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Martinus Martinus, , Dina Nur Shadrina
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 340-346;

This study aims to analyze and describe the management of archives in support of administrative order at the Toho sub-district office, Toho district, Mempawah regency. This problem was chosen to look at the issues that exist in the management of archives or archives that exist, especially in the Toho District office of Mempawah Regency, especially those related to the problem of managing letters and arranging archives at the Toho Sub-district office because there are phenomena that indicate where in the management, mail or control. And the arrangement of the archives is still not done well; in other words, it has not been done as desired, or there are still some obstacles, especially those related to archive problems. Therefore, the archive is essential in supporting the orderly administration in the office so that there are no archiving problems that will make the paperwork in the office not recorded neatly or adequately. The results of this study indicate that the management, control, and arrangement of archives or archives at the Toho sub-district office are still not carried out properly, so an understanding of adequate archival equipment procedures is needed so that activities in archives management can be carried out as well as possible. This must be guided by the Governor's Regulation No. 453 of 2005 concerning reasonable and correct archival procedures.
, Charles Magwari Omboto, Jeruth Ngonzi Tinka
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 379-391;

The absorption of workers with disabilities in Indonesia is still limited. The companies argue that it is difficult to meet accessibility for disabled workers because it requires a lot of funds, for instance facilities that need to be made so that the workplace accessible for people with disabilities. This research is aimed at answering the questions of how the accessibility of persons with disabilities in employment opportunities in private companies in Indonesia, what obstacles encountered by persons with disabilities who work in private companies, and how the solutions are provided so that persons with disabilities have easy access to work in private companies. This is a qualitative research with a case study approach. The data collection in this study used semi-structured interviews with 20 people with disabilities consists of 10 people with disabilities who were rejected by companies and 10 people with disabilities who had been accepted to work but finally decided to quit. In this study, a public policy expert was also interviewed to obtain data on how policies related to persons with disabilities were implemented. The results of this study indicate that there are still many people with disabilities who are rejected to work by the companies. If anyone is already working, eventually they have to resign considering the unequal treatment they have received, both from the leaders and fellow employees. However, until now there has never been a company that got a sanction even though the regulations regarding the treatment of persons with disabilities have been affirmed in Law Number 8/2016. Therefore, stricter supervision is needed for private companies so that they not only fulfill the quota of 1% of employees with disabilities out of the total number of employees, but also pay attention and treat employees with disabilities the same as other employees.
Sam'un Mukramin, Fatimah Azis, Maemunah Maemunah, St. Haniah Haniah
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 347-355;

This research contributes to knowledge and ideas in improving the welfare of street vendors after relocation due to the construction of a flyover. In addition, the government's alignment with socio-economic income in meeting the livelihoods and livelihoods of marginalized communities still has many limitations. Therefore, the type of research used is a qualitative research which aims to analyze, understand and describe the welfare of the street vendors after relocation. So this study shows that (i) PKL families on Jalan Andi Pangerang Pettarani cannot be said to be prosperous because they have not met the family welfare indicators, such as some families do not have savings have never been on vacation, which is one of the family indicators
Linh Do Khuong Manh
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 356-368;

With the rising of the two emerging great power - China and India, the "Indo-Pacific" has already possessed the fundamental conditions of the regional security complex, while the United States as the hegemonic state intervenes in security affairs which takes advantage of characteristics of the identity structure and power structure of regional security complexes by penetration mechanism. Buzan's theory has shown us the contour of the emerging security architecture in the Indo-Pacific region. After applying the regional security complex theory to analyze the security of the region, this article analyzes Vietnam’s perception and response to the emerging Indo-Pacific security architecture. The article points out that the perception of regional security structure expressed through foreign policy adjustment can be basically divided into two layers: regional and extra-regional. In which the regional layer with the focus on ASEAN; and the extra-regional is ASEAN-centered multilateral groups. Since then, Vietnam has tried to incorporate its foreign policy calculations into the multilateral and multi-dimensional Indo-Pacific agenda. Vietnam's response manifests itself mainly in strengthening economic and trade cooperation with China, deepening security cooperation with the US and its network of allies, and with the help of the power of ASEAN to restrain the US and China. In addition, with its favorable geographical position and strong rise in recent years, Vietnam expects India to become an indispensable "security supplier" and an indispensable "balancing force" in Indo-Pacific regional security architecture.
, Nataya Premchaiporn
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 392-401;

The Indonesian government has prohibited universities from refusing students with disabilities to study in universities. This is clearly stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Research and Technology - Higher Education, Number 46 of 2017 concerning Special Education and Special Service Education in Higher Education. But unfortunately, there are still many universities that refuse to accept persons with disabilities to study in their educational institutions. This study is intended to answer the question why universities reject special needs students and what the best solutions are so that special needs students can gain access to study in higher education. This is a qualitative research with a phenomenological approach because it describes a specific, profound phenomenon and obtains the essence of the participants' life experiences at a particular phenomenon. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews with 20 special needs students who graduated from Special Schools who experienced rejection when applying to college. The results of this study indicate that universities need to consider four aspects in managing their programs in order to create inclusiveness in their educational institutions, namely Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Adaptability. In addition, stricter supervision is needed to impose sanctions on universities that reject persons with disabilities.
, Cundo Harimurti, Miroslaw Matyja
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 402-414;

