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Iryna Zakharova
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 136-142; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1824

In the global practice of application, more than 50% are metal coatings applied by the method of electric arc metallization, which has the following advantages: high productivity, simplicity of equipment, low power consumption, the ability to 6obtaining coatings with high-performance properties through the use of scarce and inexpensive wires of industrial production. But the main drawback is the process of oxidation of alloying elements during transportation of molten electrode particles by spraying airflow. A series of scientists' works are aimed at improving the design of spray heads of electric arc metallizers, which involves improving the design of the air nozzle through the use of inserts and devices providing a change in the spraying airflow, and leads to a significant increase in the price of the process. To reduce the oxidizing effect of the spraying airflow on the liquid metal of the electrodes the method of pulsating air injection into the electrode melting zone has been developed. This paper presents the influence of the pulsating spraying flow on the indicators of abrasive wear and reduction of oxidation of metal particles, at the arc metallization to obtain coatings with the specified properties and application of resource-saving.
Marcos Luis Quispe Perez, Paola Parra Ocampo, Erika Hinostroza, Daniel Colque
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 128-135; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1747

This project has as general objective to determine the relationship that exists between university students of the School of Mining Engineering and the proficiency of the communicative and technical English language, becoming familiar with innovations in extractive technologies during their academic preparation for their professional development in the labor field nationally and internationally 2019.
Uzma Aamir Jilani, Ishrat Rahman, Syed Aamir Jilani
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 118-127; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1776

Although the number of active COVID-19 cases have been fallen in some countries, the threat of the pandemic is still impending in many parts of the world and the pace of recovery is still uncertain. SARS-CoV-2 outbreak has expanded very quickly since the beginning of 2020 and has now taken approximately a million lives all around the globe. Sadly, there is yet to be an approved treatment for COVID-19 as it may take a few years to establish a definitive treatment and a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. This study aims to review the preventive and curative measures currently under investigation for COVID-19 and the targeted pathogenic features of the SARS-CoV-2. To manage the clinical implications of COVID-19, and to alleviate SARS-CoV-2, the main focus is on supportive therapy, symptom control, antiviral drugs, and immunomodulation. Intense research activities for therapeutic interventions are in progress worldwide to evaluate the benefit of such drugs.
Saasil Fernandez-Erana, Labna Fernandez-Erana, Manuel Fernandez-Guasti
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 107-117; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1681

A normal distribution approach is implemented to predict the evolution of the COVID-19 epidemic. The fit to the COVID-19 daily cases in Mexico, in the rising stage of the epidemic, is a very good continuous approximation to the data with R2 = 0.976. The derivative of this function provides a measure of the increase/decrease or acceleration of new cases per day that are otherwise buried in the noise of the raw data. The predictions are depicted in a novel 3D way, so as to convey the evolution of the forecasts as data becomes available. The estimations are in accordance within standard deviation, with the logistic and Gompertz functions fitted to the corresponding epidemic models. This scheme can be used to model the epidemic and use it as an ancillary for decision making at a municipal or regional level. Simplicity with robust prediction is favoured, so that the model can be understood and implemented by local government advisors or personnel not familiar with specialized statistical methods.
Amel Mešić, Izudin Delić, Nedim Ganibegović
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 94-106; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1649

Determination of multiphase flow inside PC boiler plant is of particular importance for the process control of the boiler and its efficient operation. Nowadays numerical modeling is used as an advanced tool in improvement of this or similar process. Separation of coal particle in aero-mixture channel, after pulverization, represent an important process which has a big effect on boiler efficiency, and its determination represents an important step. In this paper, numerical modeling of multiphase flow inside aero-mixture channel and low emission burner of boiler OB-650 are exposed in several steps from 3D modeling, discretization of fluid domain, setting the physical and mathematical model to validation of same model. Main goals of the same process is to obtain valid numerical model of observed problematic, that will give us data about model parameters that can be used for modeling of the same process with different inlet boundary conditions, and also to obtain appropriate specific process parameters that can be used for rising of level of efficiency and utility of boiler plant in some steady operating modes.
Lemecha Geleto Wariyo, Roman Alemu Kelbago
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 77-93; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1646

