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, Jeperson Hutahaean, Muhammad Iqbal
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 480-488;

CRM is a marketing strategy to create and maintain a good relationship with customer and decrease the possibility customer move away to other competitors. This research present the analysis of web-based CRM development in Marketing Information System at Toko ZU MS GLOW SUMUT STOCKIST. The result is an CRM web-based system which can manage customer data, product promotion, product sales data and managing of customer service that used to save customer question and complain to create good relationship with customer. This application, Toko ZU MS GLOW SUMUT STOCKIST is expected to mantain good relationship with customer or get new customer, which eventually bring benefits to the company. With this method, results can be obtained in the form of the realization of a Customer Relationship Management Application to simplify, accelerate and optimize the quality of customer service
Woro Agus Nurtiyanto, Perani Rosyani, Moch Koiru Ihksanudin
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 610-616;

The burglary of a safe in Jombang, East Java, lost valuables belonging to the Multipurpose Business Cooperative (KSU) Niaga Cemerlang. Therefore, a security system tool was made in the safe where it functioned as storing valuables and important assets. Changing the security system using a security system with a personal identification number method with a modulo arithmetic pattern. The safety system of the safe is designed in layers installed with an RFID tag by registering and then verifying it on the card. Entering the password on the card is unreadable or unverified, then the system will refuse to open. Arduino mega component with type 256, passive RFID tag attached to the RFID reader, only 1 validated passive tag can open the security access system with 6 keypad passwords that are inputted only 3. Transistors in the solenoid driver circuit work after the security system is open. The servo motor can rotate according to the input of the 900. open servo angle rotation program
, Mohammad Aldinugroho Abdullah
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 547-553;

In the current digital era, it is very important that business people need a website to make it easier to make sales online, buyers can search for goods without having to come to the store. Books are windows of knowledge. The Bookstore sells various types of best-selling book categories, latest books, school textbooks, cooking books, internet computer books, internet computer books, comics and novels, religious books, self-development books. The problem is that the bookstore owner has difficulty in knowing sales reports, difficulties in the number of available or empty book stocks, types or categories of books that cannot be separated. Designing a book sales information system and software developed using the Agile Development Methodology. The purpose of this study is that bookstores can have a website that attracts buyers, is easy to use and access, has a book category and search for books to make it easier for buyers to find the books they want and also make it easier for owners to manage book stock and reports
, Dade Nurjanah, Hani Nurrahmi
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 661−666-661−666;

Bullying is when someone or a group of individuals is continuously attacked. Because of the advancement of the internet, it has become very easy for society to engage in harmful acts of bullying by attacking a person or group of people who can hurt the victim, this is known as cyberbullying. Twitter is a social media platform that may be used by the society to share information and can also be used to perpetrate cyberbullying actions by sending messages (tweets) that addressed to the victims. This final project was developing a system to detect cyberbullying on Twitter. The system uses the Support Vector Machine method to classify whether the tweets that are shared include cyberbullying or not. In addition, this research also uses Term Frequency-Inverse Document Frequency (TF-IDF) and N-gram feature extraction for data that has gone through the pre-processing stage. In collecting data, the author crawled tweets based on the keywords 'jelek', 'bodoh', 'goblok', 'brengsek', 'bangsat', 'memalukan', 'laknat', 'bacot' and 'pelacur'. The best performance results of the research is 76.2% accuracy, 73.2% precision, 78.2% recall and 75.6% F1-Score generated by the RBF kernel with a total of n=1
, Nurwati Nurwati, Elly Rahayu
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 639-648;

The implementation of Data Mining is very much needed by UD Andar because this trading business sells various types of products. This trading business sells powdered herbal medicine, plastic bags, food & beverage ingredients, and frozen foods that are in demand by consumers. Judging from the large number of consumer requests, it turns out that there are several best-selling and not-selling products, so based on the last 1 year data, a prediction of the best-selling product sales is needed, in order to make it easier for trading businesses in planning stock providers. Because the current system is still manual, the data obtained is less accurate and efficient. So to overcome this, we need a sales prediction system for best-selling products with data mining techniques using the k nearest neighbor method. This research produces a system of k nearest neighbor algorithms in data mining techniques that help to predict the sales of the best-selling products at UD Andar
, Rabiah Aminullah, Soni Soni, Yoze Rizki
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 728-737;

