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, Normylene Dalug, Nihayah Galawan, Harold Jay Hibaya, Jenan Jenan
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 627-639;

Radiologic Technology students are among those who felt the intensity of drastic changes brought by the pandemic in education, particularly when distance learning was utilized. The main objective of this study is to find out the varied experiences of the selected students and find out the necessary measures that need to be taken to address the emerging issues that surround distance learning. This phenomenological qualitative research was done by interviewing the selected respondents from Iligan Medical Center College, transcribing their answers, and utilizing thematic analysis to find out the recurring themes. The respondents of this research were the eight selected students, who were enrolled in Radiologic Technology program. There were two respondents taken from each year level and interviewed online. The responses taken from the interview transcripts were grouped and labelled according to their semantic similarities. The researchers found out that the current distance learning practices of Iligan Medical Center College include online-synchronous and online-asynchronous learning. The students’ main problems regarding this type of education include their teachers’ lack of knowledge on technology utilization, financial constraints, internet connection problems, lack of focus on their lessons, their vulnerability to cheating, and the health issues and problems. Moreover, the coping strategies of the students to the problems they encounter in distance learning include time-management and getting support from the significant persons around them. In addition, the students assert that the school administration should monitor the teachers even more and improve their digital skills in order for them to relay the lessons more efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, they also emphasized that the teachers’ discussion should be livelier in order to encourage active learning and that they should be more considerate and patient, especially when the students try to approach them for something that they did not understand. In addition, the students also believed that the teachers should practice more in using their technological resources. Generally, data from this research imply that the distance learning will be even more successful if there is a proper preparation and training for both the teachers and students. Also, there should be an intervention program that will help the students in dealing with their mental and health issues.
, Arvind Hans
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 650-660;

Research Aims: Improve organizational commitment through leadership, organizational equity, and Integrity. Design/methodology/approach: A survey method with path analysis techniques to test the direct effect and use Sobel test to test the Arbitrating effect of variable variables: Leadership (X1), Equity (X2), and Integrity (X3), on the Organizational Commitment (Y) at Hotels in India. Data were collected using a questionnaire. The number of samples for the study was 123 respondents drawn from a population of 153 people. Research Findings: Leadership, organizational equity, and Integrity have a positive and significant effect on organizational commitment. That the variable that most affects organizational commitment is the Integrity variable. Whereas for testing the Arbitrating effect, the results obtained are Arbitrating effects of leadership on organizational commitment through Integrity, there is an Arbitrating effect of leadership on organizational commitment through equity, and there is an Arbitrating effect of organizational equity on organizational commitment through Integrity, with the number of Arbitrating effects. It was found that the Arbitrating effects of leadership through equity showed greater results than through Integrity. Theoretical Contribution/Originality: The effect of leadership, equity, and Integrity to increase organizational commitment. Managerial Implication in the South East Asian context: A great organizational commitment from human resources in a hotel, management of hotel could improve the business and adapt in response to situation changes. Research limitation & implications: management of hotels should find a strategic point how to improve organizational commitment of their employees to their company.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 498–506-498–506;

The study has utilized a multi-methodology research design with assessment tests and a structured interview guide as instruments in gathering the data. In class 2020, there are 72 students and 8 Teachers of Science, Technology and Society (STS) who served as participants in the study. The assessment test was validated by three experts, Science, Technology and Society teachers with sciences as specialization and a professional education teacher. There are two types of instruments were used to gather data, these are (a) an assessment test and (b) structured interview guide. The assessment test is compose of two parts (I) the traditional multiple choice assessment test that is composed of 20 questions and (II) close-ended essay which consists of five questions. The structured interview guide is composed of one question “In your perspective, should ‘COVID-19 Pandemic’ be included in a STS curriculum? Why?” The results of the study have concluded: level of understanding of the students based from the traditional and essay assessment tests are both fairly satisfactory; level of conceptual understanding based from the relationship between the assessment tests has moderate positive correlation; the perspectives of the teachers regarding the inclusion of COVID-19 Pandemic concept in the STS curriculum, seven themes have emerged. The themes focused on addressing COVID disparities experience across multiple dimension and use it for curriculum formulation and empowerment of STS literacy. The study has recommended; heighten and strengthen the students’ conceptual understanding toward COVID 19 Pandemic through series of topics and teaching approaches; strategically include the concept of COVID-19 pandemic in the curriculum.
Taurina Jemmy Irwanto, Aldi Setiawan, M. Hazin Mukti
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 693-702;

Roads as transportation system infrastructure that are routinely used to support human activities every day must have adequate quality. The increase in the number of public and private vehicles results in the use of roads that continue to increase to the potential road damage if they do not have adequate quality. One of the factors of the quality of road infrastructure is the road pavement. This study is to examine the effects of bamboo shell powder as Filler on the ac-WC hot asphalt mixture on the characteristic value of Marshall. In this study we used Marshall Testing. This research was carried out in laboratories, starting from literature studies, material collection, material testing, determination of mixed plan asphalt levels, preparation and manufacture of test objects and Marshall testing. This study found bamboo shells to be one of the mixed materials in the hot asphalt mixture so that it becomes an asset for residents in the future.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 717-730;

