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Meiniarti Meiniarti, Stmik Rosma, Rahmat Gunawan, Anjar Setiawan
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 287-297;

This study aims to design a reservation system table and food at Roast Chicken Restaurant Mang Rojak that has not utilized internet technology. This application is a solution to the reservation problems that occur and can be used as a means of developing services to customers. The system development method used is the waterfall model. This method consists of several stages of activity flow that runs in one direction from the beginning to the end of the system development project, starting from the analysis of design, design, coding, testing and system implementation. In the analysis phase, the data were collected by observation and interview. The testing of this application is done with Black Box Testing. The results of the study have provided sufficient information about the current food ordering procedure, so that the new system is needed. This table and food reservation information system is website-based that supports online ordering process. This system also provides menu price information and other promotions without coming to the restaurant. Development of this application is needed in order to be able to help issues related to information needs both for the company and customers
Lilik Nuryanto, Dwi Budi Santoso
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 327-336;

This study aims to observe, understand, design and build an information system for reporting drug abuse in the city of Kediri. This study uses the Waterfall method. The research subject is a system that can report drug abuse itself. The theoretical basis of the research used by the author uses Geographic Information Systems. GIS is a computer-based system that aims to store, manipulate, and analyze geographic information. In this research the author uses the Java programming language and the MYSQL database system as user data storage. Username using the primary key Employee Identification Number (NIP). For location mapping that has been carried out by the RPE Action, users who have created an account will be able to access the camera on a smartphone. Later the photos taken by the user will show the location of Latitude and Longitude. The research modeling uses DFD (Data Flow Diagram) modeling which contains DFD level 0 and level 1, ERD (Entity Realionship Diagram) and Flowchart. This study contains interface design, login interface design, main menu design, abuse reporting menu design, service menu design, socialization request menu design, rehabilitation request menu design, P4GN menu design, counseling request menu design, user menu design, mentoring menu design abuse, abuse report table design, edit profile menu design. Interface design is an important part of the application, because the first thing you see running is the application interface
Iedam Fardian Anshori, Salsabila Ayuni Kaffah, Nahdayanti Supa, Rizal Rizal Setiawan Mail
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 275-286;

Coding or computer programming for children is now increasingly popular. According to various studies, children who learn coding at a very young age will benefit from learning to critically assess situations, explore different perspectives, build creative solutions, and even develop cognitive abilities. But of course the difficulty of the learning process itself is another level, and again, we need to see the fact that children nowadays are more into video games than learning makes this kind of situation become more complex. Therefore, this research was carried out which aims to design and create an Android-based coding introduction educational game called Funcode. Game development is assisted by the Construct 2 game engine and using the waterfall method from the SDLC or System Development Life Cycle. The game is in the form of a module equipped with a quiz by introducing HTML and CSS programming languages, as well as applying a little Computational Thinking material. Based on the blackbox test results, this mobile game called Funcode is successfully runs without any errors on various types of smartphones that have been tested
Dian Megah Sari, Universitas Sulawesi Barat Program Studi Informatika, Jumardi Jumardi, Nurdina Rasyid
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 240-251;

Rice is a food crop commodity that produces rice which plays an important role in the economic life of Indonesia. Rice as a staple food is very difficult to replace by other staples. This study aims to determine the results of the design of the internet-based monitoring system for rice field irrigation and to determine the results of monitoring soil pH with The tools used in the design of this system are Node MCU ESP8266, Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04, Soil pH Sensor, Servo Motor (MicroServo 9G – SG90), UTP Cable. Soil pH sensor can send soil acidity level data to NodeMCU and send data to thingger to display results, while ultrasonic sensor can read elevation value on surface if water level (11 cm) then servo will receive signal to open and when water level height value ( 6 cm) then the servo will receive a signal to close, the last process is to send data to the web server or The results of the pH test are that with a pH value equal to 7 then it is suitable for planting rice seeds and if the pH value is below 7 then it is not suitable for planting rice and dolomid lime will be added to neutralize the acidity level in the soil of paddy fields. The tests carried out are using the BlackBox method and the results of this test are the system runs as expected
Amri Muliawan Nur, Aris Sudianto, Salmiah Salmiah, Suhartini Suhartini
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 355-365;

Most of the residents of Sumbawa Regency live in rural areas with a livelihood as farmers. In agriculture, of course, farmers need the availability of fertilizers and agricultural medicines. Fertilizers and agricultural drugs have many benefits for farmers, one of which is to stimulate plant growth and to prevent pests on plants. This is done to increase the productivity of agricultural products. However, the existence of shops selling fertilizers and medicines spread across Sumbawa, especially in several sub-districts in Sumbawa Regency, makes farmers and the general public who do not know the area have difficulty finding information on the location of the sales shop. This study aims to produce a Web-based Geographic Information System by displaying a map visualization containing the location of shops selling agricultural fertilizers and medicines spread across Sumbawa Regency. In making this system using the programming language PHP and MySQL. The use of this system is expected to help the general public as well as local farmers who do not know the area in finding the location of shops selling agricultural fertilizers and medicines. This information system contains the address mapping of fertilizer and agricultural drug stores. The research was conducted in Sumbawa Regency. The results of this study are that the public can obtain information via smartphones, assist farmers and the general public in finding the location of sales stores. In addition, to shorten the time for farmers to find locations for selling agricultural fertilizers and medicines in the Sumbawa Regency area
Jamaluddin Jamaluddin, Baiq Desi Dwi Arianti, Baiq Aryani Novianti, Maman Asrobi
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 392-401;

