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Akhilesh A. Waoo, Virendra Tiwari
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 1-7;

Wireless sensor networks (WSN’s) comprise limited energy small sensor nodes having the ability to monitor the physical conditions and communicate information among the various nodes without requiring any physical medium. Over the last few years, with the rapid advancements in information technology, there has been an increasing interest of various organizations in making the use of wireless sensor networks (WSN’s). The sensor nodes in WSN having limited energy detects an event, collect data and forward this collected data to the base node, called sink node, for further processing and assessment. Few attributes of WSN’s like the energy consumption and lifetime can be impacted by the design and placement of the Sink node. Despite various useful characteristics WSN’s is being considered vulnerable and unprotected. There is a large class of various security attacks that may affect the performance of the system among which sinkhole an adversary attack puts dreadful threats to the security of such networks. Out of various attacks, a sinkhole attack is one of the detrimental types of attacks that brings a compromised node or fabricated node in the network which keeps trying to lures network traffic by advertising its wrong and fake routing update. Sinkhole attacks may have some other serious harmful impacts to exploit the network by launching few other attacks. Some of these attacks are forwarding attacks, selective acknowledge spoofing attacks, and they may drop or modify routing information too. It can also be used to send fake or false information to the base station. This study is analyzing the challenges with sinkhole attacks and exploring the existing available solutions by surveying comparatively which used to detect and mitigate sinkhole attacks in the wireless sensor network.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 41-46;

Today, smartphones and Android devices are effectively in development like never before and have become the easiest cybercrime forum. It is necessary for security experts to investigate the vengeful programming composed for these frameworks if we closely observe the danger to security and defence. The main objective of this paper was to describe Mobile Sandbox, which is said to be a platform intended to periodically examine Android applications in new ways. First of all in the essence of the after-effects of static analysis that is used to handle the dynamic investigation, it incorporates static and dynamic examination and attempts to justify the introduction of executed code. On the other hand, to log calls to native APIs, it uses those techniques, and in the end, it combines the end results with machine learning techniques to collect the samples analysed into dangerous ones. We reviewed the platform for more than 69, 000 applications from multi-talented Asian international businesses sectors and found that about 21% of them officially use the local calls in their code.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 23-31;

This paper aims to show that the marketing and management of advertising campaigns have contributed in a positive and growing way since the nineties until now bring in targeted customers and increase sales of electronic products. Social communication networks are transformed into the promoting and marketing advertising forum in order to automatically attract customers without the need for traditional sales methods. In this sense, electronic marketing represents the space of commercial transactions of the future. Therefore, this type of marketing and the management of campaigns promoting social media via social networks have a direct impact on internet users by the effect of electronic advertising.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 5-9;

The engineering for on chip network configuration utilizing dynamic reconfiguration is an answer for Communication Interfaces, Chip cost, Quality of Service, ensure adaptability of the organization. The proposed engineering powerfully arrange itself concerning Hardware Modules like switches, Switch based packet , information to a packet size with changing the correspondence situation and its prerequisites on run time. The NOC Architecture assumes urgent part while planning correspondence frameworks intended for SOC. The NOC engineering be better over traditional transport, mutual transport plan , cross bar interconnection design intended for on chip organizations. In a greater part of the NO C engineering contains lattice, torus or different geographies to plan solid switch. In any case, the greater part of the plans are neglects to advance a Quality of Service, blocking issues, cost, Chip as well as mostly plan throughput, region transparency with inactivity. Proposed plan we are planning a reconfigurable switch for network on chip plan that improve the correspondence performance. The proposed configuration dodges the restrictions of transport based interconnection plans which are frequently applied in part progressively reconfigurable FPGA plans. . With the assistance of this switch plan we can accomplish low inactivity and high information throughput.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 32-40;

