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, Eva Arofah, Dwi Agustina, Sukandi
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 181-189;

Problems that occur in the effectiveness of work planning in controlling street vendors are still not maximal performance, when viewed from the factors of Effectiveness of Consequences and Impact of Outputs in achieving objectives, the level of success in achieving predetermined targets and clarity of achievement of goals. This is supported by the data obtained by the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) of Pancoran Sub-district, which have varied work planning effectiveness criteria from 2018 to 2019, from street vendors’ orderliness to realizing street vendors, which are still far from different from the target of curbing. And from 2018 to 2019 the level of effectiveness can be included in the criteria for being quite effective. This research method is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. Qualitative descriptive research aims to describe and describe events and phenomena that occur in the field and present data in a systematic, factual, and accurate manner regarding the facts that occur in the field. Data collection was done by using observation, interview and documentation techniques. Researchers used source triangulation to check the validity of the research data. Data analysis in this study uses three components consisting of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. The results of the study are known (1) The effectiveness of work planning of the Civil Service Police Unit (Satpol PP) at Pancoran Sub-district in street vendors’ orderliness in improving the work performance that has been implemented in the dimensions of Effectiveness of Reach Effects, Impact of Outputs in achieving objectives, the level of success in achieving predetermined targets and clarity of achieving goals. (2) Obstacles in implementing the effectiveness of Street Vendors/PKL work planning who do not understand the regulations, there is no relocation place for street vendors and street vendors who consider public facilities a strategic business place for trading. (3) The solution for the socialization of street vendors about policy regulations is carried out by means of humane communication and new relocation sites.
, Ati Mediana, Hashim A. Abdullah, Yuyun Mulyati
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 171-180;

Citizen Relationship Management Mobile is an application that is created to be able to follow up on all complaints that have been reported by Jakarta's residents so that local governments of DKI can coordinate faster in resolving complaints of Jakarta’s society. Kartini sub-district applies a CRM application in handling public complaints regarding the handling of public facilities infrastructure (PPSU). Through the CRM application, PPSU of Kartini sub-district workers can find community reports, not only locations or pictures of the actual condition of reported public facilities but also their identities so that public's complaints can be resolved quickly. However, what often happens is that reports submitted by the society through pictures (photos) are not suitable with the actual situation, the address is not clear as well and also it does not include the identity of the reporter. This makes it difficult for PPSU of Kartini sub-district workers to follow up. Another problem faced is that several complaints reports do not include the main duties and functions of PPSU workers. The method used in this research is a descriptive qualitative approach to collect information about real current conditions. Interviews were conducted with 8 informants. The results showed that the application of CRM in the Kartini’s sub-district was quite effective, as indicated by the level of reports/complaints related to the handling of public facilities submitted by the residents, which decreased significantly, although there were still obstacles faced so that the implementation of CRM ran optimally. Various efforts have been made by the Kartini sub-district to overcome these obstacles so that the follow-up of reports/complaints from the public regarding public facilities infrastructure has higher quality, faster, more precise, and accurate.
, Eka Rofiyanti, Redjeki Agoestyowati, Dwi Agustina, Olansons Girsang
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 195-203;

According to data on the recapitulation of orderly violations of certain places of business and businesses at the Civil Service Police Unit of North Jakarta Administrative City, there were 16,220 violations of the prohibition of trade in 2019, far from the violation of the prohibition against buying street vendors merchandises, which were only 5 violators, then this research was conducted to analyze the implementation of the prohibition of buying street vendor merchandises at Koja Subdistrict region, North Jakarta. This research method used descriptive qualitative research with data collection techniques through in-depth interviews with informants obtained by the author, in this study it was found that the DKI Jakarta Government had not widely disseminated to the public of the rules on the prohibition of buying street vendor merchandise, there was still a lack of personnel for preventing violations, and the need to revise rules related to a standard operating procedure (SOP) in prosecuting violations on the prohibition of buying street vendor merchandises
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 152-156;

This study entitled “Culture Insight Of New Age Technologies For Underdeveloped Society “,is about underdeveloped society in Temajuk Village, Indonesia-Malaysia border area, where is still underdeveloped area. This study aimed to find out the insight of new age technologies from Temajuk villager through their experiences about new technology and their meanings. In addition, the approach of this study is using qualitative-descriptive with interpretive paradigm through fenomenologi studi. The subject of this study is the villager who lived in Temajuk Village, located in the end of Borneo Island that directly borders with Malaysia. The subject is selected purposively, based on the context and the need of research. The data collection was conducted through interview, observation, literary review and documentations. The result for the culture insight of Temajuk society about new technologies are,the experiences more dynamic and its meanings independence life for them. The insight conclusion is the are very anthusiasm for the new technolog , its influenced by the history and conditions that build a culture insight for society of Temajuk village. Keywords: New Age Technology ; Smartphones; Culture Insight ;Temajuk Village; Underdeveloped Society
, Wahidin Septa Zahran, Trie Andari Ratna Widyastuti, Vita Vitisia, Saktisyahputra
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 157-161;

