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, Desri Yani
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 165-175;

Implementation of a computerized book lending data collection system can run better and more efficiently than manual systems, and can minimize paper usage. Data collection systems such as borrowing and returning books are still done manually, namely by recording borrowing and returning transactions in the book. Manual recording method like this is considered less effective and efficient, because it can consume time and librarian personnel in terms of manual data collection. Therefore, with computers and the internet, by making an online library application it will be able to provide satisfying services for students and assist librarians in processing book data collection. Through a computerized data collection system such as building an online library application website, it can help librarians in the process of collecting data and making reports that are more effective and efficient, and can make it easier for students who want to find books and borrow books in the library more easily. So the implementation of the online library application website is a good solution to make it easier to solve this problem. In this study, a website was created to carry out borrowing transactions and book data collection in the library, then a search engine was created which made it easy for users to become books according to the title. This implementation uses the UML (unified Modeling Language) method, where the UML method will create class diagrams, use case diagrams, activity diagrams, to explain the behavior of the system to be used in library applications. whose function can produce a good website.
, Surya Darma Nasution, Fadlina Fadlina
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 109-114;

File size or large files are not only a problem in terms of storage, but also another problem when communication between computers. Data usage with a larger size will take longer transfer times compared to data that has a smaller size. Therefore to overcome this problem you can use data compression. Seeing the compression of data compression, data compression is needed that can reduce the size of the data, so that it gains the advantage of reducing the use of external storage media space, accelerating the process of transferring data between storage media, data utilization used in this study is the elias delta codes algorithm. Compression is a method used to reduce the bit or data from the original result to a new result. Where this compression will be applied into the algorithm, the elias delta codes algorithm. After getting the results of the compression it will be designed into Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
, Eka Prasetyaningrum, Lukman Bachtiar
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 141-150;

Geographical Information System is an information system that is specialized in processing data that has spatial information (spatial reference). In a narrower sense, a Geographical Information System is a computer system that has the ability to build, store, manage and display geographic information, for example, data that is identified according to its location in a database. The purpose of this geographic information system is to find out information on the location of the distribution of pharmacies and drug data information in East Kotawaringin, so as to help people and people who are not native to East Kotawaringin. The development of a web-based pharmacy geographic information system in East Kotawaringin uses the programming language PHP and MySQL as the database system.
, Muhammad Zarlis, Eka Irawan
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 91-98;

Free-range chicken is a local Indonesian poultry whose population is widely found in every region of Indonesia. However, the level of consumption of free-range chicken meat in North Sumatra Province is still relatively low. This research data contains data on the production of free-range chicken in North Sumatra Province. One data mining technique is clustering. Grouping itself is a method by grouping data. The data of this study contains data on the production of free-range chicken in North Sumatra Province which began in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017. (7 years), and data obtained from the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry and Animal Health as well as on animal access to BPS Sumatra site North (Central Statistics Agency). The purpose of this study is to group Regencies / Cities in North Sumatra Province into 2 parts. These are the Regency / City group with high free-range chicken meat and Regency / City with low-free chicken meat. This can be a contribution of the provincial government of North Sumatra, Regency / City which is of more concern than free-range chicken based on the cluster that has been done. The results of this research are taken from 33 data of free-range chicken meat in regencies / cities in North Sumatra province, 3 high-level districts, namely: Mandailing Natal, Langkat, Serdang Bedagai and 30 other regencies / cities including
, Surya Darma Nasution
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 176-187;

In the process of managing multiple images or images, with larger image sizes or images that can hold longer storage and larger storage, it is needed more often as it cannot be contained on storage media and is not conveyed, thus opening up free space in memory storage media. So to make a lot of free space and have a data size that is not large on the storage media, a compression method is needed which means to shorten the required bit size. Punctured Elias Algorithm Code can be used to obtain information about the compression performed by compressing images to provide benefits in storage and requires more memory space compared to uncompressed images.
, Jeperson Hutahaean
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 159-164;

To get information about a cafe in accordance with consumer desires is not easy, sometimes consumers feel confused. This is a problem in providing solutions in choosing the right and best cafe places according to the tastes of consumers in Kisaran City. To provide solutions to problems that arise, a decision support system (DSS) is made using the AHP method to make it easier for users to provide solutions to their problems. The method used is to collect data on filling out forms given to consumers who frequently visit several cafes in Kisaran. The results obtained in the implementation of this study were selected as the criteria for a place with the alternative being Callisto Cafe.
July Yanti Marpaung, , Natalia Silalahi
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 115-126;