This study aims to examine the disclosure of regional financial statements in terms of political competition, government complexity and level of financial dependence. The research conducted is an empirical study. Empirical studies were conducted using secondary data obtained from observations. The research subjects are districts and cities in the province of the islands of Bangka Belitung, totaling 6 districts and 1 city. The object of research is the size, wealth, complexity, regional dependence and political competition on the disclosure of Internet Financial Reporting. The population of this study is all regencies and cities in the Province of the Bangka Belitung Islands from 2017 to 2020. The sample used in this study is a saturated sample where all members of the population are used as samples. The results show that the size of the local government does not affect the disclosure of internet financial reporting, the wealth of the local government has an effect on the disclosure of internet financial reporting, political competition has no effect on the disclosure of internet financial reporting and regional complexity has no effect on the disclosure of internet financial reporting.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 538–547-538–547;

The financial environment of a company is a main factor for the business success, especially SMEs forced to be highly efficient in allocating their limited resources to ensure survival and generate profits by financial constraints. This study aimed to look into the relationship of financial decision skills among managers of SMEs and business performance in Dapitan and Dipolog Cities, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines during calendar year 2018. The study utilized the quantitative method. A standardized questionnaire checklist was made. The respondents were managers and employees. Secondary data from financial statement was also utilized, and the use of financial ratio was made in determining the business performance of SMEs. The main statistical tools used were frequency count, mean computations, analysis of variance, and Pearson r product moment coefficient of correlation. The study revealed that managers of Small and Medium Enterprises in Dapitan and Dipolog Cities only exhibits intuitive skill to cash ratio and rational skill to debt ratio. These findings support the claim that managers or owners practice intuitive skills and rational skills were effective in dealing their financial obligations. The researcher recommended that managers of SMEs should participate in training and seminars to enhance and develop the exact skills in financial decision-making that are attributable to the business performance.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 528–537-528–537;

Work immersion is a key subject under the Senior High School (SHS) curriculum that is conducted in different ways and time frame as needed by SHS learners. This study was conducted to find out the work immersion performance of the Grade 12 students at San Isidro High School and Subic National High School, Zambales, Philippines. The IV-DV model of this research involved the profile of the student respondents and their work immersion performances in the schools’ partner companies. This study utilized the descriptive method of research which adapted the DepEd Schools Division of Bulacan’s checklist for work immersion performance. Data revealed that student-trainees performed very satisfactorily on their work immersion showing good work ethics and personality suitable of a future employee in any company they want to apply in. Male and female ABM students have the same level in job skills which implied that the profile variables of the trainees have no influence on the work immersion performance. From the findings and conclusion of this study, the implementing schools may need to improve the academic performance of ABM students to reach an excellent level and may allow them to join trainings and seminars given to regular employees about improving work ethics and personality development.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 613-626;

This study investigated the contributing factors that affect the module completion of Grade 12 students in Governor Alfredo M. Abueg Sr. National Technology and Vocational Memorial High School, Brooke’s Point, Palawan. A descriptive-correlation method was utilized as the research design of this study. A validated researcher-made questionnaire written in English which was based on a 5-point Likert Scale was distributed to a sample of 46 regular Grade 12 students. Respondents were randomly selected from seven (7) different Technical-Vocational Livelihood (TVL) courses. Findings revealed that most of the respondents belong to the age bracket of 17 or below, female, were living within the town and were with closely approximating proficiency in their General Weighted Average (GWA). Students rated “sometimes” that their module completion was affected by the factors such as the content of the Self-Learning Module, parental support, internet connection, social media, health condition, and proximity of the house from the school. The result of the regression analysis has shown that there was a weak association between teacher support and location as well as between internet connection and GWA of the student. Furthermore, the intervention measure was designed by the researcher. The findings of this study provided inputs to school heads and teachers to formulate intervention programs and policy development on the factors affecting students’ module completion.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 703-709;

The study was conducted at the Cavite State University-Naic. It aimed to assess the existing electronic class record (e-class record) used by the faculty members, problems encountered by teachers on the use of e-class record; and recommend solutions for teachers and administrators to solve problems encountered in the use of e-class record. The statistics used were weighted mean, ranking, frequency distribution, and percentile. In the assessment, faculty members believed that using the electronic class record lessens the amount of time spent by teachers in grade computation. They also believed that the e-class record made their computation easier with a weighted mean of 4.62. All faculty members favored the benefits of using the electronic class record. Meanwhile, the lowest mean of 3.79 is on the use of electronic class records to help update students about their academic strengths and weaknesses. Most of the recommended solutions in the survey were agreed upon by the teachers. First on the rank was that there should be an immediate response from technical personnel regarding problems with the computer system. The second was the conduct of regular updates of the e-class record. The third was to provide adequate computer facilities such as printers and computers for the faculty to encode their grades. And last on the recommendation was the conduct of training on basic computer skills.
International Journal of Multidisciplinary: Applied Business and Education Research, Volume 3, pp 597-612;

Based Feeding Program beneficiaries and their academic performance in selected public school of Subic. This study was limited only to the three hundred forty (340) SBFP recipients of grade 4-6 elementary students in the District of Subic who were randomly selected. The study used descriptive survey method design. The major findings include the following: There was significant difference between the academic performance of students before and after the implementation of the school-based feeding program. Social, Behavioral and Economic problems encountered had low negative relationship with academic performance of beneficiaries before and after the implementation. The null hypothesis was rejected; hence there is significant relationship between the problems encountered and the academic performance of SBFP. The following recommendations are Employed parents may not take their child’s health nutritional status for granted by ensuring enough time to supervise their feeding habits of their child. School feeding coordinators may also look into the problems of the beneficiaries and not just providing them food during feeding time. School advisers and teachers may collaborate with parents/guardian of the SBFP beneficiaries in minimizing and eliminating the sources and cause of problems to attain higher level, if not the highest level of academic performance.
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