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Mahije Mustafi, Sulbije Memeti Karemani
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 240-245; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.2020

COVID-19 not only endangers human health but also hits hard on the economy. Isolation and paralysis of public life hits the economies of every country. Before analyzing the links between COVID-19 and the possible economic crisis, we can say that the crises in capitalism are inherent and the virus should be seen as a spark which accelerates the turbines that shake the system. However, while insufficient to predict the extent of the damage that COVID-19 could do to the economy, this starting point is sufficient to anticipate the chain effects. The immediate effect of all these restrictions is the decline in economic activity, which results in declining production and rising prices. We can say that there is a direct cause-and-effect correlation between the virus and the crisis. The economy of the Republic of Northern Macedonia has been hit hard by the Covid 19. pandemic. These six months have paralyzed almost all sectors of the economy in the country. Government aid packages were more social while those for business still remain unused. Companies in northern Macedonia have already been severely affected. The closure of many businesses is accompanied by the dismissal of many workers, which is also associated with a social crisis.Growth in the country for 2020 is projected to be between -1.4 and -3.2 percent - which provides a baseline and unfavorable scenario due to the high uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. In Northern Macedonia, improving governance and strengthening institutions are long-term policies that can address the main causes of continued emigration, in order to maintain a skilled workforce. This can be achieved by accelerating job creation, promoting the private sector, investing in higher education and increasing opportunities for women in the economy. The capital of the diaspora influences the maintenance of social stability and the reduction of poverty in Macedonia and in the future the state should take it more seriously the investments of the diaspora. Weak administrative capacity can cancel the implementation of reforms as well as large critical projects implemented with state guarantees. Political instability and insufficient reform progress could reduce investor confidence. Northern Macedonia's accession to NATO and the official invitation of the EU Council to open negotiations for EU membership should help accelerate the recovery.
Iryna Soldatenko
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 201-208; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1987

The challenges of the new century have expanded the range of tasks universities are facing. In addition to traditional research and cultural tasks, the task of mastering the role of innovators not only in educational and research technologies - but also in cultivating socially responsible individuals and active citizens who are aware of global threats, able to anticipate risks, address social issues and develop the economy. The article presents the results of the author's sociology research on the following issues: how students of VN Karazin Kharkiv National University respond to global challenges, whether students are prepared to become part of a solution to global development challenges identified by the Government of Ukraine (based on UN Sustainable Development Goals) as a priority for the near future and what forms of innovative practices the students choose for this purpose. Attractive for students and young people, as an innovative practice enabling them to combine social activity and a startup, be independent of the state in the labor market and commence entrepreneurial activity in an exciting sector, is social entrepreneurship. Young people now feel congenial to the philosophy of social entrepreneurship, including many members of Generation Z− people aged 18 to 24, who care for the future of their country. According to the Diffusion of Innovation Theory by Everett Rogers, students belong to Early Majority of innovation adopters. For this group of innovators, it is important that information and communication programs should contain success stories and other evidence of the effectiveness of innovation, especially by opinion leaders of youth audiences. The article looks into the new communicative technologies of influence, which encourage students to innovate.
Siti Azizah, Umi Wisapti Ningsih, Irfan H Djunaidi
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 190-200; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1715

The research aim was to identify the assets of Ngawonngo Village, Malang Regency to support the establishment of Traditional Islamic Boarding School Sheep Farming. The study was conducted in Ngawonggo Village, Tajinan District, Malang Regency. The methods used in the research was qualitative research with descriptive data analysis. The results of the study There are six (physical, natural resources, human resources, financial, technology, and social capital) of Ngawonggo Village, Tajinan District, Malang Regency. Lack of physical, technological, and financial assets has a positive side where people will have a stronger motivation to improve their wellbeing. The potential of natural assets, human resources, and social capital can solve community problems and improve other assets that are not yet optimal. The sheep breeding business initiated by the pesantren as an influential institution is a strategic plan to develop the Tajinan Village as a center for sheep farming.
Lucian Lupsa-Tataru
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 179-189; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1913

The present investigation refers an effective technique of shaping the audio fade-out profile in the current context of high demand for interactive multimedia. A rational function is employed in order to bring forth a highly versatile fade-out transition. To emphasize that the audio volume, i.e. the output of the selected rational function, is returned without noticeable delays during the fading process, a straightforward implementation in pure JavaScript is put forward in the paper, taking into account the most unfavorable case from the computational point of view.
Thomas Kitsantas, Athanasios Vazakidis, Constantinos Stefanou
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 160-178; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1882