The Tri Dharma is three obligations that exist in higher education. The three obligations include education or teaching, research, and community service. Each component of higher education, especially the academic community, is responsible for realizing and implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education. Each component of the obligation in the Tri Dharma of higher education must be equipped with various physical evidence, such as documents, learning media, etc. Every University in Indonesia must have a system that can record all evidence of the implementation of the Tri Dharma. Therefore, this study aims to develop software that can help Hamzanwadi University record every progress of the three Tri Dharma components of higher education that the academic community has carried out at Hamzanwadi University, especially Lecturers. The development model used in this study is the Waterfall Development model (Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Testing, Maintenance), but this study only describes the Design stage. The results obtained are in the form of system requirements, client needs, system architecture, flowcharts, and DFD of the designed system
Hariman Bahtiar, Huswatun Mahmudah, Yupi Kuspandi Putra, Fathurahman Fathurahman
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 374-383;

The development of communication and information technology is one of the developments that can be felt in everyday life. The development of smartphones or smartphones and the internet is one of the real evidences. Another development that has felt its impact is the development of fashion. Nowadays fashion is no longer synonymous with women, but also for men. Not only fashion clothes or accessories, but also hair fashion. More and more hairstyles are becoming more and more confusing for consumers to choose the type of hairstyle they want. Many men also do not know the details obtained from other people about the new hairstyle. Therefore, the development of this Barbershop application can also help choose the desired hairstyle and can assist application users in making their choice. In addition, the application can determine the location of the nearest or best Barbershop for its users. Based on the conclusions of the results of this study, the application of barbershop services at Barbershops is useful for facilitating information problems and ordering barber services without customers having to come to the Barbershop and being able to create a good system that can facilitate employee performance at the Barbershop itself
Edi Susilo, Rahmat Rizal Andhi, Dian Ramadhani
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 366-373;

The current website of Informatics Programme at Riau University is being redesign. This process need to be done because the past design had a few shortcomings, such as not being responsive and less attactive to user, in term of UI. To figure out weather the new design meets the UX aspects, it is necessary to make an evaluation. This research does that evaluation about current website User Interface (UI) using UEQ. UEQ,as for today, is consider a fast and simple tools to test UX aspects of certain website. The UEQ will be distributed to 50 respondents which is Informatics Programme’s student. This respondent consist of 25 men and 25 women. Respondent data was analyzed using UEQ Data Analysis Tools. The result was 4 aspects which is consider good, such as attractiveness, efficiency, dependability and stimulation. There was 1 aspect which score above average, namely perspicuity. One last aspect was score below average, which is novelty. From this research result, in general the UI design and UX aspects of this website is consider good. However, to reach maximum performance some adjustment need to be done. Especially from the perspicuity ascpect. The developer need to clarify the way to use this website. The approach can be taken from general web design principal. As for novelty aspects, improvement need to be done to its content with creative and inovatif idea. This will bring unique value for informatics programme website compare to another sites.
Kukuh Panggalih, Wawan Kurniawan, Windu Gata
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 337-347;

The field of digital image processing, such as segmentation, has become a widely discussed topic. Segmentation aims to divide the image into parts or regions so that there is no overlap with similar characteristics, such as color, shape, texture, and intensity. The segmentation process is generally divided into three groups of segmentation, including segmentation based on classification (classification based segmentation), segmentation based on edges (edge based segmentation), and segmentation based on region (region based segmentation). Edge detection is a systematic process used to detect pixels in digital images that are not fixed or always changing their brightness level in a line or curve. The purpose of this study is to compare edge detection methods using image objects. This research was conducted using the method of Robert, Prewitt, Sobel and Canny to detect the number of white pixels in each image. The tool used in this research is Simulink Matlab, where the parameters of each algorithm will be compared. Then the total number of white pixels is calculated from each edge detection method.
Yuri Yuliani
Infotek : Jurnal Informatika Dan Teknologi, Volume 5, pp 298-306;

Heart failure is a global health problem that not only causes physical problems, other impacts such as psychological, social, and economic, as well as depression, which affects treatment, worsens functional status, and increases hospitalization rates to death. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly 17.5 million people die from cardiovascular disease, which represents 31% of deaths in the world. Using machine learning to predict the survival of patients with heart failure so that they can take precautions from the start. The stages of the research carried out include the business understanding stage, the data understanding stage, the data preparation stage, the modeling stage, and the evaluation stage. In this study, using feature selection using best-first resulted in 4 very influential features, namely age, injection_fraction, serum_creatinene and time, and handling imbalance class using the class balancer model. Random forest algorithm with 80% percentage split method which produces 91.45% accuracy, mean absolute error 0.1874, incorrectly classified instances 8.55%, precision 0.915, recall 0.914, AUC 0.953.
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