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Arthur William, Rendy Christian, Riyandi Riyandi,
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 293-302;

Boarding house is a service that offers a room or a place to live in with a certain amount of payment for a certain period (generally payments per month). Currently, most boarding houses available in Medan still use a manual system to manually record transactions between homestay residents and boarding owners. The application of this manual system often faces various problems, such as the absence of a notification system regarding payment due dates to residents, the difficulty of making complaints to owners and residents cannot find out whether their complaints have been known and responded to by the owner or not, boarding owners must check their records to find out residents which ones have not paid off, so it often takes a long time to obtain the information. To further support the performance of this marketplace, a recommendation feature will be added to the marketplace application. The method that can be used is the Social Trust Path method. The Social Trust Path method is a method of calculating the value of the confidence level of something depending on the level of trust of the user who gives the statement. The tools used to perform analysis and design are use case diagrams. This website is built using PHP coding and MySQL database. The result of this research is a web-based boarding house recommendation application that can be used to provide boarding place information for users.
, Angga Yogi Pratama, Muhammad Fajrin Anshari
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 293-302;

Baitul Maal wa Tamwil (BMT) is an institution that supports the economic activities of low-income communities based on the Islamic sharia economic system. KSPPS BMT KUBE SEJAHTERA 068 Sampit was formed on January 12, 2006 with the legal entity Cooperative No. 07/Kep-BH/DK.PM/VIII/2006, and is a Sharia Savings and Loans Cooperative (KSPPS) which has approximately ten years of experience serving and partnering with the community. At KSPPS BMT-Sampit there is still no auditing system to monitor whether the existing technology is running well and efficiently, as well as to provide an assessment of the maturity level of information system technology, therefore the author uses the Cobit 5 framework for the audit system by focusing on 2 domains that the choices are DSS01 (manage operation) and DSS05 (manage security service) based on the results of calculations that have been done, the maturity level of information technology in KSPPS BMT-Sampit is at level 4 (Predictable processes) for DSS01, and based on level 4 (Predictable Processes) for DSS05
, Edo Tio Gunawan, Rakhma Sarita
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 283-287;

PT Telkom Sampit is one part of PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) which contributes in meeting the communication and information needs of the community. PT Telkom Sampit provides several product services, namely, IndiHome and UseeTV. Thus, Telkom Sampit must provide good services in managing services. As for some of the obstacles that often occur including problems, slow and damaged. From these problems, it is necessary to measure the level of service improvement at PT Telkom Sampit using the COBIT 5 framework focusing on the domains DSS02 (Managing Service Requests) and DSS03 (Managing Problems). Based on research that has been done PT Telkom Sampit is at level 4, namely Predictable Process, which is included in a good level for a company, although it is not in accordance with estimates that should be at level 5, namely Optimizing Process (Optimization Process). With this research, it is hoped that it can be used as an evaluation in improving the quality of service performance at PT. Telkom Sampit in serving customers.
Adika May Sari, Desri Yani, Desy Suryani
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 288-292;

Android technology is developing very rapidly, it is proven that everything can be done easily. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. The alternative name for Indonesia is called Nusantara. With its many islands, Indonesia has 34 provinces. Therefore, the author makes an android-based application program about the map of the State of Indonesia. Where the method used is the prototype method. With Android studio programming language. This mobile application makes it easy for users to view a map of the Indonesian archipelago which consists of 34 provinces. This application is intended for school students, but ordinary people can also use it. In the past we could only see maps of the islands and provinces using books. With the development of mobile applications, an Android-based application for the NKRI map was made. In this application, users can view a map of Indonesia, and can use other features such as interactive games, questions about the map of Indonesia to add insight into the map of Indonesia
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 276-282;

The increase in the number of motor vehicles is difficult to anticipate, the roads used are not in accordance with capacity. To prevent congestion, the government imposes a progressive tax on motor vehicles that have moved owners but are still on behalf of the previous owner. Manunggal Administration System under One Roof (SAMSAT) conducts Door To Door activities to request direct confirmation to taxpayers whose vehicles are subject to progressive taxes. It is difficult for taxpayers to find out what makes data manipulation happen. Created Android-based Door to Door Application System using waterfall method to facilitate Door to Door activities and avoid manipulation of taxpayer data. By using waterfall method this application is made starting from the analysis of needs, design of system design, implementation, to the application of the program. Application system design is built using UML (Uniferd Modeling Language) system design and system design implementation using Android Studio and RestAPI.
Eri Riana
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 268-275;

