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Anup Kumar, Suman Yadav, Ashutosh Kumar Yadav
In Ayurveda, Bhagandara is mentioned as one among Ashtamaharoga because of its callous attitude. Acharya Sushruta recommends a multi-dimensional approach in the treatment which has been found very effective in the management of Bhagandara. Among these Ksharasutra has emerged as safe and non-recurrence therapy, accepted. Though effective, it causes pain and discomfort to the patient during the treatment period and needs longer duration. In contrary one can limit the Kshrasutra application avoiding long duration. In the case presented here was provoked by fate research, in which a 39 years male patient diagnosed as Bhagandara was subjected to Udumbara ksheer sutra application under local anesthesia. The changing of Ksheer sutra was repeated every week for 3 to 4 sittings. After the third sitting any mode of discharge was absent which indicated the absence of infection. For some reason, patient discontinued the treatment. He came after 2 years for some other complaints, on P/R examination no sign of fistula was observed. On history he revealed the applied thread got worn out by itself after 3 weeks of last application, subsequently the fistula got healed. This accidental finding provoked similar trials on 2 more patients, which proved to be successful. One of such cases is discussed.
Asish Dev, Nihar Lohagaonkar
The objective of this review is to bring general awareness amongst the population regarding the general healthy practices of social distancing, maintaining hygiene by use of various hand sanitizers, and ensuring prevention of the spread of COVID-19 infection. The general population may be concerned about the effectiveness and safety aspects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The harmful effects that might be associated with the excessive use of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The current article tries to focus on the various ways by which sanitization may be achieved. It also describes the various types of alcohol-based hand sanitizers and extensively talks about their manufacturing methods of them. The queries regarding the hazardous effects of alcohol-based hand sanitizers are also addressed.
Supriya Mondal Sabyasachi Ghosh
Present article has conducted an investigation on imported covid19 cases of India, detected after declaration of lock down. They are marked as hidden travellers, who are detected later during 1-2 weeks of lock down. Impact of those travellers on selective 15 states, having large numbers of cases, has been investigated. Among them 5 states has faced a noticeable effect on their data profile, although its overall effect in country level is quite negligible. Those 15 states are classified into 3 categories depending upon the latest data of new cases with respect to the peak value of sigmoid functions. Based on the optimistic predicted curves, on-going lock down period will probably help for getting marginal values of new cases for KL, HR, JK, TN and AP but the remaining 15 states might need a third phase of lock down or alternative preventive measures.
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