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Mahendra Mahendra, Muhammad Arif Nasution, Fitria Rahmayanti, Dini Islama
The purpose of this research-based service program is to apply the research results of the proposing team's research for community empowerment. The application of the research results was carried out on the program of application of appropriate technology for automatic fish feed and automatic bird repellent on the Minapadi jajar legowo system which is a system of planting rice with fish cultivation in one rice field area simultaneously and the jajar legowo planting system with a spacing of 25 cm . The technology used is automatic feeding and automatic bird repellent. Automatic feeding is done by using a mini water pump that has been modified with the help of a digital timer so that the feed automatically dispenses the feed at the time we specify, which is 3 times a day. The second technology is automatic bird repellent using extracts of herbal ingredients (jengkol) with the help of an automatic sprayer. This technology aims to increase the income of farmers with high productivity of rice yields and increase local fish production. The activity was carried out for 5 months in Beutong Nagan Raya District. The observed results include the feed that comes out of the automatic device as much as 15 gr/second, adjusted for the number and weight of fish. Meanwhile, the air pollution that comes out every 10 minutes is 5 units in a 25m2 plot.
Solihin Ichas Hamid, Tuti Istianti, Mohamad Helmi Ismail
The application of the Sociable Learning Model has strong relevance as a solution to the problem of early childhood social behavior these days. Meanwhile, the role of Early Childhood Education teachers who have crucial value for Early Childhood cannot be well maximized due to the various restrictions as an effort to handle COVID-19 cases in Indonesia. The implementation of training on the development of the Sociable Learning Model through Traditional Sundanese Games in West Java requires a mapping foundation of the teacher's experiences so that it can provide some meaningful and appropriate resources for further treatments. To accommodate the required data collections, the holding of the workshop is needed to accommodate the variety of teacher's perceptions on the Social Citizenship development efforts in the Early Childhood Education setting that can be a starting point to find out the teacher's basic understanding of the development of social civic behavior in PAUD. The exploration effort is has been carried out by spreading questionnaires to workshop participants to collect various teacher perceptions related to innovations in the development of Social Citizenship Behavioral Skills (PrSKn) based on traditional Sundanese games. Keywords: PrSKn, Sundanese traditional games, Teachers' Competency.
Rindang Diannita, Mohammad Muslih, Neri Wijayanti, Umma Fatayati
A Community service program (PKM) is a program designed for community empowerment. Mojorejo Village, Ponorogo Regency, East Java, Indonesia, is a village with bamboo producers and human resources who have expertise as woven bamboo craftsmen. The community service program aims to develop safe woven bamboo production, with the ultimate goal of increasing the income of the community in Mojorejo Village and reducing the risk of work accidents for bamboo woven craftsmen. This program uses a Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) approach, and identification of potential hazards, where in the program implementation it uses focus group discussions, training, socialization, counseling, and mentoring. The result of this program is an increase in the health and safety of woven bamboo craftsmen and an increase in the community's economy through product development.
Junaidi, Mila Surahmi, Desmawaty Romli, Citra Dewi Saputra, Liza Nofianti
Interfaith marriage is a marriage bond between a man and a woman who have different beliefs and religions. In principle, interfaith marriages are prohibited by every religious teaching. Every religious instruction requires a marriage bond to be carried out in a bond of the same faith (one religion). Based on Article 2 paragraph (1) of Law Number 1 of 1974 concerning Marriage, it is explained that a marriage is considered valid if it is carried out according to their respective religions and beliefs. Legal problems arise due to interfaith marriages, including the validity of marriages that give rise to rights and obligations between husband and wife and children's status due to interfaith marriages on their inheritance rights. Interfaith marriages occur in society but are usually covered up. In the case of interfaith marriages in Ogan Ilir Regency, our Community Service Team, Faculty of Law, Sjakhyakirti University conducted legal counseling to understand the legal consequences of interfaith marriages, especially regarding the validity of marriages, child status, and inheritance.
Sutrisno, Mas Anienda Tien F, Rohmatul Faizah, Hervina Puspitosari
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 182-188;

Empowerment of catfish advertising cultivation for the community can increase the income source of rural communities and also as an effort to expand employment opportunities for rural communities through the provision of existing land and water in the village of Mojorangagung Wondayu Sidoarjo, East Java, Indonesia. Fish farming business groups in running their business require a business license as a form of legality. Assistance and roles and cooperation with various related agencies are needed in the progress of fish farming business groups, for example,Cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Food, Cooperation with Universities, one of which is with the National Development University "Veteran" East Java so that assistance can be carried out in managing its legality and can be carried out assistance in cultivation and marketing as well as various other collaborations with related agencies are also needed. The management of legal entities for fish farming groups is very important, apart from being an obligation some rights can be obtained by fish farming groups that have legal entities including being able to receive assistance from the government in the hope that fish farming business actors in the future can be independent and carry out sustainable fisheries business.
Dewi Nuraini, Evianah, Hendra Prasetya
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 77-81;

