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Dadang Hartanto
Published: 16 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 612-620; doi:10.47577/tssj.v12i1.1575

Mental models can function positively in organizations if they are managed well. The management of mental models is carried out from the surfacing step, to testing, to improving the internal picture of how the world works. This type of research is descriptive qualitative research. To obtain data used in-depth interview research techniques, observation, and documentation. While the data analysis mechanism is done by data reduction and data presentation. Based on the results of research that Bareskrim is able to live and adapt between various forces and interests because of mental models. priorities supported by understanding in seeing reality (personal mastery practice) can precisely determine positions and actions that are favorable for the existence of the organization. Harmonization of the relationship between senior-junior mental models and hierarchies will strengthen individual relationships because when harmonization occurs, conflicts can be avoided and group stability occurs due to compliance with the institutions that are mutually understood (common institutions) governing senior-junior and senior relations. hierarchy either in the form of ethics or norms, written or unwritten
Stancă Ionut, Rizea Ileana Olguta, Popescu Andreea Caterina, Albu Alice, Rus Mihaela, Fica Simona
Published: 14 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 602-611; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1677

Betathalassemic patients demonstrate an increased rate of extracardiac vascular complications, but very low prevalence for coronary artery disease. Computed tomography (CT) achieves excellent tissue characterization, with high spatial resolution and has developed as a gold standard for noninvasive angiography and calcium score assessment. Methods. We examined 7 patients with major beta-thalassemia and 7 patients who had an indication for cardiac CT for resting ECG changes, without symptoms of angina pectoris. We investigated the coronary atherosclerosis by assessing the coronary artery calcium (CAC) and arterial stifness. Usual tests and echocardiography measurement were performed. Cardiac computed tomography determined left ventricular mass, left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF), coronary calcium score and coronary anatomy. An analysis of myocardial density was also performed. Artery stiffness was assessed by the cardio ankle vascular index (CAVI). Results. Arterial stiffness index in betathallasemic group was higher than control group, R-CAVI index was 6.21± 0.49 vs 5.65±0.37 and L-CAVI index was 6.21± 0.38 vs 5.71±0.31. The assessment of systolic function by echocardiography and cardiac CT examination in the 2 groups, shows that the LVEF in the betathallasemic group was significantly lower than in the control group, which means that some patients already had cardiomyopathy. LV myocardial mass was significantly higher in the group with beta-thalassemia, which is explained by the appearance of myocardial remodeling. The calcium score in patients with major beta-thalassemia was 0 and 8,5± 5,9 in the control group. Only 3 patients (42,8%) in the control group had a calcium score > 10U. No atherosclerotic lesions were observed in patients with major beta-thalassemia, whereas the control group showed mild coronary atherosclerotic lesions. If myocardial density can be determined, calcium or iron deposits can be detected in the myocardium. In patients with beta-thalassemia, the density of the myocardium was higher, both in the left ventricle (49.29 8.87±HU) and in the septum (56.71± 8.1 HU). Calculation of Pearson’s correlation coefficient revealed a good association between CT and echocardiography, reproducibility of CT was significantly higher on an intra-observer level for LVEF and LV Mass. Conclusions: Patients with β–thalassemia major have a similar calcium score compared to control subjects, but they have an increase in arterial stiffness. However, zero frequencie of coronary heart disease, denotes coronary protection mechanisms in thalassemia, so future research should focus on the anti-atherogenic potential of blood lipids at these patients. The ability of cardiac tomography to detect calcifications and changes in myocardial density should be valued, as it can be a good tool for establishing the diagnosis of cardiomyopathy by iron loading.
Mihaela Luminița Sandu, Mihaela Rus, Tănase Tasențe
Published: 12 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 591-601; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1665

Choosing this theme study was based on a desire to investigate several issues in depth, taking into account the importance of identifying dimensions of personality structure in adolescence, considering that during this period proper development of adolescents is based on stimulating several areas closely related to their activity. A balanced adolescent chooses activities that contribute to character development, increasing self-confidence, developing socializing skills, identifying passions and making decisions.
Günay Özcan, Cigdem Karter
Published: 8 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 226-234; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1625

Examining the human development of societies is one of the important economic policy practices of recent times. Therefore, economies steer the sub-components of human development and their policies implemented by researching the factors that affect such sub-components. In this context, the aim of this study is to examine the relationship between economic growth and terrorism with human development in 12 selected MENA countries in the period of 2002-2017 by the panel causality method. The findings obtained as a result of the panel causality analysis show that both terrorism and economic growth have bidirectional causality with the human development index throughout the panel. A causality relationship has also been found in many countries on a country basis
Chaerin Kang
Published: 8 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 104-114; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1629

The purpose of this research paper is to underline a few of the problematic articles of the Criminal Act in Korea and suggest possible solutions. In the Republic of Korea, three criminal elements—Applicability of Constituent Requirements, Criminal Defences, and the Principle of Responsibility—must be proven to convict a defendant. When a perpetrator does not meet all three criminal elements, they are protected by particular articles of the Criminal Act such as Articles 9, 10, and 26. These articles guarantee citizens' right to decide their own actions accordingly and provide an opportunity for improvement by reducing the punishment. All three articles of the Criminal Act reflect positive intentions embedded in the law. However, the articles' flaws have begun to cause the perpetrators to exploit the law and disdain Korea's Criminal Act. Thus, this paper aims to consider the Criminal Act's malfunctions, especially within Article 9, 10, and 26, and suggest possible solutions to improve its shortages.
Tigran Haas
Published: 6 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 496-510; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1618

