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Melatitanica Arkarima, ‪mochamad Junaidi Hidayat
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 25-32;

Cork is an environmentally friendly material, has unique properties and characteristics, but in Indonesia Cork is only used as a material coaster and Cork Board products. Therefore, there appears an idea to develop a product of perfume packaging with cork material, because the perfume packaging is only box-shaped and cylinder. In this study, the collection of data used is by means of surveys and interviews, and assisted with supporting data such as secondary data (books, journals, Internet). Case studies conducted on this research conducted on five objects, namely PT. Grafika Prima Sejahtera, CV. Mulia Jaya Box, PT. Universal artwork, Cote De Azuro perfume Store and Victoria's Secret perfume Shop. The analysis used is an experimental analysis, before analyzing the design of competitors ' bottles and perfume packaging as part of the experimental step, researchers divided several stages of the experiment, the material stage, the coloring stage, Management stage, finishing stage, form experiment and material mix. Concept used is the concept of duplicate, namely following the form of perfume bottles and iconic, namely using the shape icons of women's body, to show perfume used in women. The duplicate concept is used on brands such as Bleau De Chanel perfume, Chanel Chance Women, Silver Babe Park Lane and Victoria's Secret. Iconic concept used on brand perfume Bvlgari Omnia. Researchers made 5 design alternatives, 4 with duplicate and 1 concepts with iconic concepts.
Tri Noviyanto P Utomo, Yusita Kusumarini, Stephanus Evert Sindrawan
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 59-66;

The number of post-use or damaged furniture products before their time becomes a problem especially for ecological problems in the work environment. This research tries to explore the creativity of product design based on the principles derived from the concept of green design. One of the principles of green design derived is the upcycle concept. Through the upcycle concept approach, this research tries to construct ex office material into an explorative and ecological new design. This research uses a case study of ex office / campus furniture products that are no longer in use due to damage. The design model based on upcycle concept and formalistic design is used as a basis for design and to analyze design results. The results of this study in addition to creating explorative design products, also explain the principles of ecological regenerative design values, namely optimizing the use of waste materials, durability of product life that can be extended, as well as supporting environmental protection and increasing product values and aesthetics.
Abbyzar Raffi Hernawan, Achmad Syarief
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 43-52;

Daily use objects form someone’s self-image as it mark the appearance of identify, life style and character of a person. Therefore, owned and used objects hold a role of persuasion tool. This well-aware knowledge is deliberately used in political campaign such as posters, baliho, and banners which present image of a political candidate. The appeal of blazer, shirts, eyeglasses, moslem hijab and cap, serves as means to develop self-image and character, especially when it is amplify competent image of an intellectual that hold leadership, and honesty. Using semanic differential method, the research analyze varieties of type, forms/shapes, and physical measurement of eyeglasses; in order to understand perceptual varieties of self-image that openly appear in public
Devanny Gumulya
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 15-24;

Shopping plastic bag is a thermoplastic type LDPE and HDPE, that can be heated with hotpress. Through this recycling process come new material that can used for product material. The recycle plastic material has a lot of potential to be used as a product application. market research From founded many brands that try to recycle plastic still using another new material to give support to the plastic recycle material. Origami is a paper folding art that is commonly known by everyone. The study tried to apply the origami technique on recycled plastic bag material that has been heated with hotpress machine. With origami technique 90% the product can be made with this material entirely without the help of sewing and other materials. This is seen as an opportunity for the market that still use many new materials to support this material. The folding gives construction to the one sheet material and give new function to the recycle plastic material. The research uses experimental method. Series of paper origami patterns are applied on the recycle material, till founded several folding that can be apply on the recycle plastic sheet material. The research result is a variety of functional products made with origami techniques that have been egistered design industry copy wright.
Andry Masri, Fred Soritua Rudianto, Amirul Nefo
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 1-8;

The vehicle as an artifact is an object related to humans through sense, so human behavior in using the product is related to the values that will underlie the interpretation that is carried out as behavior directed by attitudes, and the attitude itself is formed by the values held. This raises the consequence that the design of a product to use must consider the values adopted or that apply to the community, which in turn will underlie the design concept of the product itself. This research tries to offer an approach to get a value that applies to a particular society by interpreting the qualities that exist in the proverb or proverb that is used by the people who will receive the product so that it is expected to obtain a visual basic concept that is in accordance with the values that apply to the community. The method used is a qualitative research method with an analytical approach to observing the response to a given visual stimulus. Starting with the collection of sayings that apply to the prospective user community, formulated values adopted by the community are represented based on adjectives. The results of the formulation of values are then translated into visual concepts which are then tested on the community through questionnaires in the form of product image assessment. It was concluded that the community has the ability to capture the design value offered by a product so that a visual concept can be formulated for a design.
Wahyu Waskito Putra
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 9-14;

