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Ninis Nugraheni
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 109-117;

The enactment of Presidential Decree 12/2020 concerning the Determination of Non-Natural Disasters The Spread of Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) as a National Disaster has an impact on the termination of procurement contracts by the government. During a pandemic, it is often encountered that the Government considers itself in a state of force majeure, so that it is free from its obligations in fulfilling its contracts. This is certainly very detrimental to the contractor. Therefore, there is a need for research related to the responsibilities of the government that are bound in the contract for the procurement of goods and services after the enactment of Presidential Decree 12/2020. Presidential Decree 12/2020 does not automatically abolish the government's responsibility which is bound in the contract for the procurement of goods and services. If the Covid-19 pandemic poses a permanent obstacle to the government from carrying out its achievements (absolute force majeure), then the government can apply for a termination of the implementation of the contract to the provider. Termination of the contract may be accompanied by the provision of compensation to the provider in the form and value agreed upon by the parties. In the event that the force majeure that occurs only creates a temporary obstacle to the fulfillment of achievements (relative force majeure), the government remains responsible for fulfilling its achievements.
Eka Sofia Agustina, Een Yayah Haenilah, Farida Ariyani, Suwarna Dwijonagoro
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 188-199;

Lampung language as one of the subjects that are in local content taught in educational units has experienced a dynamic development. One of the components developed in the element of education is the curriculum. The curriculum is a reference for the implementation of the teaching and learning process in all educational units for all subjects. Lampung language is one of the regional languages in Indonesia and has been taught by the local government of Lampung Province since 1975. The focus of teaching the Lampung language is on linguistic elements in which there is literacy, culture, and literature. The development of the learning paradigm that is attached to each curriculum becomes a reference that every educator needs to study so that the learning mission can be achieved optimally. The research method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The purpose of qualitative description descriptive is research that is used to examine natural objects to describe, describe, explain, explain, and answer in more detail the problems to be studied. For the Lampung language subject, the implementation has elements of specific learning and teaching principles. It consists of, the context of language learning, language skills, strategies to grow language acquisition, and language skills. So whatever the curriculum development and learning paradigm, Lampung language learning still puts forward the four principles of language learning and teaching.
Sukhwinder Singh, Raminder Singh
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 53-62;

Punjab, which is known as one of the richest states in India has not been able to intervene effectively in the area of school education in terms of financial allocations from its inception to till date, which resulted in devastating educational indices for Punjab’s School Education. Punjab has never accorded priority to school education in its financial allocation policy. This lacuna of financial allocation policy has been reflected in the poor educational attainments of the State. Punjab’s position based on literacy marks (21st) and NAS ranks 22nd commensurate to its inadequate financial allocations to school education as a percentage share of SDP. Moreover, the large share of financial allocations is non-plan in nature and a meager share was allocated under the head Plan expenditure. The analysis of the percentage allocation of outlay to general education in the five-year plan also narrates the same story, which indicates towards the government’s inability to accord high priority to general as well as school education as the most important sector of the economy for Human Resource Development (a significant asset of the nation). Moreover, the post-reforms period also witnessed a sharp decline in the share of the education budget out of the state exchequer. Out of this inadequate budget, a very meager share was allocated to school education and the rest to elementary education. The limited increase in the education budget in real terms has in fact converted and reduced the education budget into a salary budget which constitutes 91 per cent of the total expenditure of the school education budget.
Yunus Yildiz, Serdar Dayan
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 188-191;

Diplomacy is the profession or activity of a country's representatives abroad responsible for preserving peaceful ties with other countries. In this context, Hizmet movement teachers are considered in charge of representing their country in another country to build peace bridges. This article emphasizes that ‘Hizmet’ movement teachers work like diplomats overseas, and their performance shapes the diplomacy in communication wherever they are.
Muhammad Irsan Nasution
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 74-79;

This study is a case study conducted in an Indonesian oil palm plantation company. The study aims to understand the digital accounting application in oil palm plantations. The company has changed its recording systems in the plantation area from manual systems using paper to digital systems using applications and gadgets. This study reveals that the company is committed to applying digital accounting systems and, as much as possible, will do paperless administration in the plantation area. The analysis method is descriptive research, namely by collecting and interpreting the data obtained to provide information. In this study, we observe digital technology's use on a palm oil plantation, fingerprint technology for attendance on a palm oil plantation that is directly integrated with the existing payroll system. It is also integrated with the ERP system that is for recorded labors' attendance and calculates their wages and premiums. It helps the company to make faster, efficient, and more accurate reports. There is also the use of Mobile Harvesting System to record harvest density figures, the yield being harvested, and replicate tools to connect and communicate with the ERP systems. Therefore, using digital technology in plantations for accounting and other purposes much helps accelerate the data collection process. Its accuracy also helps to eliminate fraud effectively, efficiently, and accurately.
Nilufar Chorievna Tashmatova
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 192-196;