Community Service in Setro Village aims to provide assistance and training on the use of clover plants in this advanced pandemic era. The implementation method is carried out by providing training and assistance in the practice of making various preparations with clover raw materials such as making peanut brittle, cilok and clover nuggets. Where the participants presented are PKK cadres and village officials who are expected to be able to share their knowledge with other communities so that they can also be used for entrepreneurship in order to be able to help improve the family economy in difficult times like today.
Erlina Puspitaloka Mahadewi, Mohamad Reza Hilmy, Intan Silviana Mustikawati, Suryari Purnama, Arman Harahap
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 108-114;

Changes in disease patterns in Indonesia are often referred to as the epidemiological transition. In the 1990s the biggest cause of death and illness was infectious diseases. However, in the era of the last 10 years from 2010 to 2020 the biggest causes and causes of death and illness are non-communicable diseases. The increased risk of non-communicable diseases is due to the demographic transition. The Healthy Living Community Movement or commonly known as GERMAS is a movement initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia that prioritizes promotive and preventive efforts without compromising curative-rehabilitative efforts. This activity aims to raise public awareness, especially high school students, to be independent in doing GERMAS. Especially in disseminating information about the importance of implementing GERMAS during the Covid-19 pandemic. The activity is carried out using the seminar method, and was carried out by a team of 10 students, 1 lecturer and 1 health practitioner. The implementation time during this community service takes place which is 15 to 20 minutes for each topic with a presentation. After carrying out a series of activities, the committee provides an evaluation link that can be filled in by the participants. The results of the research show that the success rate is above 51% and shows that this community service will affect the target in carrying out GERMAS even though this activity is carried out virtually using the zoom meeting application. The activity in the next future needs to be improved again in the delivery of material and in answering the material in a language that is easily understood by high school students.
Yadi, Hariyadi Triwahyu Putra
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 169-181;

This study aims to examine the effect of authenticity and walkability on revisit intention mediated by tourist satisfaction. These four variables are measured using a number of statements on a Likert scale which are confirmed to have completed the validity and reliability tests. Data were collected using a questionnaire which was distributed to 271 respondents based on convenience sampling. Furthermore, the data were obtained and analyzed using structural equation modeling (SEM) and the Sobel test as a basis for hypothesis testing. The results of the hypothesis test explain the rejection of the null hypothesis, which means that there is support for empirical data on the proposed research hypothesis. This illustrates that authenticity and walkability directly affect tourist satisfaction positively and significantly. Meanwhile, revisit intention is influenced positively and significantly both directly by authenticity and walkability and indirectly through tourist satisfaction. Thus, all attributes of authenticity and walkability have a very important role in fulfilling tourists' expectations when appreciating historical buildings in a heritage tourism area. The authenticity attributes of historical buildings that need the attention of relevant stakeholders are historical value, authenticity, originality, and maintenance. Some of the critical elements of walkability that also need to be maintained such as security, comfort, accessibility, connections with other destinations, and pedestrian friendliness for pedestrians.
Adi Lukman Hakim, Mega Barokatul Fajri, Erna Nur Faizah
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 208-213;

The Covid-19 pandemic demands that businesses go digital. Not only products must be marketed through technology, but the way of communication with consumers must also be arranged systematically to stabilize income. Among a number of tools designed to answer customer retention demands, CRM software was chosen because this tool can accommodate consumer data, business data, track consumer interactions, and track company prospects. The purpose of this activity is to conduct training and assistance in implementing Customer Relationship Management in increasing sales during the pandemic. This method uses a descriptive qualitative approach with training design in using Customer Relationship Management software. Instruments in the form of learning experience and literature study. This community partnership program involves business start-ups within the Muhammadiyah University of Lamongan, especially students majoring in Accounting and Management. The results of this study indicate that the application of CRM has an effect as an effort to increase business sales during the pandemic with a series of strategic CRM processes, operational CRM, analytical CRM. Essentially, both upper, middle, and even lower customers need good and quality service, it's just that the levels are different. When start-up actors apply the right and good CRM, it will automatically increase customer satisfaction which has an impact on increasing business sales.
Solichah, Dwi Dewianawati, Erry Setiawan
IJCS, Volume 1, pp 147-152;

Community service is carried out at PP Muhammadiyah Putri, Meri village, Mojokerto, with the aim of: 1) Supporting and strengthening the Covid-19 countermeasures and prevention programs carried out by the central and local governments. 2) Increasing the level of concern for Unimas academic citivity in accelerating prevention, transmission of Covit -19, 3) Lighten the burden on the community affected by covid -19. Problems faced 1) Low school achievement of children who are left behind in PP Muhammidiyah Putri, 2) Low interest in learning children living in PP Muhammadiya Putri, 3). Less conducive learning environment, the method used in lectures and discussions. Programs implemented are 1) Child Development through Learning Culture, 2) Community Service, 3) Social Service, implemented smoothly as expected. Participants in the activity responded positively and expressed their gratitude to the academic activities of Unimas for providing useful knowledge to participants, namely fostering interest in learning to increase achievement, therefore hope that there is a continuation of the activity and it does not stop here.
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