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Siti Fatmawati Sesady, Nuvida Raf, Rahmat Muhammad
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 677-688; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.56728

Teenagers are users who use social media as a forum for communication, seeking information, and being hyperactive in publishing daily life with a better lifestyle, even though it is completely untrustworthy or even used as a reference in socializing. Knowing the phenomenon of publication of social behavior in romantic relationships and very close relationships with each other, knowing as seen in the Citayam Teen phenomenon in romantic relationship behavior which is known to be viral on social media can affect teenagers social change, as the purpose of this study. This study uses qualitative research methods with the aim of looking at existing phenomena and then uses a descriptive approach to describe the impact of adolescent social behavior in social media that will affect social change for their adolescent peers. Based on the results of the study, the influence given can be in the form of positive and negative influences. Positive influence, can give youth space to innovate, be creative, and play a global role and get emotional support from others, as well as provide income. Meanwhile, by going viral on social media, the social behavior they display can have a negative effect, by expecting justification, and acknowledgment of the behavior of romantic relationships and friendships shown on social media without understanding that it has violated cultural norms by adopting people's cultures. outsiders who are considered to follow the development of modern times, then allow their peers and peers to make it as something that can be imitated by expecting popularity even though it has violated cultural norms. Likewise, these actions can also have a negative impact through negative comments on social media regarding their social behavior that is not in accordance with the surrounding norms and culture.
Selyfia Monita, Yuhelna Yuhelna, Yenita Yatim
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 824-829; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.58408

Consuming liquor has a very bad impact on the lives of teenagers, both physically, psychologically, and socially, efforts need to be made to overcome this, not only the role of parents, but the government of course also participates in overcoming this problem, one of the government agencies which plays a role in overcoming juvenile delinquency, namely the social service. The purpose of the study was to describe the efforts of social services to overcome juvenile delinquency consuming liquor in the city of Sungai Penuh. The theory used in this study is the structural functional theory proposed by Talcot Parson. The research was conducted at the social office of Sungai Penuh City. This study used a qualitative research method with a descriptive type of research. The withdrawal of informants was carried out by purposive sampling technique. The data collection method in this study began with observation, interviews, and document studies. Data analysis techniques in research can be carried out in several stages, namely, data collection, data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results showed that there were several efforts made by the Sungai Penuh City Social Service in Overcoming Adolescents who consume liquor. including: 1) Providing socialization to adolescents regarding the dangers of consuming liquor. 2) Give sanctions/punishments. and 3) Conducting Rehabilitation.
Dwi Lusiana Manik, Wiwik Yunitaningrum, Muhammad Fachrurrozi Bafadal, Mimi Haetami, Andika Triansyah
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 731-737; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.58361

The problem in this study is the lack of self-confidence of students in learning. This study aims to determine the effect of the traditional boi-boian game on the character of self-confidence. The method used in this study is a pre-experimental method with the form of one group pretest and posttest research. This research uses total sampling, the population with a sample of all students following the criteria of specific age indicators with a sample of 38 and a population of 38 students using a pretest at the beginning and a posttest at the end of the study. The data analysis technique was a t-test with the help of SPPS version 22. The results showed an effect of the traditional boi-boian game on increasing self-confidence. The t-test result was sig. (2-tailed) for confidence 0.000 < 0, 05, then the results of the posttest group obtained the average self-confidence of the pretest group, which is 60.68. It can be concluded that the traditional boi-boian game influences the self-confidence of students at Solomon Elementary School, Pontianak City.
Muhamad Alim Ka'Batul Asror, N Nurjannah
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 279-285; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.54549

This study aims to see how the role of guidance and counseling teachers in schools and students' homes is so that violations committed by students can be prevented and how to know the role of parents themselves in controlling their children at home. As well as how the steps are taken in dealing with student violations at school and outside school. This research used a field study with a qualitative descriptive approach with data collection using observation, interviews, and documentation techniques and the validity of the data using triangulation and analysis using qualitative descriptive analysis. The results of this study indicate that the role of the Guidance Counseling teacher is very influential in fostering students so that they do not commit violations in the school environment as well as parents. In Overcoming Student Violations", religious teachers have the main task of teaching and have the mission of providing guidance and counseling to their students. Likewise, the primary mission of guidance and counseling teachers is to provide advice and counseling to students with problems. The provision of guidance assistance supplied by religious teachers is guidance in terms of students' religion, while guidance and counseling services provided by teachers are in terms of student psychology. Findings related to violations committed by students are still classified as minor violations that are still within the limits of violating school rules, including truancy, disrupting the process of teaching and learning activities, lack of discipline.
Rezza Widia Utami, Stevany Afrizal
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 738-748; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.54679

