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Sofia E. Pengemanan, Fanley N. Pengemanan, Jeffry W. Londa
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 8-16;

Regional development through the tourism sector is not only related to the provision of employment and regional investment. However, it is also related to the availability of public facilities. Good management of public facilities and friendly to children and the environment is directly a part of tourism development. This study uses a qualitative approach in an effort to explain the availability of public facilities in open spaces to support tourism programs in Manado City. Research findings that public open spaces in Manado City have not met the needs in terms of the amount of space and functions and facilities that have not taken into account social, economic, environmental, and educational aspects. The management of very limited facilities has resulted in public open space that should be used as a medium for promoting tourism objects in supporting tourism programs through the smart city concept.
Bianca Laiu
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 17-26;

In this article, the concept of groups is dissected in further detail. The notion of groups is quite broad and may be applied not just to individuals but also to a variety of other living things outside humans. People are more likely to establish groups when they have comparable experiences or ways of thinking about how to satisfy their requirements. The purpose of this article is to acquaint the reader with the idea of groups and to explain how one can form a general description of groups by first comprehending the formation process, the formation of groups, the characteristics and types of groups, and other topics related to acquainting oneself with and understanding formal groups as well as the behavior of individuals within those groups. The reader will become familiar with the idea of groups and will learn how one can form a general description of groups.
Wiwin Sariyani, Muhammad Farid, Sudirman Karnay
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 1-7;

This study examines the Analysis of Reading Interest of Santri Madrasah Aliyah Pondok Pesantren Ummusshabri as an Effort to Improve Information Literacy in Kendari City. This research approach is qualitative by using research methods or in-depth interviews. This research was conducted in depth and detail on a particular institution with objective observations, in this case the researcher wanted to see how the development of the interest of the students of Madrasah Aliyah at the Ummusshabri Islamic Boarding School as an effort to increase information literacy in the city of Kendari. Qualitative descriptive research is a method in the status of human groups, an object with the aim of making descriptive, systematic, factual and accurate pictures or paintings about the facts or phenomena being investigated (Sevilla, 1993). Based on the results of the study showing the development of reading interest in Madrasah Aliyah students, the Ummusshabri Islamic boarding school as an effort to increase information literacy in Kendari City, the Ummusshahabri Islamic boarding school has a literacy program that is run especially in Madrasah Aliyah, which has a special day to read books and twice a week to visit library, this is done to increase the reading interest of the students, where the reading development of the students of Madrasah Aliyah Ummusshabri Islamic Boarding School from year to year has not yet increased, this is in accordance with the results of the informant's perception that quantitatively or counting numbers check more deeply but from time to time.
Joorie M. Ruru, William A. Areros, Fanley N. Pangemanan
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 18-25;

Bunaken Marine National Park which is very beautiful for its marine life needs to be maintained and preserved. Maintaining its sustainability requires the participation of all components of the nation, including the fishing community. This research was conducted using a qualitative design to explore the organizational culture of fishing communities in preserving the Bunaken Marine National Park in North Sulawesi Province. The research finding is that the organizational culture of fishing communities is considered to be able to support the government in preserving the national park. The fishing community organizational culture is meant to be an integrated life behavior based on norms and habits in maintaining kinship, applying deliberation and consensus processes in decision making and cooperation which in its implementation reflects local wisdom.
Fatonah Fatonah, Dedi Hariyanto, Ardiansyah Ardiansyah
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 14-17;

This research sought to examine the impact of Financial Ratios utilizing Current Ratio (CR), Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), and Return on Equity (ROE) on Profit Growth across LQ-45 Index Companies. In this work, the Saturated Sample approach was used for sampling. Normality test, autocorrelation test, multicollinearity test, and heteroscedasticity test are used for analysis. Multiple linear regression, correlation coefficient (R test), coefficient of determination (R2), simultaneous effect test (F), and partial effect test (P) are used as statistical tests (t). The results of the normality test indicate that all sampled data have a normal distribution with asymptotes. Significance (2-tailed): 0.0934 > 0.05. Simultaneous test results using the F test indicate that the three independent variables, namely CR, DER, and ROE have no significant effect on the dependent variable (profit growth) as evidenced by the calculated F value of 3.328 and sig. 0.026 which is less than 0.05, while the partial test using the t-test indicates that the independent variable, namely CR does not have a significant effect on profit growth, whereas DER does. The results of the R test (correlation) for the three variables are 0.713. The (R test) CR values are -0.172, DER is 0.095, and ROE is -0.333. R Square has a value of 0.159 for the results of the coefficient of determination (R2) This demonstrates that the simultaneous impact of variables X1, X2, and X3 on variable Y is 15.9 percent profit growth, whereas the remaining 84.1 percent profit growth may be affected by other factors not investigated in this research.
Panya Tedsungnon
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 6-13;

