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Ovruncsics Muszeros, Kursmecs Girgő Zsult
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 15-20; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.83

Environmental concerns concern the twentieth and twenty-first centuries' most pressing issues. This is because the threats found inside them are very deep and pervasive within the eco system itself. Humanity is actually seated on a ticking time bomb due to the environmental consequences of weapons and/or contamination, as well as threats such as flooding, wildfires, land degradation, wildfires, volcanoes, earthquakes, and radio-chemical hazards. Environmental issues have become a global issue for a variety of reasons; certain environmental problems are global in scope; concern for the environment becomes a global issue because an environmental problem has a global impact; environmental issues include the exploitation of global resources such as the oceans and atmosphere; environmental damage in one country can have an effect on the environment of other countries.
Darwis Darwis, Sasterio Sasterio
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 27-35; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.86

This article explains how the means of recruiting political parties in finding candidates for regional head in Sigi Regency. And how role models can influence the way people think in choosing. This study uses a qualitative method, by collecting data in the form of statements, behaviors and events through the use of observation methods, in-depth interviews, focus discussion groups, and searching for complementary materials from document data obtained to be analyzed as a relevant unit of information based on this research study. The results showed that even though the candidates were nominated by political partie the election 2015 in Sigi Regency, the candidates still represented their communities based on their religious identity. Each candidate for regional head who does not meet the qualifications or does not pass the administrative selection at the General Election Commissions of Sigi Regency each has a distinctive feature, namely a religious identity. The people of Sigi Regency seem to be more interested in the figures who will run for themselves than the political parties that carry them.
RoyS Machmud, Umar Sako Baderan, Fitriani Karim
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 36-41; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.90

This study aims to determine the Evaluation of Work Performance Measurement System (SIRANSIJA) State Civil Apparatus in the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Gorontalo Province. This research is included in the type of descriptive research with a qualitative research approach. The results showed that the Evaluation of the Work Achievement Measurement System (SIRANSIJA) of the State Civil Apparatus in the Public Works and Spatial Planning Office of Gorontalo Province in general has been going well, however it is still very constrained in terms of networking. Where connectivity is often problematic due to disruption in absentee input, work implementation reports and so on.
Derius Neuga, Larentiu Nicoulae Silviu
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 21-26; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.84

Interpersonal contact or contact that is inextricably linked to mass media. When individuals upload things and communicate with other participants, internal contact happens simultaneously with public communication, since whatever is shared can be automatically appreciated and seen by a large audience. With the potential for private information to become available, it is important to pay more attention to the role of social media. Not to stifle its development, but to optimize its utility. It is critical to improve each user's self-awareness, since what they upload will influence their self-image and the relationships they have with other parties. The freedom of expression and the freedom to communicate that social media provides should be used prudently by its consumers. When we share or disseminate knowledge, we must exercise caution and introspection. In other words, while contact through social networking has expanded and become more versatile, this versatility must be reined in to truly enjoy the benefits. Naturally, if we understand the components of organizational communication, as we communicate inside the organisation, we can understand our status in light of the scenario and circumstances. The advancement of the internet facilitated the emergence of modern modes of communication within organizations. Social networking has arrived and is reshaping the way we communicate in today's culture. There is no restriction to the correspondence of distance, time, and space.
Rudi Rudi, Armin Armin, Hasniati Hasniati, Muhammad Rusdi
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 42-36; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.92

Class I Immigration Makassar City is one of the institutions under the auspices of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia which has made many innovations in terms of passport services. One of them is passport delivery innovation in collaboration with PT. Pos Makassar Branch in serving passport delivery to the applicant's address. The collaboration between Class I Immigration Makassar City and PT. Pos Makassar branch aims to provide convenience for the public in obtaining passports through the delivery service of PT. Pos Makassar Branch. This research uses a qualitative descriptive approach with data collection techniques carried out through interviews, observations and documentation of informants who are directly involved in passport delivery services. The data were analyzed through the stages of data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions and verification. In the collaboration process, it is seen from the aspect of managing aims; compromise, communication, democracy and equity; power and trust and determination, commitment and stamina. This study shows that each actor has the same goal, the establishment of open communication that can foster trust between actors and a strong commitment in improving passport delivery services to the public.
Nuraisyah Ambo
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 7-14; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.82