-Grade inflation is a recognized problem in universities around the world. The factors underlying grade inflation are also discussed by studies. The objective of this study was: firstly, to observe the degree of grade inflation by analyzing the difference between nominal grades and real grades of students across departments. Secondly, the study analyzes the relationship between aptitude test scores and college GPA. In order to achieve these objectives, the first semester grades of all Wachemo university first batch third-year students (total 435 students: male 287 female 148) were collected from the registrar and the nominal and real grades were calculated. The Grieves method of real grade analysis formula was used to analyze the real grades. The findings of this study revealed that although there was no severity of grade inflation in the semester, 4 departments out of 12 departments registered inflated grades. The correlation between nominal and real grades of students is positive and strong indicating that real grades are grade-inflation adjusted nominal grades. There was a zero correlation between aptitude test scores and the college GPA in this study. The similarity of the grading system, and the similarity and the harmonization of the courses make the Grieve’s method of grade inflation adjustment mechanism to be applied in Ethiopian universities. In addition, mechanisms of adjusting grade inflation better have attention in Ethiopia in order to standardize grades from different universities to have a fairer and valid comparison of graduates for employment. Key words: Nominal grade, real grade, aptitude test scores
Kennedy Fohoue-Tchendjou, Vivient Corneille Kamla, Laurent Bitjoka
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 64-76; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1616

Investigations in this paper concern management of Hybrid Renewable Energy systems. To achieve it, a supervisory system based on hybrid systems concept is designed, in order to ensure power flow between energy generators (solar panel and pico-hydroelectric), batteries and load. Differential Hybrid Petri Net is used to model the proposed supervisory and simulations are made in Matlab environment.Results obtained present a good performance criteria Loss of Power Supply Probability, and this show the effectiveness of our approach in the coordination of HREs components during the energy sharing process by reducing load shedding in microgrid system.
Abdullah Alanazi
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 54-63; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1662

The aim of this study was to explore teachers' knowledge of using assistive technology (AT) with students with Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) based on their gender, years of teaching experience, level of education, grade level of instruction, and training. A sample of 312 teachers were collected in this study. Multiple Linear Regression was conducted for data analysis. Results indicated that trained teachers showed more knowledge of the using of AT in classrooms for students with ASD. Teachers who have more years of teaching experience reported more knowledge of using AT in classrooms for students with ASD. The results support a greater need for further studies using AT for students with ASD from stakeholders and decision makers perspectives in Saudi Arabia.
Miroslava Mihajlov Carević, Miloš Ilić, Milena Petrović, Nebojša Denić
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 36-41; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1537

In this paper we deal with a method for the determination of numbers in a Pascal triangle that are simultaneously triangular, tetrahedral and pentaedroidni. The collected results, obtained by mathematical analysis, were verified by computer. For this purpose, we used the C# programming language as well as the computer laboratory within our University in order to test the results. The results collected by computer confirmed the accuracy of the results obtained by mathematical analysis.
I Nyoman Tri Sutaguna, I Ketut Sirna, I Gusti Bagus Rai Utama
Technium: Romanian Journal of Applied Sciences and Technology, Volume 2, pp 42-49; doi:10.47577/technium.v2i7.1638

Ubud Village, which is one of the attractions for tourists to visit the island of Bali, has a very beautiful and beautiful view. Tourists who visit Ubud not only enjoy the physical views of natural and man-made resources but they also want to learn about the original Balinese culture that breathes Hinduism. One thing that tourists can learn from Balinese culture is enjoying traditional Balinese food (culinary tours). This study aims to identify traditional Balinese food made from duck meat in terms of (1) The transformation product of traditional Balinese food made from duck and (2) Food contained in traditional Balinese food. The informants were determined by selecting restaurants and restaurants that sell traditional Balinese food which had been transformed and determined based on the purposive sampling method. Determination of information from tourists used in-depth interviews with resource persons who are competent in their fields. Data collection techniques are using observation, interviews, and documentation. The presentation of the research results is described quantitatively and qualitatively. Transformation processes such as texture, shape, taste, color, the aroma of the processing process, and attractive presentation methods, taking into account sanitary, hygienic, and food safety standards. Furthermore, the meaning of the transformation of traditional Balinese food made from a duck that has been developed is in the form of economic meaning, social meaning, ethical meaning, and aesthetic meaning. This will be able to provide added value to tourists and the community in Ubud Tourism Village.
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