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Haneen Al Qawasmeh, , Mohammed Al-Qadri, Reham Al-Khamaiseh
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 58-70;

This study aimed to identify the values from the perspective of Islamic educational thought and contemporary educational philosophies. The descriptive analytical approach was used with reference to the sources, references and documents related to the analysis of values from the perspective of Islamic educational thought and contemporary educational philosophies. The researchers have concluded that the values in Islam are fixed due to the stability of their source (the Qur’an and Sunnah) and these have not been changed so far. The results showed that some Westerners see that values are relative according to circumstances and situations. They do not see the absolutes of values and they seek to achieve their interests, and there are no values they appeal to and they stop at their limits. Accordingly, the researchers made a set of recommendations, the most important of which is to shed light on the divine constitution, which is the Holy Qur’an appropriate for every time and place, and to derive the values that exist in it, and to teach in ways that enhance the values mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and the Prophetic Sunnah.
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 71-83;

The Indonesianization of Papua project, which has been going on since 1963, has not yet reached the ideal stage. The rise of the post-2000s separatist movement indicates a need to re-read the relationship between Indonesia and West Papua, an examination of past and current events. This study aims to examine the dynamics of Indonesia's attitude and policy towards West Papua, the discourse, and the tension between Indonesia and the Papua freedom movement. This study uses a historical approach by diachronically reviewing how the Indonesian occupation and the Indonesianization project began and its relation to resistance from the Papuan community with the manifestation of the existence of the Papua Freedom Organization. In addition, to capture the synchronic dimension of the current situation, the writer also interviewed several key figures in the integration-and-disintegration of Papua as the primary data source. Indonesia has had a very monochromatic perspective of Papua throughout history, and they tend to ignore Papua as an entity with a will. The military approach and inappropriate development carried out by the Indonesian Government caused the strengthening of the Papuan independence movement. At this point, the Indonesian Government needs a new approach to negotiate its position with the West Papuan community and change the militaristic approach still being used in West Papua. The development approach taken by the current President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, towards West Papua does not seem to be reflected when we see how the stigmatization of Papua continues in the Government's political communication practices related to Papua.
Xi Yu
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 38-44;

The frame analysis of Olympics-related news is quite popular, yet few studies do comparative studies of two Olympics hosted by ideologically similar countries. To fill this gap in the literature, this study examined the similarities and differences of an American news agency CNN’s (Cable News Networks) coverages in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Under the theoretical framework of framing theory, a content analysis (N = 200) of news stories was conducted. The following four frames were measured: (a) sports frame, (b) human-interest frame. (c) morality frame, (d) political frame. Findings revealed that sports frame was mentioned the most frequently in both Olympics. Furthermore, Russia got more coverage in the human-interest frame and morality frame, while China got more publications in the political frame.
Iskandarsyah Siregar
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 16-22;

As an archipelagic country with a population of about 200 million (BPS 2000), Indonesia is also referred to as the Continent of Maritime Nusantara; it has cultural diversity that spreads from Sabang to Merauke. One of the cultural assets of the Nusantara is the local, regional language (BD). BD in this Nusantara has now experienced challenges and threats to its existence. The challenges exist in the form of neglect of respect, maintenance, and preservation of BD. The point is that this paper wants to examine the condition of regional languages in Indonesia. These factors can cause their extinction, the implications of the extinction of these languages from an ethnolinguistic perspective, and in the end, want to provide a review of solutions to overcome these problems. This study is intended to provide input for various interested parties, especially speakers of regional languages, to pay more attention to the life and sustainability of their regional languages. The research that forms the basis for this scientific article begins with a literature study with observation. Based on the discussion above, it can be concluded as follows. First, the issue of BD extinction in Indonesia based on available data is quite worrying. The conclusions that emerge in this paper are the formulations of strategies, tactics, and models related to the preservation of regional languages (BD).
Munjin Syafik, Raisha Nadina Nur Fitria, , Darwis
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 97-102;

This study aims to describe Kiribati's adaptation efforts through the "Migration with Dignity" policy that the government made to deal with the sea level rise problem and to describe Australia's role in supporting Kiribati in carrying out this policy. The research method used in this research is a descriptive analytical research type that describes the cause and effect of a certain phenomenon, in this case, climate change, by describing data, facts, and arguments relevant to the discussion. The results of this study indicate that through migration policy as an adaptation strategy, the Kiribati government builds its capacity to respond to human security threats arising from sea level rise and fulfills the responsibility to ensure the survival of the population through education and skills development programs. In this regard, Australia plays a role as the dominant regional actor by providing assistance through AusAID. Australia's foreign aid as a donor country is used to meet the needs of Kiribati as a recipient country to support the "Migration with Dignity" policy.
, Samer Rajab Ahmed Al-Ramli
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 90-96;

The research aims to clarify the simple matters that occur in the prayer that the Islamic religion pardons, through the Shafi’i jurisprudence, which independently came into existence, and extracting it from among the papers and lines of books, searching for it according to Sharia and making. It is a comparative jurisprudence study. The study examines the ruling on small movements during the prayers, and the ruling on pardoning a few words inadvertently in the prayer. Then the research concluded with a set of results and recommendations.
Naqibullah Hamid, , Zmarai Ibrahimi
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 52-57;