This article classifies and analyzes the assimilation words expressed in masnavi “Gulshan ul-asror” of Haydar Khorezmi’s, one of the mature representatives of our classical literature, who lived and worked in Khorezm in the late XIV and early XV centuries. It is natural that the interaction, neighborliness and trade relations of peoples of different languages have an impact on the development of their languages, first of all, on their vocabulary. As a results, there are cases of exchange and assimilation. In general, it is expedient to analyze foreign words in the lexicon of Turkic languages by dividing them into two groups:1) ancient (pre-Islamic) period which Sanskrit, Sogdian and Chinese elements are specific;2) relatively new (Islamic and post-Mongol) period. This group includes Arabic, Persian-Tajik and Mongolian dialects. In this study, we examine the pre-Islamic state of the lexemes of the assimilation layer mentioned in the Masnavi. The emergence of Sugd, Sanskrit and Chinese assimilation words in the vocabulary of Turkic languages is assessed as a product of the close ties of the Turkic peoples with the Sughd, Indian, Chinese and Khorezm peoples since ancient times.
Sekitla Daniel Makhasane
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 203-213;

Despite a global concern and interest in researching school violence, little is known about the nature of violence perpetrated by learners against the teachers. The in loco-parentis status of teachers position them in a situation where they are expected to address various challenges that learners encounter. These challenges include, inter alia, school violence. However, teachers are sometimes victims of violence that they experience from their own learners. Thus, school violence is a complicated phenomenon. This paper is intended to add to the debates about school violence with a focus on physical violence and threats of violence perpetrated by learners against teachers and the leadership implications thereof. The paper uses eco-systemic theory to interpret and explain the said violence. I used semi-structured interviews to generate data from 12 teachers and 2 principals. The participants were purposely selected from two South African high schools. The findings revealed that learner-on-teacher violence in general and physical as well as threats of violence in particular are complicated in that they occur within the parameters of interconnected systems and subsystems. The paper argue that it is imperative for principals and other teachers to provide a vision and direction for non-violent relationships between learners and teachers.
Peng Yin
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 235-243;

Conceiving translation as a cultural construction tool, this paper, resting on the translation of “foreigners” in China during the late Qing and the early Republic, explores how the West and the Westerners as Others are constructed diachronically in the period. It finds that the prominent scholars in the period, most of whom were educated in the Western academic institutions, produced the discourses on foreigners’ superiority. Foreigner was initially used to describe the phenotypic differences between those born and grown up in China and those who are not. Chinese cultural homogeneity endows foreigners with derogatory connotations. In contrast, the Chinese constitution of discourses on foreigners in the late Qing and the early Republic moves foreigners from a periphery position to a central one in Chinese society.
Isaac Boaheng
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 1-11;

One of the key Christian doctrines is atonement. The subject of atonement is very important in Christian theology because it is the basis for God’s reconciliation of the world onto himself. The concept of atonement is found in many other religions apart from Christianity. From an Akan socio-religious perspective, atonement is required to maintain the relationship between humans and the supernatural realm. This paper explored the nexus between the Akan primal concept of atonement and the Christian doctrine of atonement using a literature-based research methodology. The paper demonstrated how an Akan primal understanding of atonement might enhance the Akan Christian understanding of the atonement of Christ. The discussions serve to facilitate the contextualization of the Christian doctrine of atonement for the Akan Christian community so as to make God’s salvific work relevant and meaningful to the Akan people. The main thesis of the paper is that an adequate understanding of the Akan traditional concept sin, priesthood and atonement prepares one to appreciate Jesus’ role as the ultimate high priest whose once-for-all sacrifice brought to an end the repetitious and imperfect sacrifices offered in Akan traditional religious context.
Sarvar Tursunmurotovich Sobirov
International Journal of Social Science Research and Review, Volume 5, pp 12-16;

The article discusses the specific features of illustrations and their importance in the development of students’ imagination. In addition, the development of imagination in students through the use of illustration, the use of opportunities for illustration in ensuring the continuity of age in children, the continuity of art classes, the requirements for the use of illustration in fine arts classes and the book the functions of illustrations in understanding the content are highlighted.
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