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Sabarhati Menderita Lumban Gaol, Dedi Supriadi, Khairil Khairil
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 49-56;

This study aims to determine the interpersonal communication patterns of Papuan students who study at the University of Bengkulu. This study aims to explain more deeply the patterns of verbal and non- verbal communication between Papuan students through an in-depth interview process. The method used in this study is a qualitative descriptive method using De Vito's Theory (Humanistic Approach). The technique of collecting data is by conducting observations, in-depth interviews, and documentation. The results of this study indicate that Papuan students feel intimidated by the behavior they receive, this is the motive why Papuan students are rarely involved in social interaction and make distance between them and Bengkulu students, namely general distance because they feel insecure and uncomfortable when around Bengkulu students. Keywords: communication patterns, interpersonal communication, papuan students, de vito's theory, campus environment
Astri Dwi S, Sri Indarti, Novliza Eka Patrisia
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 43-48;

The number of complaints and complaints from the public on government services, both directly and indirectly, or through the mass media, such as complaints about convoluted service procedures, lack of certainty in the period of settlement, the amount of costs to be incurred, the absence of requirements transparency, and the attitude of officers or employees who are less responsive is a program faced in public services. The formulation of the problem in this study is how the application of responsibility and transparency in the Bengkulu Province Regional Financial Management Agency To obtain answers to the research problems, researchers used qualitative research methods. From the results of the study it was found that Transparency in the Office of the Regional Financial Management Agency of Bengkulu Province has implemented the principle of transparency to assist in the provision of services to the public that is helping to facilitate payments. The application of the principle of responsibility in the Office of the Regional Financial Management Agency of Bengkulu Province can be seen from the extent of the implementation of the activities of the Office of the Regional Financial Management Agency of Bengkulu Province in carrying out its duties and responsibilities to the community, for example with the satisfaction of service to the community, the constraints obtained in this responsibility, namely the service given is not satisfactory for the community because it has not yet completed the office facilities of the Bengkulu Province Regional Financial Management Office in accordance with applicable principles. Keywords: responsibilitas, transparansi, layanan publik
Sepriadi Saputra
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 11-21;

This study aims to know the effectivity of interpersonal communication in learning activities through WhatsApp Group Media, a research study using an effectiveness study proposed by Devito (1997) which says there are 5 general dimensions to measure the effectiveness of interpersonal communication activities including openness, empathy, supportive, attitude positive and equality. Based on the results of the presentation about the effectiveness of interpersonal communication in lectures using WhatsApp Group by the Communication Studies lecturer at the Raden Fatah State Islamic University of Palembang, it is known that WhatsApp Group can display various types of learning media in the form of visual media, audio, audio visual, and presenter groups. However, the WhatsApp group media cannot provide sample objects directly if the course requires sample objects to be demonstrated. This research shows that learning activities that only use WhatsApp Group media without using face-to-face lecture methods are ineffective, this is due to the many obstacles faced by students and lecturers when the lecture activities take place. Various obstacles faced are the small level of openness of students, empathy that is difficult to show both by students and by lecturers, the attitude of support is not as strong as learning is done by direct meeting in class, the attitude shown is largely the opposite of what is expected by the lecturer, as well as the equality of the meaning of learning materials both for students and for different lecturers. Keywords: interpersonal communication, openness, empathy, supportiveness, positive attitude and equality, whatsapp group
Yenni Rosana
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 22-26;

The government plays an important role in ensuring the country’s development. Similarly, for a province; the government of a province should take actions to improve the quality of the province. However, besides the government there are the role of civil society organizations that could not be ignored. If the government and civil society organizations’ perspectives are contradicting to each other, community will be living in ambiguous situation; there could be some of the community will choose to be in the civil society organizations’ sides, or in support to the government. This essay will describe how the people in Aceh Province in Indonesia has experienced various challenge because of there were some contradictions between the government and certain civil society organizations. Therefore, it is necessary to have good cooperation between government and civil society organizations. Although the civil society organizations will act as oppositions or partners of government, but it should synergy with the main aims should be for the better life of the people; community development. Keywords: government, civil society organizations, community, development
Satya Candrasari
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 27-33;

The world of education is very important in shaping one's character, so in a college there needs to be a bureau that handles counseling guidance issues, in order to help students who have academic problems that can hamper their studies. Good communication in counseling is an absolute thing that must be mastered and understood by the counselor. This research uses a qualitative method with a descriptive approach. The results of this study are counseling communication strategies carried out by counselors that is focused on the problems faced by students (person secentered). The stages of counseling communication carried out are conducting initial observations or interviews, interviews or counseling processes, and ending counseling by psychological assessment. Keywords: counseling communication, college student, communication strategy, student academic problems, student counseling bureau.
Putri Ning Rahayu
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 34-42;

