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Lahai Koroma, L. M. Kamara, Ronnie Freezer-Williams
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012122021

A new compound LK001 identified as 2-Isopropenyl-1-methoxyl-7, 7-dimethyl-4, 9-imidazo-5-hydroxy pyrimidine and named Alchorneinol has been extracted from the root bark of Alchornea hirtella plant. It was isolated using solvent-solvent extraction method from the powdered root bark of A. hirtella. The white powdered compound was slightly soluble in water, ethanol chloroform and tested positive for unsaturation. The compound LK001 contained Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen during elemental analyses. It also tested positive for the presence Hydroxide group thus making it slightly different from the already reported drug Alchorneine. The fragmentation patterns proposed from the Mass spectrum for Sample LK001 and by McLafferty rule support a new compound named Alchorneinol in the root bark extract. Itis therefore one of the active compounds responsible for the treatment of pain, particularly tooth ache, as purgative, stomach-ache and to treat tiredness after intoxication in Sierra Leone.
Pius U. Angioha, Thomas A. Omang, Uduakobong P. Akpabio, James A. Ogar, Tersoo Asongo, Francis Ibioro
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012112021

This study examines the correlation between the national health insurance scheme and access to national health care among female employees in Federal Institutions in Calabar cross river state, Nigeria. The study specifically examines the extent to which the national health insurance scheme reduces the cost of health and Enrollment in the NHIS relates to access to maternal healthcare. Two hypotheses were raised for the study. The survey research design was adopted in collecting data from 400 samples from a population of 9201 female employees of the federal institutions in Calabar cross river state. The instrument of data collection was the questionnaire. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive and correlation analysis. Results revealed that the national health insurance scheme reduced health cost relates to access to maternal healthcare. Results also indicated that Enrollment in NHIS significantly relates to access to maternal health. Based on this result, the study recommends, amongst others, that there is a need for government to improve on health funding as this will help improve access to various provisions of the scheme as it relates to maternal health
A. M. Ogaboh Agba, Eteng I. Etobe, T. Charlie Titus, Pius U. Angioha, Francis E. Ibioro
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012092021

This study examines disparity in call duty and hazard allowance and its implication on health worker's commitment and industrial dispute in tertiary hospital in South-South, Nigeria. A survey method that allows for the use of structured questionnaire was adopted. The study used a combination of purposive and random sampling techniques in determining a sample of 1191 participants from 4 tertiary hospitals in South-South Nigeria. Data gathered from the field was coded and analyzed using Linear Regression at 0.05 level of significance. Results revealed that call duty discrepancies and hazard allowances significantly affect health workers' commitment and industrial disputes in tertiary hospitals. The study recommended, among others, that National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission should carry out a comprehensive review of all health worker's wages and allowances in Nigeria with the view of harmonizing them. The commission should also evolve a periodic pay reform for health workers in Nigeria.
Cruz Garci­a Lirios
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012132021

Studies on the consumption of information technologies, electronic devices and digital networks have shown that expectations are explanatory variables of processes of acceptance, adoption and intensive use that would be linked to anxiety and addiction, as well as to processes of aggression such as stalking, buying or infidelity. In the case of the Internet and electronic networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Periscope, YouTube or WhatsApp, there have been trends towards violence that can trigger and suicidal ideation. However, the measurement of the sociocultural and sociocognitive determinants of intensive use have not established integral models that explain the structure of relations between the variables. Therefore, the present work was proposed to validate an instrument that measures the phenomenon, considering the exposure or the intensive use of electronic networks. The factors that determine the intention of use in a factor structure that explained 63% of the total variance were confirmed, although the design limits the findings to the research scenario, suggesting the inclusion of another factor related to the behavior... Â
Felix E. Ojong, A. M. Ogaboh Agba, Chinenye J. Njirinze, Pius U. Angioha
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012102021

This assessed available information on the effect of ethno-communal crisis on food security and business activities in Nigeria. Literature was reviewed according to the variables raised in the study. The study adopted Eco-violence theory for the study. The survey design was used in the study. Four hundred (400) participants from Yakurr Local Government Area of Cross River State were selected using purposive and simple random sampling techniques. Data was gathered from respondents using a structured questionnaire. Results revealed that ethno-communal crisis has a significant impact on food security and business activities. It was recommended that the government, in collaboration with traditional rulers, should set up well-defined boundaries between communities.
Thomas A. Omang, Mary U. Ojong-Ejoh, Emmanuella Dike, Bassey E. Butum, Adeolu Ayodele
SAINSMAT: Journal of Applied Sciences, Mathematics, and Its Education, Volume 10, pp 52-59; doi:10.35877/sainsmat1012152021

The study objective is to analyze the effect microcredit scheme on household income in Northern Cross River State. The convenient sampling technique was used in collecting data from three Local Government Area that make up Northern Cross River State. The Survey Monkey Sample Determinant Technique was used to arrive at a sample size of 1515, selected using a stratified and convenience sampling technique from Northern Cross River State, Nigeria. A self-developed semi-structured questionnaire was used as the instrument of data collection. Data collected was analyzed using descriptive statistics and Linear Regression. Out of the 1515 instrument distributed, 1306 was returned and used for analysis. The result revealed that all the participants were beneficiaries of Microcredit Scheme. 95.02 per cent reported that since benefitting from Microcredit scheme, their businesses have improved, and 96.78 per cent reporting that their family's living condition has improved since benefitting from microcredit scheme. The results from the descriptive analysis were subjected to parametric statistics using simple linear regression. The results review that woman involving in microcredit scheme has significantly improved household income in the Northern Cross River. This is because the result indicated an R-value of .245a. The regression ANOVA revealed that the F (1, 1307) = 83.345; p < .05, is significant. Based on this result, the study recommends a need for various enlightenment programmes to educate rural people on the benefit of obtaining microcredit for businesses and economic activities that will help move them out of poverty.
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