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Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 47-51;

Aging process in the elderly will cause health problems such as immobilization, incontinence, depression, malnutrition, decreased immune system, and sleep quality disorders. The puspose of this study was to determine the effect of foot massage with lavender essential oil on the sleep quality of the elderly. This research design used a pre-experimental with one group pre-test post-test design without a control group. The number of samples used was 20 respondents selected by purposive sampling and data collection using the pitsburgh sleep quality index questionnaire with the test result analyzed with Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test. The result showed that in pretest all respondents experienced poor sleep quality, and posttest data obtained that 13 respondents (65%) experienced good sleep quality. The results of data analysis using the Wilcoxon Sign rank test showed that the p-value = 0,000
Venny Diana
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 52-59;

Musculoskeletal disorders are disorders that occur in one of the skeletal organs or muscles of the body such as congenital abnormalities in the upper and lower extremities, nerve and muscle disorders, inflammatory infections of bones and joints, musculoskeletal metabolic disorders, degenerative musculoskeletal disorders (spine, upper extremities) and below). The study aimed To analyze the static condition of the workers' complaints of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). Using literature review with scoping review method. The data was collected through internet searches using Google Scholar and PubMed with the keywords static conditions, complaints of MSDs, ergonomic position, musculoskeletal disorders, the influence of static conditions, with a range of research years is 2015-2020. Results found 83 articles matching the keyword. A review of 9 research articles that met the inclusion criteria found 4 aspects, namely the factor of length of work more than 1 year, age, working hours and using the same extremity for a long period of time will increase the risk of MSDs, Doing work in awkward positions for 5- 8 hours/day increases the risk of MSDs in workers, especially nurses, The emergence of MSDs symptoms is higher in women, namely in the lower back and neck area, The pain felt due to MSDs disorders can be severe, namely in the lower back, shoulders, neck, wrists , knees and ankles. There is a relationship with static positions/non-ergonomic conditions at work, these non-ergonomic conditions do not directly cause complaints but in the long term complaints will arise. The female gender is at high risk of experiencing MSDs, the length of work and length of time working will affect the emergence of MSDs, there are 12 static conditions found in someone when doing work, the main complaint that appears in MSDs is pain.
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 37-46;

Mental disorders are considered as incurable diseases and are related to sin or crime, so that sometimes the treatment is brutal and inhumane. Wrong perceptions or myths related to mental disorders (schizophrenia) still exist in Indonesia; some cultural societies always link the cause of mental disorders caused by the occult. This perception causes them to come to health or mental health services if the mental disorder they experience is severe or even disturbs others. This study aims to determine the perception of families with family attitudes about mental disorders in family members that experience mental disorders in the mental hospital. Analytical research with cross sectional approach. Using 67 respondents with consecutive sampling probability sampling technique. Spearman rank's analysis results obtained p (0.00) <0.05 (0.000) with a correlation coefficient of 0.752, which shows the closeness of the relationship between the variable perception with attitude is strong. The conclusion of the study, there is a relationship between the perception of families with family attitudes about mental disorders in family members that experience mental disorders in the mental hospital.
, Zubaida Parveen, Madiha Mukhtar
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 32-36;

Tuberculosis is a significant medical issue in numerous pieces of the world. For legitimate administration, learning about Tuberculosis is essential among the patients under anti-tubercular treatment. This study aimed to assess the knowledge and perception about Tuberculosis in the DHQ teaching hospital of Dera ghazi khan. This study is a cross-sectional descriptive research design. A self-reported questionnaire was filled by 100 registered patients of the antidote therapy program. Descriptive statistics were used to analyze the data. The results showed 68.80% male, and41.60% females have known about the treatment of Tuberculosis. 72.50% male,41.60% female have known the diagnosis. 41.33% male and 24.33% female have known about prevention.65% male, and47% females have known signs and symptoms of Tuberculosis. Conclusions included that males have more knowledge about Tuberculosis than females and common source of knowledge among patients in the hospital.
, Setiana Andarwulan
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 60-64;

Teenagers are very vulnerable to experiencing problems such as vaginal discharge and because of that teenage girls often wear panty liners outside of their menstrual period. Improper use of panty liners will make vaginal discharge abnormal. Therefore, this literature review aims to find out how to use non-herbal panty liners so that they can cause abnormal vaginal discharge. This research usesliterature review with data sources from the PubMed, Research Gate, and Google Scholar databases with a range of 2018-2021. The results of this literature review contained 4 journals which stated that the effect of using panty liners could cause vaginal discharge but under normal conditions and 4 journals also stated that abnormal vaginal discharge was caused by panty liners. It can be concluded that abnormal vaginal discharge is caused by a different way of using panty liners and the lack of information about using panty liners properly.
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 12-16;

Introduction: Indonesia is one of the developing countries with a high under-five mortality rate due to the rough handling of Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI). Diseases that cause death can generally be treated at the hospital level, but it is still difficult at the public health center level. Public Health Centers have implemented (IMCI). Suppose they meet the criteria for implementing/implementing the IMCI approach at least 60% of the number of visits by sick toddlers. This study aimed to describe the knowledge and motivation of IMCI implementers regarding the implementation of IMCI at Lubuk Buaya Public Health Center, Padang, in 2014. Method: This research is descriptive. This research was conducted at the Lubuk Buaya Health Center Padang in May 2014. The population in this study were all IMCI implementers who were actively working at the Lubuk Buaya Public Health Center, Padang, with 37 people. Sampling with total sampling technique and analyzed univariately. Results: From 37 staff implementing IMCI, it was found that 31 (83.8%) staff had implemented IMCI well, 36 (97.3%) staff had high knowledge, and 23 (62.2%) staff had high motivation. Conclusions: This study shows that the knowledge and motivation of IMCI implementers are good in implementing IMCI. It is hoped that every IMCI implementer will further increase knowledge about IMCI and its performance so that all sick toddlers get the best IMCI services to prevent death in these toddlers.
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 22-31;

