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, Alian Natision, Tung Tran Minh, Teguh Santoso
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 457-465;

This research aims to analyze the customer satisfaction of BRImo app users. Descriptive qualitative research design describes systematically and accurately the facts and characteristics of customer satisfaction and loyalty of BRImo app users. The results showed that dominant customers were also satisfied and were most likely to tell positive things about the BRImo application. Bank BRI needs to evaluate customers who feel dissatisfied and disloyal.
Wuwuh Andayani, Aramia Fahriyah, Rochland Yoseph, Dessy Andamisari, Ridfa Chairani
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 391-403;

This study was aimed at analyzing the implementation of the Sustainable Supply Chain Management (SSCM) approach as a branding strategy of tourism development of Hutan Bambu in Bekasi city. This study employed a descriptive research method using a qualitative approach. The data sources were primary and secondary data. The techniques of data collection were observation, interviews, and documentation. The interviews were conducted with six informants representing the manager, visitors, local communities, and food sellers in the Hutan Bambu area of Bekasi city. Furthermore, the data were analyzed by using the SSCM approach. The results of the study showed that the branding strategy for developing the Hutan Bambu tourism object can apply several ways. First, it considered SSCM concerns, especially sustainability, marketing-logistics empowerment, market-driven SCM, synchronous SCM, fast response logistics, and network-based resource management. Second, the tourism development was carried out by creating strong branding with the advantages of the Hutan Bambu tourism object, namely by marketing through social media to local and national communities. Third, the development can be done by holding attractive soft skills programs regularly by collaborating with training studios or certain institutions, so they can bring in visitors on a more regular and programmed basis. Fourth, this can also be done by modifying the management system, so the tourists can find alternative tourism objects in the city. Finally, the SSCM approach could be implemented in the development of the Hutan Bambu tourism object, Bekasi by strengthening branding and interesting soft-skills, as well as modifying the management system.
, Juandy Seiver Langelo, Endang Supriyadi, Anita Maulina, Rita Wahyuni
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 327-342;

Various government efforts to break the Covid-19 chain have also affected the economy, as many companies have laid off employees on a large scale. This has resulted in an increase in the number of claims for the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS) for Employment or BPJAMSOSTEK. The purpose of the study was to find out a Case Study of Digital-Based Service Innovation for Old Age Security Claims (JHT) by BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (BPJAMSOSTEK) Pekalongan Branch Office, Central Java. Research methods. The research method used to describe the problems that exist in this study is a qualitative method with a study approach. Primary data sources in this study came from interviews with informants. The informants in this case are employees who are directly involved in the implementation of public services, leaders and participants as users of services provided by BPJAMSOSTEK Pekalongan City Branch, Central Java. The technique used in this study was carried out in several steps, namely, data reduction (sorting, focusing and attention), data presentation (display) and drawing conclusions. Research result. The innovation attributes at BPJAMSOSTEK Pekalongan City Branch are in accordance with the relative advantage, suitability, complexity, possibility to try and ease of observation. In terms of acceptance of the information system, it is seen from 2 elements, namely the ease of use and the usefulness of the LAPAKASIK information system in accordance with the Theory Technology Acceptance Model (TAM): In the Internal User/BPJAMSOSTEK Aspect In the External Aspect User/BPJAMSOSTEK Participant.
Ilham Gemiharto, H.E. Niluka Priyadarshani
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 343-356;

The digital divide is one of the problems faced by the government since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred. All face-to-face activities in all development sectors are transferred online. The unpreparedness of communication technology infrastructure in Indonesia is one of the obstacles to online learning activities that require a stable internet connection, even in urban areas that already have communication infrastructure with 5G networks. However, it turns out that the problem is not only with infrastructure, what is more important than that is the opportunity and ability of the community to use communication technology. In this study, researchers limit research to only discussing the challenges of the digital divide in the online learning process during the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia with research locations in three districts in West Java in 2020-2021. This research uses a qualitative approach, an exploratory paradigm, in a case study perspective. The data collection process was carried out under natural conditions in the form of observation, in-depth interviews and documentation studies. This study concludes that collaboration between government officials and the community has a positive impact on people's opportunities to carry out online learning processes during the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges of the digital divide faced during the digital learning process can be partially overcome by collaboration between the government, the community and the private sector, although the approach taken is different at each research location.
Hamidi Sjurahudin,
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 446-456;

The aims of this study are: (1) to identify and analyze the estimated demand for chicken and goat satay products in the MSME of Sate Madura Cak Kholil; and (2) to find out the stock safety to overcome the surge in product demand at the MSME of Sate Madura Cak Kholil. The research method used is a descriptive method with a quantitative approach. The sample was determined based on a non-probability sampling technique using the purposive sampling method. The data used in this study included primary data and secondary data, namely data on supply and demand for the MSME of Sate Madura Cak Kholil. The results of the study indicate that the application of collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenish menthasan effect on reducing the bullwhip effect in the MSME of Sate Madura Cak Kholil.
, Arif Kurniawan, Rahmat Hidayat, Ahman Kuktur Hia, Euis Bandawaty
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 370-390;

