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Yeni Mustika, Tarina Dashela
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 8, pp 041-051; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v8i1.107

The goal of this research is to describe the students’ improvement in reading comprehension by using pre-questioning. This research was a classroom action research with two cycles conducted to the seventh-grade students of MTS Darussalam Sengkubang. The 7B class was the subject of this research consisting of 29 students. Planning, acting, observing, and reflecting consisted in each cycle. Field notes, observation checklists, interview, and individual test were used as the tools to collect the data. The finding of this research showed that by conducting teaching and learning reading by pre-questioning as a brainstorming activity before read the text could stimulate and allowed the students predict by kept trying to answer the pre-questions given by the teacher. Students tried to found the information asked to them. Thus, the pre-questioning activity made the teaching and learning process of reading was interactive. It also affected the students’ motivation in reading learning process. It was effective and very helpful for the teacher in teaching reading comprehension.
Citra Suryanovika
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 8, pp 001-011; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v8i1.102

The study discusses the self-efficacy of STBA Pontianak students in online learning during the covid-19 situation. The study involved 34 fifth-semester students of STBA Pontianak enrolled in learning theories subject. The study was a quantitative design. It used a questionnaire referring to the New General Self-Efficacy Scale (NGSES) of Chen, Gully, & Eden (2001). The online questionnaire contains eight variables and five response categories of the Likert scale is distributed. The study has found that the mean was 29,3, while standard deviation was 5,1. The responses toward all 8-item NGSES were varied. The first variable has the highest mean. The overall figure showed that the students have a high self-efficacy scale in implementing online learning during the Covid-19.
Khairunnisah Khairunnisah
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 8, pp 019-029; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v8i1.105

The aims of the research were to find out the students’ reading comprehension in legend before using Make a Match Strategy, beside, to know the students’ difficulties in improvement reading comprehension by using Make a Match Strategy, and also to find out the students’ improvement by using Make a Match Strategy in reading comprehension at the grade VIII of SMP Negeri 1 Panyabungan. The writer applying this research with Classroom Action Research (CAR) used e-class was using Whats App. The subject of research was the grade VIII-1 students of SMP Negeri 1 Panyabungan. They were 30 students. The resulted shown students’ reading comprehension improves significantly, it shown from the resulted students’ percentage of pretest was 13,33%, cycle I was 53,33 %, and in cycle II was 90%. Make a Match Strategy can help students to improve reading Comprehension.
Hilda Mutia Sari, Rafika Nurhidayah
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 8, pp 012-018; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v8i1.106

Writing has become a challenging skill for EFL or ESL students to overcome. It is not only required the ability to compose a good writing but also a deep layer known as the grammatical aspect. Understanding grammar is very important for building good sentences. Hence, this study aims to find out the most grammatical error found in students’ corpuses and classify the students’ error. To generate this purpose, the researcher explored the grammatical mistakes made with the aid of using college students at the first semester of Pontianak State Polytechnic as the sample of research. This study was conducted using descriptive research using students’ corpus as the data collection. The results of this study discovered that the addition error is the most frequent type of error made based on the frequency on the percentage that was 39,02%. Furthermore, this kind of error is classified as substantial. As for the other types of errors made by students, namely mis formation with the total of errors as 35.36%, omission of error as 23.17% and error in disordering as 2.44%. It can be concluded that the students made errors due to their background of knowledge and their lack of understanding of English structure.
Yan Imam Santoso, Prasetyawan Aji Sugiharto
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 8, pp 030-040; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v8i1.103

Since the whole world has experienced the Covid-19 pandemic, which has an impact on the education system; it has changed temporarily for an indefinite period. Learning carried out in Indonesia in particular was changed from face-to-face meetings to distance learning. Interaction or communication between teachers and students is carried out online or utilizing technology, both orally and in writing. Speech acts also influence distance learning, where the expressions are given by the teacher becomes a part that has power in regulating the success of distance learning. This study aims to describe the types of directive speech acts performed by teachers to elementary school students. This research is a qualitative descriptive studywith a population of elementary school teachers in Batang, Central Java. The researcher took a sample of 10 teachers who were taken randomly. The results of the study found that directive speech acts with the type of command expression are often used by teachers in distance learning with 16 expressions. The conclusion of this research is the expression of command is an expression that is often spoken by the teacher in delivering the material. Through this research, it is hoped that it can provide brief information that the teacher's directive speech acts are part of the process of delivering material or information.
Par Yati, Laily Nur Affini
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 7, pp 111-119; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v7i2.71

