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Viveka Nand Sharma
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 41-46;

Talent is the product of capability (skills, education, training, and knowledge), attached with motivation (assignation, gratification, challenge, and well-being) and opportunity (H.G. van Dijk, October 2008). An integrated strategic approach to managing careers involves attracting, retaining, developing, and transitioning people within the organization (Valamis, 2021). The world of knowledge-intensive business considers human resources to be rare and unique. According to most experts, the sector of talent management does not have a clear sense of dimensions, terminology, and a theoretical framework. The goal of this study paper is to investigate and conclude how select hotels in Jharkhand handle and differentiate their staff management operations in terms of talent recruitment and retention. Hotels in Jharkhand use a range of approaches to evaluate the effectiveness of their actions and initiatives, including an overview of how they treat an employee and how they plan to continue to innovate to measure the success of their actions and projects? Additionally, their approach needs to be more inclusive. The findings would be significant for managers who recruit and manage employees, hoteliers, and higher education institutions dealing with the industry's skills gap.
Shailendra Kumar Rai, Priyanka Rana, Mohammad Kashif
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 47-52;

This study has been conveyed to check the impact of retention practices in hotels of Uttar Pradesh and find ideas to get fruitful result. Data collected through a questionnaire. Likert scales were used to build the survey tool. The sample size of the study is 30 and a method of sampling based on probability was used. It is found that four common factors influenced the decision of employees to join the hotel industry, including salary, career growth, senior positions, and job complications. The technology was used effectively by the most common parameters and sufficient resources were available, the working environment was safe, comfortable and appropriately equipped, and management followed consistent policies and practices. Five parameters were used which were important to the productivity of personnel' activities: satisfied with their coworkers, job meant for their performance, suitability for their growth in tomorrow’s time, and acceptance of employees’ views. Personnel of Uttar Pradesh's hotels had different views on scenarios that influenced personnel, many personnel think they will resign for greater career advancement opportunities and better job prospects.
Adetoye Olubunmi A, Afolayan Taiye J., Asekunowo Tobi
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 31-40;

High rate of increase in the prices of cement is worrisome and become burden to people in the entire construction industry. Researchers, civil engineers, builders, architects and all concerns parties in the building industry are desperate for any suitable and effective but cheaper materials that can replace cement. There is need to find an alternative binding material that can be used mainly or in partial replacement of cement. The materials used were sourced from Bida town, Niger state, Nigeria. Wood ash and cassava peel ash were obtained after burning in the furnace at National Cereal Research Institute Badeggi, Bida into ash and passed through 75 micro meter sieve to the finest texture. The water use for the work was free from impurities. The comparative study on the compressive strength of concrete when OPC was partially replaced independently by some percentage of cassava peel ash (C.P.A) and wood ash (W.A) using 0%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% and 25% on both materials, 0.5 water-cement ratio and mixed design ration of 1:2:4. The mean strength of concrete at control is 0% (27.11N/mm2), 5% (24.44N/mm2), 10% (23.25N/mm2), 15% (23.36N/mm2), 20% (18.52N/mm2) and 25% (15.93N/mm2). 25% replacement of cement has the lowest mean strength at 28 days. Replacement at 5, 10 15% are within specification of (20N/mm2) for plain concrete while 20 and 25% are not suitable for structural concrete. The higher the pozzolanic material added to the cement in concrete production the lower the strength. The effects of Cassava Peel Ash and Wood Ash as environment pollution can be reduced when utilized as part of cement in concrete production.
Elena Rosemaro
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 24-30;

Entrepreneurship is the process of implementing innovative business ideas into reality and also provide solutions to challenges which may arise. There is separate dedicated team in an organization which will help the individuals to give their latest and new ideas for startups or idea of new technique and help them to convert it in reality. The team will identify all the risks that are related to that particular idea and provide solutions and helps the business to make profits. There are many types of entrepreneurships which will be discussed in detail in this paper. In order to implement new innovative ideas, the entrepreneurs will perform risk analysis and follows life cycle process and turn the idea into reality. Entrepreneurship management is the field, where the entrepreneurs perform market analysis and try to give innovative ideas for business or give solutions to improve existing ideas which in turn helps to increase the profits of the business. The paper will explain the characteristics and benefits as well as challenges of the entrepreneurship
Ashish Anil. Meshram, Abhimanyu Dutonde Anup Gade
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 15-23;

Dermatological malignancies, such as skin cancer, are the most extensively known kinds of human malignancies in people with fair skin. Despite the fact that malignant melanoma is the type of skin cancer that is associated with the highest mortality rate, the non-melanoma skin tumors are unquestionably normal. The frequency of both melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancers is increasing, and the number of cases being studied is increasing at a reasonably regular period, according to the National Cancer Institute. Early detection of skin cancer can help patient’s live longer lives by reducing their mortality rate. In this research, we will look at various approaches for initiating period melanoma skin cancer detection and compare them. Pathologists use biopsies to diagnose skin lesions, and they base their decisions on cell life systems and tissue transport in many cases. However, in many cases, the decision is emotional, and it commonly results in significant changeability. The application of quantitative measures by PC diagnostic devices, on the other hand, allows for more accurate target judgment. This research examines the preceding period as well as current advancements in the field of machine-aided skin cancer detection (MASCD).
Apoorva B. Satish, Rechanna
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 01-14;