This research aimed at understanding the effect of service quality, clinic image, and price/tariff on patient trust and loyalty. The multivariate analysis with descriptively and explanatorily-quantitative method was used for this research. The samples of the research were 120 respondents. Data collection was carried out using a questionnaire instrument and was subsequently analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). The results of this research concluded that the service quality and price/tariff had a significant effect on trust and clinic image had no significant effect on patient trust. The quality of service, clinic image, and price/tariff had a significant effect on patient loyalty, while trust had no significant effect on patient loyalty. Trust can mediate the effect of clinical image on patient loyalty. However, trust cannot mediate the effect of service quality and price/tariff on patient loyalty. The strength value of the dependent variable shown by the calculation of multiple correlation values (R2), both trust and patient loyalty are significant.
, Chamoli Anjana
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 416-429;

The purpose of this study is to analyze how much influence the level of education, training, and job placement has on improving employee performance at the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development (BKPSDM) Lubuklinggau City, South Sumatra, Indonesia with a population of 70 respondents who are employees of the BKPSDM and elements of the Infectorate Lubuklinggau City. This research is quantitative research with statistical analysis using SPSS version 23 with a multiple linear regression approach to test the hypothesis and test the coefficient of determination. The results showed that simultaneously the level of education, training, and job placement had a positive and significant impact on improving employee performance, but partially job placement had a dominant influence on improving employee performance, with work placements that matched the competencies possessed by employees through education and training will affect improving the performance of the employee concerned, it is recommended that the Employment and Human Resources Development Agency of Lubuklinggau City continue to maintain employees who are following their competencies, and continuously develop the level of education and training of employees.
, Redjeki Agoestyowati, Nila Prasetyningsih, Yuni Heriyanti, Endra Marsudi
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 357-369;

This research aims to analyze digital optimization Al Eiman Royal hotel, to analyze decision-making efforts are to deal with problems that arise during the pandemic. It also to see the digital optimization strategy carried out by hotels in Madinah during the pandemic. Data analysis source by searching, collecting data by conducting observations and interviews and then making conclusions so that they are easy to understand. The interview technique that will be used is a structured interview. The various data obtained are then processed and analyzed using the IFE (Internal Factor Evaluation), EFE (External Factor Evaluation), TOWS Matrix, and IE Matrix to conclude the strategies that have been carried out and inputs that can be used by Al Eiman Royal Hotel as a reference for optimizing the implementation of digital strategies during the pandemic. According to the research result, the IFE and EFE matrix with a total weight of 3.45 for IFE and 2.51 for EFE puts the hotel is in a Growth Stability position with a strategy to keep and maintain the existing market while being able to develop with new types of services also can formulate strategic options for hotel directions using the TOWS matrix.
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 404-415;

This study investigates the influence of performance of micro and small enterprises on accessing external finance from banks. This study used data from 30 respondents of MSEs by survey questionnaires in West Sumatera, Indonesia. The study used simple linear regression model with the access of credit as the dependent variable and performance of business as the independent variable. The results confirm that the performance of MSEs significantly affect accessibility to external finance from banks. The study recommended that both financial and non-financial measures are important in determining access to credit. Therefore, businesses have to improve their resources in order to increase their performance and to improve their accessibility to credit. Due to their limitations in preparing financial statements, the hybrid approach of using financial and non-financial measures should be considered by financial institutions to assess the conditions of the business. A conductive environment should be created for good relationships among stakeholders.
Yunita Fajar Sari, Rukun Santoso, Erwin Permana, Wiwin Wiwin, Ratih Ayu S
Ilomata International Journal of Management, Volume 3, pp 430-445;

The research at Aetra Air Drinking Water Regional Company of East Jakarta (PDAM) aims to analyze: 1) the influence of work discipline on employee performance, 2) The Effect of Occupational Safety and Health (K3) on employee performance. 3) The simultaneous influence of work discipline and Occupational Safety and Health (K3) on employee performance. The research approach used quantitative paradigms. The population was 339 people and the determination of samples used the Slovin technique so that a sample of 77 respondents was obtained. Data analysis used a co-existing linear regression test by using SPSS. The results show that Work Discipline and Occupational Safety and Health (K3), both simultaneously and significantly affect the performance of employees of PT. AETRA AIR Jakarta, while the managerial implication of these findings is the need for efforts to improve the employee performance of PT. AETRA AIR Jakarta. Referring to the findings of this study, among others, there is a need for firmness from the agency about the employees’ problems, especially for those whose absence rate is high enough to improve discipline. The reason is that the problem of indiscipline affects other employees so that it will affect the overall performance of the company. This research shows that matters related to discipline, and Occupational Safety and Health (K3) should be more considered and always improved to further boost the employee performance at PT Aetra Air Jakarta. Discipline should be improved in terms of supervision from HRD while Occupational Safety and Health (K3) involves other parties/agencies in terms of the Occupational Safety and Health (K3) management system.
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