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Ruchira Pranjale, Nilesh Anute
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 23-27;

The main objective of writing this paper is to study the advertising strategies adopted by various FMCG Companies with reference to Confectionery Product such as Chocolates, Biscuits, Snacks and Jellies. In today’s scenario advertising a product has become the major source for companies to create awareness in the market. Most of the companies have their focus upon the appeals that they used to make people come to know from their advertisements. Various Promotional Tools they use and advertising is the major one. The enterprises in the confectionery industry produce a variety of chocolate, candies, chewing gum, and other products made from cocoa. Commercial confections are sweetened using a variety of syrups, including maize syrup. Historically, the military has developed chocolate as a high-density nutritional energy source. These items may be used to improve oral health, increase energy, or boost immunity. The inclusion of sweeteners, often sugars, defines confectioneries. Invert sugar, a common ingredient that is sweeter and is produced when sucrose is hydrolyzed. Different syrups, including maize syrup, are used to sweeten commercial confections. The term "confectionery" refers to a class of contemporary foods like chocolate and other confections that have high artificial sweetener content. The military had used to develop specially prepared chocolates historically as a high-density nutritional energy source. The confectionery sector is a collection of sizeable businesses that create a range of chocolate, candy, chewing gum, and other items manufactured from cocoa. These products might be used to boost immunity, give people more energy, or enhance dental health.
Juno Ann Joseph
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 28-37;

Tourism industries contribute to the economic development of nations at high level. The trends, needs and wants of the tourists are ever changing. The search for peace atmosphere as well as escaping from the busy life of urban area leads to the demand of Agri tourism. It adds an extra income to the farmers and gradually it leads to the development of rural destination. Natural or scenic beauties of the destination are the main attraction of agri tourism, along with these natural raw materials, it is very much necessary to improve the infrastructural facilities at the destinations. The role of policy makers and public and private sectors are important in such infrastructural development. The role in such infrastructural developmental activities will increase the inflow of tourists. It leads to the development of rural destinations.
Viraj Darane, Satish Pawar, Nilesh Anute
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 11-16;

The main objective of writing this research paper is to identify advertising strategies adopted by energy drinks. Data presented on the tactics used by manufacturers of energy drinks. Advertising is essential for the company to survive in the market. Modern technology allows companies to create more effective and impressive advertisements for television, and print. This helps to create awareness about the product and helps to increase sales of the product. All the companies use rational appeal, adventure appeal, and humor appeal in their advertisements to attract adults and to give information about the energy drinks which will give benefit them. Influencers enhance information on energy drinks, which helps the company, establish a positive reputation in the marketplace and build a strong brand. As it is well known, energy drinks' high caffeine content has the desired effects of enhancing memory, boosting alertness, and elevating mood. In this research paper, we have shown the advertising strategy used by five energy drinks companies.
A. Karthika, Kanisha C. D., Koushika R., Malashree G. B., Sowmya K., Srinidhi M.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 149-154;

The Telecom industry in India is the second biggest in the planet with a subscriber base of 1.17 billion. In February 2021, the number of broadband -subscribers rose to 765.1 million. The Government has emphasized reinforcing India’s domestic telecom manufacturing capacity. Efforts are additionally in progress to create a foundational network for 5G technology deployment in India. Working capital is the existence blood and operational hub of a business, which is exceptionally fundamental to keep up with the smooth running of business. Working Capital Administration is a significant part for each organization and firm. Its impact on profitability of 10 Indian Telecom companies listed in the National Stock Exchange for a period of five years from 2017 to 2021 are analysed.
A. Anitha Begum, M. Jannani, Netra Rebecca Jacob, P. Shameem Fatima, R. Subashini, N. Kowshika
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 117-131;

Vaccines are an effective method that can reduce the impact of diseases. However public vaccines hesitancy is a major problem. With the availability of covid 19 vaccines limited information is available on the acceptance, awareness and attitude towards covid vaccines. This study aims to assess the public acceptance, awareness and attitude towards covid vaccines.
A. Anitha Begum, Abinaya S. S., Chitrakala G., Divya Shree L., Raghavi M., Savivarsha S.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 132-148;

