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Cadeo Canh Bao
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 77-83;

The purpose of this study was to analyze the health risks of benzene exposure, on human health, especially for workers/employees engaged in the oil industry. To assess the health effects of benzene on workers, it was obtained from health data of workers exposed to benzene in the work environment. Acute exposure (14 days), moderate exposure (15-364 days) and chronic exposure (365 days) are workplaces where benzene exposure is below the Minimum Risk Level (MRL) value of inhaled benzene exposure that is reduced by ATSDR by acute, moderate and chronic exposure, respectively, to benzene. The threshold value of physical and chemical variables in the workplace (1.59 mg/m3) is also set by the Regulation. ATSDR-reduced exposure to toluene (7.6 mg/m3) is below the MRL for chronic inhalation exposure, while acute exposure (3.8 mg/m3) is well below the MRL for chronic inhalation exposure. Symptoms of headache, weariness, and respiratory irritation can be caused by Benzene exposure that exceeds the threshold value and biological exposure index. blood-forming cells and bone marrow dysfunction as well as neurological or reproductive system disorders. After conducting a risk analysis, an overall picture of the risks will be obtained. The results of risk analysis can be qualitative or quantitative depending on the technique or method used. Risk analysis will also provide an overview of the level of risk from various potential hazards that exist.
Afsana Israt
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 10-15;

Methane gas, often known as CH4, is created by landfills and is considered to be one of the greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change. The anaerobic breakdown of the organic matter that is present in trash is the process that leads to the release of methane. Methane emissions are likely to increase if the Final Disposal Site's garbage is allowed to continue to accumulate in larger mounds without being processed further. The purpose of this study is to determine the amount of methane that is already being released at the Dhaka landfill and to forecast the amount of methane that will be released from the Dhaka landfill over the following ten years. As a point of reference, the IPCC Waste Model Calculation method is used in the process of calculating methane emissions from Final Disposal Sites. According to the findings, the amount of garbage generated reached 0.449 kg per person each day, with organic waste making up the majority of the waste's composition. At the Dhaka Final Disposal Site, the potential value of methane emissions is 2.24 Gg/year, and according to the projections for 2026, this value will increase to 4.968 Gg/year. The socialization of reduce, reuse, and recycle procedures as well as the creation of the already existent Open Dumping Landfill are two examples of mitigation and adaptation measures that might be advocated to others.
Sri Musyrifah, Rini Rachmawaty, Syahrul Syahrul
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 56-64;

This study aims to explore the facilitating and constraining components in the process of developing and implementing ICP. The method used an integrative review using the PubMed, Science Direct, ProQuest, Wiley and EBSCO databases and a secondary search for journals limited to the last 10 years and other publication sources related to the topic of writing. 11 studies that were included and based on the results of the analysis of 3 main components that became facilitators and at the same time as obstacles in the process of developing and implementing ICP, namely the managerial component which included the role of hospital leaders managing hospitals and their clinical champions influencing the successful process of implementing ICP, both cultural organizations include an overview an organization that shows the work pattern of officers in the application of ICP as well as functional and technical elements that cover the stages or processes of the implementation of the ICP. The ability to identify the facilitator and obstacle components can determine the implementation strategy.
Nanda Novziransyah, Ira Aini Dania, Sinta Veronica, Maimunah R
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 47-55;

The decrease level of vital capacity can be restriction, obstruction or both of them. Some factors, like non jobs and environment can lead the decrease level of vital capacity. The goals of this research is knowing all factors that have associated with vital capacity of street sweeper in Kecamatan Medan Denai. The research was conducted on September 2018. The factors of this research are work period, exposure period, mask utilization, employment history, disease history, smoking and sports habits. The total sample of this research are 67 workers. The method of this research was cross sectional. Data was collected by using research instruments such as peak flow meter and questionnaires. The results showed that workers with more than 5 years of service experienced a decrease in KVP as many as 62 people (92.5%) and workers who did not use masks decreased by 53 people (79.1%). Based on the results of statistical tests, it is known that the variables of working period and the use of masks are associated with a decrease in KVP. To reduce the decrease level of street sweeper’s vital capacity, it is recommended that workers are leave the workplace right after the job is done and use mask at work site all the time.
Syafruddin Syafruddin, Rahman Suleman
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 65-76;

Indonesia was declared to have contracted the Covid-19 disease in 2020. The central, provincial, and district/city governments, even the lowest government, namely the kelurahan/villages have responded, prepared, and took part in it. The type of research used is descriptive research aimed at describing the implications of the Covid-19 pandemic on the prevalence of tuberculosis in Gorontalo Regency. The types and sources of data used are primary and secondary data from the Health Service and its network and related sectors. The key informant is the unit leader and the person in charge of the program. The results of the study describe that the incidence of Covid-19 in Gorontalo Regency began to occur in April 2020, and infected 19 sub-districts and 21 puskesmas areas. The discovery and treatment of tuberculosis declined sharply. Before Covid-19 (2019) the findings and treatment were quite high reaching 85.79%, decreasing to 33.49% in 2020. The death rate increased from 10 people in 2019 to 17 people in 2020 and increased to 35 people in 2021. This is , has implications for the achievement of the national priority program “tuberculosis”. This condition cannot be separated from the enforcement of activity and activity restrictions. The transfer of activity programs in the health sector is more focused on efforts to prevent and control Covid-19. The smart practice of the Limboto Public Health Center, known as POS PERBUKERS, is consistent in improving the findings and treatment of tuberculosis, even though they are in a state of Covid-19 pandemic.
Ummy Yuniantini, Ismaulidia Nurvembrianti
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 41-46;

