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, Widi Novianti, Yossa Yonathan Hutajulu
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 01-06;

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most significant coal mining resources globally. Its reserves are estimated at 36,3 billion tonnes. It is just that 50-85% low quality. So in this study, researchers can determine the characteristics of coal combustion and coal rank for its utilization by using a Thermogravimetry Analyzer (TGA). The method used in this study is quantitative. Wherein this quantitative method, the researcher will analyze the TGA/DTA graph, which results from laboratory testing. This quantitative method is used to obtain coal combustion characteristics by observing changes in temperature and time in the coal mass. The research results on the characteristics of coal combustion are that the calculation of the activation energy of PCN 1 coal is 9932,9 Btu/lb, and PCN 2 coal is 10270,2 Btu/lb. Based on the results of this study, it is known that PCN 1 and PCN 2 coal are included in sub-bituminous coal B, so their use is for power generation, cement production, and industrial use.
Yilun Peng
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3;

With the growth of the proportion of the ageing population, the problem of population ageing in China has become increasingly prominent because the implementation of family planning policy intensifies the speed of ageing development in China. The restructuring of family structure caused by social reasons, "421" and "422" have become the current family structure mode. With the vigorous development of the economy, the traditional mode and way of the traditional mode and way of providing for the aged cannot meet the spiritual and life needs of the elderly. Most of the institutions only develop the projects to provide for the aged, but not combined with the traditional way of providing for the aged in China. Based on the two-way needs of the young and the elderly, this paper combines the traditional culture with China's current national conditions and constructs the most suitable pension mode for China's traditional pension mode and Chinese people.
Junzhang Chen, , Liang Zheng
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 28-39;

Space syntax is one of the important methods of city analysis and calculation. Based on the theory of space syntax, this research takes two important commercial and financial buildings of Bank of China Tower and Edificio Comercial Si Toi in Macau as examples to analyze their internal spatial structure and import Depthmap for calculation. Combining with related topological calculation methods, by analyzing the topological values of the overall integration degree, local integration degree, global depth and selectivity of the space, quantitatively explore the structure of the space, understand the relationship between the overall space and local space of commercial buildings, and discover the spatial structure And proposed corresponding optimization strategies to provide a reference for the future reconstruction of the typical commercial building space in Macau from the 1980s to the 1990s.
, Bungaran Tambun, Joslen Sinaga
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 66-77;

The purpose of this research is to find out the Role of total productive maintenance application for increasing the efficiency of timber processing production. The method of research is using TPM and OEE. The highest OEE value on the Under Cut machine is 71.91%, Thicknesses = 76.93, Surface Planner = 75.06 %, Six Drill = 69.62 %, Double-end = 86.50 %, spindle Moulder 85.21%, single shaper 72.85%, and automatic Round Dowel machine = 80.63 %. If the eight machines have OEE, there are 2 machines that reach the optimum condition, namely OEE > 85 %. While others are under optimum conditions. The factors that contributed the most so that the ideal OEE value was not achieved during the period Mei-July 2020 and became the main priority for elimination by the company on the Under Cut machine were the Indling factor and Minor Stoppages Loss of 46.83%, reduced speed loss of 29.23% on the Thicknesser factor machine. The dominant ones are Idling and Minor Stoppages loss 44.63% reduced speed loss 17.12%, then meisn 40.11%, then Reduced Speed ​​71.72%.
, Aries Sudiarso, Luhut Simbolon
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 07-12;

Indonesia has the potential for a nuclear emergency, so it is necessary to prepare resources to deal with nuclear emergencies to minimize losses. A nuclear emergency caused by a nuclear reactor accident is a non-military defense sector as the main component supported by other elements of the nation's power. Nuclear Biology and Chemical Company of the Indonesian Armed Forces Army (Kizinubika) is another element of the nation's power that provides reinforcement in non-military defense in the face of nuclear emergencies. The purpose of this study is to strengthen the Kizinubika resources for the Nuclear Energy Supervisory Agency (Bapeten) and the Directorate for the Management of Nuclear Facilities at the National Research and Innovation Agency (DPFKN-BRIN) in dealing with nuclear emergencies in order to support national defense. This type of research is qualitative by using literature study, observation, and interview methods. Internal resource criteria are determined based on the Resources Based View (RBV) theory. The results of the study in the form of recommended resources in strengthening the Kizinubika against Bapeten and DPFKN-BRIN in the form of; (1) The use of the Kizinubika facility as a joint training facility and infrastructure; (2) The use of special equipment Kizinubika in support of nuclear emergency response; (3) Kizinubika's strategic location close to DPFKN-BRIN supports speed in emergency response; (4) Use of Kizinubika's Human Resources through joint training in increasing the quantity and quality of training; and (5) Kizinubika's internal organizational relations support the task of dealing with nuclear emergencies.
Sayed Shafiualh Obiadi, , Friba Fazli
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 56-65;