Chair and desk are kinds of school furniture that influence for posture. Usage of unergonomically desk and chair will cause musculoskeletal complaint in student. Based on preliminary research conduct to student of ABC elementary school grade 1 and grade 5 with checklist and Standard Nordict Questionnaire (SNQ). Result of checklist in student grade 1 in average stature 115,6 cm mismatch hight of desk and hight of chair with the student. Student grade 5 in average stature 133,7 cm mismacth hight of desk and hight of chair with the student. This cause student musculoskeletal complaints result with SNQ in neck, hand, foot, back, wait, elbow and knee. Unergonomic desk and chair cause bad posture. Mismatch of desk and chair minimalizeted by redesign desk and chair with antropometry of student according to Pahl and Beitz methods. Step of this methods are clarification of task, conseptual design, embodiment design dan detail design. Redesign of school desk and chair result adjustable hight of desk and hight of chair with hight of desk 41,4- 58,9 cm and hight of chair 30,2-40,6 cm. Width of desk 56,3 cm, width of chair 27,3 cm, lenght of chair 39,2 cm and height of backrest 43,5 cm.
Muhamad Ediyansyah, Andry Masri
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 53-58;

The result of the exploration of corncob is a module in the form of a block at this stage of the corncob research with this form will be used as the main component of the product, this research was conducted with a material exploration approach, to explore the potential material of corncob which is expected to be a product that has novelty value. so an experiment is needed on corncobs. The experiments carried out were (1) the development of the physical treatment of the previous square module which had been explored by the industry to find the potential contained in the corncob. (2) Experiment with the corncob square module by using assembly methods and techniques in order to obtain new shapes and potentials. The research was conducted to obtain a product design with an emphasis on material aspects in order to obtain the characteristics of the corncob material. This research provides new opportunities and hopes for the community to have new creations in utilizing the corncob module.
Venlista Suprapto, Yusita Kusumarini, Frenky Tanaya
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 77-86;

The flow of containers in the terminals of the Port of Tanjung Perak Surabaya has increased. The increased container flow has an impact on the pilling up of ex-wood pallets and if this left continuously it become city trash. Even though ex-wood pallets have the characteristics and potential to be developed, for that we have do upcycling. In addition, people who live in narrow homes usually discarded or replaced their old interior products because they do not fit into the new space. Therefore, people need a modular interior product that can be assembled from scratch, and can be arranged according to the needs and desires of the user, by doing upcycling to reduce the pilling up of ex-wood pallets. The design aims to knowing the characteristics and potential of ex-wood pallets, then reused into modular interior products with modules that accordance with their characteristic. The modules are connected using connectors, which can be assembled according to the user’s needs. Design thinking methods consisting of inspiration, ideation, and implementasion are carried out in this design process. The results of this design are modules and connectors that can be assembled into 12 types of products, media promotion, and booth design. This design proved that ex-wood pallets have characteristics and potential that can be develop by upcycling into modules in accordance with the characteristics of used wood pallets that can be assembled using connector into a variety of modular interior products according to the needs and desires of the user.
Widya Christa Turang, Daniel Alexander Octavianus Turang
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 33-42;

Purun is a wild plant that can be found in Kalimantan. Purun is used as material for making traditional handicraft products. Utilization of Purun is currently not favored in demand by the general public, because the design of Purun handicraft products is not yet fully developed so that it didn't get enough attention in the community. This study was conducted using the ATUMICS method with a rapid ethnographic approach and observation technique to support the data collection process and interview technique to explore the depth of the data. The purpose of this research is to develop designs from Purun-made products to increase the selling value of Purun-made products. Based on research that has been done, the design of Purun-made products will focus on women's fashion products in the form of women's bags. Women's handbag products are one of the pioneers of fashion that always grab women's attention.
Linda Lukita, Achmad Syarief, Slamet Riyadi, Andar Bagus Sriwarno
Productum: Jurnal Desain Produk (Pengetahuan dan Perancangan Produk), Volume 4, pp 67-76;

This study is an evaluation of perception and identification of attractive scooter design by female motorcycle riders. Survey with questionaire using Likert scale was conducted on 150 female scooter riders who provided assesment of six scooter design representing design of scooter in Indonesia. Descriptive analysis results show that scooter designs in Indonesia have perception: quality, comfortable to use, can be used by all family members, fun to use, relax and easy, and give confidence, which included in physio, socio, and psycho-pleasure also only reached the visceral and behavioral stage.Female riders’ perception is inline with the female gender characteristics, communal and have high empathy or emotional skill. Attractive scooter design for female riders has ideo-pleasure related perception and is determined from the details of the product design. From the factor analysis, it is described the pleasurability factors has different perception for each design. Conclusion of this study is beside size, type, and design characters, total shape as well as the details of the shape from the scooter design are the things that will affect the perception of the female rider and may provide a different perception of pleasurability evaluation from the female riders.
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