The existence of regional autonomy supports changes in various sectors, including changes in financial management. This is evidenced by the birth of three packages of laws in the field of state finance, namely: Law Number 17 of 2003 concerning State Finance; Law Number 1 of 2004 concerning the State Treasury; and Law Number 15 of 2004 concerning Examination of the Management and Accountability of State Finances. These three packages of laws regulate the management of state finances more democratically and regulate sanctions for managers of state finances. To support the implementation of regional autonomy in financial management, it is necessary to anticipate deviations in the preparation of financial statements. This study aimed to analyze the Effectiveness of the Role of the Internal Control System in the Preparation of Regional Financial Reports. The research approach is a descriptive qualitative approach. The method of analysis uses a literature study. The study results on the Effectiveness of the Role of the Internal Control System in the Preparation of Regional Financial Reports indicate that the internal control system has an effective role in preparing regional financial reports. But this internal control system cannot be said to be perfect. The internal control system still has limitations because this control system is a form of prevention, reduction, improvement of deviations.
Hesty Prima Rini,
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 330-339;

Online distance learning has been implemented as the most possible alternative at this time for continuous learning while maintaining a distance to prevent the spread of the corona virus and obeying the rules not to gather in one place. Research was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of online learning by distributing questionnaire through the google form link. Data were obtained from 112 students related to media and learning methods that support the implementation of effective online learning . The result showed that 71% or 80 students mentioned that online learning at their university is effective. Blended Learning which is a combination of system synchronous learning and asynchronous learning is chosen by the majority of respondents. Related with the learning media, the use of google meet is the most popular learning media because apart from being able to be used as a medium in synchronous learning, it can also be used in the synchronous learning through Google classroom.
, Eddy Bruno Esien, Dwikora Harjo, Redjeki Agoestyowati, Putri Ayu Lestari
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 415-434;

Since public sector reform initiatives, public accountability and transparency have advanced democracy and good governance on managing state finances. State financial management mechanism involves regional policies and fiscal decentralization trend in the devolution of responsibility for empowerment from central to local units of governments, but the governance face challenges to effectively manage and control the use of public funds that best meet citizen’s needs. This study determines the effect of public accountability and transparency on the management of state finances in Indonesia, as well as the extent to which public accountability and transparency affect the management of state finances. Based on a descriptive quantitative case-oriented research approach, 60 survey interviews are collected and analyzed with multiple linear regression analysis techniques. This study concludes that Public Accountability partially has a significant effect on the Financial Management Mechanism. On the other hand, partially public transparency has no significant effect on the State Financial Management Mechanism. Cumulatively, some aspects of Public Accountability and Transparency have a significant effect on the State Financial Management Mechanism. If unaccountability in decentralised administrative model prevails, problem of ineffective policy output may persist to impair sustainable finance and public values for good governance in times of covid-19 crisis related society.
, Ilham Gemiharto
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 319-329;

Since 2021 the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology has launched the Independent Student Exchange program as part of the Merdeka Campus Program. The Independent Student Exchange Program began to open online registration in June 2021, and has now entered the program implementation stage. One of the main goals of the Independent Student Exchange Program is to explore and get to know the cultural diversity of the archipelago and make friends with fellow students from different cultural backgrounds. This study aims to analyze aspects of intercultural communication that occur in the implementation of the Independent Student Exchange Program, such as how cultural interactions among students, how each student displays their cultural identity, and how to adapt to fellow students. This research uses a qualitative approach, an exploratory paradigm, in a case study perspective. The data collection process was carried out under natural conditions in the form of observation, in-depth interviews and documentation studies. This study concludes that although there are many differences in cultural backgrounds, students try to adapt to their peers who have different cultural backgrounds. The main obstacle in intercultural communication is the language barrier, because even though both speak Indonesian, the influence of local languages is still very strong, so sometimes the same vocabulary has different meanings and meanings. The results of the study also found several cases related to stereotypes against certain ethnic groups, the existence of ethnocentrism among program participants and various difficulties in adapting to fellow program participants.
, Anisah Anisah, Lies Handrijaningsih, Septi Mariani T.R
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 3, pp 369-378;

The advancement of communication and information technology is increasing rapidly. Utilization of the Internet is an inseparable part of people's lives, so that many companies use internet services for both personal and business activities. The e-commerce business is Tokopedia. The reason of this take a look at is to decide and examine the influence of hedonic buying motivation, shopping way of life, positive emotion, and variety of selection on impulse searching for in Tokopedia online shop. The population in this study are consumers who use the Tokopedia application. The sample used turned into 100 respondents. The sampling technique is non opportunity sampling method. The method used is purposive sampling. The trying out tool used is SPSS. The test stages executed had been validity test, reliability test, normality take a look at, multicollinearity take a look at, heteroscedasticity take a look at, a couple of linear regression test, t test, F test, and coefficient of determination. The results of this study indicate that partially hedonic buying motivation, shopping way of life, positive emotion and variety of selection on impulse searching for in Tokopedia online shop. Simultaneously hedonic buying motivation, shopping way of life, positive emotion and variety of selection on impulse searching for in Tokopedia online shop.
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