improve the quality of work. We also believe that professional reflection is a necessary component of the professional education of the future leader of the instrumental ensemble and the cornerstone principle of successful management of any ensemble performance in particular.
Jin Lipeng
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 33-37; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7135

The author of this article briefly analyzes the layout and division of Luoyang and Roman cities during the Han and Wei Dynasties from a historical perspective, and explores the characteristics and traditional craftsmanship of ancient buildings in the East and the West from a comparison.
Zaredinova Elvira Rifativna
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 3-6; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7130

The results of the theoretical analysis of the essential-functional nature of sociocultural values at the present stage of scientific research are considered in the article. It is determined that the concept of “value” is leading to the axiological approach. Different approaches to understanding the content of sociocultural values as a scientific category are characterized. The essence of the concept of “sociocultural values” is defined, the characteristic features are presented. The necessity of sociocultural values formation at modern student youth in the conditions of educational process of institution of higher education is revealed. It is emphasized that the educational environment of institution of higher education promotes formation of value and semantic sphere of students.
Мария Данченко
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 26-32; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7134

This article id dedicated to the issue of the genesis of literary rococo in French-Italian drama. In the following article we provide a brief review of theatrical activity of Italian troops in 1660-1720s and explore the formation of new French-Italian Stylistic concepts. Our research focuses particularly on the oeuvre of Luigi Riccoboni, a dramatist of Italian origin and Italian cultural background who wrote numerous scripts for the plays to be performed on French stage. With regard to the lack of studies of these French-Italian plays in Eastern Europe we provide an outline of Luigi Riccoboni's script for comedy "Le Libéral malgré lui" and analyze the intertwinig of Italian and French cultural elements in this play. Our study contributes to clobal research of French rococo in Eastern Europe and explores the aspect of formation of literary rococo in the process of collaboration between Italian and French authors. This article offers a new interpretation of Luigi Riccoboni's oeuvre as that of the first representative of rococo style both in Italian and French literature.
Natalia Ogorodnik
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 7-11; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7131

Among the basic principles of the English-language communication skills development for future seafarers is the principle of consciousness. Being implemented in a teaching and learning process it provides understanding as a fundamental component of the future seafarers’ professional competence. As a result, all the aspects of language knowledge (linguistic, speech, and linguo-sociocultural issues) are processed by the students consciously. They also become able to communicate in full compliance with a communicative situation and a specific cultural context. Moreover, effective learning tactics and strategies that students master reasonably are expected to facilitate them in their further life-long learning process. The students’ age, which is characterized by psychologists as a young adulthood, has a tendency for intellectual development. According to the scientists, at this particular period of time the change of a development focus takes its place, caused by a crucial point in human evolution. The sophisticated identity crisis of 17-year-olds occurs owing to the mismatch between the individual development and the social situation. Another situation, mediated by the educational and professional activity, as a leading one for this age is recognized as a factor that activates the comprehensive personality transformation and starts a new stage of mental development in adolescence, resulting in the intellectualization of all the cognitive processes, and therefore to a more deliberate mastery of knowledge.
Anastasiia Pater
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 19-25; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/30062020/7133

The article highlights the issue of achieving a sound standard in the performance interpretation of sacred music by Ukrainian choral groups, which is relevant in the process of understanding the intonation-figurative sphere of performance. We believe that the standard performance version is the performance embodiment of a musical work that corresponds to the sound ideals characteristic of a certain tradition. The sound standard covers a complex of aesthetic and performing means that form a system of physiologically-technological technical-virtuosic, artistic-aesthetic components of the reference sound. Based on the analysis of the choral concert of Maxim Berezovsky "Don't reject me in my old age" in the performance versions of the Lviv state academic men's choral Capella "Dudarik" (conductor – Nikolay Katsal) and the Kiev chamber choir named after B. Lyatoshinsky (conductor – Viktor Ikonnik), the measure of compliance of their performance with the standard parameters of sound is traced.In the performance skills of both groups, the ability to reinterpret a musical work in accordance with its verbal basis can be traced. Depending on the figurative content, a rational reserved approach is used, devoid of emotional sound expression, or, in another situation, the secrets of spiritual experiences are soulfully transmitted. This mobility in the sense of the laws of eternal beauty and the ability to embody them in choral sonority, the combination of properties of the conscious and unconscious, determine the features of performing thinking inherent in the Ukrainian national choral art. The performance of the choral Capella "dudarik" truthfully conveys the performance style of the XVIII century, in which M. Berezovsky created. The combination of high light trebles, timbre- free soft Altos, ringing tenor groups and deep basses creates an impression of directness and sincerity in the transmission of spiritual content. But the choral intonation of the Kiev chamber choir appeals to the Western European style of music making, which is characterized by the most accurate reproduction of the elements of articulation specified in the composer's text – strokes, accents, caesuras, dynamic palette. At the same time, the balance of the single timbre ensemble of the choir with the deep "heart" sound paint characteristic of the Ukrainian tradition is preserved. The interpretation of musical architectonics by both groups brings its own uniqueness to their performing style and image-sound paint – and this is the ability to perceive and report the living matter of the work, to reincarnate the essential meanings of the national spiritual and aesthetic experience. Each of the considered performance versions corresponds to the essential characteristics of the reference sound.
Біланов О. С.
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 8-11; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/31052020/7055

The philosophical fundamentals of categories «health/illness» are analyzed; the genesis of the health concept in philosophical discourse and the basic semantic tinctures of «health/illness» concepts have been researched; the approaches to the understanding of the health in human philosophical doctrines have been analyzed and summarized.
Н. А. Плотнік
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 45-50; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/31052020/7061

In the article the author considers the peculiarities of modeling the basic network of cultural institutions of local level in Kharkiv region, the use of scientific methods and approaches during modeling, identifies problems in ensuring the provision of quality cultural services by cultural institutions and services to local communities.
Хуан Куньпэн
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 51-58; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/31052020/7062

At present, the influence of globalization is especially noticeable in the economic, political, religious and cultural fields. However, the lack of boundaries in diseases and the value of health for all nations are determined by the fact that the development of global health management will not be limited by anti-globalization tendencies and campaigns. Global health management is one of the most important issues in the context of global governance, both now and in the future. WHO, as the world's largest official health organization, is of particular importance. For China as a developing country, strengthening its representation in the World Health Organization, as well as integration into the global health management system, are seen as leading strategic objectives in the framework of China's participation in global governance. Relevant events of the World Health Organization define the strategy for health diplomacy in China.
М. М. Прокопчук, Л. Ф. Віннікова
International Journal of Innovative Technologies in Social Science pp 27-31; doi:10.31435/rsglobal_ijitss/31052020/7058

The article deals with the issue of adjusting modern teaching methods of teaching English for specific purposes to digital era challenges.According to the authors’, modern teaching methods of communicative approach ought to adopted to be used in the virtual classes. Moreover, there is a number of benefits, which should be taken into consideration whist conduction online classes.It is highlighted that the students of Z generation have developed certain psychological peculiarities. As a result, they affect the methods and techniques that the teacher has to apply for successful professional foreign language development. This competence is developed along with subject information competence.
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