The Malay ethnic group occupies the first position in the city of Pontianak. The customs are also attached to the majority of the people who are there and are carried out from generation to generation and are believed to be beneficial for them. The Malays believe that during the puerperium a mother's health must be very concerned, because the complications that occur during the puerperium are very dangerous for the mother and can cause death. This study aims to analyze postpartum maternal health care for Malays in Pontianak. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method through a case study approach. This research was conducted in the District of East Pontianak, in the ethnic Malay community in the Malay village. Data was collected through observation, and interviews. The results of the study showed that there were health treatments during the puerperium carried out by Malays, namely bejah, drinking herbs and decoctions, using poultice, param and pilis. There are many benefits of health care during the puerperium in Malay people, but there are also side effects and disadvantages of this health care.
Muhammad Ade Rivandy Ridwan, Fridawaty Rivai, Lalu Muhammad Saleh
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 16-24;

The application of improving the quality of service is very much needed in this era of globalization. Malcolm Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence-(MBCfPE) better known as the Baldrige Criteria is one method that can provide a solution to this problem. This study aims to analyze the implementation of Total Quality Management using the MBNQA criteria at the Isalam Faisal Hospital in Makassar. This type of research is a quantitative research using an observational study with a cross sectional study design. Collecting data in the form of a questionnaire. The sample in this study were all staff and leaders at the Faisal Islamic Hospital in Makassar, amounting to 258 respondents. The results showed, based on MNQA calculations, Faisal Islamic Hospital Makassar was at the Igood Performance level with a value of 738. The final conclusion of measuring the performance of Faisal Islamic Hospital Makassar with this score illustrates that the performance of Faisal Makassar Islamic Hospital is still not good. Therefore, proactive planning needs to be made and implemented, not only reactive to problems. It is suggested to the hospital management that it is necessary to conduct an evaluation using the PDCA cycle method, so that the strategic plan that has been made can be carried out effectively.
Dewi Wahyuni Supangat, Noer Bahry Noor, Yahya Thamrin
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 1-9;

Customer loyalty is a customer's commitment to a brand, product or service based on a positive attitude that is reflected in consistent repeat purchases. This study aims to analyze the effect of Brand Image and patient satisfaction on the loyalty of outpatients at Dr. RSUP. Tadjuddin Chalid Makassar. This type of research is a quantitative research using an observational study with a cross sectional study design. The sample in this study were outpatients at Dr. Tadjuddin Chalid Makassar, totaling 170 respondents. The results showed that there was a direct influence of Brand Image on patient satisfaction, direct influence of Brand Image on patient loyalty, direct influence of satisfaction on patient loyalty and direct and indirect influence of brand image on patient loyalty through patient satisfaction in the outpatient installation at Dr. RSUP. Tadjuddin Chalid Makassar. It is recommended to the hospital management to be able to use various media to carry out promotions in order to further expand information about the big name and logo of the hospital so that it is more widely known, implement and make policies and review things that are still lacking, especially making improvements by adding equipment. and maintain the hospital's physical facilities
AlMutazbellah Khalid, H. I. Ansari, G. M. Sindhav
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 32-40;

Gmelina arborea Roxb. (Family Verbenaceae) leaves have long been used in traditional medicine to cure a variety of medical conditions. The purpose of this study is to examine the methanol, hydro alcohol, aqueous, hexane, ethyl acetate, extracts of Gmelina arborea leaves through FTIR spectroscopy method. FTIR (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) is a quick and nondestructive analysis technique. FTIR was utilised on a spectrophotometer system and performed to the identification of the typical peak values and the functional groups of Gmelina arborea leaf extracts. The presence of various bio-active functional groups in each extract was verified by FTIR analysis.
Asrida A, Astuti Astuti, Leli Leli, Rahmiyani Saad
Journal of Asian Multicultural Research for Medical and Health Science Study, Volume 3, pp 25-31;

Honey contains many nutrients including vitamins A, C, E, B12, β-carotene and phalvonoid which can increase hemoglobin and suppress oxidative stress. This study aims to determine the effect of honey administration on Hemoglobin Levels and 8-hydroxy-2-Deoxyguanosin (8-Ohdg) levels in pregnant women with anemia. This study uses a type of Quasi Experiment research with pretest-posttest research design, Sample in a study of 30 pregnant women divided into 2 groups, mothers who received Fe (Control Group) and Honey + Fe (Intervention Group) Implementation carried out for 60 days. Then blood and urine are taken to examine hemoglobin levels and 8-Ohdg levels. Data were analyzed using Paired Sample T Test and Independent T Test. The results showed an increase in hemoglobin levels in the intervention group Honey + Fe by (2.80 ± 0.26gr / dl) while the Fe control group was (0.80 ± 0.13gr / dl) with a value of p = 0,001 <0, 05. The 8-Ohdg level in the intervention group Honey + Fe was (-4.23 ± 1.32 nmol / ml p = 0.031 0 , 05). Based on the Independent T Test on hemoglobin levels, the values of p = 0,001 <0,005 and 8-Ohdg values obtained p value = 0,002 <0,05. Thus the group given Honey + Fe is more effective in increasing hemoglobin levels and decreasing levels of 8-Ohdg in anemic pregnant women.
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