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Reidhati Dayang Fadhilah
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 611-618;

The Covid-19 pandemic has hampered the economic growth of countries in the world. Many industries were unable to survive the crisis that occurred as a result of the pandemic. However, this does not apply to the South Korean cosmetic industry or K-Beauty. During the pandemic, sales of K-Beauty in the world actually increased. This study aims to determine and analyze South Korea's strategy in increasing exports of beauty products (K-Beauty) to Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic (2019-2021 years). This research is descriptive research. The data collection method used was library research. The results showed that during the Covid-19 pandemic, South Korea continued to use the Korean Wave/Hallyu as a strategy in increasing exports of beauty products (K-Beauty) to Indonesia (2019-2021) as evidenced by the many policies and support from the South Korean Government to continue developing Korean Wave/Hallyu in Indonesia. In addition, the push to accelerate IK-CEPA is also used as a strategy to increase exports of beauty products (K-Beauty) to Indonesia.
Hery Yuliani, Elvin Leander Hadisaputro
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 646-653;

The development of information technology today has a very rapid growth. Businesses began to enter the virtual world market called e-commerce. Shopee is one of the developing e-commerce. Therefore, it is necessary to know how the acceptance of an application technology by the public is used. In this research, the Shopee application is used, which is an online shopping platform that focuses on mobile, making it easier for users to shop and sell using gadgets. The method in this study uses the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) research method. The results of this study note that Perceived Ease of Use does not have a significant positive effect on Attitude Toward Using Perceived Usefulness has a significant positive effect on Attitude Toward Using with the level of relationship. It can be concluded that the Perceived Usefulness, Attitude Toward Using, and Intention to use factors have a significant effect on the use of the Shopee application. Meanwhile, the perceived ease of use has no effect on the Shopee application, so it is recommended to improve the quality of the ease of use of the Shopee application.
Najmi Mumtaza Rabbany
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 654-659;

Violence against women is currently rife in Indonesia. This incident did not only occur in one or two areas, but occurred in various regions and in various forms. One form of violence against women is mass rape or what is familiarly called gang rape. Where this term refers to a rape of women carried out in groups. The state in this case should have a role through the existing state institutions. The role of community groups is also important in dealing with cases of violence against women. The theory of the importance of women's involvement in the decision-making process put forward by Chusnul Mar'iyah and other feminist theories will be the analytical knife of this research in understanding the involvement of the state and groups in society facing cases of violence against women, especially gang rape.
Thalia Yolanda, I Nyoman Udayana, Novita Mulyana
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 670-680;

This research is a pragmatic study of the use of negative politeness strategies. This study aims to identify negative politeness strategies used by characters in films and to analyze why characters in films use negative politeness strategies in their speech. This study will use a qualitative method in utilizing the study of negative politeness strategies by describing the problem as clearly as possible. The data will be taken from a film called Charlie's Angels 2019. The theory that will be used in this research is the theory proposed by Brown and Levinson's negative politeness strategy in 1992. The results of this study conclude that there are ten strategies proposed by Brown and Levinson as a way to direct, does not assume or presuppose, and does not force and fulfill the other wishes of the listener. The negative politeness strategy has several sub-strategies that have different goals. They use strategies related to the context of the conversation and the situation.
Andi Mentari Awalia, Elvin Leander Hadisaputro, Nuorma Wahyuni
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 619-632;

The purpose of this study was to see to what extent the quality of the system has functioned properly so that a system is able to achieve a certain goal so that the resulting output is effective, efficient, and achieves user satisfaction at the Elementary School Library in Penajam District Using the Heuristic Evaluation Method. The type of data used consists of primary data and secondary data. The research population includes all librarians from 40 schools, namely by distributing questionnaires to all elementary school librarian employees in the North Penajam Paser sub-district with a total of 90 people. The results showed that the level of Inlislite Website Usability Analysis actually had a positive and significant effect on users of the Elementary School Library Inslite website in Penajam District. In this case, the analysis of the test was carried out using the Cronbach Alpha's method with a total of 26 questionnaire items for the X variable and 5 for the Y variable with the Cronbach Alpha value 0.928 > 0.60 for the X variable and for the Y variable the Cronbach Alpha value was 0.617 > 0.60. it means that the questionnaire is reliable or consistent for use in influential research in Inlislite Website users at Elementary School Libraries.
Andriana E. Sanam, Muhammad Sm Nur, Jakobis Johanis Messakh
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 633-645;

