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Muhammad Syahputra Novelan
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 1-5;

Geographic information system is a location mapping information to find out the distance between one area to another. The system to be designed is implemented with computer software and hardware that is used for data verification, data storage, updating and changing data and analyzing data. The system will be designed to search for the location of the nearest school by applying GIS (Geographic Information System) and utilizing an Android smartphone. So far, this is still done manually by using maps in hard copy form or by asking other people directly. However, information about the location of the nearest school is very ineffective when asked to the nearest community. For this reason, it is necessary to have a system designed to find digital-based school locations. The application is designed using android studio and a database used by mysql to store information about schools. The application to be implemented must use an internet connection so that the GPS (Global Positioning System) can run properly.
Jati Prasetiyo, Muhamad Ryansyah, Priatno
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 6-10;

Jakarta is an urban area in Indonesia that has many environmental problems. Environmental awareness is needed in an effort to solve environmental problems. Environmental awareness in oneself can be formed by the level of environmental knowledge. The Clean environment program is implemented through the Adiwiyata program. The aim of the Adiwiyata program is to encourage and create about the environment and have an environmental culture. Waste reduction is an inseparable part of human life. The problem that must be considered is that basically all humans produce waste and the increased volume of waste disposal is not proportional to the increasing level of human consumption. The solution to this problem is to use descriptive quantitative methods in reducing waste in the urban environment. The results of this study aim to try to change the mindset of people who still use the collect transit waste system.
Wilhelmus Harjono, Kristianus Jago Tute
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 47-51;

SDK Buntal is an educational unit located in Golo Lijun Village, Elar District, East Manggarai Regency, NTT. In its activities, SDK Buntal has not implemented information technology in the school library. The library at the Buntal SDK currently still uses manual methods in processing libraries such as user data, searching and checking books to be ineffective because it takes a long time, book collection, borrowing and returning books, as well as late and lost data have not been properly structured. The purpose of this research is to design a Website-Based Library Information System in order to assist in collecting data and providing information for officers and members. In this Library Information System Research, the writer uses descriptive research, software design method using waterfall, and programming language using PHP and for database using MYSQL. The results achieved from this research, namely, can simplify and speed up the service process at the library and librarian can obtain work efficiency in managing library books, as well as presenting information more easily and interactively.
Wanti Rahayu, Ari Irawan
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 32-37;

The low level of students' understanding of the flat side space requires learning media that can support learning activities so that it is necessary to make android-based learning media. The purpose of this research is to create an application "Barusida Math" that can help students to better understand the material of flat-sided shapes. The method used in this research is Research and Development (RnD) using the ADDIE approach (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation). The instruments in data collection were interviews, observations, pre-research questionnaires, literature studies, learning media validation questionnaires, learning media guide book validation questionnaires, student and teacher response questionnaires. The results of this research are in the form of a mathematics learning application "Barusida Math" which can be used as a medium for learning mathematics for flat-sided geometry at the junior high school or madrasah tsanawiah level. Currently the research is still in the development stage where it is still available offline. In the future the team plans to validate, test the effectiveness, and practicality of the "Barusida Math" application. The steps that will be carried out in the future are the implementation and evaluation of the ADDIE model used in the stages of this research activity.
Syarifah, Chairullah Naury, Wahyuni Nurindah Sulistiyowati
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 25-31;

In Indonesia, there are many institutions that use information systems in the field of education, one of which is the Repository information system. Repository is a digital-based library term where this information system can be used to access student thesis, both the academic community and academics outside the campus as reference material for writing scientific papers. Even so, not all colleges use it. One of them is Amal Ilmiah Yapis Wamena University. As a university located in conflict and mountainous areas, data loss often occurs. Likewise with the use of information systems that have not been maximized. This study aims to design a prototype of a web-based thesis repository information system at the Amal Ilmiah Yapis Wamena University. The method used is simulated prototyping. The results of this study show the prototype/prototype design in the form of a web-based thesis repository information system mockup as many as 7 (seven) mockup pages, including the login page, lecturer list, Lecturer data entry form, student list, student data entry form, repository list, and form. repository data entry.
Fahrullah Fahrullah, Brigitha Valensia Angela
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 11-16;

