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JoAnne D. Gorospe, Joliwar M. Joaquin
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 174-182;

Instructional effects of tracking could have serious consequences for students and important implications for educational policy and practice. This study aimed to find out whether tracking during senior high school matters when choosing a program in college. For this purpose, descriptive design was employed to address the problem of the study. On the other hand, due to some problems of the study which cannot be addressed quantitatively, there was an element of qualitative method that was used in the conduct of the study. The findings revealed that the majority of the students came from the Academic Track, specifically from the General Academic Strand. Students have a very satisfactory performance but they vary in their performance when grouped according to track/strand. The students from the non-HUMMS strand believe that subject alignment to teacher education and teacher preparation are the problems that they encountered when they are already in the teacher education program. The students agreed that tracking is no longer a factor in choosing a program in college.
Mariana Floricica Călin, Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Ruxandra Elena Robu
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 452-479;

Self-esteem is a widely studied concept in the field of psychology and not only,this human component according to the multitudes of researches carried out ends up affecting a wide spectrum of activities carried out by people if they are in an imbalance. I chose this staging of preadolescence in relation to self-esteem and the online environment because I consider this period the most susceptible to changes caused by the environment, regardless of what that may be and especially in the virtual environment where today's preadolescents have found either a confidant, an emotional support, a satisfactory of needs or even a refuge. This new environment that in the last 15 years has developed amazingly, and which was meant to make our lives easier and bring us only satisfaction, has also proven to bring dissatisfaction in the most unexpected aspects of developing human life. Another reason why I chose this research topic also comes from personal experience during adolescence, at the beginning of this stage getting acquainted with social media and facing different states or changes of perspective now realizing in adulthood as being at that time flawed for my development, I understood that what was created in my mind and later in my behavior was influenced by the new digital environment to which I had adhered without to think that I will expose myself at the same time to such an influential space.
Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Rodica Toader
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 437-451;

The motivation for choosing the theme is based, first of all, on the idea that we all want to help the increase mentally healthy and emotional balanced children. An essential factor by which a child achieves this balance is the way in which he develops socially and emotionally. Preschool and low school age is the time when children need us adults to learn how to relate to others with respect for their needs and those of others, how to solve various social situations faced day by day, how to live healthy emotions of sadness, fear, fear, anger without hurting others. Children observe and imitate our behaviors and our actions guides child’s social and emotional development and provides the framework for the formation of self-confidence. It is also equally true that, once the child reaches kindergarten, he observes and largely takes over the behaviors as well of other children. That is why it is necessary for all children to benefit from an extremely valuable and credible landmark of behavior. For a better understanding of what constitutes a healthy emotional development, a children, at preschool age, it is necessary to understand what are the peculiarities of emotional development at this age. The transition from early childhood to preschool, then to adolescence is done very quickly, and the changes that children undergo are varied, so a good knowledge of the peculiarity of the development of the affective language, of the specific manifestations in depending on the age is specially important.  
Gilles Pache
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 654-661;

The paper focuses on a historical phenomenon that has been little studied: the way in which the music industry, particularly the progressive rock movement that emerged from the counterculture in the 1960s, gradually became subject to the laws of marketing. The roots of this “quiet revolution” are studied starting from the sponsorship negotiated by the Pink Floyd, in 1974, with a famous brand of soft drinks called Gini. The band members agreed that a series of concerts would be partially financed by a multinational company, justifying this choice by the desire to reduce the price of tickets for the fans. While the justification is commendable, it is an essential step towards the triumph of the entertainment society dominated by mercantile values. From this point of view, the Pink Floyd/Gini “affair” can be seen as a key moment for the development of modern marketing.
Agathi Stathopoulou, Magdalini Liouni, Yolanda Salapata, Athanasios Drigas
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 213-227;

The aim of this study was to investigate the emotional difficulties and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms within children refugees in northern Greece borders. The present research focuses on the traumatic and emotional difficulties experienced by children refugees, who have been separated from their families during their journey to Europe. This study adopted a research approach with a sample of five children from Syria, of both sexes, aged 11 to 16 years. Each participant was given an Android-based mobile phone with the online forms of the Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale for DSM-5 (CAPS-5) and the Achenbach Adolescent Self-Report Questionnaire (YSR 11-18). The completion results showed high levels of post-traumatic stress disorder and intensive emotional problems in the sample of refugees children. In particular, the findings showed a correlation between the level of emotional problems and post-traumatic stress disorder and the type of trauma related to the family traumatic experience.
Fridrik Dulaj
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 771-776;