Autism is a developmental and behavioral disorder of children where social relationships are disrupted, namely children with autism cannot interact with other people, including their parents. Autistic children experience disorders such as communication disorders, social relationship disorders, and behavioral disorders, resulting in a child. Parents often do not realize the differences and abnormalities that appear in their children until they are three years old. They just realized that their child is different from other children. There are several basics of treating autism and there are some teachers who can help cure autism in children. The teacher treats autistic children with an approach that is adapted to the problem. Types of autism basically this child is divided into four categories, including social interaction disorders, behavioral generalized disorders, communication disorders, and self-stimulation disorders. This research designs and builds an expert system (expert system) for diagnosing Autism disorders in early childhood based on the web Method of Forward Chaining. This Forward Chaining is very good to use if the work starts with recording the initial information and wants to reach the completion or final goal. This expert system is considered capable of providing information and solutions for parents, about the types of autism disorders in early childhood, based on the symptoms entered and can provide solutions
, Nuri Aslami
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 604-609;

Determining the viability of establishing business support for small and medium companies (UKM) is one of the activities that must be assessed carefully and selectively based on the existing evaluation at the Medan City Cooperatives and UKM Office. It is hoped that as a result of this, adequate outcomes for business development help for small and medium companies (UKM) to get assistance funding in business development can be obtained. The solution to the aforementioned issues is to construct a decision support system to aid in determining the feasibility of UKM development assistance. Smart (Simple Multi-Attribute Rating Technique) was chosen to facilitate the aforementioned problem solution by assigning weight to each choice. This decision support system demonstrates how improvements in science and technology may help the Medan City Cooperatives and UKM Office determine the feasibility of village development assistance for the right choice of SMEs based on the proper factors and calculations
, Lailyn Puad, Elzas Elzas
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 704-712;

Drug abuse is currently a very serious threat to the current generation. The current danger of drugs is so terrible that the government has to deal with drug abuse and drug addicts by means of rehabilitation. The National Police of the Republic of Indonesia, in particular the Directorate of Drugs and the Jambi Regional Police, based on the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations, regarding rehabilitation and narcotics addicts have an obligation to carry out a rehabilitation program. However, nationally, especially in Jambi Province, there is currently no reporting system on the management and control of narcotics addicts data online while based on 2021 data, the data on narcotics addicts is quite high, so it requires a system for monitoring the rehabilitation data for narcotics addicts to make it easier to monitor. its existence. In order to overcome the existing problems, the author wants to help and make it easier by designing and building an information system for the rehabilitation of narcotics addicts in the Jambi Regional Police area using the agile software development method. The purpose of building a system using this method is to assist and facilitate the management and control of narcotics addicts in the Jambi Regional Police by involving maximum involvement of stakeholders and related parties, especially the Narcotics Directorate and Jambi Regional Police so that the use of applications is more adaptive and can be developed more widely. more in responding to the challenges and changes that exist. The result of this research is that the system development is carried out using the agile software development method using six stages, namely meetings (meeting), planning (plan), design (develop), testing (test), and evaluation (evaluation). Based on the results of system testing carried out using black box testing, the system was as expected
, Ruri Ashari Dalimunthe, Endra Saputra
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 584−592-584−592;

Public service is a process of bureaucratic performance, the link with bureaucratic culture is very strong, meaning that any activities carried out by public service officers must be guided by the normative rules that have been determined by public organizations as a manifestation of the behavior of public organizations. In this regard, the problem that exists is that the service of public officials at the Pulau Rakyat Sub-district Office, Asahan Regency, shows that there are still deviations in attitudes and behavior as well as the actions of the apparatus as public servants. In everyday reality, it shows that the management services are complicated, require a large amount of money, are less informative or less transparent and discriminatory. In fact, people's expectations for improving the implementation of public services are actually getting further away from the reality. The quality of service is indicated by the absence of professional services, which is the success of the government in managing quality services. The quality of service by the employees of the Pulau Rakyat Sub-district Office of Asahan Regency who are selfish, considerate and serious to carry out their duties and obligations, as well as low knowledge and skills in carrying out their duties
, Nursobah Nursobah
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (bits), Volume 3, pp 632-638;

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic period greatly affects various aspects of life, one of which is the issue of the economy. This problem has an impact on the field of education, one of which is at the university level. where many students whose parents/insurers of tuition fees are experiencing financial constraints due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. So we need an effective way as a recommendation in analyzing student data based on the socioeconomic status of each student's parents in determining the group of UKT recipients. There are many ways that can be used, one of which is by utilizing data mining to group data for students who are entitled to get UKT using the K-Medoids method. The application of the K-Medoids method is used to group data on students who are eligible to receive UKT assistance funds with the aim of being a recommendation in analyzing student data based on the socioeconomic status of each student's parents in determining the UKT recipient group for the university. Whatever the results of the application of the K-medoids method, a group that deserves to be recommended is based on the results of Cluster / Grouping 0 with a total student data of 8 people based on the results of consideration of the criteria used, namely Parents' Occupation, Home Ownership Status and Parents' Income
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