With the opening of the Harisenin Volunteer program, there are also many registrants who want to join as part of Due to the large number of registrants, volunteer organizers often have difficulty in selecting candidates, because they do not yet use the Decision Support System. To minimize these obstacles, a decision support system is needed that can analyze several candidates according to predetermined criteria. The Profile Matching process is carried out to determine the most suitable candidate recommendations based on 2 main criteria, namely the suitability of tagging friends in the comments column of Calling for Campaign Volunteer posts and the suitability of uploading twibbon and re-uploading Calling for Campaign Volunteer posts. The result of the selection process is the candidate's final score as a recommendation for decision makers to choose the most suitable candidate for
Rian Fatoni Tri Wicaksono, Erna Kumalasari Nurnawati, Renna Yanwastika Ariyana
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 38-46;

The existence of a blood exchange transaction process through a system carried out by the community, causing storing and managing data on a large scale is now causing problems in terms of scalability for blood bank managers in Yogyakarta. The process of blood transactions carried out by PMI units and hospitals at any time, makes the structure of relations in the blood banking system more complicated. In fact, every PMI unit and hospital in Yogyakarta requires a real-time data collection and storage process, considering that access to mobility of blood transactions is carried out almost 24 hours a day. Implementing an information system using a non-relational database model, is an alternative in the process of simplifying the relational structure in data relationships, this is because the non-relational database uses a NoSQL database model that provides support for database speed so that it remains optimal. In the research conducted, an information system was created that applied a non-relational database model to a case study of a blood bank information system. Where the NoSQL database is suitable for blood bank systems because it has high performance and is non-relational with real-time data storage and retrieval processes. The research conducted resulted in a blood bank information system that was developed using the Firebase database, where this system can display some data from the database such as viewing blood stocks, hospitals, blood donor events, and other information that is carried out in real time.
Friska Selvina Agoestina, Heru Satria Tambunan, Rizki Alfadillah Nasution
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 60-69;

This study discusses Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) at the Bah Biak Health Center. Bah Biak Health Center is one of the health centers in Marihat in Pematangsiantar city. Every day the number of patients who come and perform medical treatment at this health center is quite a lot. The high number of patient visits at this puskesmas causes the amount of medical record data to be very large as well. So far, data containing information about patients at the puskesmas has not been used properly. This information can actually be used as knowledge for puskesmas, especially for patients who have a history of ARI disease. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to classify patients with ARI at the Puskesmas. The method used is K-Means clustering. The results of this study were able to classify ARI patients into 2 clusters, cluster 1 gave a high recommendation of 72 patients, and cluster 2 gave a low recommendation of 70 patients. The cluster process stops at the 5th iteration of data. Based on the manual calculation process using Ms. Excel and testing using Rapidminer 5.3, yielded the same value. It can be concluded that in this case, the K-Means algorithm can classify ARI patients at the Bah Biak health center well.
Anselmus Dhajo, Kristina Sara, Anastasia Mude
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 17-24;

The Faculty of Information Technology is one of the faculties at the University of Flores and oversees the Information Systems Study Program. The Faculty of Information Technology has several internal campus organizations, one of which is the Student Executive Board (BEM) FTI Uniflor. The recording and processing of management data as well as FTI BEM activity data and SME data are still done manually, which is recorded in the main book or typed in Microsoft Word and Excel so that it slows down the work system of the BEM management. Therefore, this problem can be solved by building a website-based application for an information system for student activities at the FTI Student Executive Board (BEM) using PHP as a programming language and MySQL database. The goal is to provide relief for BEM management in processing member data, activity data and making it easier to work on reports on activities carried out. With this information system, it is possible to improve the processing of management data, activity data, and SME data to be more effective and efficient. Observations, interviews, and literature searches are techniques for collecting data in research. While the development method uses the waterfall method and the blackbox testing method as a testing method. The results achieved from this research are, by building a web-based information system application where all data has been stored in a database, it is easy to process data for BEM management members, activity data, SME data and make activity reports.
Ismail Setiawan
SATESI: Jurnal Sains Teknologi dan Sistem Informasi, Volume 2, pp 52-59;

An IDE is basically a software package consisting of tools used to develop and test software. IDEs help automate developer tasks by reducing manual effort and combining all tools in a common framework. If the IDE does not exist, then the developer will have to do the selection, integration, and deployment process manually. This study tries to compare the performance of ideas in recognizing writing errors or the simplest syntax in the python language, namely indentation. The test results of the 6 IDEs used found 1 IDE that managed to detect syntax writing errors, namely w3schools. The choice lies with the developer. Generally, the idea is used for programs such as compiled languages such as C, C++, Java, .NET. While the code editor is used for scripts and interpreted, such as PHP, JavaScript, Python, Ruby. In terms of features, of course, using an IDE is more complete than a text editor. If the developer uses VS code, the environment can be adjusted like a code editor but still carries the reliability of an IDE.
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