The goal of this research is to see how successful the Women's Empowerment Program is at improving the economy in Poso Regency. With the aim of answering research questions, such as how to motivate women in improving the economy in Poso district, the research approach used qualitative research and data processing with descriptive analysis methods. Data was gathered through library analysis and recording, observation, and in-depth interviews with a variety of informants, including Poso, Observers of Women, Women's Organizations, and three Home Industry Entrepreneurs from the Office of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (DP3A) district. According to the findings of this report, the Women's Empowerment Program at DP3A Poso Regency is not succeeding. Since the program being introduced is not on track, implementation times are often late, there is a lack of executive engagement, there is no bureaucratic structure or standard operating procedure, and there are insufficient human resources. There is also a lack of communication both internally (inter-coordination) and externally (external coordination).
Litfulla Ebror Murkhuja, Tureacv Kholiqov
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 1-6; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i2.80

Using instructional apps is one of the responses educators and schools have made in response to the Covid-19 pandemic's circumstances, with the aim of continuing the learning phase even though there is no face-to-face instruction at school. As instructional apps such as google classes, zoom meetings, and others are used, they have a huge effect on students' abilities and skills growth, such as slowing the rate of progress in students' comprehension of information. This is motivated by the fact that teachers and students engage infrequently throughout the teaching and learning period. Numerous student topics need face-to-face time in classes such as athletic activity, lab, and art practice. Certain aspects of these activities are hindered by the absence of direct practice in schools as a result of pandemic conditions that force teachers and students to remain at home and ensure a safe distance. Apart from that, utilizing learning apps enables students to begin accepting topics from their inner instructor, requiring both students and instructors to be more innovative with their teaching and learning processes.
Armando Dermaku, Erost Balliu
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 18-22; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i1.67

This article discusses the views of conflict related to the factors causing conflict and conflict management strategies. The results of the discussion show that other potential sources of conflict are personal factors which include the value system that each individual has, personality characteristics that cause individuals to be unique and different from other individuals. The fact shows that certain personality types, such as individuals who are very authoritarian, dogmatic, and have low regard for others, are potential sources of conflict. If one of these conditions occurs in a group, and employees are aware of it, then the perception arises that in the group there is a conflict. Each group has different goals and each strives to achieve them. This problem occurs because when groups become more attached to their own goals or norms. This situation is called perceived conflict. The problem solving strategy in conflict is the basic assumption that all parties have a desire to handle the conflict that occurs and therefore it is necessary to find measures that can satisfy the parties involved in the conflict. On the basis of these assumptions, the problem solving strategy must always go through two important stages, namely the process of finding ideas and the process of maturing them.
Rismawati Rismawati, Juraid Abd. Latief, Muh. Nawawi, Intam Kurnia
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 9-17; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i1.66

One of the development priorities is the strategy of decentralization by granting the regions the fullest possible autonomy to administer and handle government affairs within the context of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, Today, many new models and principles of management have been used, especially in the business world, to be implemented in the education world later on. School-based management, where policy enforcement operates linearly from policy decisions, implementers and public policy results, is one of the models adopted. The application of the Van Meter and Van Horn Model Policy explains that many interrelated variables affect policy efficiency, one of which is the criteria and policy priorities / steps and policy targets that are the metrics used in this analysis, Technique used in this thesis is a qualitative research methodology with a system of descriptive analysis. The aims and priorities of the MBS program have received a favorable feedback from the education unit based on the study outcomes, but the reaction and level of public awareness have not been ideal. This is due to the lack of socialization in educational units, notably at junior high school level, where expectations and targets have been developed and the policy success can be assessed, although it can not be a certainty that the policy goals will be accomplished. If there is no engagement from authorities or individuals or groups of individuals who are responsible for enforcing public policy at the level of regional government.
Sitti Mutmainnah Syam, Syamsul Bachri, Andi Pangerang Moenta
International Journal Papier Public Review, Volume 2, pp 23-29; doi:10.47667/ijppr.v2i1.63

This research aims to know and explain the application of the principles of good governance, namely the principles of transparency and participation and the constraints of applying the principles of transparency and participation in public services. The research method used is empirical research method, to achieve this goal, so this research uses data collection techniques through interviews, observations, document studies, and documentation. While the data sources used are primary and secondary data sources. The approach of this research is conceptual approach that is moving from the views or doctrines that develop in the science of law and the approach of the Law, namely the approach carried out by edilah regulation related to legal issues that are being studied. The results revealed that the principle of transparency has not run optimally because the SOP has not been informed to the public, the principle of participation has not run optimally because the management of complaints has not been good. Therefore, in the context of public services that are a very strategic part in measuring good governance needs to be optimized by providing SOP information on information boards, websites, brochures, opening complaints through social media or working with village officials, head of Cluster Area to directly socialize public service procedures and policies to the community.
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