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R. M. R. P. Wijesooriya
Employee work happiness and performance are influenced by a number of factors, including stress. The purpose of this study is to look into the factors at the organizational level that influence audit trainees' stress levels. In addition, this research examines the effects of stress on audit trainees in Sri Lanka. The quantitative methodology inspired by deductivism was used to develop this study. The primary data was collected using a standardized questionnaire that was distributed to 138 audit trainees who are currently employed by audit companies in Sri Lanka. In the analysis, descriptive data analysis was used to analyze mean values, and hypothesis testing was done using multiple linear regression analysis. Administrative policies and strategies, as well as working environment, were identified as the key organizational elements that have a substantial impact on the stress of audit trainees during data analysis. The main disadvantages that the majority of responders are facing include dissatisfaction, lack of attention, forgetfulness, low self-esteem, and sleepiness. In the recommendations, it was primarily suggested that companies reduce the impact of recognized organizational-related job stressors, and that organizations assist audit trainees in managing greater levels of job stress.
Bidhu Bhusan Mishra
The present study aims to analyze the impact of health consciousness, natural content, food safety and product familiarity on purchase intention to consume convenience food through mediating variable attitude and the correlation among the constructs. The research frameworks developed for the study is based on theory of reason action. The study was conducted in Bhubaneswar city, and the data obtained from 375 household is analyzed through regression techniques and Pearson’s correlation with the help of analytical software SPSS (20). The result revealed that health consciousness, natural content, food safety and product familiarity has significant impact on purchase intention through intervening variable attitude. Another finding shows that positive and significant correlation existed between purchase intention and attitude, natural content, food safety and product familiarity.
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