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, Arfan Arsyad
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 28-32;

In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, online learning has become the main alternative to the learning system taken by schools. The implementation of the online system certainly affects teachers' performance as the frontline in the success of a learning process. In this case, at least the teacher's performance has been directly or indirectly influenced by the learning system that is being carried out. This study aimed to describe and analyze the performance of teachers’ competencies during the COVID-19 pandemic. The study relied on a quantitative descriptive method, and the data were taken from the results of a questionnaire distributed to 89 teachers. The research instrument used questionnaires and interviews, which had previously been tested for validity and reliability. Furthermore, the results of the questionnaires were analyzed based on theories related to teacher performance and theories related to teacher competency development. The result showed that the teachers’ performances with the online learning system during the COVID-19 pandemic were varied and greatly influenced by the competence of the previous teacher. Based on these results, it could be concluded that teachers with high competence had higher performance than teachers with low competence in online learning. Likewise, there was an interaction between the ability of teacher competence and teacher performance in online mathematics learning. Further, the average performance of mathematics teachers in online learning was lower than the performance of teachers who use ordinary learning.
Arvin Malayas, , Nordy Siason Jr.
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 46-53;

Integrating Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in education is a vital part of improving learning outcomes. One such ICT-responsive technical-vocational (Tech-Voc) school is to utilize Poll Everywhere (PollEv) application as a web-based intervention and audience response system in online classroom teaching. This cross-sectional study was conducted on Grade 7 learners of the Strengthened Technical-Vocational Education Program at a public secondary school. PollEv was used as a teaching and management tool for thirty-one Tech-Voc learners during the school year 2020-2021. Analyzing the data through the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences, the mean was used to describe the pretest and posttest scores, while the Wilcoxon signed-ranks test for dependent samples was utilized to determine the significant difference in the learning outcomes before and after the intervention. The findings showed better performance and "very satisfactory" experience of learners using PollEv and became a tool for managing a Tech-Voc classroom considering the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive aspects involved in virtual environments. The behavioral intentions toward the PollEv application were influenced by its usefulness, ease of use, and satisfaction of learners. Once a technology is incorporated in online spaces, learners engage accordingly by keeping their attention to classroom tasks and achieving better academic results.
Iskandarsyah Siregar,
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 09-16;

Conflict and social change are a couple that influences each other. Conflict inevitably drives social change. Social changes also inevitably lead to conflict. These conditions can manifest in large or small sizes. Every society that exists on this earth in their life will certainly experience what is called changes. The existence of these changes will be known if we compare by examining society at a particular time which we then compare with the state of society in the past. Changes that occur in society are a continuous process. This situation means that every society will, in fact, experience changes. This study aims to collect argumentative views on the relationship between conflict and social change. The conclusions of this study have a significant impact in providing illustrations and projections of what social situations occur before and after conflicts or social changes occur. This research is a discourse relation analysis research. This type of research analyzes the relationship between two or more variables and then describes each contextual factor. This study concludes that the argumentative view of implying and exposing the relationship of conflict to social change is vital and sensitive.
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 22-27;

This qualitative study aimed to describe the experiences of freshmen university non-mathematics, major students on the use of teacher-created videos uploaded on YouTube in learning mathematics in the new normal. The researcher utilized an open-ended interview questionnaire through google form to gather qualitative data, which were analyzed through thematic analysis. Twenty randomly selected students from a State University in the Philippines participated in the study. The study revealed that the students' experiences on the use of teacher-created videos in learning mathematics online exemplified that the videos were comprehensive, versatile and student-friendly, have implied the virtual presence of the teacher, and fitted to new normal learning. Hence, teacher-created videos are indeed helpful for the students to reflect on their learning progress through self-assessment as one of the features of the videos, making mathematics learning flexible in terms of time and place, and personalizing mathematics learning through the social and virtual presence of the teacher despite the pandemic.
Jiayue Fan,
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 75-87;

With the development of high-tech, digital cities and other information means, higher education is an important part of modern talent training. The construction of higher education is also related to the university system, the construction of university campuses, and the connotation of university culture. Therefore, the construction of university campuses has long been an issue of academic concern. Therefore, the influence of university campus architects also provides a good environment for university campus construction and university culture and provides a new research direction for higher education campus architecture. This paper uses CiteSpace software and Web of Science visual analysis platform to conduct text mining and visual analysis of the existing literature in the international Web of Science academic database and plot the number of published papers, subject distribution, and frequent citations of "University Campus Architect Research". A knowledge graph of literature and research hotspots, research topics, and research trends. Combing the current research status of University Campus Architect, we hope to provide theoretical support for further research on improving higher education campus construction and the frontier dynamics of academic research.
, Junzhang Chen, Liang Zheng
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 66-74;