In the age of a global competition environment, the accurate costing measurement is important for planning and decision-making. To achieve this goal, contemporary costing methods are tested and applied such as the Activity Based Costing (ABC) in conjunction with the use of modern Information Technology (IT). The review study attempts a comparative analysis of both ABC and Traditional Costing Accounting (TCA), examining the main themes emerging from academic research and practitioners concerning the challenges, benefits, and barriers of ABC, analyzing the impact of the integration between ERP and ABC systems and its effect on management performance. A review of the literature generated an initial pool of 322 studies. Upon extensive review, 38 studies were found to be relevant to this topic. It appears from the review and analysis of the academic literature and professional sources that a successful integration among ERP and ABC minimizes the operation costs, enhances competitiveness, improves the management of the enterprise, due to its abilities to provide more accurate costing information for a strategic decision. However, practical implications in adopting ABC under ERP could be very challenging, requires a huge amount of internal resources, commitment among employees, and top management. In closing, additional research studies employing both qualitative and quantitative methods as well as case studies are needed in order to provide insights into the impact of ERP and detailed implications of how the ABC accounting system is adapting to the ERP environment and its effect on firm performance.
Zhifu Wu
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 143-150; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1841

Titanium dioxide semiconductor material is one of the earliest photocatalysts with stable and reliable properties, but its quantum efficiency is relatively low. In order to improve the photocatalytic performance of titanium dioxide, the activated carbon tubular-titanium dioxide composite photocatalytic material was synthesized by sol-gel method with n-butyl titanate and activated carbon as main raw materials in the system of isopropyl alcohol and glacial acetic acid. X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscope (SEM) and nitrogen adsorption were used to characterize the phase, particle size and adsorption performance of the photocatalyst. The photocatalytic performance of the synthesized material was tested by using rhodamine B, a simulated pollutant. The results show that rhodamine B decomposition rate can reach 100% under UV irradiation for 140 minutes. The conclusion is that the photocatalytic performance of the activated carbon tube interspersed with titanium dioxide composite was significantly improved.
Vitalii Zalozh, T Tarasenko, R Varbanets
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 151-159; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1829

Improving the efficiency of the ship's diesel power plant is becoming increasingly important every year. This is primarily due to the restrictions on emissions of sulfur and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere during the operation of the ship's diesel engines. Article is devoted to the problem of synchronization of data monitoring working process in transport diesel engines operation. The accuracy of data synchronization determines the error in determining power, control of the main engine systems operation and its diagnostics. The method of solving the synchronization problem must be analytical. The method of solving the synchronization problem must be analytical. In comparison the hardware methods used in most diagnostic systems of the working process of diesel engines have several disadvantages. It is impossible to conduct rapid diagnostic control in operation, non-stationary phase and amplitude errors in calculation the main parameters of the working process, the need for preparatory operations and related need for temporary withdrawal of diesel engine operation, complexity and high cost of diagnostic control. An analytical synchronization method is developed based on the top dead center coordinate determination algorithm, which uses three stages: linear, sinusoidal and model equal to zero the first derivative of the pressure under compression. The proposed method of analytical synchronization gives the obvious advantages for monitoring working process systems of diesel engines. The error in determining the main parameters of the working process and the indicator power does not exceed 2.5%.
Osamah Malik Mohammed, Ahmed Z.M. Shammari
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 222-239; doi:10.47577/technium.v222i2.1790

Function modeling in engineering design, as one of the most common abstract language during design process and especially early stages, is introduced in a common frame for investigating possible development areas. Comparative studies are conducted for analyzing commonalities of various approaches and methods as well as its variances. The interaction of functional modeling with design theories and methodologies are reviewed in detail. The aims of those reviews are highlighting features of various methods of FM and its noticed limitations and discussing applicability of those methods and approaches in various fields of design. Finally, a proposed future works is presented for filling identified gaps within generality and applicability of FM within various design fields.
Iryna Zakharova
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 136-142; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1824

In the global practice of application, more than 50% are metal coatings applied by the method of electric arc metallization, which has the following advantages: high productivity, simplicity of equipment, low power consumption, the ability to 6obtaining coatings with high-performance properties through the use of scarce and inexpensive wires of industrial production. But the main drawback is the process of oxidation of alloying elements during transportation of molten electrode particles by spraying airflow. A series of scientists' works are aimed at improving the design of spray heads of electric arc metallizers, which involves improving the design of the air nozzle through the use of inserts and devices providing a change in the spraying airflow, and leads to a significant increase in the price of the process. To reduce the oxidizing effect of the spraying airflow on the liquid metal of the electrodes the method of pulsating air injection into the electrode melting zone has been developed. This paper presents the influence of the pulsating spraying flow on the indicators of abrasive wear and reduction of oxidation of metal particles, at the arc metallization to obtain coatings with the specified properties and application of resource-saving.
Marcos Luis Quispe Perez, Paola Parra Ocampo, Erika Hinostroza, Daniel Colque
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 128-135; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1747

This project has as general objective to determine the relationship that exists between university students of the School of Mining Engineering and the proficiency of the communicative and technical English language, becoming familiar with innovations in extractive technologies during their academic preparation for their professional development in the labor field nationally and internationally 2019.
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