Electric Vehicles are advanced technology for success in tenable transport sector in the future due to the cost effective low maintenance, Easy driving.This paper present briefly some exposure of Electric Vehicle including its Industries consumer perceptions and adaptation of Electric Vehicle behaviour, attitudes towards Electric Vehicle, environment benefit of Electric Vehicle, and its battery life. The government has to take initial measures to develop the usage of Electric Vehicle among consumer and the price of Electric Vehicles should be affordable by the consumers. The automobile industries have to develop the Electric Vehicle production.
M. Sumathi, Bavatharani C., Bavitha S., BrindhaSri R., Elanthendral A., Vyshali T.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 107-116;

Online activity in consumer’s behavior is gradually growing at a very fast rate with the tremendous involvement in social media and user created content on sites, like Face book, blogs, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. In businesses, social media is generally used to spread the awareness about the products and services, promoting brands, to retain the existing customers and to find new prospects. Social media provide better relationship with the customers for the business.
S. Yesodha, Akshata R., Aswini Renuga G., Divya Darsani T. S., Kanakhadurga R., Monica A., Vibhu Lakshmi V.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 96-106;

Gadgets have become an essential part of the lives of current generation. This study aims to find out the influence of brand loyalty while purchasing gadgets in Coimbatore District. Thestudy also concentrates deeply on the features that affect the consumers to prefer a particular brand of gadgets. The population for this exploration were Apple users above the age of 18 in the Coimbatore district. A formative questionnaire was framed and variables like demographic, specialized attributes, features of the gadgets were included. This method was exercised in order to collect the primary data from the respondents. The data was analysed with the help of statistical tools such as percentage analysis, Friedman rank analysis, Chi square test and ANOVA. Constructive suggestions were provided with the help of results so derived.
P. Aishwarya, Abhinaya G., Alamelu A., Jeevithaa M., SnehaA S., Swathi S., Varsinee R.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 71-95;

Energy has been a universal measure of all kind of work by human beings and nature. Energy has been the major input to drive life cycle and improve it. Energy consumption has been closely related to the progress of the mankind. The main objective of the study is to elucidate the impact of conventional energy on environmental degradation and preference towards the purchase of non- conventional energy products - with special reference towards solar energy products .The study has been based on primary data collected from Urban Households in Urban areas of Coimbatore, by administering a questionnaire from a sample of 300 Households selected by applying Simple Random Sampling technique. Primary data has been analysed by using statistical tools namely per centage analysis, Friedman rank analysis, descriptive statistics, ANOVA, t-test. According to the study one of the major causes for environmental deterioration has been accounted to usage of conventional energy. Respondents have been convinced that solar energy products contribute to a greener lifestyle and safer environment. If the government intends to develop consumer-friendly policies and subsidies, solar energy products will be utilized by the majority of the population.
R. Lakshmi Priya, Akshaya Gayathri V. C., Chandhana S., Ponnikila V. R., Pranetha P., Sumithra S.
Journal of Sales, Service and Marketing Research, Volume 3, pp 54-70;

The main aim of the study is to know the awareness and level of satisfaction towards water purifier. It’s widely acceptable that access to clean and safe water in sufficient quantities is the foremost serious challenge of survival at intervals in the twenty-first century. That’s why the necessity for water purifiers to produce clean and safe water was exaggerated. Water purifier removes undesirable chemical substances from water. There are different corporations in water purifiers, wherever customers are glad about different water purifiers. Customers have different perception towards different brands. So a study has been made on this topic “A Study on Consumers Satisfaction towards Water Purifier with Special Reference to Coimbatore City”, the main aim of the study is to know the awareness and level of satisfaction towards water purifier. Questionnaire method had been used to collect data. Three hundred and nine samples were collected for the people of Coimbatore who are all using water purifiers. This study reveals that people are aware about the water purifier and brand name of the water purifier rank first in selecting a water purifier.
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