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Ida Bagus Made Wiyasha
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 309-320;

Identifying the important attributes of a product or service are crucial activities for marketing purposes. The objectives of this research are two folds. First, to identify the important attributes of Hotel Management study Program ( hereafter MPH) offered to students in the pandemic era of COVID 19. Second, based on these research findings the Manajement of International Tourism and Business Institute (hereafter ITBI) has a basis to strengthen these attributes for marketing purposes of MPH study program. To achieve those objectives primary data would be colleted with students of MPH study program semester 1 and 7 as respondents. Prior to distributing questionnaires to students a discussion with the Management of ITBI conducted in an effort to identify important attributes of MPH study program. To achieve the most enhance attributes of MPH study program conjoint analysis would be applied. This study found that overseas on the job training was the most preferred attribute of MPH study program followed by practical facilities quality.
Ida Bagus Putu Puja, Putu Ayu Aryasih, Desak Gede Chandra Widayanthi
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 244-256;

The implementation of a humanistic approach in educational institutions could be guidance in balancing High Tech and High Touch. The humanistic approach is defined as a physical and spiritual activity to maximize the development process, as well as an effort to master the treasures of knowledge in a series of overall personality formations. This research is qualitative research that analyzes the application of the humanistic approach in the design of the Edu-Recreation concept at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic (Politeknik Pariwisata Bali) through the study of documents and other literature, and also observation and interview. The results of the research are proposed as input for developing existing designs so that they can have a more significant influence in improving the quality of education at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic. As the result, the Edu-Recreation concept design at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic has implemented values in the humanistic education approach, namely the development of the affective aspects of students and the freedom to develop self-potential.
Francisca Titing Koerniawaty, I Wayan Ardika
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 339-347;

This study aims were to criticize and analyse the patterns of the cultural heritage of megalithic traditional village-Bena. The sound and meaning were to reflect the domestic and international tourists towards the cultural heritage of megalithic traditional village-Bena as a touristic consumption. Bena is the oldest and well-preserved of a megalithic traditional village located in Ngada Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. This qualitative study with ethnographic approach led to depth analysis on tourists’ perception towards the megalithic traditional village of Bena as a touristic consumption. The minority of tourists’ complaint constructs or damages, doesn’t it?
Erina Subiantoro, Lexi Pranata Budidharmanto
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 205-211;

Increasing public awareness of the environment has made companies implement green product and green promotion strategies to increase consumer loyalty.So, the purpose of this study was to determine the influence between green product and green promotion on consumer loyalty at Starbucks Coffee.This study used a sample of 203 respondents who were processed by multiple linear regression.The results showed that the green product and green promotion partially had a positive and significant effect on consumer loyalty.Green products have the biggest influence on consumer loyalty.This shows that green products have an important role in increasing consumer loyalty at Starbucks Coffee. Also the green promotion can increase the consumer loyalty too.
Suci Sandi Wachyuni, Kadek Wiweka, Indri Softia
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 257-270;

In recent years, food blogging has become a popular medium for sharing thoughts, feelings, opinions, and ideas. However, its impact on the beverage industry has not been widely studied. This study aims to examine the effect of food blogger promotion on brand image and purchasing decisions partially. This study took samples at the Delapan Gram Coffee Shop. The research method used in this research is the quantitative method. While the independent research variable is food blogger promotion (X), and the dependent variable is the brand image (Y1) and purchase decision (Y2). The data analysis method used in this study is multiple linear regression analysis using the SPSS program. This study found that food blogger promotion partially influences the brand image and purchasing decisions. However, brand image has a higher contribution to purchasing decisions than food blogger promotion. The practical implication of this research is as a reference for entrepreneurs, especially coffee shops, regarding the role of food bloggers in increasing sales. Meanwhile, the limitation in this study is that the sample scope is limited to one company. This study expects further research related to other factors that may have a greater influence on purchasing decisions.
Nurlena Nurlena, Musadad Musadad
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 271-281;

Compared to 15 villages located in Ciletuh Geopark, Tamanjaya is the center of geotourism activities and the village has the most rapid progress, as well as has active tourism management. Therefore, this study was aimed to identify the factors supporting the success of the Community-Based Tourism (CBT) project in Tamanjaya Village and explore the community's constraints in participating in the project. The data was collected through observations and interviews with various stakeholders and local residents. The analysis results suggested that the success factor of the CBT project in Tamanjaya Village cannot be separated from some involved parties, ranging from the private sector, academia, and governmental institutions. Meanwhile, the local residents' barriers to participation in the tourism activities include the community's lack of interest in the tourism activities, busy activities in household affairs, and lack of tourism knowledge of Ciletuh Geopark.
Made Arya Astina
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 225-235;