This paper focuses primarily on the role of Email marketing and E-commerce. Email marketing is one of the most modern means and marketing methods in the world. The modern information and communication technologies also facilitate the circulation and sending of electronic messages with the highest quality and accuracy. In addition, Email marketing campaigns help to increase the sale of products in electronic shops and to target customers efficiently and legally. However, despite the benefits of Email marketing, there are also many negatives that constitute a real obstacle to promotion and marketing via this messaging system. This study focuses on discussing the most important advantages and disadvantages of Email marketing and analyzing the success factors of this marketing by avoiding these disadvantages and benefiting all these advantages.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 1-4;

Exercising a collection of similar numerous easy to get sources and resources over the internet is termed as Cloud Computing A Cloud storage system is basically a storage system over a large scale that consist of many independent storage servers. During recent years a huge changes and adoption is seen in cloud computing so security has become one of the major concerns in it. As Cloud computing works on third party system so security concern is there not only for customers but also for service providers. In this paper we have discussed about Cryptography i.e., encrypting messages into certain forms, it’s algorithms including symmetric and asymmetric algorithm and hashing, its architecture, and advantages of cryptography.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 10-22;

This paper focuses on the methods and the mechanisms of E-commerce and E-marketing, and the important role of international electronic companies in this vital and digital field. The spreaders of the digital economy and the techniques of information and communication technology are deployed with applications of E-commerce and E-marketing. Thus, the digital globalization opens the horizon of technological development and accelerates the growth of the use of modern techniques through the innovation of the digital economy in our daily lives. In addition, the modernization of companies in the field of E-marketing and E-commerce has a direct impact on the strategic relationship between internet users, information, technology and business. In this sense, my theoretical study determines methods and mechanisms of promotion through E-commerce and E-marketing during the revolution of the digital economy and the technologies of modern and social communication.
Anurag Sinha, Amrit Kumar Bhadani
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 21-30;

According to the present communication system one of the main concerns is secured transformation of data. In this paper we be inclined to propose a two-level encryption in this paper in the first level encryption we use the multiplicative ciphers and Cesar cipher in this level the plain text letters, we shall multiply the key numbers in this level and the second layer encryption we use periodic table exploitation the properties if the quality table, and thus use it for encrypting and decrypting in the same manners. For the information of network security in the second level encryption we will differently types of periodic table properties like atomic no, mass no, IUPAC name, chemical formula, and their properties.
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 16-20;

In recent years, the maximization of a lifetime for wireless sensor networks is considered an important area for researchers. The wireless sensor networks (WSNs) contain two types of sensors that called sensor nodes and sink nodes which sensor node send information to the central node (sink node) that collected its data. Choosing the best location of sink node considered the critical problem that faces the lifetime of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we propose a method that choosing best location of a sink node by applying Salp Swarm Algorithm (SSA) after determining sink node location we create transmission paths between the sink node and rest of nodes using Prim’s minimum spanning tree to choose shortest paths. Accordingly, for fitness function that used to decrease energy consumption for a network. Simulation results clarify that our proposed algorithm that solves localization of sink node presents the best results for prolonging the network’s lifetime compared to Cat Swarm Optimization algorithm (CSA) and Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO).
Indian Journal of Data Communication and Networking, Volume 1, pp 1-9;

The current research intends to evaluate the validity and reliability of the adopted model-BFAS, and investigate relationship between the motives and Facebook addiction in Afghanistan. The adopted instrument were online distributed to undergraduate and postgraduate students and only 431 responded across the country to determine their intentions for using Facebook. The software of RStudio used for descriptive analysis and SEM-PLS approach was applied to hypothesis the relationship between the constructs. Results showed that the BFAS measures intensity of Facebook addiction, although measurement model was reliable and structural model has discriminate validity. Further, the results show that students use Facebook for communication, social interaction and entertainment, and these motives positively predicted Facebook addiction. Based on the results, authors believe that the Facebook addiction is a phenomenon that exists across the countries, and greater use of Facebook would tend to create problem of addiction. In sum up, this research would help parents, serves provider, policy makers, current Facebook users, and students to control their excessive use of Facebook.
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