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, Carmichael D. Soria
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 902-908;

The study involves the implementation of a solar power monitoring system to solar-powered houses to help owners keep watch and make preventive maintenances to respective solar power systems installed at home.
Mark Anthony Mendoza Rosal, Jessie S. Echaure
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 889-901;

The focal objective of this study was to examine the various teaching styles, learning styles, as well as the level of competencies of children with special needs in the Secondary Public schools of Zone IV, Division of Zambales during School Year 2018-2019.The aforesaid study applied quantitative descriptive research design with questionnaire as the main instrument in gathering from teacher and students with special needs. Moreover, the study revealed that the Special Education (SPED) teacher is typically female, in her early adulthood, married, master’s degree holders with almost a decade in the teaching service and few numbers of attendance to seminars and training. The Special Education (SPED) student learning style was “visual learning”. There is substantial difference on competence level when congregated conferring to grade level, and age. There is significant difference on the learning styles of SPED students when grouped according to grade level, and age profile. There is significant difference on the teaching styles when clustered according to sex, age, highest educational attainment, length of years in service and number of trainings. Finally, the researcher recommended that if budget warrants, the school administrators should prioritize sending teachers handling SPED class for training and seminars to keep abreast on the new trends in teaching physically handicap students; hiring legitimate and experts in SPED program should be hired for better implementation of the program is strongly encourage; to administer/conduct a parallel or similar study in order to validate and confirm the findings attained in the study.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 850-857;

Distance Learning had evolve through many ages and generation. This became the main source of teaching on the present since its become convenient and efficient to everyone. As COVID-19 pandemic creates a devastating effect throughout the world, Philippines become innovative on how they will able to adapt and continue the classes with the use of parents as the molder of their children. The main objective of the study is to correlate the level of parent’s involvement on students’ performance in distance learning of Negros Occidental High School during this times of pandemic. A sample size of three hundred thirty-six (336) students were accommodated in the study covered the Senior High School day class students for S.Y. 2020-2021 who are under the two learning modalities — print and digital learning and were randomly selected from different strands both Academic and Non Academic Tracks composed of grade levels namely Grade 11 and 12. A researcher made survey questionnaire was used as a research instrument to gathered data. Proper encryption and verification of data was done to derive a certain result. Results shown that parents involvement in distance learning have no significant relationship towards the performance of the student. The proponents suggested continuing the wider scope of the same study with having larger samples in expanding the range to both Junior High School and Senior High School in order to show various results may add to the body of knowledge in parent’s involvement and student’s performance.
Bernardo K. Gumarang Jr., Brigitte K. Gumarang
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 914-917;

Education has a great role on the growth and development of economy. It builds the young generation to become competent and future leaders of a country. It is observed by the Filipino people that there are problems in the Philippine education. This paper identified and discussed the problems occurred in the education system of the Philippines. A Literature review process was utilized by the researchers. The researchers also identified solutions on the problems being identified using the findings of the different studies. The result showed three major problems in the Philippine education system such as overcrowded students in a classroom, teacher are teaching subjects that is not their expertise, and poor quality in instruction. It is recommended that the Philippine Education must review their policies in hiring educators and address the needs of its stakeholders. These findings can be used as basis in creating policies to ensure quality in education.
Abul Firnas, Munas,
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 934-942;

Readings plays an important role in the life of a human. It is also one of the most important components of the language. Reading habit is determined by measuring how often the people read, how long do they read and what do they read. Particularly for students, reading is very crucial part for them during the span of learning. It is an instrument used to acquire new knowledge and skills. This study aims to investigate the reading habits among students and their effect on their academic performance. This study is conducted at ATI, Sammanthurai located in the Eastern province, Sri Lanka. Data are collected using questionnaire with deductive approach in quantitative method and analyzed by statistical package for social science (SPSS). Findings are presented using frequency analysis, regression analysis, descriptive analysis and correlation analysis. The questionnaire is conducted via Google form then shared among the students of ATI, Sammanthurai. The findings indicate that most of the students has a good reading habit and it affects their academic performance positively. Finally, the study confirms that there is a relationship between reading habit and the academic performance of the students. Some findings are that; the majority of the respondents read class notes which means the need to read it for the examination purpose. Majority of the students get reading material via internet (81.4%) as they state that they spend most of their time in surfing internet and using social media.
Bernardo K. Gumarang Jr., Romel C. Mallannao, Brigitte K. Gumarang
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 928-933;

