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Feby Eka Vivi Setio Putri, Monika Tiarawati
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 163-171;

The Covid-19 pandemic that has hit the whole world has caused economic problems. Household consumption or the purchasing power of the Indonesian people fell very deeply. Whereas consumption or people's purchasing power supports 60% of the Indonesian economy. Therefore, the pattern of marketing is changed by doing marketing online. Companies use social media influencer to advertise their products. This study was conducted to analyze the impact of social media influencers and brand image on online consumer purchase intentions. The criteria for respondents in this study were women aged 18 years and over who followed Tasya Farasya's Instagram and knew about Maybelline products. Partial Least Square (PLS) is used to analyze the respondent's data that has been collected. The results of this study indicate that social media influencers have no positive and significant effect on online purchase intentions. Meanwhile, brand image has a positive and significant effect on online purchase intentions.
, Nidaul Izzah, Elfa Setiawan, Dedy Kusna Utama, Samsudin
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 216-225;

The era of the industrial revolution 4.0 is an absolute and unavoidable phenomenon in the business world. The survival of a company depends on the strategy devised to be able to carry out transformation and innovation to deal with it. So that companies and businesses that have been built are not crushed by the times and are hampered by their development, the company must be responsive to existing changes, especially with the development of technology and digital business. The company must also have an integrated travel map so that the direction of business development is clearly visible. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things of life in an instant. Never before in modern human history has a pandemic progressed and spread rapidly like Covid-19. Therefore, every event, response, and reaction is also oftentimes good. It happens at the individual level, the smallest community, up to the State and nation. Organizations and corporations are also forced to adapt quickly to very high levels of uncertainty. With the incessant change of life lines into all-digital. Therefore, companies really need to prepare reliable human resources and technology literacy in order to continue to achieve success. Employees should be supported and encouraged to continue learning and increase their knowledge of technology. Because the workforce or human resources who are able to apply and control technology in the present are able to move forward. This study aims to analyze the effect of human resource competence and the use of information technology in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0 during the co-19 pandemic. In this study using the theory of Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) to examine more in how the process of forming HR groups in the advertising agenda through digital media and also the process of interaction developed by the HR groups. The method in this study uses a qualitative research method with a Case Study approach and the paradigm used is the constructivist paradigm, which is to examine how the interaction and role of HR in the interaction and communication groups in the online media. In this study trying to identify the personalities of each grouped as tourists, mingles, and devotes. Data collection is done by using observation and also conducting in-depth interviews. In addition, the data analysis technique used is to use a flow model from Miles and Huberman consisting of 3 stages, namely Data Reduction, then the presentation of data, and drawing conclusions.
, Ronita, Euis Bandawati
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 186-200;

The research aimed at determining the effect of training, work motivation, financial compensation on the performance of employees in Makasar Subdistrict, East Jakarta Timur, mediated by organizational commitment. The path analysis with descriptively and explanatorily-quantitative method was used for planning this research. The samples were 81 respondents by using the sampling method. According to the significance levels, the results of the research indicated that: (1) Work motivation, financial compensation, and training had a significant effect on organizational commitment; (2) Work motivation, financial compensation, training had a significant effect on employee performance, either directly or mediated by organizational commitment; and (3) Organizational commitment had a significant effect on employee performance.
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 201-205;

Room rental rates in the hotel business is the one of the customer consideration for selected the hotel. This study aims to compare the pricing determined by the hotel with the price-plus pricing method. The study was conducted a hotel in a tourist area in Banten by analyzing the operational costs incurred by the hotel and the standard cost that has been made. Determination of price based on full costing method obtained Standard room Rp 556.688, deluxe room Rp 722.855, Junior Executive Rp 1.077.091, Executive Rp 2.111.098, President Suite room Rp 3.546.987. But when using Variable Costing, the price of Standard room is Rp 246,089, Deluxe Room Rp 344,432, Junior Executive Rp 345,678, Executive Rp 487.244, President Suite Rp 1.934.805, so it is possible to win the competition because the price can be cheaper.
, Sanaji
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 142-153;

This study aims to determine the effect of organizational creativity on marketing performance mediated by marketing innovations in MSMEs who are members of APMMIK Bojonegoro during the pandemic. The respondents used were 103 MSMEs owners, the test was carried out using the variant-based Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) method with the Partial Least Square (PLS) alternative with the smartPLS 2.0 M3 program. Based on the results of the analysis, it can be concluded that organizational creativity has a positive and significant effect on marketing innovation, marketing innovation has a positive and significant effect on marketing performance, and organizational creativity has a negative and insignificant effect on marketing performance. The implementation of this research is to increase innovation during the pandemic so that MSME can continue to rise and develop.
Ibnu Aziz Manazam, Monika Tiarawati
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 154-162;