This study analyzed students’ final test in English for General subject, including the students’ overall scores, understanding the essay instruction, and grammar mistakes found in their essay. This research was conducted using a qualitative descriptive method. The researchers employed document analysis to find related information from the research objectives naturally. The instrument used for the data collection was the students’ answer sheets from the final test, and a summative test was employed as the approach. There were fifty students of non-English Department Study Programs as the participants. The scores achieved conclude that the mean score achieved by the students is in the lowest category. It implies that they still need to improve their writing, such as sentence arrangement, grammar, and vocabulary selection. Furthermore, most students were mistaken in understanding the essay instruction and resulted in incorrect essays.
Fransiska Inapaska Wuwur
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 7, pp 63-74; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v7i2.74

This study aims to analyze the dominant language style used by the Hosts and Katy Perry's exclusive interview on Tonight Show so that readers can distinguish the use of language styles appropriate to the situation and conditions. The type of language style that helps the researcher analyze is divided into five styles; formal, consultative, casual, and intimate styles. The research’s objective is to determine the dominant language style used by the Hosts and Katy Perry's Exclusive Interview on the Tonight Show. The researcher uses descriptive qualitative research to analyze the utterances towards a conversation on the video. This was in line with Joos's characteristics in conveying information through intonation, pronunciation, grammar, sentences, and words that correspond to each type of language style. The type of language style that is dominantly used by the Hosts and Katy Perry in the Exclusive Interview is casual style because the sentences spoken in the talk show conversations are dominant in using short and simple ones.
Irma Irma Tanjung
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 7, pp 86-99; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v7i2.76

This study aims at finding out the analysis of the types of expressive speech acts and the most dominant expressive speech acts used by characters in literary works. Qualitative methods were used to fulfill two research objectives. The data was collected from the movie that was taken from the utterances used by the characters. It was observed, selected, and classified. The researcher took notes as a tool to classify the expressive acts of the characters in the movie. The results showed that nine kinds of expressive expressions were found in the movie, namely apologizing, blaming, congratulating, doubting, greeting, praising, regretting, thanking, and wishing. The most dominant type of expressive action used is the praising act because the character performs this action when he admires someone or an object for the listener. In addition, giving praise to others can make others more motivated; giving praise has a calming effect and makes others feel valued, and increases the listener's confidence. It is expected that the result of this study can be used as references for future research.
Hanita Oktaviani
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 7, pp 75-85; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v7i2.72

Teaching young learners can be a challenge due to their cognitive development. Thus, teachers need to be creative in using approach and methodology in teaching young learners. Songs are regarded as one of effective medias to teach young learners. They offer various advantages in the teaching process especially for children. One of the advantages of using songs is that it can increase the students’ interest; hence, stimulate their motivation to learn. This study aims to verify these claims and confirm the effectiveness of using songs to increase young learners’ vocabulary achievement. In order to achieve this goal, quantitative with quasi experimental is used as the design for the research. This design includes pre-test, treatment and post-test. The participant of this research is forty students from Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Swasta (MIS) Litahfidzhil Qur’an Darussalam which divided into two classes. One class is the experimental class, the other is the control class. The data were analyzed using a t-test. The findings indicate that songs offer positive effect on young learners’ vocabulary achievement. Therefore, based on the finding of this study, it is suggested for teachers who teach young learners to occasionally use songs to teach English due to its effectiveness in increasing learners’ vocabulary achievement.
Natalia Vitara
Jurnal Ilmiah Spectral, Volume 7, pp 100-110; https://doi.org/10.47255/spectral.v7i2.75

A lesson plan is an important component that the teacher must prepare before carrying out learning activities. This study aims to develop lesson plans, especially tutoring for informal institutions. This research is an R&D research. The limitation of this research is that it is only carried out at the ADD stage (Analysis, Design, and Development). At the analysis stage, the teacher did not yet have a lesson plan, so the implementation of learning was not directed and only helped students in doing homework they got from school. At the design stage, the lesson plan components followed Brown’s (2001) theory which consisted of goals, objectives, materials and equipment, procedures, evaluations, extra-class work (if students needed them, to learn more at home). The development stage determined the appropriate method to be used in the learning process. At this stage, the lesson plans were validated by experts in the field of education to measure product quality.
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