Each reader will most probably come into this topic with hers/his professional background, different perceptions and view of things, understandings, expectations, etc. Given the incredible depth of the subject, but at the same time wishing to be approachable and ‘user-friendly’ to the reader, the paper will demonstrate a particular way of seeing the built environment. What will come out between and behind lines is multidisciplinary and systemic view as a conditio sine qua non of viewing this field as well as an approach, which tries to integrate different issues. The paper will also try to debate, bring out and question things as well as problematize around these issues. Its purpose is not to bring solutions, give answers or put up new theories or models. It will nonetheless have to give some suggestions and try to look at some things differently, especially where some postulates, definitions and outlook on things are fuzzy, hazy or unclear and based on false premises and undefined concepts. The main focus is to show that “faulty” models (defective and contradictory concept and categories and prepositions) can have disastrous consequences for the development of a certain discipline. As Norman Crowe pointed, ‘such is the nature of this subject that any discussion of it can be neither complete nor conclusively definitive.
Fadi Jaber
Published: 6 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 559-574; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1624

Many national and international organizations have constructed and disseminated COVID-19 public narrative and have contributed into the construction of the pandemic meta-narrative. The World Health Organization (henceforth WHO) is the international organization responsible for publishing COVID-19 related information to global audiences and citizens. However, the City of Ottawa is the Canadian federal capital responsible for disseminating information about the pandemic to its citizens who reside in Ottawa. In the light of the evolving events, this paper explores the English and Arabic public narrative of COVID-19 as constructed and published by WHO on its multilingual website and by the City of Ottawa Public Health in Canada. In specific, it scrutinizes how similar or different the communicative messages and meanings are as embedded in the English and Arabic texts of the pandemic public narrative. To do so, this paper methodologically utilizes a qualitative narrative analysis research design guided by narrative theory, types of narrative, and narrative features. Accordingly, the corpus consists of 48 English texts and their 48 Arabic translated texts which were published on WHO’s website under two COVID-19 pandemic topics: “Myth busters” and “Q & As on coronaviruses (COVID-19)”. As well, this paper analyses 12 English texts and their 12 Arabic translated texts which were published on the City of Ottawa’s website. The findings of this paper provide further understanding of similarities and differences in communicative messages and meanings as embedded in the English and Arabic public narrative of COVID-19 pandemic, and as published and represented by WHO and the City of Ottawa.
Jeffrey Kim
Published: 6 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 482-495; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1627

This study aims to evaluate the recent "Fairness" related issues in South Korea in the perspectives of the Millennials. In contrast to the X generation, the Millennials are living through the hardest period of Korea with the difficulty of accumulating wealth, high unemployment, and tough social mobility. The challenges in the country led more millennials to lean on a fairer society and to support the current administration, the Moon Administration. However, "Fairness" issues are arising continuously and the response to those issues vary, depending on the typical factors. By analyzing three recent issues-Cho Kuk Incident, ICN Incident, and the Yonsei Incident- the paper analyzes the selective rage of the Millennials. The level of rage is tied to the social, political status of the figure and the direct connection to employment. The policymakers and the X generations emphasize the importance of a fair society while they are not willing to give up their shares of the pie. To avoid slowing down in social and economic development, Korea should find a practical solution or else the Millennials will be living through the toughest generation of Korea.
Hadi Mousavi, Majid Davoudi Nasr
Published: 4 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 210-225; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1570

Executives can maximize profits by recognizing the factors that effects investment and using them to obtain the optimal level of investment,) Inefficient markets have shortcomings that can impact the optimal level of investment leading to the process of over- investment or under- investment. In the present study, the relationship between overconfidence of senior managers and abnormal cash fluctuations with respect to financial flexibility in companies listed in Tehran stock exchange" from 2009 to 2013 were evaluated. In this study, the sample consists of 84 companies selected by systematic elimination method and 420 year-companies in total. In this research, EVIEWS software was used to test the research hypotheses by linear regression and correlation coefficient and after designing and testing the research hypothesis. After designing and testing research hypotheses that have been used to each hypothesis, it was concluded that there was a significant relationship between overconfidence of senior managers and abnormal cash fluctuations , and this relationship was not significant at any level of financial flexibility. Moreover, the findings of research showed that there was a significant relationship between senior manager’s overconfidence and positive abnormal cash flow fluctuations in firm and this relationship is significant only at the level of companies with high financial flexibility. Finally, the results indicate that there is no significant relationship between senior managers 'overconfidence and negative cash flow abnormalities, and the relationship between senior managers' overconfidence and negative cash flow fluctuations at the level of companies with high financial flexibility was confirmed.
Ali Madouni
Published: 3 September 2020
Technium Social Sciences Journal, Volume 11, pp 417-426; doi:10.47577/tssj.v11i1.1605

As the virtual media emerged and disseminated immensely ;specifically in the last ten years of the twenty-first Century, throughinnumerable channels and virtually broadcasting pages, as strong equivalentlyas the traditional mass media in almost life critical domains and areas ; as aresult and feature of the technological progress. The technology of the twenty-first Century gave to hands a wide reach and availability of information, itallows people and communities to participate even in producing and makinginfluential public opinions towards local and international issues and topical; asways of social interaction behind devices screens. Technology and changescreate a sort of circumstantial adaptation which did not exist before.Furthermore and notably, the traditional mass media amid this advance; theyspecify regular corners and a considerable space for the virtual interactions ofintellectual and popular society categories ; through the worldwide knownmedia and interactive gates. and they give an increasing as well remarkableconcern, and sometimes they are used as a referential and reliable base to thesesocial interactions. Through this paper, we intended to spotlight on theinteractive role of society in the virtual media, additionally, to expose to whatextent can the virtually-made public opinions as well interactions can affect thestatements and decisions in reality, on local and wider levels..
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