The research was conducted in the Meto Batulesa watershed, with a watershed area of 8,968 ha, located between two regencies, Kupang and Kupang city. The purpose of this research is to calculate the actual erosion rate and tolerable erosion, so that conservation alternatives can be found. Based on the map of land units, there are 19 land units that are then used for soil sampling, slope, observation of soil management and soil conservation. The sampling method used purposive sampling, the data taken to calculate erosion estimates using the Universal Soil Equation (USLE) method, while the erosion tolerance used the concept of equivalent depth and resource life based on (Hammer 1981) and (Arsyad 2010). The results of the study show that the highest actual erosion value of 225.68 tons/hectare/year and the lowest is 2.78 tons/hectare/year. The value of erosion tolerance among 19 land units, in which are 10 land units is above the erosion tolerance so that they require alternative management, while 9 of them are without conservation. Alternative management in the form of modifications to the values of C and P include 1. Terrace Gulud: Corn + Beans + Mulch of Plant Remnants, 2. Corn + Soybean with rotational cropping pattern + mulch of crop residues, 3. Bench terrace + corn cassava/soybean, 4. Secondary forest and 5. Primary forest.
Mega Wangsa
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 681-698;

Bakesolutely Cupcake business plan is the author's new plan in the food sector that offers various types of Cupcakes that are processed using natural colors and flavors. In general, colors are divided into two types, natural colors, and synthetic colors. Several factors support the use of synthetic colors, some are using it to reduce production costs. Like a cupcake in general, Bakesolutely Cupcakes can be part of various kinds of celebrations. This business plan was chosen to see the many opportunities that can be taken where every time around us, there is always a special day, support for a healthy lifestyle, and supported by the hobby of the writer. This research uses a qualitative method with an ethnographic approach and a case study. Netnography is a research method that is carried out online to collect digital artifacts in the form of available records regarding a matter. Based on the results from various perspectives that have been designed, Bakesolutely's cupcake business plan is feasible to run.
Reza Safitri
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 599-602;

The Covid-19 outbreak has made everything change routine, including in terms of education. In the past, learning in universities was carried out face-to-face, but now learning must be carried out online. The purpose of this study was to find out how much effective online learning is during the covid 19 pandemic for Business Administration students at the STIA Indragiri college. This study uses a descriptive qualitative model. Respondents from this study amounted to 26 students. The results of this study indicate that students want face-to-face learning, while some students want online learning, so it can be concluded that continuous online learning during this pandemic is very ineffective.
Intan Cahya M, Tri Joko Prasetyo, Einde Evana, Yunia Amelia
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 592-598;

This research aims to examine the influence to determine the effect of Singapore interest rates on the Jakarta Composite Index (JCI) in the banking sector. This research is a quantitative research. The data were collected using documentation. In order to achieve the goal study, this study was conducted by using the type of proportional sampling method so that as many as 36 banking samples were obtained.The result showed that the Singapore interest rate (SIBOR) had a significant positive effect on the Composite Stock Price Index (CSPI) of the banking sector, this was indicated by the value of sig. on the SIBOR variable of 0.008 <0.05 and has a beta value of -26.527. And has a t-count value of -2.819 < from t-table which is 2.719.
Salman Farisi, Maya Indra Rasyid
Devotion: Journal of Community Service, Volume 3, pp 603-610;

Nutmeg syrup is one of the processed nutmeg flesh products that has high selling potential, one of the producers of nutmeg syrup in the South Aceh area is Usaha Diyanti. The purpose of this research activity is to determine whether or not there is GMP application in the nutmeg syrup production process at Diyanti Enterprises, Hilir Village, Tapaktuan District, South Aceh Regency, Aceh Province through the Kedai Reka internship program, Merdeka Campus, Teuku Umar University 2021. This study uses a study method. field and interviews with Diyanti Business owners to find out the existing problems. The problem-solving method is done by making a questionnaire to the business owner. The application of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) aims to improve product quality and employee hygiene when processing products at home businesses and is safe for consumption by consumers. Aspects that are considered by consumers to be unfavorable really need to be observed and need to be improved, namely production room facilities, storage areas for finished products, employee hygiene in producing products in the home industry and aspects of product design and packaging to attract consumers' attention and want to consume beverage products nutmeg syrup.
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