During this pandemic, health workers, especially nurses, are at the forefront of dealing with the Covid-19 outbreak. Nurses will experience stress, this is because the workload that occurs on nurses is very large, so nurses tend to experience pandemic burnout. The purpose of this study was to determine the description of the pandemic burnout on nurses in the Isolation Room of Wangaya Hospital Denpasar based on 3 dimensions of burnout. Data collection tool using Maslach Burnout Inventory questionnaire. This research method is descriptive quantitative by using a survey. The sample in this study was selected with a total sampling technique of 39 respondents. The results of this study are most of the respondents experienced pandemic burnout in the low category as many as 32 people (82.1%). Dimension emotional exhaustion most of the respondents answered "always" as many as 7 people (17.9%), the dimension depersonalization most of the respondents answered "always" as many as 13 people (33.3%) and the dimension of dimished personal accomplishment most of the respondents answered "always" as many as 1 person (2.6%). This pandemic has occurred for more than a year, nurses are getting used to their work and are used to using level 3 PPE. It is recommended for nurses to be in isolation rooms, attend webinars or seminars on handling Covid-19 patients, psychological webinars, yoga, and other spiritual improvement activities that can reduce nurse burnout.
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 1-5;

To assess the level of job satisfaction among registered nurses working in clinical area at Teaching Hospital Dera Ghazi Khan. Method: A cross sectional descriptive survey was used to assess the level of job satisfaction among registered nurses. Random sampling technique was used to collect the data. Sample size consists of 102 registered nurses, out of 121, working in clinical area at DHQ Teaching Hospital Dera Ghazi Khan. I developed one Likert scale with consisted 30 questions to measure the Level of Job satisfaction among registered Nurses. Computer analysis was done with statistical package for social sciences (SPSS) version 18. Descriptive statistics were taken out depending on the type of variable under study. Result: Study included 102 registered nurses to assess the level of job satisfaction. Results showed that from 102 respondents, 18 (17,65% answers in strongly satisfied category,45 (44.12% answers in satisfied category, 25 (24.51%) answers in neutral category, 08 (7.83%) answers in dissatisfied category and 06 (5.89%) answers in strongly dissatisfied category. It is evident that the corresponding falls in the category of strongly satisfied and satisfied 61.77%, which is comparatively greater than remaining categories. Furthermore, it is also submitted that the frequency of such outcome decreases vertically indicating that the scale is adjusted for convince, otherwise it can be integrated to 70% to 80%, it means that overall sample size is ranging strongly valid the result. Discussion: Nurses are not fully satisfied with their work. When the workload of Nurses increase then the level of Job satisfaction decreases because both are against each other.
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 6-11;

Background. The prevalence of Gout Arthritis in the world is 34.2%. Gout Arthritis is characterized by an increase in uric acid levels >7.2 mg/dl in men and >6 mg/dl in women. This disease can be treated pharmacologically and non-pharmacologically, one of which is bay leaf and red ginger. Research purposes. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of boiled water of bay leaves and red ginger on reducing uric acid levels in patients with gout arthritis. Methods. This research method is a pre-experimental static-group comparison design. The sampling technique used purposive sampling. A sample of 60 respondents was divided into two groups of 30 respondents each, group A intervention boiled bay leaf water for 7 days, group B intervention boiled red ginger water for 7 days. Both groups were observed uric acid levels before and after the procedure using the GCU tool. Result: The results of the paired t-test analysis of group A p = 0.000 and group B p = 0.005 p value <0.05 which means there is a difference between before and after intervention A and intervention B were given. The results of the Independent t-test analysis showed that there was a difference in uric acid levels. after intervention A and intervention B with p = 0.004. The results showed that boiled water of bay leaves was more effective than boiled water of red ginger in reducing uric acid levels. Conclusion. Boiled water of bay leaves is more effective than boiled water of red ginger in reducing uric acid levels in gout arthritis patients
, Setiana Andarwulan
Basic and Applied Nursing Research Journal, Volume 2, pp 17-21;

Background of research on mother's knowledge of toddlers in providing feeding schedules, especially snacks. Giving snacks that are not right on schedule will have an influence on the growth and development of infants. Through the Emotional Demontration method, eating schedule for snacking can be controlled. Emotional Demonstration is the provision of education not only through lectures but also through games so that the key messages conveyed can be remembered by mothers of toddlers in Posyandu V Mulyorejo Surabaya. The Emo Demo method is one solution to reduce the stunting rate. In 2017 the stunting rate in Indonesia reached 22.2%. Based on the results of the survey conducted through interviews with nutritionists, it was explained that there were 16 stunting toddlers in Posyandu V Surabaya. Quantitative Research Methodology, a quasi-experimental research design method with one group pretest posttest approach. The population in this study were all mothers of children under five in Posyandu V Mulyorejo Surabaya as many as 36 people, samples as many as 36 mothers of toddlers. With a total sampling technique. Analyze data with Paired T-test. The results showed the mean value of the pre test was 6.06, the mean value after the post test reached 8.16. While the significance value of p value = 0,000 with α = 0.05 through the Paired T-test. The conclusion is that there are differences in the knowledge of pre and post test among mothers of children under five in Posyandu V Mulyorejo Surabaya, p value = 0,000 with α = 0.05. Suggestions for health workers to continue to make improvements in practicing emotional demonstration to participants because it is very useful in increasing knowledge to prevent increased stunting rates.
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