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Micelle Crise, Uys Behary
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 2; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v2i1.63

This article discusses Corporate Crisis Management in Facing the Covid 19 Pandemic which includes the Crisis Management Stage, Crisis Management during the Pandemic Period and the strategies undertaken. The current economic uncertainty encourages continued creation of unemployment due to limited human resources during the Covid-19 pandemic. It is possible that a number of companies are facing unfavorable financial conditions. Companies and organizations of 102 Dominant companies experience financial problems and resource problems which are considered to have a burden on the company so that it needs to reduce resources, the rest problems with resources and marketing have an impact. So in the face of a crisis due to a pandemic, it would be better if companies were smarter in managing finances.
Zahra Zhafira, Einde Evana, Ratna Septiyanti
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 2, pp 6-14; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v2i1.62

This study aims to examine the effect of exchange rates on the stock index during the Covid-19 pandemic. This research was conducted using secondary data. The population in this study were all stock indices listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with a sample size of 89 and a total stock index of 34. The study period was 4 months, 17 January 2020 to 20 May 2020. The sample data collection of this study used the purposive method. Sampling with world economic conditions and Indonesia which are weakening due to the Covid-19 pandemic and based on the phenomenon that the exchange rate is experiencing a continuous movement even every year the exchange rate depreciates IDR against the US Dollar. One of the causes of the high fluctuation of the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar came from economic factors such as inflation, the interest rate on Bank Indonesia certificates during the Covid-19 pandemic. This study uses a simple linear regression analysis method using SPSS V.26. The results of simple linear regression analysis show that exchange rates have a negative and significant effect on all stock indices listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange, these results have similarities or differences with the results of research in other emerging market countries.
Drogaba Immanuel, Essiena Yayamo
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 20-26; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i2.50

This study discusses monetary policy, the function and impact of monetary policy as well as the factors that influence the money supply. Monetary policy is a policy or regulation issued by the Central Bank which is used to manage a number of money supplies in a country to be able to create a specific purpose. The functions and impacts of monetary policy include maintaining an investment climate that occurs within the country, increasing the stability of economic growth in a country, overcoming high levels of unemployment and opening up a number of large employment opportunities, increasing the number of the balance of payments, maintaining the stability of value. the existing currency exchange is able to maintain a number of stability of the price of goods on the market. Factors that affect the amount of money circulating in society include the size of state spending, the fast and slow rate of money circulation, the motive for having cash, the transaction motive, the precautionary motive, and the speculative motive.
Jasmayani Safitri
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 35-39; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i2.51

This study discusses the importance of motor vehicle tax and knows its provisions. The legal basis for motor vehicle tax has been regulated in number 34 of 2000. motor vehicle tax objects and taxpayers. Motor vehicle tax object and taxpayer. the tax period and the tax returns on regional tax payable constitute motor vehicle tax that must be paid by the taxpayer at one time, during the tax period or in the tax year according to the provisions of regional regulations on motor vehicle tax stipulated by the local provincial government.
Yuwin Ali, Darmawati S. Makur, Fitria Melynsyah Yusuf, Sarif K. Latarang
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 1-12; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i2.46

This paper aims to look for the truth side of the financial statements of Rene Descartes (Cogito Ergo Sum). This means that because I think, I exist. The theory put forward by this philosophy has the meaning that because he doubts the truth. This paper tried to link theory with René Descartes see different sides of the view, that the value of the financial statements of the philosophical truth (theories have correspondence, the theory of Coherence, theory pragmatic) and viewed from the side view of the general accounting so that SAP and GAAP and severe expert reveal that the truth of financial reporting depends on the accountability of a (principal). The findings of this paper are in essence the truth of the financial statements lies in humans and their existence.
Barnes Khris, Messina Whiteside
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 27-34; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i2.48

The study discusses several things, including the factors that influence the determination of transfer pricing and the methods used in determining transfer pricing. Factors that influence transfer pricing include tax considerations, dance calculations, competitive factors, environmental risk, calculation of performance appraisals and accounting contributions. The method used in determining transfer pricing. Methods in determining transfer pricing include traditional methods, traditional methods consist of several ways including the comparable uncontrolled price method, cost-plus method, and resale price method. Transactional profit method: split profit and transactional net margin method.
Yustina Hiola, Lukfiah I. Radjak, Felmi D. Lantowa, Mutiara Pangku
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 13-19; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i2.49

This study aims to identify possible problems in increasing financial inclusion and to find solutions and strategies to solve those problems. Theoretically, this research is expected to be able to add literature references on the capital market. Another benefit is that the study can be used as a material balance for a Self Regulatory Organization ( SRO) and the Financial Services Authority (OJK) as the Government to increase the level of literacy and financial inclusion, especially in eastern Indonesia. In accordance with the paradigm and problems chosen in this study, this study uses a qualitative approach. In qualitative research, data collection can be done by means of in-depth interviews, observation and literacy studies. Researchers use this method to provide a wide space for the speakers to provide answers according to their frame of reference. Based on the results of interviews, it is concluded that there are several recommendations for strategies to increase inclusion, they are opening the Indonesia Stock Exchange Representative Office in Gorontalo, opening Securities Company Branch Offices more, introducing the Sharia Capital Market to the Community, prepare adequate resources for socialization and education and hold Events More Often in Crowded Places in North Sulawesi and Gorontalo.
Mendeca Liloca, Simone Stewart
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 11-16; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i1.20

This study purpose to understand the service products and brand determination sttrategy. This study discusses products and services, classification of products and services, brand determination strategy and marketing services. Choosing a brand name involves finding the best brand name based on a careful review of the benefits of the product, the target market, and the proposed marketing strategy. service marketing that need to be known in service marketing, namely: Intangibillty (intangible), Inseparability (cannot be separated), Variabillity/heterogeneity (changeable), Perishabbility (not durable).
Wazimbo Fpumo, Baloi Moriera
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 17-19; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i1.21

The aim of this study is to find out the impact that occurred during the Covid-19 Pandemic. This study discusses on franchise companies) and the performance or strategy of the franchise company in reducing the risk of bankrupt at the time of Covid-19 and the solution management companies during the pandemic. Those strategy prioritizing delivery orders and take away services at company outlets, marketing products on the roadside, hold promos - discount promos and creating a new variant on the menu.
Mentiero Demingo, Zeinadine Helder
Journal Dimensie Management and Public Sector, Volume 1, pp 7-10; doi:10.48173/jdmps.v1i1.19

This study aims to the meaning of legal aspects in a business feasibility study. The studies discussee about the legal aspects in the Business Feasibility Study, the forms of the legal body, the types of business licenses and the government regulations and laws in establishing a business. The form of a business entity is often confused with a company, although in reality it is different. The main difference is that a business entity is an institution, while a company is a place where the business entity manages the factors of production. There are various types of business permits that many business people need to complete their legal business legality documents.Among the various types of business licenses are: Principle License (SIP), Building Permit (IMB), Disturbance Permit (HO), Trading Business License (SIUP), Business Place Permit, Taxpayer Identification Number.
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