Efforts to empower women to gain access and control over resources, economy, politics, social, culture, so that women can self-regulate and increase self-confidence to be able to play a role and participate actively in solving problems, so as to be able to build abilities and self-concept, namely through empowering women. Empowerment needs to be realized in the form of empowerment programs that are able to empower all the potential that exists in the community through programs to increase the role of women towards healthy and prosperous families. The purpose of this study was to identify and describe the implementation of Women's Empowerment through the Program for Increasing the Role of Women Towards a Healthy and Prosperous Family (P2WKSS) in Cikendat Village, Kepuh Village, Ciwandan, Cilegon. This study uses descriptive qualitative research methods, in data collection is done by observation, interviews and documentation. The results showed that the implementation of women's empowerment in the P2WKSS program was through women's training. There are four trainings, namely beauty/makeup, cooking/cooking, handicrafts, and sewing. And increase women's participation and awareness in the P2WKSS Program and the impact of social changes felt due to the P2WKSS program. The benefits of implementing the P2WKSS Program are (1) Improving social conditions seen from the enthusiasm of women's participation. (2) increase women's awareness through four P2WKSS training programs (3) Increase women's independence.
Adi Gilang Prasetyo, Sri Wahyuni, Emmy Solina
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 356-362; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.56234

This research aimed to find out how the rice farming community of Kampung Parit Bugis is making efforts to maintain their profession. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with a descriptive approach with interviews, observations, and documentation. The interviews were special interviews with rice farmers only, after which the information obtained in the field was interpreted using descriptive analysis techniques. After research, it was found that the low level of education and lack of job opportunities allowed farmers to survive and continue to practice their profession. The rice farmer's job has been passed down through generations, and their expertise is only in farming. The efforts of rice farmers in Parit Bugis Village to survive are by making savings by minimizing household expenses, optimizing existing resources, doing other work to find an extra income outside of their work, and taking advantage of family members where they take advantage of their family members. to be able to help in their daily needs and to build networks with the formation of farmers' groups to strengthen and maintain the continuity of their profession
Istiqomah Istiqomah
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 652-659; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.58014

The concept of learning will be successful if students are actively involved in the learning process so that students not only accept ideas from the teacher but also participate in finding concepts. One of the efforts to find these concepts is the Discovery learning method carried out in the laboratory with Small Scale Chemistry media. This study aimed to determine whether the application of learning with the Discovery learning model with Small Scale Chemistry media on acid-base materials could increase the activity and learning outcomes of chemistry class XI science. This research is a classroom action research with two cycles. The subjects of this study were students of class XI IPA-3 even semester with a total of 36 students. This study found an increase in learning activities and student learning outcomes in learning chemistry on acid-base material by applying the Discovery learning model using Small Scale Chemistry media. This is evidenced by the average student learning outcomes completed: the first cycle is 69.4%, and the second cycle is 86%. While the moderate student activity in the first cycle reached 77% and the second cycle was 86.0%. And the average teacher activity in the first cycle is 77.7%, while the second cycle is 88.15%.
Rashda Bintang Muhammad
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 302-313; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.55341

Absence of requirement consideration and lacking implementation of guidelines with respect to online cabbies' privileges are the central matters of online cab drivers. This is the inspiration for the creator to investigate the arrangements of the Regulation of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia No. 118 of 2018 on the execution of extraordinary vehicle for enlist. In view of the consequences of the creator's meeting, it tends to be seen that there are as yet many advantages that web-based cabbies have not gotten, for example, having a region that doesn't reach out past Jakarta city, prompting the thickness of cab drivers. For online cabbies in Jakarta city, the most reduced least rates are resistance with the guidelines and implementation organizations don't give checking hardware to keep up with the security of clients and drivers. In light of the exploration aftereffects of the creator, it is realized that there are as yet many arrangements in Regulation No. 118 2018 of the Minister of Transport of the Republic of Indonesia on the execution of unique sanction transport that poor person been carried out. . ed by the candidate, with the self-view of the candidate to uphold the driver's freedoms. online taxi to make future web-based cab drivers more secure and more fruitful.
Detania Hidapenta, Fira Ayu Dwiputri, Sania Amaliyah
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 478-484; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.54723

This research was motivated by enacting regulations regarding the zoning-based New Student Admission system in various schools in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the purpose of this research is to find out whether there is a relationship between the zoning system policy set by the government in PPDB on children's learning motivation and to find definite answers regarding the pros and cons that occur among the general public. In analyzing this, we use literature study as a research method, namely looking for various literature related to our research that is sourced from multiple media, both online and offline. Literature collection begins by searching for literature that discusses the zoning system and then on learning motivation in elementary schools, which includes definitions and characteristics. In searching for literature studies, prioritize the most recent year of publication. After collecting the literature, the relationship between zoning policies and the learning motivation of elementary school students. This study's results indicate a connection between the zoning policy in PPDB and the level of student motivation in elementary schools.
Tita Aulia, Dini Anggraeni Dewi
Jurnal Pendidikan Sosiologi dan Humaniora, Volume 13, pp 363-370; https://doi.org/10.26418/j-psh.v13i2.54791

Pancasila, as the nation's ideology and the guideline of the Indonesian people in the country and society, has become essential to every individual soul of Indonesian culture. Therefore the elaboration of Pancasila values as a form of actualization and realization of Pancasila values makes the creation of norms and laws a regulator of social life. Pancasila as an ideology has noble values that come from the soul of the Indonesian people themselves; therefore, the actualization of Pancasila values in generations. The current state of youth is a study that needs to be studied. The realization of the Pancasila values of Indonesia's young age is currently faltering and the rapid development of technology. This natural, technological development makes many positive and negative impacts on society and the state. The presence of technology can also threaten Pancasila as the nation's ideology by a new culture. Therefore, the actualization and understanding of Pancasila are very important for the integrity of the Indonesian country and state, especially among young people during this rapid globalization era.
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