Women have the same right to vote and express opinions as men. Islamic law has given this right to women. Women can use this right in various aspects of life, including in choosing the spouse, choosing the ruler of the country, choosing a job, and so on. Undeniably, moving forward with life, dealing with problems, overcoming difficulties, fulfilling social, political, and economic responsibilities also depend on having freedom in the use of vote and the expression of opinion, and women need to have the right to vote and exercise their freedom in order to achieve the above-mentioned goals as well as their highest goals of life, and to freely express their views and opinions when needed. This article discusses this topic from various aspects. The article first provides some examples of the early Islamic era in proving women's right to vote and their freedom to exercise this right and then discusses women's need for this right, and finally, the traditional approach of the Afghan people with granting women the right to vote is discussed.
Sayed Mohammad Hasan Khalili, Burhaniddin Qanet
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 23-28;

The Holy Quran is a miraculous and irresistible book and it is a solid word with a strong and solid structure in which the literary industry can be understood with full clarity. One of the most important aspects of the expressive miracle of the Qur'an is the accuracy in using the words and secrets hidden in the reason for choosing each of its letters and words. Accordingly, the Holy Qur'an is free from all defects and shortcomings, such as: "ugly and mediocre obscenity", which in rhetoric is referred to as "condemned obscenity". However, in some Qur'anic verses and phrases, we see the useless repetition of the contents of the previous contents and what is apparently reprehensible, the main purpose of this study is to examine the dimensions and aspects of this group of Qur'anic verses in clear It is an expression and explanation that has been quoted from the great commentators. In this research, an attempt has been made to explain the semantic position of this group of non-verbal repetitions according to their theories and views (commentators). The reader should note that the spiritual repetition that has occurred in some verses includes rhetorical benefits such as emphasis, reproduction, and exaggeration, which are considered as literary arrays and give beauty and glory to speech.
Anastasia Hariyati, Dyp Sugiharto, Awalya Awalya
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 29-37;

The decrease in achievement motivation of students resulted in a decrease in academic achievement. Achievement motivation needs to be considered and developed in learning efforts in schools. The techniques in this study consisted of namely visual imagery techniques and deep breathing. Both of these techniques were derivatives of the mindfulness approach. The objectives of this study were namely (1) to examine the effectiveness of counseling services implementation by using visual imagery and deep breathing techniques to increase Achievement Motivation in students, (2) to determine the level of effectiveness of counseling services implementation by using visual imagery and deep breathing techniques to improve students’ achievement motivation at Public Junior High School 3 Colomadu Karanganyar. The research method used was a quasi-experimental design with a nonequivalent control group design. The research sample was obtained from the inclusion and exclusion criteria who had low Achievement Motivation totaling 40 students who were divided into four groups randomly. The results of hypothesis testing were obtained by using the Repeated Measures ANOVA test. The results revealed that the Deep Breathing technique in group counseling is more effective than the Visual Imagery technique. However, the combination of the two techniques is significantly more effective. Based on the research results, it can be concluded that there are differences in the effectiveness level of the four groups in increasing the totaling 40 students of Public Junior High School 3 Colomadu. Group counseling services using two techniques, namely visual imagery, and deep breathing techniques are more effective than using only one technique. In addition, if the two techniques are compared, the deep breathing technique is more effective.
Ngudi Astuti
Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences Studies, Volume 4, pp 08-15;

Based on data from the General Elections Commission (KPU), the number of millennial voters reached 70 million–80 million out of 193 million voters. This means that around 35-40 percent have a major influence on the election results and determine which political parties pass the future Parliamentary Threshold (PT). The general activity carried out by the millennial generation is 88.5% on social media; therefore, for parpors who want to pass PT must master the voice of the millennial generation on social media. While the PT itself is regulated in Law Number 7 of 2017 concerning Elections, Article 414 paragraph (1): "Political Parties Contesting in the Election must meet the threshold for obtaining votes of at least 4% (four percent) of the total number of valid votes nationally to be included in the election determining the acquisition of seats for members of the DPR. Ahead of the 2024 election, February 14, 2024, political parties that want to pass the PT must work hard to campaign nationally on social media because the competition for political parties is getting tougher, the number of political parties from the 2019 election that registered with the KPU is 27 political parties, which have been verified by the KPU, there are 14 political parties. Meanwhile, only 9 political parties passed (PDIP: 12.57%, P.Golkar: 12.31%, PKB: 9.69%, NASDEM: 9.08%, PKS: 8.21%, P.Democrat 7, 77%, PAN: 6.84%, PPP: 4.54%), plus the emergence of 10 (ten) new political parties, namely: 1. Prosperous People's Party (Prima), 2. People's Wave Party (Gelora), 3. Ummat, 4. Masyumi Party or the Indonesian Muslim Shura Council Party, 5. The Golden Prosperous Community Era Party, 6. Small and Medium Enterprises Party, 7. The Bright Indonesia Party abbreviated as Pinter, 8. The Indonesian Sovereign State Party is often abbreviated as Pandai, 9. Nusantara Party, 10. Indonesian Peace Party (PID). So that all political parties must have a strategy to control millennial voices: Political parties do not only sell imagery, political parties must show concrete programs for the public interest; what millennials like is how good ideas of life are, how are all their interests, aspirations, about the future of Indonesia, can live side by side with diversity and good tolerance that is safe and prosperous. So far, politics has been presented with issues of money politics, bribery, KKN, etc. Politics must be able to realize justice and welfare for the people, that must be educated for the millennial generation.
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