Descriptive phenomenology is a common methodology employed in social science research to investigate and describe people's lived experiences. It is both a philosophy and a scientific technique, and it has undergone several modifications as it expanded from the original European movement to encompass the American movement. This paper discussed and explained the process in applying Colaizzi’s method in descriptive phenomenological research under the field of education. This paper used a published research study, which the process of Colaizzi was utilized to give enough help in sorting, organizing, analyzing and presenting the narrative dataset. The main objective of using Colaizzi's descriptive phenomenology method was to generate an exhaustive description of the phenomena addressing the challenges of student moms in the midst of pandemic. Descriptive phenomenology is particularly beneficial for correctly describing the problems of student moms, and the result may be applied as the voice of this group of students during pandemic. This can be a basis of School Institutions in crafting policies as well the National Government.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 943-950;

Ghosting is a popular term in mass media that has continued to baffle many with its ambiguity as a dissolution strategy. Multiple studies in the past have explored ghosting within romantic relationships, examining how this dissolution strategy has impacted the two parties involved: the initiator (ghoster) and the non-initiator (ghostee). However, it has been stated that ghosting can exist outside of romantic relationships as it may also occur within friendships or even if the relationship is questionably nonexistent. The objectives of the paper seek to understand how ghosting happens within these non-romantic relationships, its effects on the initiators and non-initiators, and its possible differences when compared to romantic relationships. Semi-structured interviews were conducted through video communication platforms on thirty respondents ages 18-25 who have experienced ghosting or been ghosted by a friend. Through the use of descriptive phenomenological qualitative study, the results revealed that 1) ghosting in non-romantic relationships occurs on technology-mediated channels, 2) the initiators experienced post-dissolution feelings of regret, 3) the non-initiators experienced feelings of uncertainty, 4) ghosting a friend is more socially acceptable than ghosting a romantic partner, and, 5) ghosting is more frequent in non-romantic relationships due to the lower levels of commitment and expectations. Other recurring themes, such as the common reasons behind ghosting for the initiators and ghosting as a justifiable means of dissolving the relationship, were also found.
Kimberly Cui Nuevo Toring, Eugene Escalona Toring, Jonathan Obinque Nuevo, Patricio G. Gabuya,
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 975-987;

Senior citizens are an important sector in society. Some began their new career during the middle age and many continued a long legacy of productivity and passionate social service living a life of commitment. The aims of the study is to assess the senior citizen’s health and social services in Cebu City. The study uses quantitative and qualitative methods. A statistical computation was used to achieve an acceptable accuracy of findings and the qualitative research double-checks the quantitative research. Furthermore, the qualitative method was used to measure the data since it allowed the participants to give in-depth, detailed answers by personal interview. The Researchers explored the participant’s answers, thus clearing any ambiguity before analyzing and publishing the collected data. The study revealed that the level of implementation of social services for senior citizens was well implemented; The level of perception of health services for senior citizens were provided; The management of senior citizens office has the biggest financial appropriation; that there was no correlation between social services and the perception level since both were labeled not significant. To address the gap a substantial budget shall be allocated to the sixty (60) barangays of Cebu City to be incorporated in OSCA budget. A development plan was proposed as the output of the study.
, Surendra Tiwari
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 882-888;

What is changing in business research in terms of practices and methods? Are the emerging trends in business research valuable enough to be included as essential contents for the course on business research? This research paper aims to troupe a light on the drifts that are likely to sojourn for a significant time and hence are academically must to deliver in classroom session while coaching progression on business research. This paper explores business correlated emergent research practices and tools with an objective to find their suitability from academic standpoint. This paper will uncover the trends that may help students in becoming potentially more suitable and job ready for research industry that offer keys and solutions to businesses and also aids in the advancement the subject substance of course on business research approaches. The global content in this paper creates valuable insight on the basis of exploration of emerging research trends hence this paper shall contribute as a reference material for the imminent forthcoming research interrelated to this topic.
Froilan Mobo
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 2, pp 909-913;

Emerging Technology Trends in Education is defined as those technologies that represent new and significant developments in the field like the Internet of Things (IoT), Education 4.0 which uses the Blending Learning, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality. In this time of Pandemic there are lots of challenges encountered like we cannot conduct a face to face classroom instruction and even the simulation of activities. Educational courses that require laboratory of simulation of activities is the biggest challenges because students are having hard time in understanding the practical real-time applications. In this time of Pandemic the evolution of Emerging Trends in Education helps a lot because it’s characteristics to adopt the requirements as required by the Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 (IATF.)The purpose of the study is to help and strengthen the role of the Emerging Trends in our Education amidst the Pandemic and to help our Educational Sector boost up the level of education in the new Normal Approach and schools will be able to adapt these emerging technologies specially in this time of a pandemic. In conclusion Emerging Trends plays a vital role because majority of the educational sector are now using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) in their practical laboratory exercises while at home.
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