Transportation technology using electric energy is growing. Electric cars are increasingly being used to reduce fuel oil usage. In addition to the increasingly sophisticated performance of electric cars, the vehicle safety system must also be improved. The existence of Artificial Intelligence is one of the developments in technological sophistication in a world that is increasingly unstoppable and unavoidable. One of the most popular luxury cars in Indonesia, one of which is the Tesla, which is a sophisticated car with the support of an artificial intelligence system, making Tesla an electric car with an automatic control vehicle feature that can run without using a human driver and can provide safety protection for the driver by using automatic braking system in case of an unexpected accident. This journal proposes a future concept design for the forerunner of automatic braking for electric cars using the ATMEGA 8535 microcontroller as the main automatic control and ultrasonic distance sensor. The PWM signal from the microcontroller is used to adjust the speed of the DC motor as the main driving force of the vehicle. The display of the distance between the vehicle and the obstacle can be seen on the LCD and the buzzer is used as an indicator of the safe distance of the car. The experiment was carried out using an RC car with the area to be protected> 500cm (5m), if the SRF05 ultrasonic sensor detects an obstacle at that distance, the SRF05 ultrasonic sensor will send a signal to the microcontroller and turn on an alarm in the form of a buzzer so that the SRF05 ultrasonic sensor will stop signal propagation.
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 247-253;

The need for fertilizer at the Plant Protection Development Unit (UPPT) is uncertain depending on the demand of farmers, therefore it is necessary to predict fertilizer needs. There are five types of fertilizers predicted by the Plant Protection Development Unit (UPPT), including Urea fertilizer, ZA fertilizer, SP-36 fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, and Organic fertilizer, so fertilizer needs can be predicted. In predicting data mining on fertilizer needs using the ID3 algorithm. Where it works is calculating the value of entropy and gain to get the final result in the form of a tree to the decision and rule. Testing is done using the tanagra software. The results of the tests carried out on the tanagra application using the ID3 algorithm are in the form of a decision tree, while in the calculation the results obtained are in the form of a decision tree.
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 227-234;

Document file is a means of transforming information from one person to another or from a group to another. The development of computerized technology has greatly increased. Document files are very vulnerable to fraud, eavesdropping or data theft by irresponsible parties. In order to maintain the security of document files, this can be done by using cryptographic techniques. Cryptography is the science of keeping data secure. Cryptography is one of the data security methods that can be used to maintain data authenticity, data confidentiality, and the authenticity of data transmission. SHA, which stands for Secure Hash Algorithm, is a standard hash function published by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), (NIST, 1995a). This study will use the SHA-1 method to secure the authenticity of document files, document confidentiality, document integrity, and document authentication. This study describes the security process for detecting the authenticity of document files using the SHA-1 method in the form of detection so that confidential documents sent via public telecommunications cannot be changed or modified by unauthorized persons or unauthorized persons. This is done as an effort to minimize acts of fraud, hoaxes, or misuse of document files.
, Abdul Sani Sembiring, Sumiaty Adelina Hutabarat
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 260-267;

The location placement is an explanation related to the spatial layout of an economic activity, and this is always linked to the geographical allocation of limited resources which in turn will have an effect on and have an impact on both economic and social locations. Placement of location is a strategic activity that aims to maximize profits for the company. Placement of location greatly influences costs and determines income, location completely has the power to make or break a company's business strategy. To determine the recommendation for the placement of hawker brended dunhill filters at PT. Bentoel Group Asmo Medan can use the weight aggregated sum product assessment (WASPAS) method. The Waspas method can be used to rank the Hawkwer Dunhill Filter location with predetermined criteria.
Fahri Rahmadani, Suhada Suhada, Bahrudi Efendi Damanik
Journal of Information System Research (JOSH), Volume 2, pp 254-259;

There are now many businesses that provide refilled drinking water in every big city, because besides that, the price that is not too expensive can save time because there is no need for difficulties in obtaining clean water. The owner of the drinking water business still does not know whether the water produced is fit for consumption. Therefore, a tool will be made to measure air quality based on the selected parameter, namely the pH value of the water by using a pH meter sensor based on Arduino Uno and displayed through an LCD screen so that you can see directly the results of the refilled water test.
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