Marketing Communication is a form of strategy intended to improve the quality of the company and the limited company's goals. In addition, marketing communication activities are activities that are designed to create structured management and reach the quality of work in company. The research was conducted to find out how the Marketing Communication Strategy for marketing activities in the OPPO Bengkulu Company. The object of this study was carried out to study marketing strategies in marketing activities at the OPPO Bengkulu company. While the research subjects were the OPPO Bengkulu Company which was stationed in Bengkulu and chosen by this company because of its position as TSPV manager in the field of discussing and improving the quality of the company (promoter). The theory used in this research is the theory of Internal Communication according to Lawrence D. Brennan which supports two things, namely vertical and horizontal communication. The research has revealed the marketing process itself by establishing a feed on activities as well as the marketing process. The results showed that team management and knowledge control were very important in increasing sales and customer satisfaction found in the case study. Based on the analysis, it is concluded that the marketing communication strategy of OPPO Bengkulu company uses the activities of the TSPV management team consisting of training products, follow-up, persuasive communication and impact management. Many marketing activities are supported by TSPV team activities towards promoters (employees) in increasing sales figures. Keywords : strategy, marketing communication, marketing activities.
Arisa Arisanti, Antonio Imanda, Harius Eko Saputra
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 57-63;

This study aims to find out the work quality of administrative Staff at SMAN 1of Central Bengkulu. This study uses a qualitative method. The data collection was donethrough observation, interview and documentation. The informants in this study amounted to 5 people, namely the headmaster, head of administration, teachers, administrative staff, and students. The results of this study show that the work quality of administrative staffat SMAN 1of Central Bengkulu is already good.Based on the interviews with the informants of administrative staff,the staff also have their own potential, optimal work results, work process and enthusiasm at work. Keywords: work quality, administration
Fera Indasari, Ida Anggriani
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 7, pp 1-11;

This study discusses the communication crisis in the mass pandemic Covid-19, a case study in the coverage of the spread of Covid-19 by air. This research uses the theory of SSCT (Situational crisis communication theory) by Choombs, 2007. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. the crisis that occurred at WHO could result in the loss of public trust in WHO as a reliable source of world health information, WHO was proven wrong. Based on an understanding of crisis communication, the crisis of the difference in information conveyed by WHO regarding the spread of the corona virus through the air is an information crisis that occurs due to human error, where WHO is considered negligent in reviewing any information before it is submitted to the public. Based on crisis communication theory, WHO is trying to rebuild public trust using the rebuild method, here WHO is rebuilding trust by not condemning the actions of some researchers who think that WHO has been wrong in conveying information to the public, In addition to having acknowledged to the media that based on available evidence regarding the spread of Covid-19 WHO has also not posted information that contains opposition that the corona virus could not be transmitted through the air a few months ago, based on the results of a survey conducted by researchers by checking the WHO Instagram account, and the WHO official website. Keywords: situational crisis communication theory, WHO, Covid-19
Sapta Sari
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 6, pp 30-42;

Media literacy in the Millennial generation in the digital era is still not well implemented. We still see and read a lot of information that is still not clear the truth on social media. This research was conducted to see how media literacy in the Millennial generation in the digital era, especially in social media. Research uses a qualitative method with a literature study approach, by analyzing theories and analyzing based on phenomena that occur so that a comprehensive understanding of the application of media literacy in Millennials in the digital age is obtained. The results of the study revealed, first the literacy of the pause in the digital age is still not well implemented in society even though they are already adept at using digital devices. This bias can be seen that there is still a lot of information found that the truth is not yet distributed in social media by Millennials. Second, the Millennial generation is the term for the generation born in the 1980 to 2000 range. Those who are said to be the Millennial generation are the generation who are currently aged 19 to 40 years, or school age to productive / worker age. Third, Millennial generation interaction with social media in the digital era is very intense. This generation is very ska surfing on social media to share information, entertainment, highlight their existence, mingle with the community in chat groups. Fourth, the development of media literacy in the Millennial generation in the digital era is still not as expected. Millennials do not have good knowledge about media literacy, so there are still many violations in social media, especially in terms of filtering and disseminating information to the public. Keywords: media literacy, millennial generation, media literacy in the digital era
Yenni Rosana, Richard Chauvel, Siew Fang Law
Profesional: Jurnal Komunikasi dan Administrasi Publik, Volume 6, pp 43-58;

This research investigates the socio-cultural meaning of child labour in Aceh Province, Indonesia. Child labour is illegal in Aceh. However, there is no enforcement of laws and regulations to prevent child labour from occurring and this daily phenomenon is escalating at an alarming rate. Furthermore, this research presents some complexities and paradoxes. While, the general assumption is that poverty is the main cause of child labour; however, this study found that children who are less poor are also working. Most of these children maintain their schooling while working. Consequently, some communities reject the impact of child labour on formal education. Many communities also see work as part of education, which teaches children responsibility, independence and self-esteem and/or pride, which represents the strong qualities of traditional Acehnese people, which has shaped the patterns and behaviours of children working in the region. The community’s perspectives and other social polemics have continued the existence of child labour in Aceh. Therefore, Although it mights be not easy for the government to take actions, it is important to consider that the reduction of child labour programs in Aceh is not merely by strengthening the implementation of laws and regulations, but also requires the understanding of community values and attitudes around the issue. Keywords: socio-cultural, Aceh, child labour, communities, education.
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