The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world and changed the map of education. Higher education institutions have been forced to close and hold digital learning classes to cope with governmental regulations prohibiting face-to-face interactions. This includes STIAMI Institute of Social and Management Science branch Bekasi City. With a total of 2593 students, 130 lecturers, and 60 campus administration staffs, civitas academica of Institut STIAMI Bekasi have been inevitably learning and working from home since February 2020. Such change has caused challenges and opportunities. Hence, the following paper tries to dissect students', lecturers', and campus administrations' perspectives about digital learning and teaching. The method used in the research is qualitative with case study approach, incorporating in-depth interviews and observations. Based on the results, all parties perceived full digital learning and teaching as best decision to cut the pandemic chain, although found it as a challenge and have experienced mental health and technical problems, yet found positive outcomes that lead to education without boundaries. Thus, it is recommended to hold private and group consultations; interactive workshops; local-national-international cooperations to ensure digital learning and teaching in the long run becomes bearable, productive, and beneficial for everyone involved.
, Rido Ariftio
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 204-211;

Financial Technology is a new way of transacting that uses money and media that has elements of communication and technology in it. Along with the development of technology and lifestyle adaptation in society 5.0, Financial Technology becomes people's choice in shopping for needs and desires through a commercial online system (E-Commerce). Therefore, this study aims to find out and analyze financial technology service media utilization in improving customer satisfaction. Shopee International Indonesia. This research uses a qualitative approach and descriptive method with the selected research object of financial technology media Shopee International Indonesia. Data collection techniques used are interviews, observations and documentation. Based on the results of this study shows that service required a good relationship between customers and the company. The selection of online media or new media such as financial technology can be a communication link between consumer to consumer (C2C) and is supported by several service features that make it different between transactions through e-commerce media and conventional transactions, especially in creating customer satisfaction. The utilization of financial technology media involves customer relations, media services and impact on customer satisfaction
Aryo Santiko, Ivan Budi Susetyo, Dwi Agustina, Eka Rofiyanti, Khairur Razikin
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 190-194;

Local wisdom in some areas such as Aceh and West Sumatra can reduce the rate of increase in the number of people exposed by Covid-19, in this case, the local government involves the role of religious leaders and regional heads in providing firm policies so that the implementation of basic services can go well while still using the health protocol. Basic services such as education, health, public works, housing, security and order, and social affairs must continue even during the pandemic so that each region is required to have the right policies. Some regions apply the PSBB policy in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19, but even basic services in some regions experience limitations in the number of services, scope, frequency, duration, and time of service. Local Wisdom values ​​and potential regional characteristics really need to be developed in order to provide basic services that are friendly to Covid-19. Collaboration and synergy between the central and regional governments as well as between the government and stakeholders related to basic services in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic also need to be optimized. Regions that have high covid rates, such as DKI Jakarta, East Java, and Central Java are expected to have innovative policy breakthroughs in providing basic services that are friendly to Covid-19
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 162-170;

The purpose of this study was to examine the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic on consumer trust and consumer commitment towards public health care in Yogyakarta during the pandemic. The research method in this study was the survey method with path analysis tools. Based on the research result it can be concluded that the direct impact of the Covid pandemic (X) on trust (Y1) is 0.205 (unstandardized) and 0.187 (standardized), the direct impact of trust (Y1) on the Y2 commitment is 0.602 (unstandardized) and 0.63 (standardized). Based on the t-test on the Sobel formula, the t value (3.251) > t table (1.663), means that there is an indirect impact between variable X (pandemic) on Y2 (commitment) through Y1 (trust). The impact of the Covid pandemic indirectly affects consumer commitment through the variable of trust with a combined direct and indirect impact of 1,099.
, Hariyono, Cahyaningsih Pujimahanani
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 131-137;

This research focuses on how ambivalence works within the case of a Surabaya born singer, Wieteke Van Dort through her song Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng. The colonial power that lasted the longest time in today Indonesia was the Dutch administration. The Dutch people living in this area, experienced ambivalence, as the result of the challenging condition and the process of adaption where it was completely enigma to the condition of the motherland. Therefore, this study is conducted as a challenge to dichotomy of western vs eastern division in which extremely opposes each other. This research was descriptive qualitative in nature. The theory of ambivalence proposed by Homi Bhabha was used as an underlying theory. Postcolonial approach was also applied in analyzing Wieteke Van Dort’s ambivalence. The data were in the form of lyrics of a song entitled Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng. The research findings prove that through the lyrics of Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng, Wieteke Van Dort experiences ambivalence through her complex feeling in being attracted to her “native” Surabaya and her repulsion on the inferior Javanese culture. The research also shows that the western people, through the life of Wieteke Van Dort through her song Geef Mij Maar Nasi Goreng, experience ambivalence. It challenges the notion of nativeness in a sense that Wieteke Van Dort, as a native of Surabaya by birth, is ironically rejected by the other natives because of the judgment by blood. Western people, represented by Wieteke Van Dort, truly experience ambivalence.
, Shinta Wiji Rahayu
Ilomata International Journal of Social Science, Volume 2, pp 124-130;

This research will discuss about how the efforts of the Lebong Regency Government in implementing the Lebong Regent Regulation No. 32 of 2014 concerning Preparation of Public Service Standards Considering that in order to increase efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of government administration and public services, it is necessary to have public service standards in regional work units / work units within Lebong Regency. In this research, the method used is juridical normative, which wants to study or analyze the forms of implementation of the Lebong Regent's regulation which are regulated in Regulation Number 32 of 2014, then analyze the implementation based on the legal basis that governs the law, then find suitability. Among the forms of implementation that are regulated by the legal ideals of making them. The main focus of this research is the extent to which the Lebong District Government's implementation process is, and what are the strategies used in implementing the implementation. Based on this research, the results obtained show that implementation efforts and strategies are used to increase efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of government administration and still refer to the vision and mission of the Lebong Regency Government.
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