Nonprofit organizations in India represent a significant portion and they make a strong contribution to the economic wellbeing of our country. The human resources are vital for achieving the sustainable growth and development of organization. Firstly, objective is to analyze the workforce perception of NPOs towards the HRD practices of NPO. Secondly, the amount of FCR and FCU by NPOs are analyzed and compared. Thirdly, the efficiency of NPOs is measured based on their HRD practices. Lastly the impact of HRD practices on the efficiency of NPOs are measured. Based on the objective’s hypothesis were formulated and tested. The study found that the NPO’s workforce has positively perceived HRD practices followed in their organization. The respondents have agreed and given a positive opinion towards the HRD practices viz., appraisal system, Training and development, career development and recognition, and organizational environment followed in their organizations. The study found that HRD practices have a significant positive impact on the development of NPOs in Karnataka. Large-sized NPOs are generating larger amount, whereas small-sized NPOs are acquiring lesser number of foreign contributions. NPOs with better HRD practices are efficient in utilizing the foreign contributions received by them. The efficiency of the NPOs increases as they adapt better HRD practices, and the efficiency of NPOs decrease as they ignore HRD practices.
Sheetal Patil
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 04-05;

In optical lithography, decline in the profundity of centre has become an intense issue, alongside the trouble in improving goal. In memory chip creation, the advancement of stage move cover (PSM) innovation is promising to conquer these issues. Notwithstanding PSM innovation, some super-goal lithographic applications have likewise been proposed. In the later methodology, no PSMs are required, in this manner a portion of the challenges concerning cover innovation can be maintained a strategic distance from. Be that as it may, it isn't in every case simple to apply PSM or super-goal advancements to muddled cover designs, for example, for ASIC, chip rationale IC's. For fine occasional examples, a high spatial frequency upgrading channel is utilized with annular enlightenment. With sideways occurrence enlightenments, light shafts which are significantly diffracted by veil examples can go through the viewpoint student, in this way, the band-width of the spatial frequency transmission qualities of the focal point framework is expanded. The student channel smothers the transmission of direct bars concerning the diffracted pillars, improving the picture differentiates in the high frequency locale. Thorough re-enactments run rapidly on a workstation for complex 20 customary and stage moving covers, substrate bleaching, and optical metrology and arrangement issues.
Digambar Jakkan
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 11-12;

Lithography is a basic advance to be taken in the creation procedure of coordinated circuits. There is an imperative job of nano and optical gadgets in the present and future applications. Subsequently, this work canter’s around cutting edge and improved lithography systems on those coordinated circuits. In NFO deposition, photograph separation can occur through non full conditions because of the inalienable properties of the optical nanometric field. Nano photolithography utilizing an Optical-Field Non resounding to electronic changeover method makes it conceivable to utilize different sources to store an assortment of nano metric materials. This impossible to miss photochemical response of an optical close to field can be applied to photochemical reaction. Nano manipulation is a significant innovation to create and amass nanostructures, particularly for the uneven structures. In the strategy, the organized plane of substrate was created by laser-intrusion lithography. Nano-wires were controlled on the organized surfaces through nano-opto grippers in material field. The technique utilizes an example to take care of the issue that a solitary nanowire is too little to even think about being gotten and controlled with nano grippers.
Snehal Koparde
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 09-10;

Semiconductor junctions, for example, pn-intersection and Schottky intersection have been very significant as essential components for different semiconductor gadgets. The break-down voltage of the junction PN-intersection relies upon the polluting influence fixations in semiconductors. An opposite voltage is supported in the exhaustion layer thickness which is corresponding to the square of base voltage. The breakdown happens, when the electric field with an intersection arrives at the semiconductor regardless of whether the consumption layer can be extended substantially. To accomplish higher go down voltage, a wide band hole semiconductor, for example, silicon carbide has been examined. The electron gadgets utilizing silicon carbide may undergo serious issues. In any case, the breakdown system of the intersection utilizing silicon carbide is as yet equivalent to that of the conventional junctions. As of late, GaN utilized electron gadgets have developed as cutting-edge high force exchanging gadgets inferable from their high breakdown field. A few papers have revealed that GaN-based HFETs is directly expanded by expanding the junction dividing between the door and channel electrodes. This conduct is unique in relation to that of the customary junctions.
Hamza Saghrouchni
International Journal of New Practices in Management and Engineering, Volume 11, pp 18-19;

High volume, practical, assembling of cutting edge' photolithography processes requires top to bottom comprehension of Process and Process-Tool connection to accomplish Advanced Process Control (APC). The process likewise requires a tight control to keep up an ideal entryway CD. The direct loom that is right now being used in most semiconductor offices depends on administrator experience and doesn't give good control on the CD variety. Usage of a programmed input control framework in the business has been troublesome in light of the fact that the CD can't be estimated progressively finished. In this magazine, a neural complex is utilized to anticipate CD dependent on the estimations of thickness, reflectivity, refractive record, and portion. The neural network is prepared utilizing recorded information that are gathered at an assembling office. A neural scheme-based converse model of the progression is created. The opposite model is knock down with the progression model to frame a feed-forward controller.
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