Before we go further it is important to see the possible origin of Rahovac/ Rahovec language. If we refer the history of Rrahovec/ Rahovecas an urban center, as a starting point we can consider residences that are found in the work of Selami Puhales where we mentioned before we have two sorts of Rahovec, great Rahovec/ Rahovec and small Rahovec. Both of them had 43 headed houshold1. Its development and transformation in a small town ocured later. Recalling that only 500 families were in Rahovec/ Rahovec in 18922. Albanians for the sake of developing their economy and comerce, perhaps to preverse their physical beign, started to communicate in the language of those who supplied Rahovec/ Rahovec with goods and who governed in the administrative sense. The need for business development pushed citizens of Rahovec/ Rahovec to subject the pressure of the language of those which whom they had intercourses. Albanian language was a native languagein Rahovec/ Rahovec clearly speak some old Albanian remants like the preservation of consonant groups: mb, nd, ng3, ex. How is it going! (Puna e mbarë), Doing well! (Mbarë paq), Plant wheat! (mbjell grurë), Thanks, l exchange grapes with beans, don’t mention, eating breead (hanger buk), l load wood (ngarkoj dru) etc.  
Panagiota Chatzivasileiou, Athanasios Drigas
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 131-152;

This article is a literature review that analyses the cognitive and metacognitive abilities of the students with Specific Learning Disorder in Mathematics (SLDM). It aims to present the cognitive and metacognitive deficits of these students along with the ways and methods that can improve the corresponding cognitive and metacognitive abilities and analyze the role of metacognition in mathematics education. It also aims to present ICT tools that are used worldwide in order to develop and enhance these abilities. These tools are designed for the development of either the cognitive or the metacognitive abilities of the students with SLDM and include computer based and mobile applications, serious games, educational software and robotics. The results of the study indicate that the existed ICT tools for the development of the cognitive and metacognitive abilities of the students with SLDM can have a crucial impact on the improvement of the symptoms of this Specific Learning Disorder. They can enhance the cognitive abilities of the attention, the working memory and the visuospatial ability along with the mathematical ability and also improve the metacognitive abilities such as reflection, self-regulation, the problem solving ability and the mathematical metacognition.
Mihaela Rus, Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Marina Alexandra Mănescu, Nina Stănescu
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 480-488;

The burnout syndrome is more and more common in scientific research in the country, but also at international level, in different professional categories and hierarchical levels. This research is aimed at medical staff in the Medical-Social Care Unit, nurses and even doctors. A unit established in 2007, which retains the same staff since then, forming a family framework over time, both for employees and beneficiaries, and developing different skills for teamwork. With the pandemic, the rules have become stricter and all staff have been taken out of the comfort zone, which could lead to an imbalance in stress management and put their mark on the emotional state of their employees, thus causing the scholarship. This research covers only one objective, namely the relationship between burnout, cognito-emotional cloning strategies and strategies to manage professional stress, the assumptions being drawn up in turn in the light of the correlation between two variables.
Eleonora Mihaela Popa
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 75-88;

This paper is aimed to study the attitude of secondary school students towards school. The research was conducted on a sample of 437 secondary school students and 42 teachers, who teach them. Students were given a questionnaire to identify their attitude towards school from five perspectives: students' self-perception from an academic point of view, students' attitude towards the school itself, attitude towards teachers, the importance they attach to goals, motivation, and self-regulation. Group interviews with teachers explored the relationship between teachers and students, how teachers relate to students, how they perceive students, how school assessments are done, how they provide feedback to students, as well as issues of improving students' attitudes towards school. The results of the study revealed certain associations between students' attitudes towards school and teachers' perception of it.
Eugenia Gkeka, Athanasios Drigas
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 31, pp 228-240;

The aim of this review is the recognition of characteristics of “Dysgraphia” or “Dysorthography”, as specific learning disorder in written. Concretely, the diagnostic technological tools enable to recognize the particular characteristics of this disorder. As well as, the offer of the intervention technological tools is been evident with the effectiveness of the different applications. Indeed, the activities and the exercises of these tools on educational and game environment using augmented reality assist the children’s and the adults’ handwriting with Dysgraphia and enhance the writing skills.
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