Space syntax is one of the important methods for urban analysis and calculation. Based on the theory of space syntax, this study takes the Macau Conservatory of Music, an important Portuguese historical building, as an example, to first analyze the particularity of its development history in urban heritage, followed by the internal spatial structure, and import Depthmap for operation, combined with topology-related calculation methods. By analyzing the topological values such as the overall integration, local integration, global depth and selectivity of the space, we can quantitatively explore the structure of the space, understand the relationship between the overall space and the local space of the Macau Conservatory of Music, discover the deficiencies in the space structure, and propose corresponding optimization strategies are proposed to provide ideas and reference for the future renovation of the typical performing arts architectural space in the urban heritage of Macau.
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 54-65;

Restitution of state losses in the Prevention of the Crime of Money Laundering (TPPU) should be an important concern in law enforcement in Indonesia. This study aims to examine the Restorative Justice Mechanism with the obligation of restitution burden of proof in order to justify state losses in the crime of money laundering with corruption crime in accordance with the concept of Indonesia as a legal state. The author also identifies why it is necessary for Indonesia. In addition, the steps of the implementation of Restorative Justice are also analyzed. In this study, Juridical Normative is employed to analyze the data by focusing on library research. The author described a circumstance, condition, and legal events in Indonesia related to the Restitution of state losses in the Crime of money laundering with the predicate crime of corruption. As a result, Restorative should be implemented in Indonesia for it can provide appropriate punishment for money laundering perpetrators for criminal origin in corruption. Restorative Justice is expected to be means of community renewal (Law as a tool/ instrument of social engineering) to achieve people’s welfare. Restorative Justice Mechanisms in the loss of the state towards money laundering offences with the predicate corruption must be implemented fairly.
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 01-08;

The purpose of this study is to describe the political conflict between the DKI Jakarta Governor and the Regional People's Representative Assembly (DPRD) in the 2015 APBD Determination Process. The design method used is a qualitative case study. The research was carried out in DKI Jakarta in 2015. Primary data were obtained from various documents related to implementing the Healthy Jakarta program held by the DKI Jakarta governor and deputy governor in 2013 through interviews about the object under study. The research object is the Political Conflict between the DKI Jakarta Governor and DPRD in the 2015 Regional Revenue and Expenditure Budget (APBD) Determination Process. Observation, interviews, and documentation carried out data collection techniques. The data analysis process began by examining all available data from various sources such as interviews, observations that have been written in field notes, documents, pictures, photos, Etc. After reading, studying, and reviewing, the next step was reducing the data by doing abstractions (making the core summary, processes, and statements that need to be provided) arranged in units. Then, the units were categorized while coding. The results showed that divided local government occurring in DKI Jakarta is the leading cause of conflict between the DKI Jakarta Governor and DPRD. It shows that the divided local government triggers prolonged conflicts between the Governor and DPRD. The impact of political conflict between the DKI Jakarta Governor and DPRD has disrupted the government path in DKI Jakarta Province. It started from the delay in discussing and determining the 2015 Draft of Revenue and Expenditure Budget (RAPBD), the planned transportation megaproject, specifically the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) development project, and budget absorption in the 2014 DKI Jakarta APBD are getting lower.
Yihan He, Shenke Chu
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 93-96;

China's aesthetic education Dunhuang culture, as a type of non-heritage culture, has a rich and varied aesthetic character. Integrating Dunhuang culture into the aesthetic education of our preschools will not only help to build our preschool system but also deepen young children's sense of identity with our national culture and foster confidence in our own culture from an early age. This article looks at the links between aesthetic education and Dunhuang culture, analyses some of the contradictions between Dunhuang culture and modern society, as well as the possibilities of integrating Dunhuang culture into aesthetic education work and offers some suggestions on how Dunhuang culture can be integrated into aesthetic education work.
Huiyu Zhu, Yuqiang Mo
International Journal of Arts and Humanities Studies, Volume 2, pp 88-92;

Taking Macao, a high-density coastal city, as an example, this paper discusses and analyzes the current urban problems and the causes of waterlogging. Based on the green development perspective, applied planning strategies such as shaping a resilient and safe protective substrate, using facade greening, and constructing multi-level green space are proposed under the premise of protecting the current situation. It reduces the impact of disaster occurrence and provides a reference for the sustainable development of high-density cities in Macau.
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