This study aims to determine: (1) the influence of consumer motivation on purchasing decision for luxurious wedding decorations, (2) the effect of service quality on purchasing decision for luxurious wedding decorations. This study is a conclusive research. Non-probability sampling was used as a sampling technique with the census method on 122 respondents. Respondents are consumers who have already purchased and made their own decision in purchasing at Garda Dekorasi from 2018 through April 2019. The questionnaire distribution was performed online using a google form. The measurement scale used in this study was Likert scale. Statistical analysis used is multiple linear regression analysis, performed using SPSS 23. The results showed that the consumer motivation variable has a positive and significant influence on purchasing decision, and service quality has a positive and significant influence on purchasing decision. The results also show that service quality has a greater influence on purchasing decision compared to consumer motivation.
, Erwin Permana, Brahim Abdullah
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 172-185;

This study aims to specifically analyze the business environment in the construction service industry in DKI Jakarta, by using an external and internal dimension factor approach. The dimensions of external factors include several indicators such as political, economic, social, and technological indicators. While the internal factor dimensions consist of indicators of corporate culture, corporate structure, and corporate resources. The analysis technique uses Structural Equation Model (SEM) with SmartPLS. The number of samples included 370 leaders of construction service companies in DKI Jakarta. One company is represented by one company leader, either a large, medium or small scale company. The results showed that external factors are more dominant than internal factors in shaping the construction service business environment in DKI Jakarta. It can be understood because as the capital city, DKI Jakarta has a far more complex constellation than other regions. It means that in the case of operating companies in Jakarta, they must be agile in managing external threats and opportunities. Companies that cannot adapt to the very dynamic climate in the capital with the dramatic competition will not be able to survive.
Dewi Nurbaiti, Nur Fitri Rahmawati, Suparman, Rousdy Safari Tamba, Thamrin
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 226-232;

The existence of a corona virus epidemic or Covid-19 that lasted a long time in several countries, one of which in Indonesia has a negative impact on the Micro and Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). The impact that occurred was the decline in turnover due to the reduced number of buyers, where many MSMEs had to close their businesses. When entering the new normalcy era or the New Normal era, the SMEs will open their businesses again but get new challenges in terms of product innovation. Innovation is needed to make a business survive in the new normal era, one of which is innovation in terms of product types. The purpose of this study is to produce recommendations for SMEs in determining the right product innovation strategy in the New Normal era. This study raises the formulation of the problem of how the SME product innovation strategy in the current era of New Normal. The method used in this study is a qualitative research method with data collection techniques through network interviews and descriptive data analysis techniques, with research informants who are SMEs in East Jakarta. The results of this study indicate that in the New Normal era, the SMEs are implementing a product innovation strategy by changing the shape of the product in the same type (changing shape) and also changing the type of product that is different from the previous product (changing type). By implementing the two product innovation strategies, SMEs can still compete in the New Normal era at this time. Recommendations from this research are expected to be used by SMEs to be more innovative in producing culinary products so they can survive in the New Normal era.
, Anang Kistyanto
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 133-141;

This research was conducted on employees of conventional state owned banks in the city of Surabaya. The goals of the research to analyze the relationship beetween job stress and cyberloafing on organizational commitment. Data collection used interviews and online questionnaires. The questionnaire consisted of 26 questions and was filled in by 58 respondents. Testing instruments using validity and reliability tests. The classical assumption test used on the research which included linearity test, heteroscedasticity test, multicollinearity test, and normality test. Regression test using multiple linear regression analysis. Testing hypothesis using the t test. research results reveal that job stress has no effect on organizational commitment, but the results of cyberloafing found that there was a positive effect on organizational commitment.
, Resista Vikaliana, La Ode Sabaruddin, Adji Sapta, Fino Wahyudi Abdul
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 2, pp 206-215;

Work engagement is a positive view of an employee towards his work that is characterized by vigour, full involvement (dedication), and high concentration during work (absorption). This study aims to determine the description and causes of having employee engagement by exploring dimensions based on the definition of work engagement proposed by Schaufeli, Gonzalez, & Bakker (2002), vigour, dedication, absorption. The research was conducted through a literature study that is finding various related sources and making conclusions in accordance with the research objectives. The credibility test used is peer debriefing, namely asking other researchers who are not involved in the research project to help investigate the thinking of researchers in all or certain parts of the research process. The results showed that the most dominant dimension of work engagement was dedication
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