This research deals with the study of geochemical, petrographic and mineralogical properties of Wolay Nephrite Occurrences in Kunar Province. Nephrite is a relatively silicate mineral, Cyclosilicate, with a chemical composition of Ca2(Mg,Fe)5Si8O22(OH)2 and has a monocline crystal shape. It is found in metamorphic rocks in many parts of the world. Wolay nephrite area is related to the tectonic zone of Jalalabad. Jalalabad zone is located in the eastern part of Afghanistan and south-east of the Nuristan zone. Correspondingly, this zone is related to the upper Cambrian or younger Cambrian. In this area, the age of rocks is related to Archean- Middle Proterozoic AR-PR2. This contribution presents the first systematic mineralogical and geochemical studies on the Wolay nephrite deposit. Electron probe microanalysis, X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectrometry, inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), and isotope ratio mass spectrometry was used to measure the mineralogy, bulk-rock chemistry, and stable (O and H) isotopes characteristics of samples from Kunar. Field investigation shows that the Kunar nephrite ore body occurs in the dolomitic marble near the intruding granitoids. Petrographic studies indicate that the nephrite is mainly composed of fine-grained actinolite with Schist and dolomite. Geochemical studies show that all nephrite samples have low bulk-rock Fe/(FeO + MgO) values (4.72–21.34%), as well as SiO2 (72.75%), Al2O3 (2.01), CaO (14.58%) and NiO (0.05%) contents. The chemical data analysis and interpretation of F=Mg/Mg+Fe percentages show that the Nephrites type is actinolite. The deposit of nephrite mineral has been formed in hydrothermally veins and lens shape in contact with serpentinite and carbonate (dolomite marble) rock in the under study area. The color and its clarity have a direct effect on the economy and its price. The Nephrite from the Khas Konur district is found in green color due to the existence of iron elements.
, H. F. Elbakhshawangy, Abdelfatah Abdelmaksoud
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 13-27;

Heat exchangers are devices whose primary responsibility is to transfer heat, typically from one fluid to another. In such applications, the heat exchangers can be parallel flow, crossflow, or counter flow. An essential part of any heat exchanger analysis is the determination of the effectiveness of the heat exchanger. In the present work, three different types of heat exchangers are investigated. Numerical and experimental performance analyses are applied. The main objective of the present work is to compare the effectiveness of each heat exchanger at different conditions. Six experimental investigations for Plate, shell & tube, and fluidized bed heat exchangers are executed. All experimental tests are reached to steady-state conditions. The results show that the counter flow plate heat exchanger has an effectiveness of 90% compared with the parallel flow of 60% effectiveness for working experimental conditions. Also, the fouling effect in decreasing heat transfer is cleared. In the present work, fouling decreases effectiveness from about 18% to about 4%. In addition, the effectiveness of the fluidized bed heat exchanger depends on the material used for the bed. Finally, the overall heat transfer coefficient is obtained and compared for all experimental tests, and it is directly proportional to the effectiveness of the heat exchanger. The FEHT program is used to get the temperature distribution in all types of present work heat exchangers.
Junzhan Chen, , Liang Zheng, Qiang Tang
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 3, pp 40-55;

The campus buildings carry the reading time and historical stories, while the dormitories carry the memories and dreams of college students. This article takes the Wushan Dormitory of SCAU University as an example. By digging into the main narrative elements of the internal space of the Wushan Dormitory, the relationship between its space and events is analyzed. Based on the perspective of narratology, the convex space analysis method using Depthmap software technology under the space syntax theory is used to analyze the dormitory narrative space from the three main levels of the bedroom space, corridor space and staircase space. Analyze and explore the connection value of the horizon and the depth of the vision so as to effectively and reasonably combine the qualitative theory of narratology with the quantitative analysis of space syntax. By observing the logical relationship between the internal space and space of the dormitory building, the relationship between the dormitory building and the campus, it is theoretically and systematically explained, and people’s understanding of the space narrative theory is deepened. Reference suggestions are given for the activation and protection of the inner and outer spaces of the Wushan Dormitory in the future.
Yiran Chan
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 2, pp 60-67;

Based on the theoretical extension of the greening vision and the application practice of streetscape big data, the average green vision rate within the planned green area coverage block of Luohu District, Shenzhen is calculated by PHOTOSHOP and FCN software, and the differences in spatial distribution and current status characteristics between its 3D green vision rate and the management unit control guidance map of Shenzhen Green Space System Planning (2014-2030) are explored, and the results show that the green space rate in the main urban area of Luohu District, Shenzhen is 36.78%, which is much better than the average level of major cities in the world, but there is still a gap compared with the management unit control guidance map of Shenzhen Green Space System Planning (2014-2030), and this paper proposes optimization suggestions for the current deficiency.
, Isdaryanto Iskandar
Journal of Mechanical, Civil and Industrial Engineering, Volume 2, pp 01-16;

Pellets are compressed feed, compacted through a mechanical process. Pellets can be molded in the form of lumps and small cylinders with different diameters, lengths, and levels of strength. The right moisture content value will maximize the quality of the pellets and increase the value of the Pellet Durability Index(PDI). Many factors affect the moisture content in the feed such as changing the steam pressure configuration, adding moisture to the mixing process, changing the retention time configuration, and other methods. The method tested was to provide variations on the configuration of retention time and steam pressure on the Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) which aims to determine the increase in moisture content in the feed. Variations of retention time configuration tested were 50 seconds, 55 seconds, 60 seconds, 65 seconds, 70 seconds with variations in the Steam pressure configuration in the test were 1.4 bar and 1.6 bar. The test results prove that the retention time of 65 seconds with a steam pressure of 1.4 bar is the best configuration with an increase in moisture content of 2.67% with a difference in moisture content of bagging to the mixing of -0.46.
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