The island of Bali is famous as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Thus, the development of Bali tourism from year to year is strongly influenced by various factors. Culture becomes an important factor for tourists choosing Bali as their preferred tourist destination. In order to support the tourism, the human resource also becoming the significant aspect that need to be taken into account. Given the importance of the role of human resources in the tourism sector, especially in the hospitality subsector, this study analyzed the value of Bali's local wisdom among star hotels in Badung regency. this study also wanted to find out how the phenomenon of local wisdom value in Bali, especially in Badung regency. Identification of the value of local Balinese wisdom is expected to gain contribution of ideas and thought in human resource development to the hospitality sub-sector in Bali in general, and Badung Regency in particular. Through literature studies and questionnaire consisted of 34 questions to measure the six cultural dimension such as Power Distance, Individualism vs. Collectivity, Masculinity vs. Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long-term orientation vs. Short-term orientation, and Indulgence vs. Restraint, the data then analysed through the VSM (value survey module) developed. The results shows that Badung regency’s star hotels’ employees have a culture with a high level of collectivism, shows a low power distance value, tend to have Feminine culture, have a culture with a relatively low level of Uncertainty Avoidance
, Nihar Ranjan Mishra, Sunil Tiwari
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 295-308;

Ecotourism perceived as a tool for conservation and sustainability across the globe. Ecotourism has become the buzzword and need of this hour focusing community development and conservation. The present study was conducted in five tourism sites in India (western Odisha) to identify the problems and prospects and also to investigate the attitude and perceptions of local people towards eco-tourism development. The study was undertaken through a sociological survey research design having 570 numbers of local people residing within the piloted study area. The research study was dependent on both primary and secondary data from which analysis was done to reach the conclusion. Structured questionnaire and focus group discussion was applied for one to one interview with village people. Quantitative data from the questionnaire was used in the SPPS package for analysis.
James G Esguerra, Mariae Khrisna B. Arreza
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 212-224;

This study looked into the influence of the motivational factors among foreign and local tourists who availed the VHO-partnered hotels in Cebu City. The study utilized a descriptive-correlational design to look into the level of influence on the factors of (a) ease of navigation, (b) opportunity to earn points and rewards, (c) availability of affordable pricing, and (d) simplicity of reservation process and varied mode of payments. Three hundred thirty-nine 339 tourists participated in this study. The results showed that level of influence is on the highest degree, while on the difference foreign tourists’ traveling for business and leisure show no significant difference. On one hand, local tourists traveling for business and leisure revealed a significant difference. Furthermore, the comparison of the level of influence between local and foreign tourists, in general, showed a noteworthy significant difference. Further study of VHO in a different setting is recommended to get a better generalization on the VHO topic.
Firlie Lanovia Amir, Gusti Ngurah Yoga Semadi
Journal of Business on Hospitality and Tourism, Volume 7, pp 321-328;

In Bali, in particular, more and more tourist attractions are made for the development of tourist areas that have not been touched by tourists. This tourist destination is undeniably a place to compete to visit. New destinations are always popping up on the island of Bali. One of the contemporary tourist destinations that is now crowded with tourists is Blangsinga Gianyar Waterfall. You could say, this now popular waterfall is a new but old destination. The reason is because this waterfall was popularly known as Tegenungan Waterfall. Research related to the development strategy of Blangsinga waterfall tourism. Blangsinga Waterfall is actually the same waterfall as Tegenungan Waterfall. The difference in the two names is only obtained because of the login access used. The name Tegenungan is attached to this waterfall because it passes through Banjar Tegenungan. Similar conditions are also used because of the use of access via Blangsinga Village. Its development is very necessary in the context of the existence of these tourist destinations. One of the efforts made by Blangsinga Village as a tourist village is the preservation of the Kecak dance which has begun to recede amidst the rampant competition for the Kecak dance in Bali. Creative activities carried out by village officials by involving local communities in the effort to preserve the Blangsinga Kecak dance which was staged at the Blangsinga waterfall is a new breakthrough in order to promote this tourist attraction. This research is a preliminary study of how the best strategy for developing a tourist attraction with the main goal of tourists. The approach taken is qualitative, with reference to the theory of creativity and promotion theory Tour. In order to spread evenly, and obtain comprehensive data, the focus of the research is on Blangsinga Waterfall, Saba Village, Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. Data will be collected through interviews, literature studies are expected, academically, this research is able to examine and explore more deeply with respect to the background, socialization patterns that are applied, and their implications for the local community as well as tourists, especially those visiting Blangsinga Waterfall, Saba Village. , Blahbatuh District, Gianyar Regency. Then it is also expected to be one of the contributions of thought in developing innovative, creative, and sustainable culture-based tourism.
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