The wisdom in taking a decision on a particular problem is not an easy thing, because too much consideration is taken which is expected to help give a reason certain decisions must be taken. Likewise, the handling of the problem determines the price of used laptop units on the CV. Sumber Jaya Computer Medan. The type of used laptop that is determined by the price will be easier if it is done with an application, because it has done an assessment, then the things needed are like the quality of a used laptop according to the price, processor, hard disk, memory, VGA, Old Usage. Decision support system for determining a leptop price is very appropriate to be applied for handling problems that require self-resolution of computers for processing data specifications that follow selection with efficient and accurate calculations. By using Tsukamoto Fuzzy Logic reasoning in the processing of input and output data, as well as supporting information how much ranking is very supportive in making decisions to determine the price of a used laptop.
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 71-75;

Hamsters are one of the many animals that are owned and are beginning to attract many people. Over time, hamsters began to be known as pets. Hamasters are also susceptible to disease. Diseases in hamsters and symptoms that cause very much, the problem now is not only need to know the cause of the disease but the important thing is to know quickly the disease suffered is also overcome so that the disease can be treated. Expert system which is one branch of artificial intelligence, capable of acting as experts in certain fields of study, researchers think animal health workers to help diagnose disease in hamsters as early as possible. The Ripple Down Rule (RDR) method is one method that has expert system inference / search capabilities and knowledge acquisition. By using RDR a system will be able to identify the disease as an expert with clinical symptoms such as input. The expert system for diagnosing disease in hamsters uses the Ripple Down Rules (RDR) method to explore the symptoms displayed in the form of questions in order to diagnose the type of hasmter's illness, to get results for treatment and to cure hasmter disease.
Muhammad Rizki,
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 127-134;

In the era of globalization which is laden with competition, good service quality is a concern for companies that want to continue to exist, especially companies in the service sector such as banks in Indonesia. Institutions with low service quality will be less desirable or even abandoned by customers. Therefore, identification of service quality characteristics is needed in an effort to improve service quality. One of them is the teller who plays the most important role in customer service. Of course the selection of the best tellers must be done as well as possible. Based on these problems, the PSI method used in this study is to determine the teller by considering aspects of the determination that has been determined by the Bank. The aspects of determination which are the basis of determination by the Bank in determining the best teller are attitude, skill and appearance. By using the PSI method it is expected to be able to assist the leadership of the CIMB Niaga Bank in determining the teller process so that it is faster and more effective. Become a reference for research related to the Bank.
, Efori Buulolo, Natalia Silalahi
Building of Informatics, Technology and Science (BITS), Volume 2, pp 99-108;

The screening of advertisements on a commercial radio station is done every day from Sunday to Saturday. In commercial radio stations, in general, making ad schedules is still manually which results in delays in the presentation of the weekly ad schedule. Playback time consists of two types, namely prime time and regular time. Radio Ad Scheduling that will be discussed in this study is the ad screening that is carried out on the radio broadcast schedule, which is between 5 am to 24 pm in which with the rules every 15 minutes are provided 3 ad playback slots with a maximum duration of 1 minute per ad. So if the radio broadcast time per day is 19 hours, then the maximum number of ads per day that can be displayed is 76 ads. Another rule is the implementation of prime time, the hours at which the general public (listeners) have the greatest opportunity to listen to the radio, which is between 6:00 and 10:00 in the morning and 16: 00-20: 00 at night. The number of screenings of the same advertisement on one day is limited to prime time which is 5 times, while for regular time is 8 times. The radio scheduling process is carried out using genetic algorithms consisting of chromosome initialization, selection, crossover and mutation processes. The chromosomes in this study consist of 3 genes, each chromosome will be evaluated based on its fitness value which is calculated based on the number of violations of rules that occur on each chromosome in an individual. Where rule 1 is the number of plays per advertisement that cannot be more than 5 times in a day and rule 2 is that there cannot be two or more ad scheduling shows on the same day and time. After that the fitness value of each chromosome is obtained, then the selection, crossover and mutation are carried out. From this research an optimal ad schedule is produced by scheduling overall ad data, day and time of ad playback
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