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Romanna Romanna, Gaguk Rudianto
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 45-49; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.410

This study aims to describe the id and ego of the characters in the novel A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens using the approach of psychological approach. This type of research is a qualitative descriptive study and the data obtained from this study produce a psychological analysis in the Charles Dickens novel entitled "A Tale of Two Cities". There are two psychiatric structures that are described in this study, namely the id and the ego using the theory of Sigmund Freud.
Syahada Eripuddin, Pipit Rahayu
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 50-60; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.411

This research discussed about the moral values as found out in the last leaf short story. Moral values were found out by using sociological theory. This research used method descriptive qualitative. This instrument used was the short story of The Last Leaf. The researcher also used other information about moral values. Researchers also use the theory of moral values in order to better know what moral values are contained in the short story of The Last Leaf. Based on the sociological approach, there are three perspectives: functional perspective, symbol perspective, conflict perspective. After analyzing the researcher found some moral values, namely Tolerance, Fairness, Belief, Kind-hearted, honesty, and responsibility.
Crisnova Katalonika Siahaan, Putera Batam University, Zia Hisni Mubarak
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 1-8; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.405

This paper is qualitative descriptive research which investigates types of presupposition and the mostly used type of presupposition. The data source in this study is utterance in Guardian news. The method of collecting is by observation. The methods of analyzing data are by agih and padan method from Sudaryanto. Author uses theory of Yule which divides presupposition into 6 types these are existential presupposition, factive presupposition, lexical presupposition, structural presupposition, non-factive presupposition, and counterfactual presupposition. The researcher has 20 data here. There are 3 types of presupposition found in the Guardian news. The most used type used is existential presupposition.
Lida Marbun, Nurma Dhona Handayani
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 19-28; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.407

This research discussed about the analysis of speech act used in the Grown Ups movie. This research revealed the types of speech act that found in the Grown Ups during the movie. The researcher applied the qualitative descriptive method because it was dealt with the description analysis by using words. Observation method used to collect the data. The researcher chose this movie because it was popular in the 20’s century and there were many speech acts reflected in this movie. As the result, it was found that were 30 utterances of speech acts in Grown Ups movie. From the 30 data that researcher collected, the main characters most expressed the types of speech act. They are 6 locutionary acts, 15 illocutionary acts, and 9 perlocutionary. Based all the data above, it can be concluded the most used speech act found in this data was illocutionary act. The next was perlocutionary act. Then the last was locutionary act.
Rebekka Sinaga, Nurma Dhona Handayani
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 37-44; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.409

Cooperative principles theorized by Grice (1975) explained the way people use the language well and efficiently. There are four maxims in order to have achieve connection during conversation which are maxim of quality, maxim of quantity, maxim of relation, and maxim of manner. The fact is people often not follow and disobey the Cooperative principle and flouts maxim, it is called flouting maxim. The aim of this research was to discuss about the types of maxim which were flouted in the movie "White House Down" written by James Vand Erbilt. As the result, there were 15 data found in the research which flouted, maxim of quantity 4 data, maxim of quality 2 data, maxim of manner 5 data, and 4 data maxim of relation.
Evi Kasyulita, Rivi Antoni, Nur Syafitri
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 29-36; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.408

The purpose of this research were to find out students reading comprehension of recount text taught through LRD strategy and taught without using LRD strategy. And to find out whether there was an effect of using LRD strategy toward students reading comprehension of recount text at the second grade of SMP MuhammadiyahRambah. This research was an experimental research, precisely a quasi experimental research. The instrument of this research was multiple choices test of reading comprehension. The participants were students at second grade of SMP Muhammadiyah Rambah. The researcher findings showed that the improvement from the score of t-test. The total score of t-test was 3.451. Based on p-value was 0.003 < 0.05. Therefore, it could be concluded that there was an effect of using LRD strategy toward students reading comprehension of recount text at the second grade students of SMP Muhammadiyah Rambah.
Fitri Handayani, Nurma Dhona Handayani
JEE (Journal of English Education), Volume 6, pp 9-18; doi:10.30606/jee.v6i1.406

This study aims to give an overview of potential online writing tools that can be used in teaching writing for EFL university students during the COVID-19 pandemic. This study was a literature review. It explicates online writing tools and reviews previous research exploring the use of these applications for teaching writing. The data was obtained from articles in online academic journals. There were three databases and sites used in finding the articles; Science Direct, Google Scholar, and Research gate. The result shows that there are three potential online writing tools applicable for EFL university students in learning writing from home namely Paragraph Punch, Pro-Writing Aid, and Edmodo. Finally, some suggestions are also offered for lecturers and students regarding the use of online writing tools in teaching writing.
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