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Indian Journal of Image Processing and Recognition, Volume 2, pp 1-4;

This case study shows that the assessment of burned areas can be done with remote sensing data free of charges in a simple laptop. Describing the open-source software and the methodology step by step, we expect to make it available for county workers in areas attained by wildfires, where a quick response is much needed, as the availability of information is essential for the immediate planning of mitigation measures, such as restoring road access, allocate funds for the recovery of human dwellings and assess further restoration of the ecological system. The example used is a succession of wildfires in Portugal mainland during the summer of 2017, that kills more than 60 people and seriously damaged local resources. Wildfires devastate forest ecosystems, having direct impact on vegetation cover and animal population. The economic interest is also attained, as resin extraction ends and the pine wood burned become useless for the most noble applications, so its value decreased. The tools described in this paper establish a baseline for major changes in forest ecosystems recover and allows to target priorities. Moreover, the result allows the follow up of the surface fuel loading, enabling the targeting of restoration measures in a time basis planning.
Indian Journal of Image Processing and Recognition, Volume 1, pp 1-5;

Image processing is the use of algorithms to perform various operations on digital images. The techniques that are explained further are image segmentation and image enhancement. Image Segmentation is a method to partition an image into multiple segments, to change the presentation of an image into something more meaningful and easier to analyze. The current image segmentation techniques include region-based segmentation and edge detection segmentation. Image Enhancement is the process of improving the quality of image. Under this section there are two broad divisions- Spatial Domain Technique and Frequency Domain Technique.
K. Sivasankari, Shubham Singh, Kanhaiya Kumar, Aman Dubey
Indian Journal of Image Processing and Recognition, Volume 1, pp 6-10;

He major part of the underlying idea is going to detect the fire from upcoming smoke and the shade color of the smoke using convolutional neural network. The fire detection followed by the smoke detection is going to depend on the shade and the direction vector analysis in this paper. Image processing from the available set of data is very vague ideation so in order to strengthen the idea we are incorporating two main features that is the smoke shade and direction vector. For this major process we will involve data preprocessing through bi-variate hypothesis to select two variables as the color of smoke and the direction of the smoke and hence do the further analysis on other features that how are they going to help in the upcoming detection neurons for the robust algorithm of fire detection.
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