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Amiruddin Takda, La Tahang, Luh Sukariasih, La Sahara, La Ode Nursalam
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.265

Activities seek to improve the awareness and information of teachers about the role of educational media in Junior High School learning activities. Furthermore, this curriculum also teaches SMP TQ-Mu'adz Bin Jabal teachers to use the Powtoon technology to design and render instructional videos. Increasing teacher imagination in the creation and use of video learning media is the specific goal to be accomplished, so that science learning in schools can be more contextual. The method used in implementing this Community Service is counselling, training, and question and answer methods. This activity begins with observations in schools and related institutions/agencies in the first week, followed by core activities at SMP TQ-Mu'adz Bin Jabal Kendari. From the results of the dedication, it was found that: (1). This activity has been able to increase teacher knowledge about the urgency of instructional media and the development of forms of instructional media, especially those related to technological developments; (2) This activity has been able to improve the ability of teachers to operate computers or laptops, including in making online-based learning videos that are integrated into Powtoon.
Ahmad Fauzul Hakim Hasibuan, Ichsan Abbas, Fuadi Fuadi, Nazli Hasan, Muhklis Muhammad Nur
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.275

The purpose of this community service is to increase community understanding of the concept of zakat distribution in Baloi Village, Blang Mangat District, Lhokseumawe City. Specific targets in this community service are increasing community income in Baloi Village, Blang Mangat District, Lhokseumawe City, and how to improve community welfare through the zakat fund zakat of the Malikussaleh University Amil Zakat Agency (BAZMAL). The material that will be delivered at this community service is: community knowledge of the concept of zakat, then distribution of zakat funds to the community in Baloi Village, Blang Mangat District, Lhokseumawe City. Which is related to improving the welfare of coastal fishermen in Baloi Village, Blang Mangat Subdistrict, Lhokseumawe City. BAZMAL) Malikussaleh University.
Bintang Narpati, Indra Lubis, Kardinah Indriana Meutia
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.262

Saving is the first step in facing a better future for a prosperous life. To achieve this goal, from an early age, it is better if children who are studying in elementary school or kindergarten are taught to like to save money. You don't need a lot of money to save in the savings place, but only enough to set it aside from the smallest nominal, for example Rp. 500, - (five hundred rupiah) first because according to research (Furnham, 1999) that more than 80% of children claim their parents will not give them extra money if they spend it all. This requires saving activities for children. Why saving for early childhood does not require large funds, in this case, the main point of saving is to foster a feeling of being fond of saving since childhood. Why is it done in early childhood? because by doing these habits will foster adult habits later to always save in any circumstances. The form of activities carried out at Community Service (PKM) is in the form of counseling to the children of SMPN 5 kota Bekasi City for grades 1, 2 and 3. The counseling is in the form of an appeal to these children to set aside money if they are given pocket money by their parents . This is done is by providing an example of how to save by carrying a piggy bank that is easy to buy in bookstores or others. Some are made of plastic, cans or fabric. In essence, saving is by setting aside "unused" money to be saved and reused when "needed". This training is an activity of Community Service (PKM) for the residents of Harapan Jaya kota Bekasi Village. The plan for this activity to be carried out in mid-November 2020 at SMPN 5 kota Bekasi which is still in the Bekasi city area.
Nurul Latifatul Inayati, Umi Nur Kasanah, Kusnul Khotimah
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.263

Learning strategies/methods are very important in learning. Errors in the selection of strategies/learning methods can be a barrier to the course of teaching and learning activities (KBM). Arabic is one of the subjects that is highly emphasized in Darusy Syahadah Islamic boarding school. The ability of the Arabic language for a santri is like a weapon that they will use in battle to search for and explore the Islamic sciences. However, in his journey there were several problems encountered in learning Arabic, including the emergence of drowsiness and boredom that befell students while attending Arabic learning. With these problems, it is necessary to have community service activities in order to create a more creative and attractive learning atmosphere for students. The purpose of this community service activity is to provide assistance in the application of the Musābaqah Biṭāqah Mukhtaliṭul Kalimah method in learning Arabic. The implementation method in this community service activity includes four stages, namely the planning stage, the implementation phase, the observation and evaluation stage, and finally the reflection phase. With the application of the Musābaqah Biṭāqah Mukhtaliṭul Kalimah method, it is proven that it can increase the activeness and enthusiasm of student learning which impacts on increasing student learning outcomes. So the development of the Musābaqah Biṭāqah Mukhtaliṭul Kalimah method as well as other active learning methods is very necessary in order to increase student interest in learning.
Dian Permatasari, Emdat Suprayitno
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.271

Leucorrhoea (fluorine Albus / vaginal discharge) is an excessive discharge of non-blood from the female genitals (vagina). Leucorrhoea is often considered normal by the community so that it is not handled properly, but this vaginal discharge could indicate disease. Physiological leucorrhoea is found in the condition before and after menstruation, sexual stimulation, pregnancy, ovulation, and emotional stress. The mentoring method used is to provide health education on reproductive health. The results of the implementation of health education were Al Muqri Parenduan Islamic boarding school students were active, enthusiastic in participating in activities, and active in discussing reproductive health. Activity participants can understand the level of stress on vaginal discharge and can explain again what has been conveyed.
Falahuddin Falahuddin, Fuadi Fuadi, Munandar Munandar, Devi Andriyani, Arliansyah Arliansyah
Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Nusantara (JPMN), Volume 1; https://doi.org/10.35870/jpmn.v1i1.274

This service will provide an overview of entrepreneurship of small and medium enterprises using digital technology. From all points of view, be it motivation, business opportunities or ideas, as well as business rules according to sharia. During the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is very demanding for young people who already have business plans to adopt digital business tools more quickly to survive and develop in the new normal era. Therefore, prospective young entrepreneurs have great potential to be prepared to become excellent entrepreneurs, who will not only be economically independent, but will also develop regional economic potential which in turn will have a positive impact on the national economy. The purpose of this service is to overcome the problem of unemployment by the younger generation. The solutions we provide are in the form of training and providing motivation to develop and provide basic techniques for doing digital business, and do not forget to provide understanding to aspiring young entrepreneurs about doing business in an Islamic way as a form of development of the nation's.
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