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Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 247-256;

The purpose of the present paper is to investigate by the kernel method a nonparametric estimate of the conditional density function of a scalar response variable given a random variable taking values in a separable real Hilbert space when the observations are quasi-associated dependent. Under some general conditions, we establish the pointwise almost complete consistencies with rates of this estimator. The principal aim is to investigate of the convergence rate of the proposed estimator.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 375-388;

In this paper, we study the existence of solutions for a coupled system of fractional differential equations with nonlocal integro multi point boundary conditions by using the Laplacian operator and the Hilfer derivatives. The presented results are obtained by the fixed point theorems of Krasnoselskii. An illustrative example is presented at the end to show the applicability of the obtained results. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time where such problem is considered.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 289-308;

We study an integro differential problem of Lane-Emden type that involves three phi Caputo derivatives. We begin by proving an existence results by means of Schauder theorem. Then, we investigate the niqueness of solution using Banach contraction principle. At the end, one example is discussed.
Ecaterina Magdalena Modan,
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 497-506;

This paper presents structural evolution in iron oxide tablets at vibration testing for catalytic converters. The raw tablets composed from a mixture of cordierite powder with nanostructured iron oxide powders (pure and K-doped) and PVP binder. The analysis of the structural integrity of the raw tablets before vibration testing is evidenced by metallographic microscopic highlight the incidence of cracks. The raw tablets were mechanical vibration tested under normal operating conditions within the vibration damper to determine the structural integrity of the tablets. The mechanical vibration behavior of the tablets is essential in the development of new catalyst based on iron oxide nanoparticles for the reduction of gaseous pollutants from internal combustion engines.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 389-394;

In this study, we have used a newly modified Ishikawa iteration method and the Haar wavelet method to solve an ordinary linear differential equation with initial conditions. Using the modified Ishikawa iteration approach, we derive approximate solutions to the issue as well as the related iterative schemes. For this problem, the Ishikawa Iteration Method is applied for different lambda and gamma values and approximation solutions for these values are compared with the approximate solution of Haar wavelet collocation and its exact solution. Finally, the error tables are written and the graphs are shown.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 395-406;

Multiplicative analysis, whic is an alternative to the classical analysis defined by the additive arithmetic, and built on the multiplicative arithmetic, offers a new perspective to the mathematical problems encountered in science and engineering. In this paper, using matrix methods, we obtained rotation pole in multiplicative one-parameter motion on the plane kinematics in multiplicative motions and multiplacative pole orbits, multiplacative accelerations and multiplacative combinations of accelerations, multiplicative acceleratıon poles of the motıons. Moreover, some new theorems are given.
, M. Iqbal Jeelani, M. Younis Shah, Afshan Tabassum, S.E.H Rizvi
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 367-374;

In the current investigation, we have suggested a Difference Cum-Exponential Type Efficient Estimator of Population variance of the study variable using information on the auxiliary variable. Up to the first order of approximation, the proposed estimator's bias and mean square error (MSE) expressions are derived and suggested optimum estimator is also found, with its optimal qualities are investigated. The suggested estimator is proven to be more competent than sample variance, classic ratio estimators based on Isaki , Singh et al. and Kadilar and Cingi estimators in [1-3]. Numerical study is also carried out by using real data sets.
Elif Kurt,
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 439-448;

The parallel curves are especially used in numerically controlled machining where a biaxial machine defines the shape of the cut made with a round cutting tool. In this study, trajectory ruled surfaces are investigated whose base curve is the parallel curve of a prescribed curve. Some results related with their developability and minimality are obtained. In addition, the conditions are investigated for the base curve to be a special curve. Parallel trajectory ruled surfaces are illustrated with examples.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 309-318;

In this paper, we prove an exponential type inequality for unbounded Widely Orthant Dependent (WOD) random variables. Then we will use this inequality for establishing the almost complete convergence for a sequence of widely dependent random variables (WOD). As an application, we combine Markov inequalities and the new exponential inequality to discuss almost complete convergence of errors generated by a sequence of dependent random variables (WOD) in linear models.
Journal of Science and Arts, Volume 22, pp 257-264;

The aim of this paper is to give some characterizations for N-Legendre and N-slant curves in the unit tangent bundles of surfaces endowed with natural diagonal lifted structures.
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