Oligarchy and egalitarian social movement are two topics that are covered in this article, along with poverty, increasing deprivation, and egalitarian movement. In order to trace the overall consequences of industrial developments, the debate has a tendency toward oligarchy. The earlier Commercial Revolution must have had certain deviations in order to indicate the beginnings of the nation-state as well as tendencies of industrialization and revolution. The development of industry led to the formation of a wage-dependent working class in urban settings, which was a necessary but oppressive division of the workforce. The English Revolution of the seventeenth century, the American and French Revolutions of the eighteenth century, and the bourgeois revolution, which was a political theory founded on the inherent rights of life, liberty, property, revolution, and popular sovereignty are all examined in this article.
Anggi Yoga Pratama, Helman Fachri, Wulan Purnama Sari
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 35-38;

This study aims to examine the effect of the physical work environment on the quality of work of Civil Servants at the Sintang Regency Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency. The sampling technique used in this study is the Saturated Sample method. The population in this study were all employees at the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development of Sintang Regency, with a sample of 47 employees. The results of a simple linear regression show the equation Y = 7.539 + 0.664 X. The correlation coefficient results show an R value of 0.789, this value indicates that the relationship between the physical work environment variable and the quality of work at the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development in Sintang Regency can be said to show a strong relationship strong. The results of the coefficient of determination obtained an R2 value of 0.623 which means that the influence of the physical work environment on the quality of work at the Agency for Personnel and Human Resources Development in Sintang Regency is 62.30% and the remaining 37.70% is influenced by other variables outside of this study. And the results of the feasibility test of the model obtained the value of F arithmetic > F table, namely 74,318 > 4,07 while the significance level with a value of 0,00 < 0,05. The results of the research on the model feasibility test (F test) stated that Ho was accepted and Ha was rejected, meaning that the linear regression model can be used to predict the value of work quality which is influenced by the physical work environment at the Sintang District Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency.
Derita Munthu, Akmal Hamsa, Usman Usman
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 1-5;

This study aims to reveal the politeness pattern of expressive and assertive speech acts in information services at Zion High School. This research is a qualitative research using speech act theory and language politeness theory. The data of this study consisted of speech data and field notes. Data was collected through recording, observation, and transcription techniques. Data analysis was carried out through four main procedures, namely: data collection, data reduction, data presentation, and inference/verification. Based on data analysis, speech act politeness patterns in information services at Zion High School include code mixing and pleasantries.
Azhar Waheed Naser
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 26-34;

This article aims to examine and trace the growth of Oriental Literature and its subsequent influence on World Literature. In a period demarcated and dominated by two completely opposite ideologies, namely the ‘Anglicist and Orientalist’ theories, it becomes very interesting to observe how the Colonial and the Western Mindset looked at the ‘colonized’ especially through the lens of the literature of Joseph Conrad, one of the most influential and popular writers in the early 20th century. As an extended influence on English Romanticism, Oriental Literature was instrumental in giving birth to new themes and ideas, enriching the minds of English writers. The discerning theories of Orientalism by Edward Said and OP Kejriwal and of Sub Altern Studies by Gayatri Spivak seemed to bridge our understanding between the ‘orient’ and the ‘occident’. Initially thought to be a theory languishing on the fringe, orientalism slowly grew in prominence, even among British Colonial administrators and scholars who agreed with the idea that Indians should be ruled according to their own traditions and laws, as a direct opposition to ‘Anglicanism’. The colonizers did look down upon the colonized which was quite evident in the literature of that era, a phenomenon also visible in the works of Joseph Conrad. The research paper will therefore try to delineate and present a nuanced comparative analysis of Joseph Conrad’s Western view as part of his works of Oriental Literature
Novie R. A. Palar, Femmy F. G. Tulusan, Very Y. Londa, Fanley N. Pangemanan
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 3, pp 39-46;

Public services will continue to run and are needed even though the world and society are faced with various situations and conditions. The current Covid-19 pandemic requires governments at all levels of government to make arrangements and adjustments. Through the use of a qualitative design this research was conducted to explain the form and pattern of services carried out by the village government in the Sonder District Government, Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province in the Covid-19 pandemic situation. work for local governments during the Covid 19 pandemic and work systems in the new normal order set by the central government as well as the implementation of health protocols. The form and pattern of public services is limited in terms of time and physical involvement in the village office, dividing work in the form of pickets and conducting house-to-house services and utilizing communication media for the publication of service information. Work competence and supporting facilities as a step in implementing online services as needed and required during the pandemic have not been carried out.
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