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Ulfat Amin, Insha Rasool, Shahnaz Maqbool
Stress is any situation in which universal demand arises in an individual to respond or to take action. Stress can affect a person's regular reality perception, problem-solving abilities, community spirit, interpersonal interactions, and more. Working women have a significant influence in the global growth of countries and must manage their careers while continuing to fulfil their conventional duties as wives, mothers, and earners. This indicates that duties are growing for working women and they are under a lot of stress.
Madhu S, Vinay Kumar G, Mahadevaswamy. K. M
Aims and Objectives: The goal of the research is to evaluate postpartum women admitted to only certain hospitals in the Chamarajanagar district's inpatient department's awareness and attitude toward temporary family planning methods. Methodology: To evaluate postnatal mothers' knowledge and attitudes towards temporary family planning, a semi-structured knowledge questionnaire and a five-point Likert scale were developed. Results: According to the findings, 58.3% of mothers had intermediate awareness, and 41.7 percent have adequate knowledge. 86.7 percent of participants have a fairly positive attitude, while 13.3 percent have a good attitude. Since most couples have a favourable understanding and attitude about temporary family planning options, the study hypothesis that this is the case is accepted. Present was a weak negative association between knowledge and attitude score (r=-0.039), but it was there nonetheless. It implies that as people's knowledge develops, does though their attitude. Conclusion: The study's overall findings clearly showed that most of the participants had information that is mostly adequate, and even when they have strong knowledge, most of them have attitudes toward temporary family planning techniques that are mostly favourable. Our study aimed to provide an educational brochure regarding temporary family planning methods because most mothers do not use them owing to attitude.
Gauravva M., Arpana Sanadi
Pregnancy in woman’s life brings many perspective changes. For the first-time mothers, which initiates a new social role, and they experience motherhood. Pregnancy happenings take place both emotionally and physically in mothers. The changes like neuroendocrine and biological that occur during pregnancy have profound psychological effects on expectant mothers. The pregnancy brings many emotions that play a very vital role in the development of the fetus during pregnancy. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of structured teaching programs on pregnancy-related specific emotions, and it’s management among Primigravida women. Methodology is a quantitative evaluative study was conducted among 60 Primigravida women of selected community, Bailhongal. The pre-experimental, one-group pre-test, and post-test research design was selected. Results: In the pre-test, the majority of the Primigravida women had 56.7% inadequate knowledge and 38.3% had moderate knowledge. After administration of structured teaching programme, 66.7% of the subjects had adequate knowledge; 23.3% had moderate knowledge and only 10% had inadequate knowledge regarding Pregnancy-related specific emotions, and it’s management in the post-test. The overall analysis of level of knowledge of Primigravida women regarding Pregnancy-related specific emotions and its management showed that mean knowledge scores of the subjects at pre-test were 13.75 (45.83%) found to be inadequate knowledge regarding Pregnancy-related specific emotions and its management. After administration of structured teaching program, mean knowledge scores of the subjects at post-test were 23.5 (78.33%) found to be significant. Conclusion: Findings of the study show that there was a significant difference in pre-test and post-test knowledge scores of Primigravida women. From this, it is concluded that the structured teaching program is effective in improving the level of knowledge of Primigravida women. And there was
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