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Soheb Ali, Sarvesh Gosavi, Aarif Ahmed, Saif Khan, Aniket Kapse, M. Nasiruddin
In today's world the number of the vehicle gets rapidly increasing along with it the price of the fuel(petrol & diesel) are also increasing due to this many types of crime related to fuel (like fuel stealing, fuel tampering) occurs in our country, But now a day's the fuel tampering becomes a major problem. Most of the workers of petrol pumps cheated consumers by showing them the wrong figure of fuel which filled into the tank, Also some fuel pump owners fix a chip inside the fuel machine and by using it they change the original value of fuel and like this, they cheated with the consumer. To overcome this issue we have designed an IoT-based system that will show the accurate value of petrol and its cost (which filled into the fuel tank) on a custom-designed Android app. This app also has an auto-update price feature so whenever we fill the fuel, then it will show its cost based on the price/rate of the petrol that day.
Manjunath B. Ranadev, R. L. Chakrasali
Electric motors are the main drives of today’s industries and consume nearly two third of total electric energy generated. The motors of capacity more than 10-15 hp range are needed for tiny commercial and agriculture loads. At present induction motors are widely deployed to meet these requirements but causes effect on the power quality and other connected loads. An attempt is made in this paper to reveal the performance of a written pole motor against that of induction motor. In written-pole technology the rotor field magnetic polarity changes. It is feasible even during the operation of the motor. Hence this technology provides flexibility to produce number of poles which has a correlation with the rotating speed of the motor. This enhances the performance of the motor throughout the operating speed range. Thus a constant frequency variable speed machine can be obtained by changing number of poles. Written-Pole motors manifest supreme starting characteristics, hence preferred to accelerate high inertia loads. It is inferential that two parameters stand out as important viz. improved efficiency and limited starting current when the written pole motors are compared with other motors.
Joseph John Panicker, Midhun M S, Sanjna Pramod, Sanjo Santhosh, Shilpa Susan Peter, Shalu George K
Published: 24 September 2020
The population is increasing per minute and their energy demands are growing at an alarming rate. This begs the question of how this changing demand can be sustainably satisfied. There have been many strategies that were developed over the years that help the consumers to bring down their energy bills and their usage of energy to a reasonable level, but so far there are only few strategies that focus on both the consumer side and producer side. This project involves a new strategy for energy management in which we use the charging and discharging cycles of electric vehicle batteries as storage. In conventional power production stations, the generation depends on the demand at that particular time. Hence, the generators cannot always run at maximum efficiency and this may lead to losses. We are trying to introduce a “new strategy” where each electric vehicle acts both as load and storage. The period of low and high demand can be calculated from the values that are gathered from the respective load dispatch centre. During the time of low demand, the EV will charge and store energy in its battery. When the electric vehicles are not in use, they are plugged into the EV charging facilities. During the times of high demand, the EV will discharge to the connected load leaving behind a fixed percentage of charge in the battery for emergency vehicle usage. The amount of charge that should be retained in the battery can be controlled with the help of an application which will be available in the vehicle owner’s mobile phone. This will also help in promoting the interests of the increasing population. This strategy will also help the grid to have a storage system that is cost effective.
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