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Chinta Ayuning Putri, Anang Kistyanto
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 117-127; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i2.3485

The purpose of this study is to analyze the effect of psychological capital on employee performance through burnout on employees of PT PLN (Persero) East Java Distribution Unit. The sampling technique used a saturated sample with 40 respondents in the employees of PT PLN (Persero) East Java Distribution Unit. The results of this study explain that psychological capital has no effect on burnout. Psychological capital has a positive and significant effect on employee performance. Burnout does not affect employee performance. And found the results that it is not proven that burnout has an intervening role between psychological capital on employee performance.
Iva Nurdiana Nurfarida, Endi Sarwoko
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 93-104; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i2.3292

Extant literatures suggest that personal characteristics of entrepreneurs have a large impact on a business performance. The Resource Based View, regards the characteristics of the entrepreneur as a unique resource for the company that will become a competitive advantage. So far, personal characteristics and entrepreneurial demographic factors are more associated with entrepreneurial intentions, this study will analyze the role of demographic factors, namely educational background, family, experience, and motivation on a business performance, while also examining the role of entrepreneurial orientation, namely innovation, proactivity, and risk taking in mediating these effects. The research sample consisted of owners/managers from 160 business units in Malang area (Malang City, Batu, and Malang Regency), while the data analysis technique used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results showed that demographic factors influence business performance and entrepreneurial orientation, so educational background, family background, business experience, and motivation are determinants of a business performance while enhancing entrepreneurial orientation. Entrepreneurial orientation acts as a mediator of demographic factors affecting business performance.
Zuyyinna Choirunnisa, Tanti Hendriyana, Sri Hartini
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 105-116; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i2.3026

The objective of this study is to compare the use of emotional appeal (guilt appeals and sadness appeals) on donation advertisement on Rohingya social disasters against the intention of donating using the perspective of Planned Behavior Theory. The research method used in this research is quantitative research with experimental design with convenience sampling, that is, master sudent at Airlangga University. By using ANOVA test and multiple linear regression, this study answers the hypothesists. The results show that sadness appeals has greater impact than guilt appeal in the formation of subjective norms and perceived behavioral control. In addition, this study found that behavioral control not signifiacantly impact the intention of donating. This research also provides implications for nonprofit organizational managers to pay attention in delivering information of donation to donors, because respondents had begun to more sensitive of the type of advertising framing.
Adamu Adamu Idris, Oyindamola Olusegun Ekundayo, Abdulateef Yunusa
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 77-92; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i2.3780

This paper examined firms’ attributes impact on the fluctuation of share prices of listed deposit money banks in Nigeria. Ex-post facto research design was employed, and 13 deposit money banks firms were selected out of 15 from 2006-2016. Descriptive statistics were presented, and correlation analysis was conducted to understand the degree of relationship among the variables. Ordinary least Squares regression was used to ascertain the combined impact of the explanatory variables on the share prices. The study finds four firms’ attributes (dividend ratios, book value, growth and liquidity) to have statistically significant effect on share prices. Companies with high dividends and asset growth as well as low liquidity and book values are more likely to experience higher share prices; hence, the need for investors to be aware of these attributes in making investment decisions. The findings contribute to the existing literature by extending the study to the banking industry.
Muhammad Rusydi Aziz, Roekhudin Roekhudin, Wuryan Andayani
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 67-76; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i2.4089

This study aims to test and empirically prove the influence of company size, profitability, liquidity and environmental performance on the disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting. This type of research is quantitative research, uses secondary data taken from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) or the Ministry of Environment. Based on the purposive sampling method, there are 33 samples of companies for 3 years in companies registered with ISSI. This study uses a special regression analysis for panel data using Eviews 10. The results of this study indicate that company size and profitability have a positive effect on the disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting. While liquidity and environmental performance failed to have an effect on the disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting. The results of this study are expected to be a consideration of what factors influence the disclosure of Islamic Social Reporting on companies listed on the Indonesian Islamic stock index (ISSI) in 2015 - 2017 which are also listed on PROPER
Ely Siswanto, Raudhotul Miul Hasanah
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 43-57; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i1.3055

