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Deepika Bajwan, Sp Subhashini
Journal of Counselling and Family Therapy, Volume 4, pp 1-4;

Immunization is a worldwide and development success story as many of the children were protected from communicable diseases. Immunization frames the significant focal point of youngster endurance programs all through the world. Approximately 3 million youngsters pass on every time of antibody preventable infections with an unbalanced number of these kids living in agricultural nations. In India, vaccination has been a focal objective of the medical services framework Constitutionally, medical care is on the State's rundown of obligations and is supported by the State. It is one of a handful of the 100% halfway supported family government assistance programs and offers help for antibody capacity, preparing of clinical and paramedical staff, and all foundation needs intended for conveying inoculation to new born children at the town level.
Journal of Counselling and Family Therapy, Volume 3;

Communication and technology in a health care setting is the most important tool in health promotion. Recently, cloud computing technology is used to enable cost-effective applications to facilitate communication, information sharing and record maintenance regarding health and medicine. It allows dissemination of information from facebook, which is currently the largest online social network. Combining cloud computing and social networking could allow creating health social networking system employing a human –oriented, interactive medical web and this would improve the quality of current applications in health care communication and technology.
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