This research aims to analyze the effect of financial indicator such as premium income, investment returns, volume of capital, loss ratio, operating expenses and risk based capital on the profitability (ROA) of conventional life insurance companies during the first quarter of 2015 until the third quarter of 2018. This research uses premium income, investment returns, volume of capital, loss ratio, operating expenses and risk based capital as independent variables and the dependent variable is Return On Assets, and joint venture alliance strategies as a control variable. The population of data is conventional life insurance companies in Indonesia during 2015 until 2018. This research used a purposive sampling technique, it was found that 14 companies met the sample criteria. The analysis model uses regression analysis. The research results show that premium income has a positive significant effect on ROA, the volume of capital has a positive significant effect on ROA and operating expenses have a negative significant effect on ROA. While investment returns, loss ratios and risk based capital, and joint venture alliance strategies do not have a significant effect on ROA. Meanwhile, a joint venture alliance strategies are not significant in influencing the relationship of independent variables to ROA. Further research is recommended to conduct a different test of the financial performance of insurance companies, national life insurance companies and joint venture life insurance companies.
Emi Widya Yusuf, Rita Komaladewi, Yuyus Suryana Sudarma
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 58-66; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i1.2914

The survey, conducted by the Research Institute for Food, Drugs and Cosmetics –The Council of Indonesian Ulama (MUI) shows that there are still some consumers who pay less attention to the existence of the halal label on cosmetics products, whereas it indicates the halal status of a product. The better understanding of the religion makes Muslim consumers selective in choosing the product to be consumed. This study is aimed at determining the effect of the halal product label of Mustika Ratu cosmetic products on consumer trust in Bandung City. The research sample consists of 115 female Muslims in Bandung who actively use MustikaRatu cosmetic products. The sampling technique in this study is purposive sampling. The data collection was conducted using questionnaires. The data analysis in this research is descriptive and verification analysis using Partial Least Square (PLS) approach with Smart-PLS 3.0. The results of this study illustrate that the halal product label has a positive and significant effect on consumer trust. It is proven from the finding of this research that the existence of halal product label in green and round shape with the writings of halal in Arabic and the Council of Indonesian Ulama, attached to the packaging, affects customer trust.
Salim Al Idrus, Abdussakir Abdussakir
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 17-29; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i1.2978

This study aims to reveal the influence of education on entrepreneurial orientation, the influence of business experience on entrepreneurial orientation, the influence of education on market orientation, the influence of business experience on market orientation; and the influence of entrepreneurial orientation on market orientation. This study uses a quantitative approach with a sample of 168 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in East Java. Samples were taken using simple random sampling method, research data were taken through a questionnaire, and data analysis using SEM. The results of the study revealed that the higher the education and business experience, the higher the entrepreneurial orientation, the higher the education, business experience and entrepreneurial orientation, the higher the market orientation; and market orientation can be improved through improving education and business experience by paying attention to entrepreneurial orientation
Satria Iman Gea Putra, Fiona Niska Dinda Nadia, Eka Bambang Gusminto, Didik Pudjo Musmedi
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 30-42; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i1.2912

Research question’s will be answered in this study is how’s the supply chain performance of coffee processing company UD "Matt Coffee" in Bondowoso Regency. This study uses a mix method using the SCOR version 11.0. Qualitative data is obtained through observation and interviews. While quantitative data is obtained from internal parties of the company. Results showed that COGS metrics were still high, this happened in the source process. It can be concluded that if the high COGS value will reduce income. Therefore, in this study, COGS metrics were calculated up to the third mapping level to find phenomena that resulted in high COGS values ​​in the source process. This study also formulates academic and managerial implications to overcome the problems that occur on the upstream and downstream side.
Adamu Adamu Idris, Rokiah Ishak, Nor Laili Hassan
Jurnal Ekonomi MODERNISASI, Volume 15, pp 1-16; doi:10.21067/jem.v15i1.3041

This study explores how female director(s) affect the decision to pay dividend in the sub-Saharan Africa. The study specifically employs non-financial firms listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market from 2009-2015 and logit regression as the technique for data analysis. The independent variable of interest in the study is female director. Consistent with the hypothesis, the study found strong association that firms with at least one female director on board are more likely to affect the payment of dividends. The findings subsist after the commencement of the 2011 CCG and when firms with negative earnings were excluded from the main sample. Furthermore, the results do not change when the model was re-estimated using an alternative measure of female director as well as using OLS regression.
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